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<3 Best Due Diligence ever!

Amazing Due Diligence brother!!! Truly appreciate the time and effort you put into this!!

Awesome content! Thank you for sharing!!! -- Stocktwits Management

Bravo! Thank you!

Video courtesy of Réza Ganjavi (great analysis and DD on his blog by the way). Thank you.

good stuff right there, really appreciate the follow up email you had with them.

Hi Reza – thank you for the thoughtful review of the <>. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and we are already moving on changes. -- Chief Commercial Officer, Biotech company

Hi Reza, Your updates are terrific, in-depth and very usefull. Thanks,

I do heed your insight


it’s a very good report

Oh wow!! Man you are not a biotech guy? Your DD and investigation is pretty detailed. You have great writing skills... Thanks a lot Reza! (Big Pharma Biotech Executive)

One of the most insightful and elaborate posts I’ve ever read - and it was 100% correct

Outstanding info as usual! We are very fortunate to have you as part of this community of investors. Your information is meaningful and valuable. Thank you!

Really I like you rational and research.

Reza, I have been meaning to thank you for all of the work you have done providing us with great information on <>. I sure appreciate it, and I’m sure others do as well.

Reza, You do ALOT. Far more than most

Reza: Thank u so much for relaying so much useful information. I really appreciate your efforts and attention to detail.

Reza's a rock star!

Reza's blog is worth the follow. Check out his last post with his catch up on the key people driving.

Thank for the interview. Very interesting.

Thank YOU for developing such a meaningful relationship with <>'s management. I sincerely appreciate it.

THANK YOU times a million

Thank you very much again. Please keep these emails coming. First & foremost thank you very much for this intel. Please keep them coming.

Thank you!!! This info package is just awesome. Appreciate your insights!!!

Thanks again for the interview

thanks for the great work inc recent discussion with <> management.

Thanks for the interview in your webpage, plenty of interesting info and thoughts. I also liked your quotes in your philosophy page.

thanks I held because I have a lot of respect for your analytical abilities

Thanks Reza that was The best example of DD from a retail investor i've ever read.

They took your suggestion to do insider's buying. Damn you should be on the management board.

Think, strategize and then let your keyboard burn with you hot writing

very good read. Thanks a million!!

very informative! Great job.

wow! This is impressive and when people talk about serious Due Diligence, this should be the bar. Awesome info and insight. Truly appreciate you sharing!

you’ve been pretty spot on. Kudos to you my friend. Keep up the good work.

Your posts always the most important. By far. Thanks.

Thanks for doing what you do. I know you take a lot of crap, but you also have a lot of thankful readers. Keep up the good work it is much appreciated.

Good article you wrote

Thank you for your tireless and always effective efforts!

This current piece is excellent. Sharp insight into…

You’re a life saver.

Beautifully written.

Another piece of excellent work, thanks and keep up the fight to fairness and reality.

Thanks so much for including me in your email list. I read everything.

Best wishes and keep up the good work.

Appreciate the insights, keep up the good work.

An excellent job of tying these elements together to make a strong, enlightening piece!

Thanks, Reza for all your work as usual.

You have an excellent command of writing which I am appreciative. Keep up the great responses to these individuals, they need to be aware of the corruption in these departments.

Wow Reza! I am sure this will cause some people to become quite uncomfortable...which is a very good thing. You hit the nail on the head...

Thank you for your dedication to this cause.

Wow !! outstanding letter to Ms Leonhart. Best to you Reza

Outstanding! Jim

Highly informative and Factual...

TRUTH WINS! The article is well written

Thank you for your integrity and providing facts.

Still had time to read your epic article. EXCELLENT COMPOSITION OF FACT LADEN REBUTTAL TO THE CROOKS. As always thank you...

Great article as usual Reza.

Thanks for the report Reza, on top of things as usual......good work my friend.

Reza you hit the nail on the head.

Again, a huge thank you for your great analysis.

I love language, its plasticity, the way words soar in daily usage then almost overnight--whoosh! They're gone, replaced by another flavor of the week.

Reza, Nice article as usual. Thanks for writing these articles in the last few weeks/months.

Reza, I am offline until power comes back on. I am in the office now but lost most of the week to the storm. I don't expect internet or power at home until sometime next week. I am following you through my blackberry keep up the good work.

Thanks so much for your hard work Reza.

God Bless your efforts.

Your letter to Eric Holder is outstanding! It's a moving, heartfelt plea that I'm sure is representative of tens of thousands of people in need of a

merciful response and a call to action from "the powers." In any case, great job on the letter, easily one of, if not THE BEST of your


Hey brotha, hope all is well. Great post... I appreciate all your hard work and dedication.

to be commended for all your effort... appreciates the science and the truth being presented in your article.

Reza, Great job.

Your article is very precise and interesting.

Good article.

Thank you Reza, great job in your response.

Great Reza! Keep us informed and thanks for everything.

Reza, thanks for the option info and for all of your amazing support for <>!! While PR is silent, Reza has been pounding the tables!! Kudos to you, Reza. Many happy returns for you!!

Reza, Great article to Holder!

Love it.

What I love about your piece is the "outside looking in" perspective from non-domestic sources. Right on the money and right on time! This is an angle you can continue to report on because it's so wide and diversified, and it ain't gonna shrink, just grow, like the subject itself.

Thank you Reza. God Bless you and your writing my friend. Leann

Thanks for all you do. Long and Strong <>

Thank you Reza. Good article.

Awesome article, really excellent and on point.

I love it! It reminds me of my British grandfather, whom I never met.

REZA: You scored a TOUCHDOWN! Easy reading for everyone and RIGHT ON TARGET! Compelling reading... THANK YOU. REZA

Thanks for the update, Reza.

I'm amused by your emails today. Lol. That's why you're my hero...

Reza You are a Rock Star! Thank you for all your tireless efforts on behalf of us... I'm sending a letter to the Board of Directors that you need to be hired!

Once again, thanks for all you do and how well you do it.

Excellent summary I know if you ... were athletes then you would be on the podium getting gold medals for your staunch support of <>.

Keep up the great work and <> will get their payback. Great article from you !!!

Thank you again, Reza, for all the work you are doing for all of our benefit. I really appreciate you...

Thank you for all your work and support!

thanks for your thoughts...always helpful and well written.

Just a note to say thanks for your efforts, Reza. Great work.

Support you completely...thank you

I really appreciate all your work

let daniel know just like you, he is one of my heroes! like him, you were one of the major reasons why i held on to my shares at $1.70 and added more on the way up to $4. the lord also gave me a sign too. what a blessing. when i count my many blessings, i count you both twice. i am now in a financial position to help many others who are in need. regards... forever grateful...

Thanks very much for passing along what you learned!

Thanks for your efforts...

Awesome....keepem coming...

Reza- thx for all your efforts

A great article, Reza. Thank you for writing it.

Well thought out and easy to follow, thanks Reza

Another solid, well-reasoned article, chock full of facts and sensible logic. A pleasure to read after the glut of headache-producing nonsense presented by other "authors"

on the subject. I don't even need aspirin when I read your articles! What a refreshing change...

Hi Reza, I always enjoy your articles.

Great article Reza!

Thank you for your well written article on <>'s <>... Many of us share your confidence that the final destination will be worth the journey...

Dear Reza It was really fascinating to meet you in the train to … today . I read all your articles on yahoo…

Keep up the good work R..

your exemplary work

Reza I appreciate all you have done… Thank you.

thanks for your DD,

Thanks again for your outstanding DD and posts.

I can respect the hell out of your methods and the fact that you act on them, regardless of if I or others agree. I've always had a soft spot for the one that yells, because I'm more passive in how I go about things. But there are times when I wish I did have that personality. So, do what you gotta do is all I can say.

Amazing indeed Reza.

Thank you for this and bringing delight and astonishment to our working

lives today!

You were very much underappreciated. I hope your withdrawal was not related to message board ignorance. Thanks, Dr. R

I am looking for something. I know from the time I was a teenager.... Maybe everyone is like that. Yes, I'm curious and u took me halfway. maybe u are the well as u say... but i sent that request to universe and u came along. maybe the reason i cant leave is that i am still looking and its easier someone else to help me look but i have to do it myself. Your presence (in my head) in my life is teaching me so much. I have to say its painful and uncomfortable at times but maybe it's necessary for me to learn...

The most formidable weapon against errors of every kind is reason. I have never used any other, and I trust I never shall. Thomas Paine, one of the Founding Fathers of USA

Besides your exemplary work it's great to see all these very positive folks investing in the company. Huge positive !!

Reza I appreciate all you have done and wish us both well in life and our<> investment. Thank you.

thanks for your DD,

Thanks again for your outstanding DD and posts.

Reza… sincere appreciation for your objective articles and input. It's a wonder to me that anyone even follows Frogstein… Keep it up, you have plenty of fans.

You're my hero. I still want to pay you a visit and buy you dinner for changing my world. I

Thank you Reza for your well written comments on this one-sided misinformed article by Mr. Flinn.

Good post. Strong reasonable message.

thank you for your efforts

Reza is one of the most educated and intelligent posters on the board. Useless, on the other hand, posts nothing but lies and FUD. A federal offense, I doubt it. Idiot taking up valuable space.

I’m really appreciative of the articles.

WELL DONE!!! Excellent write up, Reza!!! What is most encouraging is making this rocky road journey with great people who hold integrity high... Thank you, Reza... Will continue to pray every day for you. Blessings,

Reza, great info!!!! :-). Many thanks.

Very well written, easy to follow, logical and concise !!!

Thank you for the informative news. R....

This is another great article Reza.

You rock.

Appreciate you keeping us updated

Keep up the excellent work!!!!

Thank you for your emails very interesting and I’m in agreement with your views

Reza thanks for that report.

Appreciate your efforts!!

I always await and appreciate any updates you give.

Thank you for keeping me informed,

Sweet, good job.

You da man! Stay positive.

This message hits a lot of bases, so many potential home runs that the players just keep circling and circling. Thanks for sending it out.

Great job.

well done my hero..

Again, thank you for all you do to keep the hope alive.

Always great info, thanks

Thank you for all your work and support!

Very encouraging – Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

Great article. Thank you for your efforts.

Keep up the great work! Thanks

We appreciate your blog posts, thanks for being a great member of the <> blogging network.

Thanks for all of your effort.

Thanks A LOT for all the great informations

Sorry for rehashing...just can't get enough of that article. So well put!!

Reza nailed it

Article was spot on. You nailed it.

Thanks for all you do Reza, please know it is appreciated.

Great email Reza, thanks for getting the word out.

Thank you for all your efforts.

Excellent article. Plenty of Ammo there.

BTW If I would have listened to analysts I would not be up over 400% in my investment.

Awesome work.

Brilliant work from you as always.

Excellent article to see as many articles as possible like that start popping up!

What an incredibly realistic article, abundant with information and legitimate sources.


Well done my friend!

Thanks for all your work on this company.

Solid information. Thanks for taking the time to investigate and report. You're a good man.

The article looks good, Reza. Thanks for putting it out there.

Really appreciate your effort in looking into this.

Great insight...thank

Good letter and thanks for the initiative...

Great Response! ... at least they know that some people are not fooled by their analysis.

Thank you for all your work and rapid response to this shameful and pitiful <> bologna! Blessings,

Reza great article. Mark

Reza...Really, really good! Roger

By the way, great job on your latest <> article.

Another great article from Reza.

Excellent article… well written… powerful and accurate…

Again, thank you – WELL DONE!!! Blessings, Rusty

we also need to be objective which you clearly are.

Thanks for the great <> article. Very quick work to slice up <> Cheese.

Nice article on <>. Thanks!

Great job Reza, If you need any help from me and my other physicians colleagues let me know. Hope we will defeat these crooks Again.

great job on your latest article.

I enjoy reading your posts.

Thank you so much for sharing. Great piece of work !

Great article Reza!!!

Somebody put in an emergency call to Reza. This is right up his alley.

I would like give you props for your <> call.

Good comment left on the doc's blog.

I appreciate the battles you fight on behalf of <>.

I appreciate your posts on the board... valuable insight

many thanks for your endless efforts!!!

I think your work really makes a difference.

I always appreciate your postings, plus your contributions to <>...

thx for all your great insight with <>. Im a newbie with a brain and have learned alot. You should do tutorials like khan academy on topics like options, shorts, longs etc.

Your commentary along with UCLA Dr Dan and Dr Vig have kept me resolute through the many uncertain times over these last 36 months. Keep up the good work. Regards.

Thanks again for your work as usual. On behalf of <> longs, we really appreciated.

btw, great article you just wrote.

In the short time he has been here, who has done more to enlighten the market with his articles and Officials in our Government and Business? And now we may have lost him because of abrasive members, many of which contribute little... Reza who has done so much for our cause?

Thank you Reza

Nicely done.

If need private eye, hire Reza.

I still thank u for all eternity for convincing me to ride the storm and add shares like crazy.

Damn good, Reza!!

As a newbie I have been confused about this issue. Thanks for clearing it up.

Thanks as always for your good work. STEVE

Reza, very excellent article !!! Thanks for sharing.

I love your articles.

always appreciate your insights

one was a comment by X saying (a short seller) was spooked by reza

We could really use your help Reza...

Read your last article and it was great.

Keep up all you do and don't let the world corrupt your abilities to make it a better place to live and enjoy God's wonderful creation,

What a shame. You guys and gals who aren't on Reza's blog email list. He's on a tear!

We appreciate your feedback and analysis.

Reza, I agree with everything you state. Your 1 email here is worth more than the entire board recently.

Reza, You're my hero and I would love to get in touch with you. I was one of the lead actors in the Hollywood movies about Wall Street corruption and stock manipulation.

constructive, informative

my hat's off to you for all the effort you put into supporting <> and battling Adam F and company and others while most people just sit idly by. That takes a lot of time and I'm sure no one pays you to do it. You have done remarkably well at the presentations and have very well, thought out, lucid arguments supporting <> and destroying the "misinformation" spread by others. It's a talent few people in this world have. You are blessed to have that skill. keep up the great work,

I really appreciate all the work you've done

amen, keep up the good work!

Great work Reza! I seriously wish you would run for President here:)

Thank you, Reza! Awesome!!

Really appreciate your time and effort in fighting shorts alike in the past months.

Thanks for your efforts in putting together this wonderfully well written correspondence. Please include my name as co-signed supporter.

Thank you for writing to the First Lady… The First Lady sends her best wishes and hopes that you continue to work with those close to you to strengthen your community and our country.

That was a great article, Reza.

Nice results.

Thank you for all of your hard work... There are some despicable people out there in those hedge funds that we never knew existed.

Yeah....Hard work paid off...

Thanks for all your encouraging contributions

Congrats… many thanks for your endless efforts!!!

Congrats buddy great work.

Hi Reza, Finally <> is approved. Thank you for your efforts.

I know I speak for all on the board when I say "Thank you Reza!" for getting that slanderous <> garbage retracted. Some may disagree but there is no doubt in my mind that today's excellent price movement is due to you tireless efforts.

Yes the science is there, but without such a valiant fellow steering investors consciousness it is hard to imagine how the average joe would have know about this sciences. It is Reza who puts it into perspective. Good onto you my friend Reza.

God Bless Reza.

Hi Reza, Just wanted to thank you for your efforts in sticking up for us… Anyway, you really go out of your way to defend <> and combat all the trash that is constantly put out against us. Just wanted to say thanks, you have a much larger audience than the rest of us to combat the FUD they are trying to put out on us. We are going to win in the end, I know it, just wanted to let you know your efforts are appreciated…

You are a smart guy and I have recced a lot of your posts.

the letter looks great. Very sharp.

THANK YOU for your incisive and determined writing!... Your work is much appreciated.

Wow! …Thanks a million for your time and effort… Too bad you can't become president of US!... Remember how Clinton sealed the deal playing the saxophone on Arsenio Hall? I think you playing the guitar would seal 85% of women's vote.

Thank you Reza for showing us the path [Reza's note: I did not show anybody any paths]. While others spent their time drinking whiskey and popping pills Reza along with the more serious <> gentry worked tirelessly to protect the science from fudsters and Frogsteins. Watch and learn fellows - just as in the adcomm Reza gets a standing ovation from all <> stakeholders and those concerned with truth and science. He almost single-handedly against much opposition righted a wrong that was perpetrated at us. Reza and grandpa are truly the guiding lights…

Very well written article!

Great article once again.

very good points... for the up coming binary event.

I appreciate your contribution to the boards.

Anyway, thanks for all your articles and general support of <>.

just wanted to let you know your efforts are appreciated.

You are an intelligent man and have valuable insights

Just a few words to thank you all for your efforts.

I really appreciate your efforts and great work for all of us.

Thank you very much for your articles and work to put out the truth and to question the delay of the scheduling process.

Great article.

Reza, excellent investigative work nice to see the truth getting to the public domain which they duly deserve without bending thing out of shape just simple facts.

Very interesting article. Thanks for sharing your thoughts - once again.

Thank you for your integrity and providing facts...

Thanks for all your good work and updates.

your last piece on the Nobel winners had so much verve and stylistic panache - your hard-hitting, thoroughly supported writing - Keep up the good work and the good fight!

Reza, Once again, another home run letter... Keep up the great work and diligence.

Your doing a great great job...I appreciate very much...

As always great work.

Anyway, thanks for standing strong next to <>/<>. There have been a couple times I wanted to sell, but your articles just made too much sense not too.

U have new ways of looking at life. Thats why I am attracted to u. Such a free spirit. Love that.

I just wanted to personally thank you for all of your diligent work on <>…. So, though belatedly and long overdue, please accept my thanks for your willingness to share your knowledge and <> passion with people like myself. I greatly appreciate it.

Thanks as always for your thoughts, I totally agree.

thank you for all your help

Thanks, Reza. Your comments are always welcome

Hi this is Charles. Thanks for the message. I enjoy your articles and thank you for putting me in touch with Dr. Daniel.

By the way great article today Reza,

I have found your reports on <> very informative, well written and well thought out, and a great counter-balance to all of the deliberate misinformation by so-called HF analysts. Please continue your great work because I greatly appreciate your candid insight. I would be very pleased if you could add me to your <> info list.


It is always great and fascinating to read your articles and comments.

Thanks very much for keeping me in the loop and your Herculean effort informing individuals such as myself via your research and articles

From out in cyberspace, just wanting to thank you once again for all you

have done and are doing. Have enjoyed your articles and will be keeping up the good fight for <> as we move into real sales data soon.

Reza, As always, great job...Thanks for keeping me in the loop.

Thank you Reza for all the updates you hear from our friends in the stock. I really appreciate it. Also, Thank You lately for producing the great articles for <> the past few weeks

Thanks for all your informative insight. It is nice to know that what you are thinking is confirmed by many others.

Thanks a lot for this wonderful music. Sonja

A great post and very true!

Excellant Reza!

Thanks for all your hard work and great info!!!

my hero

Great message and you deserve a well deserved standing "O" for your dedication and steadfast persistence!

You're the prince of <>. Thank you for facilitating, so eloquently articulating and being the driver of reason in this journey as

we forge ahead. Your never ending perseverance is truly mind boggling.

Thank you very much for all your articles in supporting <> during 2012 and many others true longs you have listed below. Your guys have made investing and believing in <> easy for me. I really appreciated.

This article should be sent to every broker – the sooner they catch up with <> the better off they are.

I really appreciate your efforts and great work for all of us.

This article is very informative and the links to the letters by individual citizens to the FDA are good summaries

Reza to the rescue

Bravo Reza

Thanks, Reza. Another great article.

Excellent article !!!

Thank you for all you do for <> longs !!!

Good Luck, Sure glad you're following the stock minipulation and exposing them to DEA.......Olivia

Congrats on the good work and results. And we hope you continue writing at some point.

You're doing a great job, no doubt,

Thanks for your efforts!

Rezza, I love how you skewered Adam fuck face! There are some awesome comments to back you up on your <> article. Job well done as always

Just acknowledgement you wrote a great article when those bottom feeders jump on it.

AWESOME Article.

I like all the work you, UCLA doc DAN, Dr Vig and couple of others doing.

Thanks for the update (as well as all of your articles and efforts to inform)

Great work Reza, as always!!!

Keep up the good work as it is much appreciated

I appreciate the info very much… Thank you.

Thanks for the update comments Reza, your a champion.

Reza,,,,After reading your whole email...all I have to say is YOU ROCK...I really appreciate all the updates and all the hard many millions of shares do you have??? I hope you simply rock... Nothing but the best, Ed Hines

nice article on <>.

Thank you for the work you have been doing on behalf of the stock holders. (<>)

As always Reza, great job!

Your continued efforts are much appreciated.

another great article from you today!

The last of honest journalists.

Reza, Keep up the great work with <>, you are a gift and Jack needs to put you on the payroll if that is of any interest to you.? I will do anything in my power to facilitate such a move as I understand business and an asset is an asset and you clearly are, I would hire you in a minute.

liked you and all you stand for relating to less experienced investors.

listened to the FDA AdComm. I have enjoyed following your ongoing comments on <> and the biotech world since then.

Thanks for great messages lately on <>. I do appreciate your efforts!

We <> investors have enjoyed reading your articles at Yahoo Finance. It is great to read such well thought out observations which also confirm our thoughts about <>... Please keep up the great informative <> discourse ...

This is another well-thought out article.

Thanks for all that you do,

A very nice piece Reza.

Reza, you have been the man of truths, I really hope you and everyone else that has been in this game gets rewarded.

If readers want the straight goods on <> go read Reza's work over at the <> site. At least he has credentials...

Thanks for the informative report

great article

Thanks for all that you have done to kick shorty where it counts! You will be richly rewarded.

Nice job. Looking for

Great update and summary of the latest <> news !

Thanks Reza

18 recommendations ready. They are loving it!


Another great article. Very nice Reza!!

Thank you for sharing this information, we’re holding a golden crown.

thanks for the time to both call and inform

Great ltr.

Reza, great email to the SEC.

Great article! Very comprehensive from my perspective. I'll be using the link as an educational tool

Reza- nice article.

Nicely done Reza.

Incredible read, Reza.

you are one heck of a journalist. I enjoy your writings.

Wonderful to hear from you ! Just tremendous info yourself and Dr. Lopez provide for the <> brotherhood. My fellow investors will love reading this great info !

I appreciate all your hard work in supporting the stock.

You have no idea how indebted I am to you for the information you share and your continued efforts.

Thanks for the updates Reza. Great job on trying to push this through DEA.

I appreciate reading your honest and straightforward articles….keep up the good work. Howard Rich…Newport Beach, Calif.


That's a good one

Reza- as a fellow <> long and biotech investor I applaud your well balanced articles. Keep them coming! Gary

I like all the work you, UCLA doc DAN, Dr Vig and couple of others doing.

Thank you for your efforts on our behalf.

Reza- again a very well written summary.

U see it like it is...keepem coming

Reza, Daniel, James : I would also like to thank all of you for your tremendous efforts on behalf of <> <> and <>. Although shareholders of <> certainly will benefit from a rising stock price of <>, the REAL WINNERS will be the overweight patients who lose weight and improve their health. There is no doubt in my mind that many lives will be saved by this medicine. I really appreciate the efforts of all of you guys in the Battle of the Bulge. This may well be the most important work that any of us do in our lifetimes !!!! Keep it up !!!! :-)

an EXCELLENT piece !!!

Thanks-I think you have made a difference and hurt the shorts.Do you have a bodyguard? It's all about the money.

GREAT work on a GREAT article. This stock is going to explode b/c of the company and the science and people like you REZA.......

Your the best,,,, couldn't agree more.

I agree with the investor you noted below. By the way, really appreciate your articles in the few months.

Great job... every reply was positive. good job

Wow excellent article.

Reza, Your articles are much appreciated and well thought out I can only imagine the amount of research you put into each one.

Again, you have done a yeoman's job (more so than I'd say most other people involved) in following up, developing contacts, and so on.

Keep it up! I hope you are richly rewarded.

Phenomenal work, Reza. I appreciate everything you do on behalf of us shareholders and fat persons everywhere.

Great article!

hello fellow <> investor you have very nice website i always enjoy reading your articles about <> keep up the good work i dont post on mb at yahoo but will read them 2% of the time there is worthwhile information which is mostly from you thank you

The most informative article I've read in months. Thank you

Reza, Thank you so much!!!!! for sharing your hard work with us 'little guys'.

We appreciate it.

Another excellent article, Reza.

Thanks Reza! I never asked you how your speech went at the AdCom. Based on the 19-4 vote, it went very very well!! We longs are blessed by the tremendous support from those such as you who stood up to advocate for <> against all odds. I owe you big time. We all owe you. You are legend!! Keep the great music and harmonies flowing throughout the universe!!!!!

Reza has helped many of us stay long and strong. His point of view is always based on real data and issues.

Reza, I'd like to say one more time how much we all appreciate your efforts on behalf of <>..Videos are great...Thanks

Superb job, once again, Reza. Your tremendous effort is truly appreciated by many longs. You, as well as a number of other posters, make this a truly exceptional board, despite the bashers. You have shown yourself to be a man of conviction, intellect, and character. You are a difference maker. Keep up the excellent work.

Amazing article. Wish I could write this stuff!!!


New investors and potential newbies, look at this information.....ONCE U BECOME A STOCKHOLDER, don't let crooks like Krummer sway U..guys like this only want to rob u of your just rewards

great article


I really wish I could put my thoughts together so well.

You articulate well. You have the logical mind of a lawyer or computer programmer. -- memothersirish

Reza, just read your blog on <> blog! Absolutely fantastic article!!! Kudos my friend!

Excellent post Reza.

Thank you so much for your hard work and contribution to fight for <> behind close doors that many of us longs here may not realize.

Reza, it can't be understated how much was on the line in that moment at ADComm. It was truly pivotal. I know how intense it was for YOU!. You did yourself and all of us <> supporters proud.

<> is a good deal better but their coverage of <> has been woefull, with the notable exception of one Reza Ganjavi.

Must see for new <> investors!

great info!

Thank you and you are very much appreciated for your activism.

Thank you for your time and hard work with respect to <>.

THANK YOU for your incisive and determined writing! I have been following <> and <> for over two years and am a patient and friend of Dr. Steve Vig. Your work is much appreciated. Best of luck to you!

Thanks for shining a light on these issues.

Well written and researched.

Thoughtful article. I realize it takes work to produce this stuff, so thanks for your time.

Very good article. Thanks!

It is an excellent piece...nice to see someone write the truth about <> for a change

Nice! I like to see all the exciting things going on at <> bullet-pointed in one place. Thanks!

All good points but I expect the Cockroaches to be out in force soon. Thanks for sticking your neck out and being positive.

You have done a great job in bringing the story to the forefront for many investors who never heard of <> before and they have created a demand for the stock that supercedes naked short selling. Thanks.

Thank you very much for this well thought out and well written article. It is imperative that attention is brought to bear on the issues you write about.

great material for new <> investors

Really educational!

I love your article

A must read

Love it!

Super bump

great read...........

Keep this on top to counter act cramers bull

Hes spot on again.

Reza knows his stuff.

your informative articles were crucial in getting the facts straight to the American investing public.

Those guys work very hard to research and write their articles, and we get the benefit, so give them props

We need more longs who have benefited from these guys hard work to show then some love and appreciation

Thanks to Michael, Reza and Scott for telling the truth about this drug and making some eyes wide open in the market. They are owed a deep gratitude for all their hard work against corruption in the market today. Thanks again!

<> did their work, and spent money, but sad to say, we got crooks that are very influential on wall street, without those guys I mentioned, they may have gotten away with destroying <>, which was their motive.

Job well done Reza, thank you.

great article!

Very Nice!



he did a good job at the ADCOM and he should be applauded for his tenacity and courage\

everyone need to read the article.

I love this better than a third party article written by a journalist! MORE CREDIBLE!!!

5 stars

REZA: You scored a TOUCHDOWN! Easy reading for everyone and RIGHT ON TARGET! Compelling reading for every <> patriot who appreciates placing its huge advantages up front where they belong. THANK YOU. REZA


reza rocks !!!!

Reza, Thank you for putting up a good fight on behalf of the regular investors.

Way to go ... GOOD WORK! Thank you

Thanks for the mega-intelligent & incredible amount of shared due diligence.

REZA rocks like the FAB 4.

Another Reza article, very informative. i suggest reading all of them concerning <>

Reza nailed it

THE REZA FOSHIZZA ! Article was spot on. My boy nailed it

Thanks for your dedication and time.

Great article Reza. Appreciate all you do about telling the truth and shedding light into the darkness of Wall Street. Thanks.

Reza, outstanding article! Thank you!

Thanks, Reza...Required Reading..

Reza, I pray for your safety. Someone will not like today's article with that video in it. God Bless.

Good job Mr. Reza

Very Cool! Thank You!

Great job!

great read, <> going much higher as tutes, funds start to pile in....

Thanks Reza! Great job!

good story for newbies just learning about <>. This was authored by Reza Ganjavi, a long time supporter of <> back when it was just <> hydrochloride.

Thank you for all of your hard work, and constructive reporting.

The best, most informative poster on the <> board was Ocyan by far... He was blasted repeatedly by pundits who were out in left field. He was driven away... Now, we have the same senario developing on this board and Reza's participation. In the short time he has been here, who has done more to enlighten the market with his articles on the FOOL and <> and Officials in our Government and Business? And now we may have lost him because of abrasive members, many of which contribute little. Do we want to now drive Reza away who has done so much for our cause?

Longs Say "Thank You, Reza Ganjavi" -- I speak for all <> longs who want to thank Reza Ganjavi for his diligent, accurate and unflappable analysis of <>. He fought for this stock and our investments even in the darkest hours. He want toe to toe with the bashers and mistaken analysts. His analysis was the one we trusted and the rewards have blessed many portfolios. To top it off... Hes a Beatles fan! Rez, We all wish you prosperity and good health. Godspeed! ~Marty~ for all Longs

Yes, Thanks Reza for uncovering some of the corruption that goes on. Thanks for the new article you put out over the holiday weekend. I know you are working tirelessly to expose those that need to be exposed and trying to keep all of us on main st. informed. Thank you for your commitment to truth.

Reza, I must say that I feel you were the writer that contributed the most on sitting the record straight during the unfair attacks on <> during the period of bashing and other tactics that were used to drive down the share price last month. Your articles on <> and <> were very concise and clear in getting the correct message across regarding <> and its drug... Thanks again for all your hard work

This was an excellent article about <> that highlighted some of the abuses of articles written on stock sites such as the Street.

wow impressive

Thanks Reza...Great Article.

Thank you Reza

good article

Love it with a passion.

Thanks Reza, great article.

They have cost their readers to miss out on 200% gains over the last month. NOT ME, I listened to Reza...

REZA IS RIGHT - HANG ON they want to steal your shares

Reza Speaks the Truth,,link

Great article explaining that this would happen.

Three home runs by Reza,

Reza is my hero!

Bumping again. Shorts are trying to hide this article piece. Bump it with me

Thank you for keeping our spirits high with the truth being told.

Reza has been great.

good comments by Reza

Reza and other bloggers have been trying to set the record straight.

Reza the Scientist,Class Act....

Thanks for your continuing hard work.

Reza is a strong <> supporter who even spoke in favor of approval at the FDA AdComm panel.


His article was one of the best articles I've read on the <> <> issue. He's stating facts which are very reasonable.

Reza To The Rescue...

Good work Reza!!!

Give me an R Give me an E Give me a Z Give me an A What's that spell??? APPROVAL

Reza works for the little man and for the truth, he does not have the big money shorts with him, and does not want them

Reza - Great article.

Reza, his article yesterday was right on target.

Thanks Reza! Your article and one other prior to adcom helped to shape my decision to buy below $3 and hold through and this has been my first bag, with a couple more to follow. I am also sure that there are some here with similar experiences.

Reza is definitely a friend of <> and a welcome contributor to... I appreciated the videos he posted from adcomm on youtube and the speech he made there.

I second that. Thoughtful, factual articles helped guide my decisions.

Again thanks, and please keep up the good work.

Telling it like it is ! Thank You

Thanks Reza. The article is clear. <> will succeed... Thanks again for all you do in our fight to reveal the truth about <>. I think tomorrow and Tues. will be very interesting for us.

Bump...Long Live the Truth.

All hail Reza! I'm team Reza all the way. Truth and light. We are lucky he stands up for <>. Best to all longs, Alice

Reza keeps the truth about <> in the main stream! Thank you Reza!

Man, that's good stuff.

Finally a spot-on analysis. My predictions exactly. Thanks for the post.

Great article.


Proud of you, Reza

Nice job Reza !

Thank you for your works.

Great work, Reza!..A truly thorough explanation of facts. Thanks...

Reza, thank you for your continued efforts.

Reza, awesome job. Great inputs by doctors.

GREAT article.. thanks

Great work Reza! Thank you so much for explaining and getting the truth out there so eloquently. IMO Great journalism! :)

great article!

What a great article laying out all the facts and clearing up any doubts as to what <> is all about. Maybe this will shut the individuals up that write articles without any basis to their blabber. THANKS REZA!!!

Great job reza

Nice write up Reza.

Right on and factual. Great job! Thank you.

thanks reza good job.i watched video which you speak at adcom.thanks again

Thanks boss!!!!

thanks again, Reza

great article.better read shorties

love this..

Great post Reza ! Thank you for sharing.

Just on a light, deviating from the tedium of trading, Dancing Hands is not only worth a listen, but a definite "BUY," pun intended. Renaissance of lovely stuff.

good article by reza.. bump to the top

Good prevails evil. We won. Thanks for all you did. You're my hero....

Once again, you knocked it out of the ball park...when dealing with facts it is easier.Great post.thank you.

Great article, Reza. Keep them coming, you're one of the last true journalists out there.

Another good article , good job and thank you for keeping us informed.

This is just one big "I TOLD YOU SO" article with which I agree 1000%.

Reza, good job pointing out the connection between QVT hedge funds partner Fati Sadeghi-Nejad's and Cramer's minion and TheStreet contributor Nate Sadeghi-Nejad who is a known <> basher

Great article Reza!

Good article.

100 stars..

There is a long list of people including Reza Ganjavi, Doctor Daniel, etc.. who have contributed so much to <>. Some of these people like Reza who have travelled to Adcom to speak for <>.

Reza, just want to tell you directly how much appreciated and needed your article was. Nothing more now really needs to be said, you covere4d all the bases. Your article shed the light on how unjustly and without any kind of conscious the big money on wall street works... Your explanation of the <> fiasco and manipulation , and also the other stocks you referred to, should help to knock some sense into the fda powers ... God bless you for your work.

very good read*


Nice work Reza. GL!

Keep up the good work Reza! You are an asset to this board!

His website is check out his extensive biography page very impressive.

Thanks Reza, For your insight and info of ADCOMM.


Amen! Thanks Reza for all you do for us Areniacs! It is appreciated.

Thanks Reza. Great letters. Thank you for doing this. I know I, and I believe the rest of us on this board, appreciates all your effort for truth and justice for <>. May God Bless! Big day for all of us Longs! GLTAL's!

good job

good article by reza.. bump to the top

reza, thank you for taking the time to write the article. much appreciated

Great article Reza!

Reza is our champion!!! He has done so much for this stock. We owe him a big thank you! Reza, at some point I'm gonna buy you a drink (or 100 drinks):) GLTA longs. Alice

REZA is the man.

great work, Reza

Keep up the good work. Reza, you are my hero.

great read

Very positive for approval, good new for longs.

Thanks you so much Reza! Without that article, I would have been do0med for a life of poverty--now b/c of you, I'll live the American dream!

reza, thanks again

r g, right on

Great stuff

Outstanding insights, things I did not even consider and others I am second-guessing myself and reading your lists. Thanks!

Thank God fro Reza!!! hey Reza, I am the guy that started this thread. I first noticed you with the great article you wrote a couple weeks ago in retort to the AF / wall street hedge funds bear raid on <>. I have been hurt financially and mentally by the actions of those cut throat varmits. Reza, I look forward to having contact with you soon, so we can coordinate our efforts, thanks again for your ability to shed truth on this matter.

What a multi-talented person! Love the music!... I told him that we appreciate the truth of the article.

Thank you, R.G... Man, I do not know you, but you obviously a very wise man. Thanks for setting the record straight, not only on <>, but olso on the, jimbo, adam and their whole gaggle of helpers.

he is really good - everyone should visit his website. If you google Reza Ganjavi it will come up

Reza, Thanks. It was a very nice and convincing presentation explaining all controversy surrounding <> and highlighting the positives within 4 mins.

Thanks Reza for your tireless efforts in bringing light into the darkness. Thank you for recording these videos for all of us that could not be there. It gives us all some insight to exactly what took place that day. Seeing is believing! Some were not prepared at all on the panel imo. Thanks for the revelation in video. Thanks for speaking up for the shareholders and the urgency of this drug. God Bless!

Hey brother, just wanted to say thank you for your efforts at ADCOM, you did a great job representing <>. The articles you write along with your yahoo message board post are great.

The new article was brilliant!

Thank you again for a great article. Thanks for fighting this battle. We will win you know because you are telling the truth.

Thank you. it was an excellent piece,

We can never say thank you too much for all your efforts.

Thanks Reza... great job.

Reza spoke out very effectively at ADCOM...He received applause

from many...I'd say that was "taking action"..

Looks good ... cut it loose.

Great Article!!

Thank you Reza Ganjavi. I have watched this man on the video at adcom and he has written several pieces defending <>'s <>. He seems to be the loudest one pounding the table defending the truth against the others that have been backing the competitor. Main street will wise up long as we have guys like Dr. Reza Ganjavi spreading the truth. THANK YOU! [editor’s note, I, Reza Ganjavi, am not a doctor].

thanks for latest article on <> and speech at adcomm

Thanks Reza..Good job for us..the investors..

Keep 'em coming, Mr Ganjavi. Your counterweight to the barrage of misinformation has been a treat to read.

Reza, thank you for your excellent updates… Thank you, again.

again thanks.

Your EM made good sense and it was well written

This is smart analysis on your part. What you wrote makes sense.

I have apppreciated your work.

Reza, I am grateful for all you do for <> shareholders!!!

I'm always happy to see your email, and this one is exceptional. More than

musings. Trenchant insights that make my day!

Thank you for your continuing insight into <>'s prospects.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Again, thanks for all your hard work.

Hello: Your review of the CC was well done. I like the way you think

thanks for the update...always helpful. Knowledge is power !

Why don't u become ceo or write the speech lol

First of all thanks for your efforts and hard work for <> shareholders. Me and my elder sister who is also a physician anesthesiologist … Thanks Again for all your efforts

Reza, great work.

Thanks. You did the right thing to raise this issue. This is a serious violition of the law. Please put me as co-sign of any needed document to support this.

Good plan. Kudos!

Thanks for your e-mail and DD.

He has credentials to speak on the matter. Long as it's the truth, supported by fact, I'm very comfortable with Dr. Ganjavi speaking out. We need people to debunk the fud. [editor’s note, I, Reza Ganjavi, am not a doctor and my credentials are MBA, BSCS, BA Phil].

Thanks for all the great work.

Thanks for all your efforts and we all shareholders respect you very much. SS-MD

Good one Reza!!!!!

Nice work. That was fast.

he put the spotlight on the cockroaches. Is his website. He is a nice guy and very passionate about <> for sure

You've done a good job

Thank you Reza!! 100 rec. for you!!!!

Excellent piece, easy to follow, reasonable assumptions with a positive tone and depth. You should submit your resume to <>, you would keep the liars in line. Stay strong and fight the good fight !

your info was an enlightenment. Thanks again & BOL,

I have to thank you for the information from your articles and posts.

Hi Reza: Why in the heck don't they hire you? I'm totally serious, they probably couldn't afford you and you probably wouldn't want to but what the heck?

I understand the frustration with the bigots… I do appreciate the stance you take and give us and Thanks for the great new article! our friend and supporter,

Wow, what a great letter. Very strong. I can’t recall—is my name on the petition? Either way, it’s encouraging to read this and know that your work and others’ omprise a concerted demand the FDA cannot ignore. Bravo!

Great article Reza! ... Take care & God Bless all your endeavors in uncovering the injustice for the <> Longs!

Nice work my friend,

What a GREAT job you have done!!! Thanks for all your long hours of hard work. This 14 page letter your put together sent to the FDA is exactly what we needed.

Thanks to Reza and Jim for your herculean efforts! God bless.

Well, thank you Reza, whomever you are for a very good article.

Thanks for all your efforts. It is appreciated my friend.

Great work as always.

Thank you for writing the article.

You have done so much.

Keep up the good work. We need your insight and writing skills to effectively counter some of the misinformation that permeates our board.

That was a great article, Reza.

Great article Reza!!! EOM

Excellent article to see as many articles as possible like that start popping up!

I can't do it to come across like Reza does so effectively.

I hope you change your mind and decide to stick around. I hate to see the Nobuddys and their bosses win out.

Hi Reza, congratulations for all your successes, and thanks for the hard work.

Please add me to your email list for updates on <>, and any other investments you are into.

Thank you for offering to provide your updates,

does a lot to benefit shareholders

Thank you for your works. Have a great weekend.

Reza, thank you for your continued efforts. I just sent you an email.

I'm in too Reza!

I will be happy to sign...Thanks!

Reza, Can we send the letter as well? Is your letter posted on your website?

Thanks for your continuing hard work.


Well, thank you Reza, whomever you are for a very good article.

That Reza Ganjav is a great writer!

Just facts!

A nicely written article

This is the best article on <> I have ever read

He hand Kaul his head and probably will get him banned from future FDA panels. Great job!

Great article Reza! Good job on describing what really happened there. Thanks!

Its feel me like i just attended FDA meeting....very much informative and right on time .... thanks

Great job Reza! It was a pleasure meeting you after the adcom.

Yes, Reza hit another grand slam

Finally a reliable article from the <> - thx

GREAT JOB ,....!!!!!

A must read article for all longs and shorts

Back to the top


Really appreciated. Excellent review.


Thanks to Reza and Jim for your herculean efforts! God bless.

Reza will please ya! <> poised to rally!

Reza to the rescue, Yes, Reza and Murphy .

were the 2 people in the media most responsible for sitting the record straight on <>, and blowing holes in the lies spread by basher journalists whose motives were very suspecious. If you are not aware, Reza sometimesw is on this board, his board name is <>, which speaks for itself, you know he is on the side of the small retail investor. Great article today! Thanks

Yes, Thanks to them both. Multi-talented person Reza is. Great musician and writer. All about truth and justice.


Lets keep this up top, I know Reza is often here, by the way, Reaza, if you have time, chime in on your latest perspective this morning after seeing how the <> offering was accepted by the public

WOW! What a great article@!

I love this better than a third party article written by a journalist!


everyone need to read the article.

let us bump this back on top.


thanks reza(fed up...)good job.i watched video which you speak at adcom.thanks again

Yes, he did a good job at the ADCOM and he should be applauded for his tenacity and courage


MUST READ! To The Top!

Very Nice!



great article!

Job well done Reza, thank you.

Re: New article by Reza And it's a good one.

Very nice article with good information. 5 stars!! Thanks!

Sums up well...

Reza, great job, as always. Thanks

Great work, Reza!..A truly thorough explanation of facts.


Reza, awesome job. Great inputs by Dr.Dan & Dr.Vig

GREAT article.. thanks

Thank you so much for your efforts to get <> approved.

I appreciate your efforts with this.

Someone finally has their head on straight.

Right on and factual. Great job!

Keep on top!!!

Great job reza and I am pretty much sure physicians will be glad on approval of this medication.

Nice write up Reza.

great article should read

Great post thank you !

Great post thank you !

good post


5 stars


Right on point!!!

Thanks for your DD and expertise in trying to maintain "TRUTH"! I welcome your information and try to evaluate my holdings in light of all the "bashing" and innuendos!

Hi Reza: As usual great Job...............

Best post of the week! Thanks Reza.

Each and everyone of those message boards could need a reza.

Now if we can just get Reza to follow up with facts in a…

Fine piece.

Well done, sir.

Still my hero! ;) I owe you a huge dinner and countless favors. You are a true hero to many of us so don't let the haters get under your skin. Your posts are always helpful and factual. Be strong my friend !!!!

Reza, thank you for all your work

Good work!

Reza, great email. You are a king!! Please do not feel the need to reply to all who bash you. They don't deserve your time or energy. Let the water flow thru your hand.

Best to you my friend,


Rather up lifting for a Monday morning, to see that a few of the little guys and or gals can still make a difference in this current century. Thanks, Kenny

all the good people know you are a good person who helps your fellow investors. don't let these idiots get under your skin. that is exactly what they are trying to do. your good advice will make me thousands which will be used for my family for years to come. chill know in your heart you know your stuff !!!

Reza, A nice article...I loved it!

Great article!!

My hero once again....


Great job...

well written, concise and easy to follow. thank you for your excellent work.

You got two doc's to admit they were short sighted !!!! amazing, good job. The truth always rises to the top. Carry on and stay strong.

Thanks for all you do Rez. You remind me of myself when I was a tad younger.

Awesome work as usual. That is certainly the most comprehensive summation of yesterday's trading I have seen. Thanks again for all your efforts battling all the crappy <> articles that keep oozing out. Keep up the great work!

Reza - I just printed out your last post in an enlarged font so that when I repeat it as my mantra I will not have to have my reading glasses on. Thank you!

THANK YOU for your incisive and determined writing! Nils (writer)

Another incisive, courageous piece! Please add my name. Nils

Excellent read. David

Loved the article.

Nice article!! Thanks for the hard work!

Reza, Wonderful! (as always)...

Thanks. Btw awesome article on the fool today! Great work.

Thank you Reza for this article and laying out the truth for those who have not been following <>. It is so true that Main St. knows what is going on when WS seems to have their own agenda. Thank you for always speaking the truth.

Reza, absolutely fantastic !!!!!!!!

The Truth about Efficacy … If you're short, Read it and weep, cover and then buy more.

*We have been beat up by so many for so long, The Street, The Fools(with the exception of Reza, love your articles and insight) etc, but the tide is about to turn in our favor.

Notice that almost all posters are new. Looks like your hard work calling for action by investors is working.

Another powerful positive: rationale which have brought us to this happy point in time. This is one of his best.

Nice article Reza

Thanks for the article.

High marks to the writer. Very well written article: clear, concise, no mincing of words. The investment world and Wall Street would be so much better if all journalist had the integrity to think and write this clearly. .. While it is sometimes a challenge to maintain one's humanity as a savvy investor, people like Patrick Byrne and the writer of this article [Reza Ganjavi] serve as great examples of what I value, less because of their particular conclusions/positions and more because of their courage, honesty and forthrightness.

Reza: This article is excellent. Thank you.

Great article.

I like the premise and it is fine writing.

Well typed and i agree!!,,great Job!

I will be using this as a introduction to <> <> for others who are interested in my Facebook entry.

Market Chatter: <> <> Up 10% On Positive Report About Drug Approval (Reza Ganjavi’s article)

02:12 PM EDT, 03/23/2012 (MidnightTrader) -- <> <> (<>) shares are gaining more than 10% on a positive report (Reza Ganjavi’s article).

Citing a medical doctor with obese and diabetic patients, <Reza Ganjavi> reports that <>'s drug <> will likely get regulatory approval without restrictions as a non-controlled substance in the US and Europe.

Fabulous writeup!

It's nice to see an article that speaks the truth about <> for once.

Great article outlining the benefits of <>.

Great article, a must read for those that are new to <>.

We can all go into adcom with eyes wide open.

I'm a big fan of your articles published on Motley. Very impressed with your research and musical background. I'm also in software field.

I've just got to read your newest article on Motley. It's such a well written article. I was looking for … and your article does a good job of justifying the confidence in the company. Much thanks,

Thanks Reza for your hard work.

Thanks for your hard work and devotion to fighting back the bad guys behind the message board. I really appreciate it.

Your work is much appreciated.

Thank you Reza for showing us the path

While others spent their time drinking whiskey and popping pills Reza along with the more serious <> gentry worked tirelessly to protect the science from fudsters and Frogsteins. Watch and learn fellows - just as in the adcomm Reza gets a standing ovation from all <> stakeholders and those concerned with truth and science. He almost single-handedly against much opposition righted a wrong that was perpetrated at us.

Reza and grandpa are truly the guiding lights on this mb.

Hi Reza,Thank you for being on top of this and for the alert!

for a minute that your letter is a shot in the dark or a waste of time. NO WAY!! You speak on behalf of many people. Silence is not the alternative. Thank you, Reza!

PS: thank goodness for the Internet in these kinds of communications.

Thanks for including me in the effort. I appreciate it very much.

Reza, a very thorough reply. Go for it and yes you can add my name to the list. Thanks.

once again, thank you for all the effort. You are one smart


There all on the same team. I don't trust them.

Great job Reza. You are the voice of sanity and reason in a corrupt and unreasonable business.

Good Job.

Great tips, Reza.

good recommendations, thanks

At the time I had no idea who you were, Rez, but I was glad you balanced the crock these obvious plants pulled off. Reza, I once again appreciate your wonderful work for all of us.

Glad you are here -- I think I have only posted once on this board but I do appreciate all the work you do to keep us informed I am not that good on digging stuff up… we could use a guy like you at the <> board…. Thanks again and God bless,

Thx for your hard work,

Reza, your the BEST,,,I APPRECIATE YOU SO, SO MUCH....ed

bigots attack you because you are our shining star on <> and that is messing things up for them. All reasonable people know who you are and what you stand for. Stay strong Reza

Reza, I'm 100% behind you

Reza, Good work as always. Don't worry about the bigots. Keep the faith and crusade going.

I do wish to thank you for your contributions to the <> cause. I believe that it is our responsibility as Citizens to raise our voice to exercise our rights… I sincerely wish that you will remain courageous in this battle against those who seek personal gain at the expense of those victimized by this toxic conspiracy to exploit USAmericans with garbage nutrient deficient factory Frankenfoods spiked with additives that stimulate over consumption and addiction, whilst blocking the first Rx medication that offers the chance for actual benefit. Kindest regards,

Very good. And I'm proud of you that you immediately saw this crap as trying to set you up.

It's always refreshing to see intelligent, reasonable posts on these un-moderated, "Wild West" boards. Peace.

You became a rock star overnight!

BTW I took some time to review your website and I like what you are doing. thanks

I share this with you because I know you have been on the front lines fighting for our cause and I suspect it can get discouraging at times.

Outstanding comments, Reza!

Reza, Thanks for all your previous valuable contributions to the difficult extraction of the highly elusive facts surrounding the ever shifting <> saga ! … Thanks again for your continued generous sharing of helpful insights into the important developments associated with the lead up to <>'s long anticipated & successful launch ! Regards.

always interested... keep us posted

Thank you Reza for your diligence and tenacity. I greatly appreciate your desire for the truth. I greatly appreciate all you write and am thankful that you share this information with us. Dr. D.

Good luck and thank you for all your efforts.

Re: ARTICLE RETRACTED, APOLOGY ISSUED -- I gotta hand it to you, Rez.

Thanks Reza for the efforts you put into putting the liars in amaze. I've been complacent too long.

Anyway, thanks for all your articles and general support of <>.

This article is right on the money!!!

great post.

This article gives all the facts u need to know...I don't like <> either bit this article sums all the facts up

Doctor [Reza][but I am not a doctor] You do write some good articles. My hats off to you for trying… Good work and good luck to all longs. Holding Strong thru this mess for sure…

Pretty good. Need a lot more of this. Dr. D.

and great post <Reza> - couldnt agree more.

nicely done

Again, I admire your efforts, very much k.

Absolutely LOVE the positivity

a great article

A.F. is feeling the heat!!

What a great article!!!

Nice to see truth in an article.

BUMP - Superb article favoring <>!

Amen. Even though i take anything from <>, Street, <>, etc with a grain of salt...All I can say is AMEN to that.

It summarizes why I'm investing in this stock and the dd I'v done to hold through FDA. I do believe it'll be approved.

Now this is "reporting" Great job!

This is a great article!

This story needs picked up by main stream.

I agree he is `sed writer.

<RG’s> story very good artical 16-Apr-12 02:02 pm

nicly done

Yes, I'd just come across that article myself. Good to see it posted here already. It contains a lot of great information. It certainly shines a light on some very dangerous relationships! There's no way you can expect impartiality with set-up's like that! IMO, it should not be allowed.

Great article!

Well done....

it's very interesting.

Really good writing here. - A very Good Read!

Reza, Great work,

It's great that you managed to post it here again. It makes my blood boil every time I read it. This is getting personal now!! :-)

explosive article from today "Science Vs. Hedge Funds: Influences On New Drug Approval Process"

Very good

When I read this, I felt the earth beneath me shake.

Well done. Thanks for writing it.

must read

After reading Rezas article today, I did some research. Found a stramgely similar pattern in share price movement… <> finally overcame all odds to win out. Will <> do the same? Maybe Rezas article today will help us longs to do just that

awesome article.

Thanks for the great posts on <>

Loved your update and particularly educating Cindy on protocol with Wall Street. Well done once again...people just don't know what they are missing.

I look forward to hearing from your next piece.

Thanks for your thoughts on <>, I always look forward to your concise, logical and well written pieces. TIME IS ON OUR SIDE !!! Staying long and strong thanks to you and others. Thanks

Thanks for all the useful information.

I very much enjoy reading your material and look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks James

And THANK YOU for your in-depth, objective coverage of <>.

A good read.

I read your messages, appreciate them and do not always have time to respond. Thank you.

I found it succinct and clear.

Well done my friend !

Thank you for your thoughtful insights, please add me to your mailing list.

Great article.

It was good to read about the increased Institutional ownership with numbers and names. I think this article will bump up the stock significantly.

Reza, A great piece of works to get the truth out there.

Reza: Thanks for the "OPINIONS" and your DD

I would like give you props for your <>(<>) call.

Great article!


Again...great article...

This is a great article

Enjoyed reading your article and I totally agree with you position on <>. My primary email address is……… , look forward to any additional insight you may have on <> in the future. Thanks...

Excellent Article today as well as previous ones, appreciate the effort and truths... I am also obese and was going to do the gastric bypass but now waiting to try <> first and avoid the potential life threatening surgery based on my MD recommendation…...

Great article Reza.

Great article.

I really appreciate your efforts and great work for all of us.

Good email and thoughts. You are absolutely right about <> lack of Pro PR management. <> is being crushed by misinformation and manipulation.

Good job:

Morning my hero... Good stuff.

Good article Reza! Thanks! Hope you are doing well. <> is going to soar! You take care my friend!

I can't do it to come across like Reza does so effectively.

Reza. Thank you for all your works and efforts concerning Lorq. If i am not mistaken, your ethic background is persian. Smart people . As CEO of google stated if it was not for efforts of Salar ( his father is my friend as well as was my classmate in Medical School) google would not have been google. My background is also persian. Thanks again Fyi, Salar designed how google should charge for ads and at present head of division of YouTube.

Reza - I finally have some time to express my gratuity in detail which I should have done eons ago… It was not until the Lord showed me your April 26, 2012 masterpiece article, "<> <>'s Data Points to Blockbuster Weight-Loss Drug Approval" that I decided to hold on to my shares and go through the panel and FDA blockbuster decisions. You had a major influence on my financials and I thank you for that… I don't know how I can repay you for writing such an article that gave me 110% confidence and the other honest posters who wrote and calmed my nerves and helped me stay the course. You're forever in my debt. Let me know how I can assist you, and if I can, to the best of my ability.

Nice work Reza. I got a chance to read through your blog. Very informative. Keep up the great work!

Thanks you for your efforts.

Keep up the great work Reza!

Mr. Reza Ganjavi has been spot on in his assessment about <>! He told this story about Dr. Sanjay Kaul on April 26, 2012. Go and read it yourself.

i've been an avid follower of yours and must applaud all the effort you put into overcoming the stuff <> has gone thru...much more so than the average person has.

Reza, I Thank YOU for your tireless dedication to this great battle which has been won!!!! You are the ultimate warrior my friend. Kudos to you.

Great letters. Thanks on behalf of <> believers,

Timely and well done.

Thanks for taking the time to write this letter.

Hello Reza, I just wanted to comment. I came across your name as I am also an investor in <>. I enjoy the way your write. I went to Apple to listen to some of your recordings. Beautiful guitar! I am sure your a wonderful human being and I have found many friends from Iran…My best regards to you and for your happiness.

Looks great from my quick read. I'm one of those folks that like to print things & read them with a pen and highlighter in hand.

Thanks, Reza for all your hard work. What happened last Friday confirmed (at least my gut feeling) that <> will get "L" approved this time.

I saw your videos from the Adcom meeting for first time this morning. To see you & the others speak showed the passion people have for Lorq. Thanks.

through due diligence and logical, concise writing have enormously shone the light on the many miscreants who have shamelessly disseminated false information irt to <> for so long.

I can not thank you enough (and that includes the Almighty one).

Appreciate your's and all the great posters on this message board that have had the resolve to stay the path.

Reza has unselfishly put his time and experience to the effort, and with the EXACT outcome he predicted. That is a very nice result, and indeed rare that truth and science prevail over the greedy wall st dogs.

You are the <spokesman> for the longs ...especially when it comes to countering the hit pieces put on by the FOOLS. Thank you for your efforts.

Where would we be without Reza?

Reza speaks for all the less educated and articulate longs, and we need him. His postings and writings have set the path of truth and fairness for main street. His speech at the adcomm was no less than heroic, and his articles on <> have educated many, specially in the face of the Frogstein attack pieces.

I do not know Reza and I have never posted here before but I believe he is a reasonable man, so any apologies would be respected and reciprocated, I am sure. We need Reza to continue his hard fought efforts for all of us main streeters, our victory is so close! Please let us stop this ignorance so that Reza can get back to writing the articles that we all love.

I know I speak for all of us when I say that we do not want to lose Reza's insight and guidance on this message board, this is why offending him is out of the question. Imagine how better off we may have been if Reza was at the first adcomm, so let us keep "our boy" Reza motivated fellows, he is our champion and we must get ourselves unstuck from this trifle and bickering.

I agree. Keep up the good work. Thanks, Dr. R

Keep up the great work and don't worry about whatever anyone says. Put them on ignore!

Hi Reza... I appreciate all your hard work in helping <> in its pursuit of bringing <> to market.

Reza. I support all you are doing and have written several letters as well.


Hi Reza... I am currently working as a physician here in southeast misssouri. I have to say congratulation for your prudent speech on May 10. I agree with your future prediction for this stock. I am expecting stock price explosion when it hit to the market.

Reza, I think you are entirely correct. All eyes are on this approval. Much is at stake on numerous levels. Thanks for putting it out there!

U da man Reez! Love ur vids & articles! Keep it up!

Great job reza u deserve the best. Dr. S.

Thank you. By the way, you presented Great... really Great! Dr. H.

Hello Reza, I wanted to thank you for your diligent work on helping <> get <> to patients... you have saved many lives !!! you should be very proud of your efforts and courage.... again, thanks for your help in all of this! great job!!!! sincerely, Dr. V.

I commend you on your activism.

First of all, I would like to thank-you dedication and hard work in promoting <> ! I know you're disgusted with all the various attacks, lies , slander, and disinformation being put out by the likes of crammer, fuckstien, and the Dr. white. ( Sometimes a good defense is a good offense.) Once again thank-you.

Just wanted to praise you for your guts and honesty...two qualities that give Jim and you the basis for your wisdom, a word that shouldn't be used lightly. I know there's only one Reza and one Jim in the world, but you two are living proof of what is possible with moral courage and hard work. Okay, in fairness, there's a nice chunk of grey matter mixed in there too ;) Grey matter is neuronal cell bodies that function especially prolifically in rare individuals such as Jim and you. One thing is to be able to analyze qualitatively and quantitatively, synthesize complex thought...the physical side of brain cells (grey matter), but I recognized in both Jim (which I've since confirmed through exchanges) and you that there's a depth, a deep, uh, spiritual dimension that separates you from the madding crowd (apologies to Thomas Hardy).

I do enjoy your thoughts on <>.

Reza, great points.

Thanks for keeping us posted,

Reza, Just want to acknowledge your time and effort. Thanks again,

Great letter.

Well done !

Very nice Reza!

I just have fun with it. Your writings are where the meat and significance lies.

Wow, ANOTHER superb piece! I’m covered in dust.

well done Reza!

Hi Reza, I like it. I think it conveys what needs to be said as well. Thank you for doing this again! Congrats to us all on approval even though we have so many more hurdles to jump. Even though the share price was not what we wanted, I know we will win in the end! Take care my friend! Stay strong and we will see success!

Hey Reza, I'm an <> long and a fan of your <> articles. Thanks for all your efforts at the adcomm and on <> and. Thanks again.

Reza, this is one very sharp piece of writing. Flawless! I'm blown away.

Despite the lack of news out of <> <> (Nasdaq: <>) , its stock managed to be one of the top performers of the past week. How did it manage that? … Also probably contributing to the stock's rise was a very positive blog post <by Reza Ganjavi> that argued in favor of an approval for <>'s <>.


Thanks for shining a light on these issues.

Well written and researched.

All good points but I expect the Cockroaches to be out in force soon.Thanks for sticking your neck out and being positive.

Nice! I like to see all the exciting things going on bullet-pointed in one place. Thanks!

It is an excellent piece...nice to see someone write the truth for a change

Nice article, thanks.

Very good article. Thanks!

houghtful article. I realize it takes work to produce this stuff, so thanks for your time.

Good job, Reza. Lots of heavy weight lifting.

Thank you and GL.

Reza, very timely!!!! We closed above 6 thanks to you!!

Very Nice Job. Just read it.

Hi Reza, My Goodness this is such a wonderful article! Love it! You have certainly covered all the bases and so well thought out! Thank you so much! God Bless and Have a wonderful day!

want to thank you for continuing to rally the troops and remind us all not to take for granted the June 27th date. Your information is invaluable and i apprceiate the time you are committing to the cause.

It was a pleasure meeting you as I have enjoyed your well written posts and articles.

I've read it 3 times...Nice work..

Credentials of <> authors: Reza Ganjavi MBA, BSc., BA, magna-cum-laude Writer, Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter, Project Manager, Philosopher, Computer Scientist, Management Consultant, Business Analyst… Adam Fueurstein: BA Political science

Bump for a little truth and reality.

“Yes, he has hit 2 grand slams for the <> team, one in <> game, then today in the <> game. If do not read anything else about the obesity epidemic, and <>s attempt to combat it, read his 2 articles. Reza makes AF look like the punk short amateur that he is .Notice that Reza uses science and quotes doctors, not just the slanted biased opinions that come from AF.”

Great Article but you are right.

Thank God for Reza!!!

Thanks you so much Reza! Without that article, I would have been doomed for a life of poverty--now b/c of you, I'll live the American dream!

Excellent article with solid contribution from the medical doctors.

Reza will please ya! <> poised to rally! What he states boils down to "intelligent vs stupid"

For average little investors: You are better than 99.9% of analysts out there. Looking at your sincere and thorough efforts here, I was motivated to add a few cents of my own here:

Thank God fro Reza!!! Yes, he has hit 2 grand slams for the <> team, one in <> game, then today in the <> game. If do not read anything else about the obesity epidemic, and <>s attempt to combat it, read his 2 articles. Reza makes AF look like the punk short amateur that he is .Notice that Reza uses science and quotes doctors, not just the slanted biased opinions that come from AF

Hear hear! Reza is a <> of integrity and energy. He's taking fire because he is out in front. Just means he's doing a good job. Thank you for all that you do, Reza.

send her [@MichelleObama] a link to this article, it's very interesting.

Well done....

Great article!

Reza… Thanks to you and many doctors for all your effort…

Reza, Congratulations to our win today. Thank you so much for your contributions. Many people on the message board may not know all the work you did for the stock behind the scene, ie. writing letters etc..

Thank you Reza! Your testimony was fantastic! Thank you for recording these videos.

God Bless!

BTW, what a great day for <>! Wonderful! God is good! Thanks again for those wonderful articles. You are so gifted! Thank you also for telling the truth about locaserin and about Wall Street. Keep on Keeping on! I know sometimes it seems as if we do not make a difference in life, but we are touching someones life all the time.

Thank you so much for all that you have done.

Thanks for all you do!! Tom F.

Thank you for your continued efforts and honest opinions. Lisa

Nice piece of work again in <> again Reza ! Thanks for that.

Hi Reza, I would like to tell you how much I respect your writing and you. Thank you Reza for all of your many efforts to set the record straight on Lorquess, soon coming to a <> near you.

thank you for your efforts. Ben Schiffbauer

Great Job!! I hope the SEC will look into this matter soon.

Thoughtful article. I realize it takes work to produce this stuff, so thanks for your time.

Reza has and will continue to be an asset to the board.

I think this time Science will win not the hedge fund managers!

Really good writing here. - A very Good Read!

Whoa. The gloves are off. May as well copy the SEC with this, while at it.

it all makes a difference.

Reza, don't be bothered by some criticizing you. overall, most of us appreciate your passion in defending <> in the face of many naysayers.

Nice article.

Yes, I'd just come across that article myself. Good to see it posted here already. It contains a lot of great information. It certainly shines a light on some very dangerous relationships! … I'm hanging tough and confident that all this extra attention will make it harder for those who prefer to operate in the dark.

High marks to the writer. Very well written article: clear, concise, no mincing of words. The investment world and Wall Street would be so much better if all journalist had the integrity to think and write this clearly.

Succinct and, yet, packed with with precise information on what is the SEC's shsortcoming as far as we long <> shareholders are concerned. A work of a prof.

I also love what you are doin.

brilliant find

First of all thank you for "fighting the good fight", so-to-speak.

Love your Posts, Keep em Comming !!

Nice rejoinder. Very nice, indeed! Wish I had composed it.

Nice post ..... Thanks for the contribution.....

Reza, Thanks. It was a very nice and convincing presentation explaining all controversy surrounding <> and highlighting the positives within 4 mins.

Thanks Reza..we will wait for some more videos from you.....

Good job for us..the investors..

Very Cool! Thank You!

Thanks Reza! Great job!

Superb job, once again, Reza. Your tremendous effort is truly appreciated by many longs. You, as well as a number of other posters, make this a truly exceptional board, despite the bashers. You have shown yourself to be a man of conviction, intellect, and character. You are a difference maker. Keep up the excellent work.

nice video, so it is 19-4 yes vote......

Thanks, Reza. Great videos from last Adcom meeting.

Stay long and be richly rewarded.

Thank you so much for your hard work and contribution to fight for <> behind close doors that many of us longs here may not realize.

Excellent behind the scenes article on the $<> Adcom proceedings:

Beautifully written, researched, and thought out. As a physician who is also long in this position (as of today at 2.15), I agree completely with this writer's conclusions.

Please know that many of us are behind you all the way.

You did a great job in front of panel yesterday. I watched online. I'm Dr. x’s associate


If its a draft lets see the latest version.. everyone seems to like this one...

yea I really enjoyed this article, I dare to say you have balls my friend. Finally an unbiased <> article exposing the manipulation in the market.

I actually ENJOYED reading it as did many others. Great prose and flow. Srry I posted it here but I must applaud your writing and content. Thank you sir!

great article

an excellent letter from Reza to the SEC covering the more recent events.

And many, many thanks to Reza for reporting this seedy behavior to the SEC, which is supposed to "police" the market.

we need your logic here.

Great job rgym!

Great to read your synopsis.

Excellent - must read.

Excellent letter. Thank you for writing it.

rgy thanks for all the time and effort you put into writing this who knows maybe somebody who has a soul at the SEC will take a look.

great letter

Outstanding material.

Excellent - must read.

rgy thanks for all the time and effort you put into writing this who knows maybe somebody who has a soul at the SEC will take a look.Wow!! You will be speaking at the Adcom!! I am honored to be your acquaintance. Superb. Many many thanks for your much needed support of this novel drug! The sky is the limit. I wish you safe travels to DC and may the hand of God help guide you during your speech and the post AdCom festivities leading to approval in June!!!

Great work ! Thank you so much. Greetings.

5-stars!!! Great work, awesome site.

Nice work!

Thanks for your efforts.

thank you for all that you’ve done.

strong work again, Reza.

R is very knowledgeable about the market and <> (and many other things) and I think a discussion would be valuable to all.

Don't let up. Never let up. Shine the bright lights on these cockroaches.

Thanks for keeping us updated, you post with few words that say mountains of good info! Many post with the verbose and say nothing. Your posts have integrity…

Hey, <> is up today! Thanks again for opening up the truth about this drug. My husband has had 2 heart attacks, and a quintuple bypass. He is somewhat overweight and battling Type 2 Diabetes. I really think that <> could help him… God Bless you Reza!

Great article.

Absolutely fantastic article!!! Kudos my friend! Hope to meet you after approval!

Thank you very much for your courtesy, Reza, in sending this.

great article you wrote on <>

The person who wrote this post did a good job of surfacing the warts in the investment community including politicians and Adam.

thank you for exposing <> and his fraud.

keep up the good work.

excellent job! Thank you!

that was a great job on your behalf. thank you for extinguishing that crook!!!

YOU ARE THE MAN!!!! THANK YOU AGAIN. Of all the posters, I look forward to reading yours.

I enjoy your posts, you take the words out of my mouth many times.

Very well said. Thank you for your insights.

Great job, Reza. The article was very well written and I think it will have an impact. Good work!

Congratulations ! What a nice piece of work.

I think that R.G.'s article effectively neutered the whole <> gambit cynically exploited by …

Nice job, R.G., on your article.

I do agree with you though that this last article was a good one. Perhaps this article will cancel out the previous 2 articles which put a rather negative spin on <>

The author presented his opinion and information in a concise and rational manner.

Just want you to know how much many of us value your hard work.

again intelligence shines through

rgy thanks for all the time and effort you put into writing this who knows maybe somebody who has a soul at the SEC will take a look.

No 1 contributor on board and that is a fact

well written

$<> Mr Reza! He is a youtube sensation, posted FDA Adcom Videos: , main page look at this face!

this needs to be sent to all representatives and senators, all sec and the fbi and the fed. great post ,its about time,

OUTSTANING piece of literary genius.

Best <> article to-date

Reza is a champion for the little guy/gal. As far as I'm concerned, Reza is like Robin Hood, Nostradamus, Braveheart and Spartacus all rolled into one. I have read his articles and met him face to face.

Thank you for the updates as always.

Thank You. I just wish I had your ability and knowledge about this subject. Many of us await every post you make to learn about where things are heading. Tks again.

Thank you for update. One of the few that I read on this board.

I also admire your DD and expertise. Thanks.

Thank u for your tireless DD. Dr. F.

thank you for your thoughtful post.

It's good to have you around. Sometimes it seems there are not enough of us washing the mud that others throw up around here to obscure things.

Beautiful! Thank you for the summary.

Thanks again for the well done highlights.

Finally somebody with common sense in this board!

Thank you so much for this great summary...

Appreciate your efforts got a lot farther than I ever would have expected. You must be good when mad ;)

Really appreciate this. Thank you.

Excellent summary...thanks for that!

Thanks for your summary!

This is the most important post of the day so it deserves to be at the top.

thanks for your time and effort here.

i dont know u but i like u

your style seems to have helped us suffering long-term shareholders. I would like to thank you for your efforts.

Thank you, my friend. I do truly appreciate your hard work in making these references available to those interested in <>.

Thanks for the positive things you have contributed.

By far the most researched and informative <> article to-date; 5-Stars!


Hi Reza, I appreciate your letters/threads you post on Yahoo <> Blog and read that I can receive your news letter by emailing you here. Your views on <> are a breath of fresh air when so many are trying to deceive us small guys… Many Thnaks

You did wonderful.

You have good knowledge on how traders - hedges work in the market...

Congrats it sure takes time to analyze and understand the market. comes with years and years of experience and i see you have that..

IMO: You deserve an extra star from all retail Longs who continue to be victimized by these offshore and WS-connected criminals... Thank you for your considerable effort in researching and gathering this information.

You are truly a multi-talented person. You must be very busy. That was a wonderful article you wrote and so truthful. Keep them coming!

I love your posts.


Well done!

It is an excellent piece...nice to see someone write the truth about <> for a change.

It was well written. You responded to the questions very professionally. Keep it up.

Congratulations Reza A well balanced documented article.

Well, that may have been the best PR this company has had in a while.

nice to see a more balanced point of view.

Refresh story,,bout time

Well, thank you Reza, whomever you are for a very good article.

Amazing New Article At <>!!!

An outstanding excellent analysis of the situation on <>.

There is hope yet for <>..!

Well written and well researched; 5-Stars:

It was a good analysis and hope it leads to some volume buying today.

Thanks I find your piece to be factual, credible and balanced. An nice exposee on the relevant factors contributing to <>’s increasing value as a long term investment. Heck, I thought you had to be a Wall Street suit to get published? Guess not.

I liked the <> article.

Great article, really sets out the bullish case.

Excellent collection on <>. Thanks for all your hard work.

you did very well.

Reza you deserve allot of credit for your positive and factual blogs about <>, and for attending the panel and speaking. I think every long appreciates the effort.

Hi Reza, Great article once again. Don't let these guys get to you. If they shorted pre-ADCOM they are down some serious dough right now and have nothing but sour grapes in them at this point.. too late.. Reza keep up the great work and we all know you shall get the last laugh!

Publisher: You have quite the following.... Thanks.

Reza: That is a Great Great Great FDA Article you wrote and will be icing on the cake. Thank you for your tireless efforts.....

Excellent piece of journalism.

Thank you again for your work today.

many readers are very appreciative of your efforts in making a very organized statement concerning how the market has been controlled by big money hedgie funds in concert with many "journalists" who write hit articles and media stars who are connected to hedgies. In this kind of environment, there is very little chance for small investors to make it.

Reza, just want to tell you directly how much appreciated and needed your article was. Nothing more now really needs to be said, you covere4d all the bases. Your article shed the light on how unjustly and without any kind of conscious the big money on wall street works. I for one, could not sleep at night if I made money by denying the hope of a cure and extended life to another human being... God bless you for your work.

Read all six parts and see if your blood pressure doesn't rise!

Reza, Great work

Enjoyed your passionate talk at the Adcom...thanks much.

Just know you have many fans out there.

There are many longs who do not post on this board (why get in debates with people who don't own the stock and whose sole purpose is to try and rattle cages with their screaming and insults) who look to you for some of the best information available regarding this important issue. Thanks!!

As previously, thanks in advance for all your dilligence, reporting, and keeping momentum up… I used to work for <> Legal in Upstate NY, and your posts are timely, managed, well educated background in law, proven in fact. Thanks again.

It's great that you managed to post it here again. It makes my blood boil every time I read it. This is getting personal now!! :-)

Great job

I love it - it's beautiful


I was thinking where’s the nice music coming from

beautiful music man.

Thank you – we enjoyed that

Thank you for your music – it’s very soothing.

Yes!! I love it - it's beautiful


New Article -- Shorts Done! Looking forward to a positive approval and an end to short corruption!

good read.......

A good and fair review of <>, words us longs already know as the truth.


Bump it up

Very good

Copied and to the top, thanks <eom>


On top again

Bump it.


Everyone invested in <> either short or long should read this.



The reporter is so right in his observation of longs and bashers....Great article!!!

Excellent article!!!

The article makes a lots of sense.

RAZ you write great stuff. This article is well written and very informative. Thank you. Sir!

Great article! Thank you. That was fast. Long and strong! Got the golden ticket! Yeah! I like your article. This drug should be approved for obesity problems in north America.

excellant instruction

excellent article.

Thanks good post!

5 star post Reza - you make a ton of sense.

Great report. Thanks

your article was right to the point with no sugar-coating, I commend you for it.

I loved this email. Hopefully, good people like you will realize their dreams… I have not read the SEC letter yet, but your <> article was brilliant! My brother-in-law actually mentioned it to me not knowing that I met you!

You did a real good job

your informative articles were crucial in getting the facts straight to the American investing public.

Article was absolutely fabulous! Thanks for everything you do.

Thanks again and keep it coming on <>.

Reza: You did a great job in front of panel yesterday. I watched online.

Thank you Reza for all you do once again.

Powerful argument / rebuttal Reza.

Excellent article

Love the way you argue man. You diplomatically refute others opinions while continuing to show respect. And you dont escalate the disagreements to name calling, etc. Great Job!

If only more people understood this process of healthy debating instead of behaving like a childish idiot...gltu and <>

Nice article Reza and thanks for pointing out the inaccuracies in <> analysis. It amazes me how such a reputable company that is accumulating shares can put out such garbage of an analysis.... Stay long and we'll get through this like usual.

Great article. Very comprehensive!

The most complete summary article to date on (<>) <> <>. New investors your homework is done.

Reza................ Very informative and well written. Thank you for continuing to educate your readers and cut through all the fog horns and sirens, bells and whistles that are thrown at us daily usually with slanted and slippery adjectives.

Three cheers for Reza.

I always find it interesting when a rebuttal piece such as this one actually offers more information than the original it counters. Glad there are still real journalists and analysts left in this world.

Thank you for a well written artical. It's unfortunate WS keeps up the biased rhetoric that has been exposed for what it is, they continue, short interest is now almost 51mil. The truth will prevail.

Reza Ganjavi is one of those gifted people who is an exceptional communicator. Google him-----be amazed. As an <> long investor I'm very pleased he's taken an interest in my investment!

Great Article! Thanks.

Reza Ganjavi, who has repeatedly written great articles about <> that included amazing analysis and information.

In fact, there were days when I thought that he was almost completely alone among <> and <> posters in defending <> against the massive amounts of FUD that was being thrown at it. He has gone head-to-head with Adam Fraudstein of The Street and although I don't agree with everything he says, I do agree with virtually all of it as I am sure you will to if you read his posts. I would not be surprised if Reza's posts on <> and elsewhere mitigated somewhat the steep and irrational drops in the stock price of <> since the FDA approval date.

Reza Ganjavi does know what he is talking about and reading through his many posts will certainly convince you of that fact. He is certainly someone to be appreciated...

I always learn something from Reza's posts !!!! He is one in a handfull of posters who always do a great job.

Finally, someone like Reza Ganjavi begins to unleash the truth. Thanks again Mr Reza.

Excellent analysis. <> should hire people of your competence.

Thanks for the reasoned, intelligent rebuttal.

Powerful Reza! Thank you for the hard work on this with <>. I believe you are telling the truth here for all to see. I hope it makes a difference. Thanks again.

Reza, congratulations on an excellent article. Great rebuttal with FACTS not fiction.

Thank you Reza

Nice article by Reza about <> vs <>, <> dead stock walking.

Thank you, Reza, for the rebuttal and standing ground among all the negative hype. I read your recent article "institutional ownership has been rising in <>....." and your "LETTER TO SOME FRIENDS ABOUT <>" which is linked inside the article. I found both to be very well written, informative, and without biases. Fellow readers, please also read Reza's article and letter. You will find even more detail for <>... fellow readers, let's give credit to Reza !!!!

Hi Reza, Really happy to read your continuing truthful, informative and thoughtful articles on <>.

Good stuff here. I was waiting for someone to investigate what I thought might be going on all along.

impressive article. No question.

thank you Reza !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another informed post.....thanks for doing my homework Reza.

Well Written Dr. Daniel, We all <> long physicians and other professionals Really appreciate your's and Reza efforts.

Thank God for Reza!!!- New article so true as that European door gets shut on <> it swings Wide Open for <>!

Great article!

Reza should get headlines

another Reza article, very informative. i suggest reading all of them concerning <>

REZA rocks like the FAB 4.

Thank you, Reza.

reza rocks !!!!

this says it all

Another great article

it’s a well worth while read

Thank you to Reza for pointing out something that struck me as odd as well:

Very Good. Thanks

Thanks for the mega-intelligent & incredible amount of shared due diligence...

props to Reza for telling it like it is.

another great article by Reza. if you haven't yet read his articles about <>, it's definately worth the time to find them. Actually, I'd say its essential, if you are interested in <>.

Up top Reza

Bump for confidence....

Excellent article, Thank you Reza.

This was a nice article on <> which was a welcome change from the usual garbage we so often get from the like of <>.

Nice job once again Reza for stating it accurately both for existing <> investors and those of the future. Keep up the good work. All we want is acccurate, fact-based analysis!

Reza has been a champion for <> and <> pointing out MISS and flat out lies about <> and <> by HF who are short and have an agenda if you call that pumping using FACTS then ok...I call it factual information that people can use if they wish to make a decision on <> and <>

Thank you Reza.

Excellent Reza. Clear concise factual. What more could one ask for. Thank you.

Finally, someone from <> who knows what he is talking about.

Thank you Reza, great job in your response. This is another attempt at bashing <>. How many times can they be wrong and be proven wrong - there seems to be no end to this. What <> fails to understand is that <> is not just an obesity drug. They have no understanding on how clinicians will use this drug.

Reza, you have outdone yourself !! <> fans are blessed to have you as our spokesman.

Excellent reporting,

Your article is fair, well written, and outlines how the market is trading <>. The value is being subdued in my view, playing to those who need the share prices to remain at current traidng or lower.

Great information and insight as always Reza...Thank you.

Excellent article Reza, as always. Thanks!

Reza's IQ is like 3 times AF's. That alone is reason to favor REza's argument - it is much more logical. AF's is based on lies and distortions.

excellent article and I concur completely with your sentiment.

Excellent indeed, Reza, thank you.

Way to go DR. DAN!..... Reza, Tiger....GOOD WORK! Thank you

Reza knows his stuff.

REZA is the only one that has the guts to say somethig

It's great to have Tiger, Reza, Iago and a few others here. Keep in mind these guys can keep this sort of info to themselves and just troll the whole time like a lot of the "members" here, but they choose to share this knowledge with us. Thanks a bunch, guys.

This One Is For You Reza! Thank you for keeping us strong!... I second that!... I THIRD IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you for very informative articles

Reza, can't thank you enough.

very easy read, thanks for all your posting which has been VERY helpful.

With Reza's article being published today, I think we're going to see a big turn tomorrow morning...

bump Reza! Reza! Reza! Reza!

Thank you, Reza for your new article about CS and <>!

Karmic justice.

I made sure to also post to Reza's article on <> a thank you to Reza. Please do the same. I think we all need to show some thanks for real reporting without biases. Real reporting without biases = money in your pocket. Reza! Reza! Reza!

These are MUST READS. The "Letter to some friends about <>" is amazing.

Wow. Everything I've been sayin', but without all the cursing. The Man, is a Wordsmith. Brilliant.

excellent article.

Nice response to the usual fud. Thanks Reza

very accurate article.

Yes and a very matter of fact article that has said what smart investors have known for a while now.

I will say that he has compiled all of the 'facts' and done more research than any short ever would.

Reza showed all the facts to be disputed and I see none of the liers have tried to

Dr. Daniel and Reza are great for this board as well.

Great article Reza.

I really appreciate Dr. Daniel and Reza who helps <> longs during all this manipulation.

GREAT POST!!! Thanks, informative and well-written.

Tanks Reza. Very well written article.


Thank you Reza for a well written article.

Buy on Reza's article

A great read, the article actually exposes how hedge funds work and use their puppets like <> or their analysts who would sell their mother and sister for a quick buck.

Thanks Reza for such an awesome article spelling things in detail.

The Reza article is fantastic, she finally addresses the Real Truth in an eloquent, factual, implicating fashion.

what else can I say, just a FANTASTIC article. Thank you Reza.

Having lost a fortune during the first approval process, i have appreciated the people that have been able to publish positive information on <> since that horrible, wall street orchestrated injustice. there have been several wonderful supporters along the way, but reza is alone in effectively using the media to counter the misinformation being produced for the pure purpose of greed. he deserves enormous credit and i thank him for his exceptional support.

Can't thank you enough. I too have been burned by manipulation and false press before. You have been the voice of reason during this chaos. Thank You.

Reza, thank you, you are the best thing on this board.

Thanks again. Reza summarized what is happening since FDA approval

there are alot of good posts on this message board. but Reza is the best, hands down.

Thanks Reza for sharing with the board... Keep up the good work!

Reza, You should be appreciated for your contribution to both the company and it's shareholders. Thank you for these notes and for posting them to this board for all of our benefit.

Reza, you da bomb

I'll second that!!! Thanks, Reza

I disagree for many reasons but it is more eloquently stated by Reza.

Nice write up Reza. Areniacs unaware of Reza's contribution should check out the published report link in todays write up

Comments at the bottom, they are duking it out, and Reza is kicking Fraudster's asz.

Reza and FUDstein really going at it on the Street board... There’s no contest Reza is the clear winner... I'll put $100 bucks on Reza... it is entertaining watching Reza turn FUDstein inside out... Reza eviscerated him in the comments section. :)

Thanks Reza....Great points!

Reza, Your article states all the facts as usual.. Thanks again for defending Main Street by stating facts in many of your articles...

Facts are facts Kid, if you can dispute a single word Reza has stated in his article/s then I might listen to what you have to say...

Nice article as usual ---- right on point. Thanks Reza.G

Thanks to Reza for well written article.

You do great work and I support your efforts.

Reza Ganjavi... he's long <>, and one of the reason's that I'm Long <>

thanks for another great article!!!!

Reza is a long time supporter.

kudos to Reza for his energy and activism.

Reza is a amazingly extremely talented Man. No doubt he is one of the strongest supporter of <>!

Good article. Very pro-<>

Finally, I think that Reza (the author) is one of the strongest voices articulating the long position. He has been a standard bearer and a valued guide. We should show him some support.

Very nice and merry Christmas Reza.

Reza. That was a great heads up yesterday. Thanks for all your efforts.

Excellent article Reza - just watched your presentation at the Adcom, a little nerve-wracking, wasn't it, LOL? But you did a great job restraining yourself on the short/hedge fund BS, know it must have been difficult to keep your head from exploding after following that plant from the women's health group <spit> !</spit>

Thanks for your insightful and honest report. It's nice to see Kramer and gang eat crow!

Excellent read. Thank you for the time and effort to do so.

Tremendous article - first in a long time from <>.

reza, you were correct few weeks ago, when you wrote your comment on <>, and I have no doubt you will be correct again with your position on <> in this article.

Great article , thank you.

For anyone on the fence about what to believe about <>, you should be thankful you encountered this article; as those who invest in the science and disregard the myths will be rewarded handsomely for their wisdom.

Reza, Great article and great work posting some sections of the adcom presentations on youtube. I watched them all and you were awesome!

Finally, someone who knows what they are talking about.

Excellent article, which provides solid evidence not from analysts and retail investors who do not have the breath of knowledge that these Doctors possess that have given an exacting analysis of why a REMS is not needed and why <> should and will be approved by the FDA.

Go Reza Go...

Reza has been a true friend to <> and it's shareholders for a long time. He repeatedly put himself on the frontline and has taken alot of hits in the process.

Reza: This article is excellent. Thank you.

Excellent as always Reza. I am floored by the constant bashing of Adam F & The Street, and MB bashing, and am looking forward for them to eat crow.

Another excellent article, Reza.

a long time supporter of <> back when it was just <> hydrochloride.

Reza, thank you for your excellent updates.

Keep 'em coming, Mr Ganjavi. Your counterweight to the barrage of misinformation has been a treat to read.

Thanks so much for this cogent piece.

All I see here, and in all of Reza's articles, are well-reasoned logical arguments and clearly presented facts and details.

Great timely article. Strong Buy!!!

I love your <> articles and how you present the facts.

Thank you for presenting the facts. Your timing is very good.

Thanks Reza-Very disturbing that the DEA is taking this long as we have a major health crisis going on.

Thank you, Reza! Great article.

Nicely done sir...

Another brilliant article from this author.

Thank you. WS bet wrong and is now grasping for straws

Thank you Reza, I’ve beenlooking forward to reading this story for over a week and it concurs with my thoughts exactly.

Always good to read a fair and researched article instead of the BS and 'hit-job' articles written by people with ulterior motives or kindergarten IQ.

He a contrast to Adam Fraudster..

Reza, you sound like a genius with your predictions...

Very well written article.

Reza, very good article.

Reza was only one helping put out positive news while we being hammered by shortie.

Loof for Reza'a article on <>. He is presenting information based on facts.

Nice new article by Reza.

Reza is in contact with a host of professionals from various industries. He is a capable researcher who has remained dilegent, not only to the finacial benefit of this company and it's shareholders, but also the broader public. You see, what the <> long "likes" is facts. <> longs have no reason to lie or distort. So yeah, he writes what we like, because he writes the truth.

great article by Reza in <>.

Reza's excellent article

Way to go, Reza. Truth WILL rise to the surface, like oil on water. Thanks for your consistent, informed and faithful efforts on behalf of all true longs.


Reza rocks, always great info,well written and factual. Thanks man!

He's The Man! Like his articles!...

Bump it for Reza, our stalwart supporter of long term investing in <>.

You are absolutely correct, Reza keeps everybody posted about Obesity is not just an American epidemic but a global pandemic.

thank you Reza!!!!!

Hammer to nail....over & over!

Bump. Thanks Reza.

Reza always makes sense on his articles. Longs need to know this and stay strong.

Here's a good post from Reza:

Another great Article from Reza...

great read

great post

excellent DD as always REZA

I have read all your articles and have saved 1 that has gotten me through to this point...On a side note, what you are doing is admirable and you are a talented writer.

This is a great article.

Good piece to read and get out there.

This is a positive read and great news.

keep up the good work very informative

New Article From Reza 11/30 ... Bumpity Bump Bump Bumpity Bump Bump Look at Frosty go!

Nice article

Reza knows more about <> that I ever will... Reza has been a strong advocate of <>

Great article honest no hype and hits all the important points.

Very well written.

A fair and objective article with good points to consider and investment.

First time I've seen Krishnamurti's name brought into the arguement - but I agree, we must treat each day as a new day.

Very smart article! It really opened my eyes. Thanks

Here...Here....Reza !!! Facts not Fiction !!! Truth not Deception !!!

As a 4 yr follower of the obesity pill quest, I can heartily endorse this article. The MDs that I have questioned about the 3 drugs in this race to market all say that <> is the only one that they endorse and would prescribe.

As we've come to expect from Reza - a reasoned response and a fact oriented article, unlike the criminal actions of <>

Wow, this is nice to read

Great article!

one of the best article I have seen

I needed this sentiment to verify my suspicion and most importantly, calm my nerves. Thanks.

Great article.

Reza, you have been the man of truths, I really hope you and everyone else that has been in this game gets rewarded.

today. Unbelievable. Thanks as always Reza for your thoughts.

Great article.

GO REZA GO...Thanks

Very nice job of summing it up, and bringing out the very important point of accumulation of <> by institutions... Again, nice job!

So let it be written. So let it be done.

Thankyou! Finally an honest factual non-biased or shill sponsored article. I'm tired of reading all the hatchet pieces targeted to dishonestly lower the price.

Excellent articles. It sheds a lot of light on what happened.

Nice one Reza as usual.....

Reza, as usual a very objective article calling things the way they were.

In line with what I have read elsewhere to date. Nice summary article of many facts about <>. Good luck, and thatnks for the article.

good article, thank you

Good words

Good article

Good article. Good, plain and simple tips.

Very good advise that's similiar to my own.

Very good article. Well done. And thank you.

Great analysis. 5 star post. Thanks for the words of wisdom.

Outstanding objective article.

Right-on, Reza.

Reza hits the nail on the head.

Excelleant FACTUAL article Reza.

Another informative article Reza!

An excellant summary of the situation. As a physician, I can prescribe the generic components of Qysema for 60 cents a pill at Costco which is what I had been doing for 15 years.

Excellent article, Reza.

Reza, You hit the nail on the head again. The truth hurts and I guess what so called "Analysts" or preferably by your quote "paid shills of hedge funds" can't handle the truth. Love your article every single time.

Reza, many thanks.

Thank you Reza again for the truth about <>'s <>.

Excellent Article, right on point and finally the absolute truths about the dangers associated with <>'s Q.

Yet another incisive piece by the dedicated Reza Ganjavi.

Another good article exposing the truth about <>.

Thank you Reza Ganjavi for taking the time to post relevant and pertinent facts about this novel drug in this article.

Great article Reza. What I expected these past couple of months was layed out clearly and supported by facts.

Thank you for posting what is a wonderfully backed up article with the facts. Facts hurt those who have another agenda.

Your insights are spot on.

Nice article Reza as usual!

Brilliant article! Truly spot-on assessment of what has been going on with <> the past two weeks. Thanks for always writing such eloquent and well-researched pieces.

Reza, Good work, Reza.

We are all so indebted to you.

Thanks. Keep up the good work about <>.

My time comes and goes these days, just wanted to take a moment and thank you.

I have seen a lot of constructive posts from Reza. I give him credit for his actions at the panel meeting as well. He pointed out the corruption and heavy shorting going on during his speech. He has continually fought against the paid bashers by posting articles that countered their FUD.

Great work Reza.

Also, your contributions to the message board have been significant. Thank you.

Appreciate your posts..................

Good Job!

I want to commend u for ur tenacity 4 what u believe in . I know a few here complain of ur melling but at lease u r one of the few doing something 2 fight this crazy situation with <>

I really hope you are rewarded in a big way for your tireless efforts with <>. Keep up the great work, passion is a gift from God, and perserverance is also a gift.

even if it doesn't help <> at this moment in time it may lead them to explore how widespread the RC situation is for the entire market. Good job.

I am one of many who appreciate his posts,

Legit longs should appreciate your activism, regardless or not if they agree with you.

Thanks, and don't sweat the 'small minds' of many m/b posters.

Best wishes, keep up what you're doing. Nothing more important than activism in this day and age.

Reza- I know you get a lot of flack for your zealous nature but I for one appreciate it.

many thanks for your great work Reza, your post summerizing the comments was very important.

Thank you, You did GOOD

you rock. now you have their the abusers will fret and the stock should run

You did it.The shorts are afraid of you.

longs are fortunate to have Reza in their corner.

You are my hero for all eternity.

Very nice work. Patients and <> owners should be appreciative for all the effort…

I thought the MF blog was some really great work. <> longs owe you a thank you for all the effort you put in.

thank you for your contributions ...

nice article

My hero... again...

I really appreciate all you do on behalf of <> shareholders. Your articles are enlightening and encouraging… Thanks for being a shining light in the, what can sometimes be the dark night of investing in <>. Robyn

So, with that, I thank you for posting all the information that you have. Good day sir!

Excellent article!!!!!!!!!! Welcome back to authoring for MF!!! Great great great!!! Much appreciated. Your article hits all the points.

what all these posts of yours are saying is exactly how this is playing out.

Reza, You have written a great letter to the analysts at Credit Suisse.

appreciating your efforts within your busy schedule.

Reza, you are instrumental ... … are highly sensitized to your attitude and optimism.

I am at 324 lbs this morning and have started on my first pill (small as it is, I expect big results) Will be keeping a chart for all to read after a month or so.d Keep up the good work that you are doing. Keep well, R..........

this one hit the nail squarely.

WOW... you really hit it out of the park!!! This is your best work...factual, logical and easy to follow.

Reza - My hero. Thank you for being a man of integrity, writing articles that are very informative and beneficial to the public eye. Your articles are in the public interest. Well done and one of my favorite articles you wrote that God led me to:

All I can say is thank the Lord for YOU and all the tireless efforts you put forth on behalf of all of us for <> & <>.

This is one of the most comprehensive and most factual article on <> on the net...dated June 20th -- I'll give Reza a thumbs up on this one

Very nicely done . . . you should do this more.

good job!

Always read your stuff and appreciate your outspoken support for <>.

Great article. It looks like there is a big need for this drug and if it works as advertised, <> <> will do very well.

THANK YOU Reza. Good monitoring job.

Thank you for the good news. Keep them coming.

The answer is the science and script no. and efforts like your testimonial list and Dr. Dan is what it’s all about !

Reza - they should hire you

Bravo Reza.............

I always look forward to your e-mails.

I believe that you have been on track with your comments and your due diligence.

Thanks for all your hard work in the past!

I appreciate your knowledgeable insights regarding <> and the positive information you provide.

Thank you for all that you have done on YMB. Keep well, R.........

You certainly have a passion about this and we need individuals like that. I guess I've been around the block too many times to have that kind of energy anymore.

have found you to be diligent in your research and felt your attempts to investigate and notify the proper authorities as to what we all felt was going on with the manipulation of our PPS admirable, you at least made the attempts while others whined.

Best post of the day !! … congrats on that post Reza –World class observations !!

I read all of your emails. Thanks so much.

Keep up the good work. I do enjoy and look forward to your comments and articles.

Keep up the good work. I do enjoy and look forward to your comments and articles.

Best post ever.

And thanks for all the effort you are putting into <>.

Excellent info Thanks

I am thankful for the work you have put into this project and eagerly await your next involvement. Keep well, R........

I appreciate your efforts

Although I don't know you except for your great posts, I was upset over a poll regarding your integrity. While few will stick their necks out like you do, when you do, those that sit on the sidelines will complain. It's easier to complain than take a position. I believe our personalities are alike, type A, we see the need for a job to get done and we do it. But the downside is the naysayers who are really irritating. Those that agree with you are mainly silent, while those who do not support you are the most vocal. Keep up the good work.

.Reza, I'm sure all your work made it happen!! You've done amazing work. Who's Wesley?.....if you have time to tell me. My best and thank you.............Olivia

Thank you for your diligent work.

am grateful for the effort

This is such a lovely sentiment and just what I needed to hear. Thanks so much for sharing.

Nice reports. I would strongly recommend putting a specific reference to consumer retards reports if you still can otherwise thanks for your great support much appreciated

Thank you, quite interesting.

Thanks again for all you do

Just want to say that I support your right to question this DEA delay and make it known to the general public.


Good points Reza!!!

my hero!

Great letters

You have worked very hard for <>'s benefit

Also quick thank you for all the info and DD you do. Believe it or not ive been reading your posts for a long time.

I have to say that Reza has more cajones than any poster on this board. Whether you agree or disagree with his position, you have no doubt that he will indeed launch his May 9th newspaper ads. This speaks of his dedication and impact as an investor in <>. Others are merely armchair investors with possible hidden agenda. No one else had the guts to testify before FDA. No one consistently posts articles supporting <>. Critics of Reza need to reveal who they really are: name, website, etc. Reza has nothing to hide and his website is in plain sight for all to see. To me, Reza epitomizes the American spirit and I am proud of such a fellow true blooded American. God bless America.

I really appreciate all of your articles and the support that you are giving this product.... Keep Up The Good Work !!

That is tremendous info! Thanks for sharing.

many thanks for all your input in regard to <> Pharm. I really like your posts. Keep them coming.

Keep up the good work Reza!

Amen, Way to go Reza,

Amen, brother! Amen. I am in 100% agreement with you

Thanks for your dedication for the past few years.

Bravo Reza,

Some here refuse to accept the reality that this is war. Reza has been critiqued for mentioning the high short position at the panel meeting while at the same meeting we watched two beautiful women recommended against approval. Both represented citizen groups that had been established just weeks prior. Tell me who here believers these beauties were legit? I hope none of you would be that naive. SO who put them up to it? my guess is it is the same people paying <> to bash during the entire meeting."

Great work Reza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for taking this initiative, long overdue!

Congrats and good work, Reza!

keep on doing what it is you are doing. When I see activism, such as yours, greeted with attacking effort to discredit that tells me you are for the most part on target.

good stuff Reza, pls keep us updated

Good job!

Nice Reza, I'd love to see one of these parasites actually get what they deserve instead of getting away with murder, which is par for the course. Well done,

Great job Reza !!! Thanks

Great Work Reza.......

Thank you so much for informing us about this conflict of interest.

<> are the only ones here that provide useful information backed with FACTS!

You did good Reza… This was a great find.

Guys like you are battling away, but the general impression on the street is JL and his team is doing a piss poor job,

Thanks for always for your due diligence. Good work.

Thank you Reza, great job in your response. This is another attempt at bashing <>. How many times can they be wrong and be proven wrong - there seems to be no end to this.

Nice job Reza, we need all the positive/accurate press we can get to counteract all the lies and bullshit put out about <> on a seemingly daily basis.

you do a lot of good for us

Reza= Excellent article, factual, logical and easy to follow.

Thank you for another fine article! … Thank you for spending the energy to bring this valuable information

I really liked the article..

Reza, It's always a pleasure to read well-thought out and well-researched articles with factual and unbiased information… I hope to read more of your balanced articles in the future.

Reza - My hero. Thank you for being a man of integrity, writing articles that are very informative and beneficial to the public eye. Your articles are in the public interest. Well done and one of my favorite articles you wrote that God led me to: "<> <>'s Data Points to Blockbuster Weight-Loss Drug Approval" - a milestone article and an article that changed my financial life as well as Dr. Dan and Vig's YMB truthful facts on YMB. You all are forever in my debt, for all eternity. Keep up the faith and we shall prevail by year end.

Thanks Reza. There were many times in the past year that you were like a lighthouse in

Nice article!

Great article filled with detail…Very informative!

Great article Reza


Very well-written/balanced article that finally gives a true perspective on <>! Nice to see something that isn't a deliberate "hit piece" written about <> with cherry-picked "facts" and other such misleading nonsense.