Personal Reference Quotes



(Excludes Letters, Academic, Professional, Music, Journalism, CDs which are in other files on this site)

"Your mind is very sharp, you ask excellent questions." Mr. Dave Harmon, Retired CEO

"You always learn things by sitting next to Reza". BC CEO

"It was terrific meeting you. A wonderful stimulating mind is always a joy to encounter." Patty Linsen

"You’re an incredible energy source". Phil Maynes, Producer, Guitarist

He is everybody's friend. Loic Lopez, Educator.

"The authors would like to thank Mr. Reza Ganjavi for valuable comments." Professor Lennart Hardell, et al.

"The most organized of all my clients". Bruce Berman

You are a great teacher on how to live life. B.A.

"You'd be a good teacher. You are good at explaining things to people…You have a way of not talking down to people although you know a lot…". Mrs. Michele Gibson, Senior Vice President, Citicorp

“I admire your obvious knack for organization of both the pertinent information and the ability to present it logically.” Dr. Davenport, Professor


“Your efforts in Grand Haven really made a difference for Michigan. It was an honor meeting you and working with you. You are truly gifted in commitment, organization, smarts… and you are a talented artist likewise. Thank you for all that you did with our office--we couldn't have won Michigan without you, I'm convinced of that.” Arlene H.

you're the bigest and shinyiest star. Angela Jaggi

“Reza is a good negotiator” Dr. F. Mehrkhast, MD

“very clever; very quick.” Mike Lowe.

"I want to thank you for your dedication to this project, which has lead to a good end.” Angelo Gilardino, Composer

You have a race horse stamina.

btw, thks for remembering me from so long ago. you have an exceptional memory for someone who travels a lot of the time. nakochong

“It’s good to see how skillful you are.” Gisele Balleys, Trustee, Educator

“You’re very pleasant to work with.” Ellen Hall, Former Mayer, Educator

“A real good facilitator” – Dialogue participants

"I do have tremendous trust in you, and no expectation of anything happening "right away." If nothing comes of your efforts, I know you will have tried your best." Lisa M. W., Esq. - Election co-Poll Watcher Attorney

"You've been so enormously helpful, … and I can't begin to tell you how invaluable you've been in all this. I'm sorry not to have conveyed this to you sooner. It has been such an intense and eventful time for all of us. With great gratitude and respect…"

"Very Poetic."

"A good read. Thanks for copying me on it. You are a tell-it-like-it-is sort and still encouraging which is good." Mark Lee, Executive Director

"This is very helpful! ... your insights will make a difference". BC - CEO

"You’re a good psychologist". A. Jaggi

You inspire me to be a more complete person. Dr. S.

you’re a very smart guy… Attorney/MBA/CFO

You are a very nice person.

Reza Ganjavi is the one person we trust to give us accurate information, and that is the reason I am sending you this email. I would suggest that <> hire him in an online investor relations capacity. He is not only well informed but respectful and extremely loyal. Reza has worked very hard to set the record straight, time and time again. I feel he has been invaluable to your Company and would serve a niche that is becomingly extremely important as a result of the Internet's increasing influence on investors. Marge J.

very nice writing.

you did a great job today!

This one person (Reza Ganjavi) is equivalent to a hundred persons. Mr. Y.S. - Millionaire

right now I am pretty calm and your advices and tips helped me a lot. I try to practice them now daily!

Your advices are working! I am working on reducing my self-pressure and use less pressure on the kids.

"You’re very fast in understanding". Dr. Chartouni

“You handled it very well. Very classy.” Donna Broughton, Administrator.

"An island of truth and accuracy in a sea of rumor and insult." PR Director

"I have enjoyed your mails as they are always filled with humanity and reflection of a caring heart". Hadi Abdollahi

"Thanks for your hard work and leadership in bringing this letter together." O

"You done good! And you are a gentleman". Dr. Ted

"You're a real lawyer; you’d make a good lawyer." Phil Maynes

"U can write quite well – it’s fluid – it’s easy to read." daniele

"Reza, you have been blessed with a razor sharp intelligence, a sort of genius, and a personality that allows you got go into meticulous details about certain topics. All gardens need to be weeded. You shine light into awkward places like behind the shed and in the rockery - places where most people don't tread for fear of spiders and beetles." Jackie (author)

"My brother Reza Ganjavi deserves especial thanks for jump starting this project and treating my dissertation as one of his projects at work. The fact that this dissertation is finished is a testament to his good managerial skills. I guess he is the best big brother a girl could ask for." Dr. Shadi Ganjavi, Linguist

"You have a very strong mind." Jackie McInley

Very nice summary.

"Your posts are an excellent addition to the discussion. A clear and honest intellect is what I hear." A participant

I appreciate the feedback which you provided in a very polite manner. Airline supervisor

reza, something about you...don't know what....something like i never seen felt, heard...(oh,no, not flattering you, just being honest) something really appealing to me.... everything! yet, in no way i feel attached to you, crave for you. i don't know what, and why, but, you are just beautiful beyond all words, to me. makes me wanna write a book about this love for you! ahaha!

thank YOU!

Thank you for Your Spirit!! Geri M.

Reza: It is a 'calling' and a 'talent' that you possess!

Your presence (in my head) in my life is teaching me so much.

Thank you again, for all you did for Jim and for his memory and celebration of his life, you were/ are brilliant. Lori

thank u for all good things u brought to my life. I never forget. Love the book. Still reading... Studying and it's changing the way I look at life.... With lots of love and respect,

This is the kind of people we need (people like you). Dr. BT

a good interviewer. M.S.

thanks a lot for your support, your generosity and willingness to help! C.Albertin

I appreciate your positiveness in the wake of his "chlidren's" behavior.. Thank you for loving him so well and for so long!! Love and peace to you and angela. Lori

I really appreciate your anti-spamming ethics. Markus S.

But thank u for caring about our world. U and individuals like u make our world better place for our children. God bless! S

Awesome Reza. Nice job on your writings.

Again my friend, thank u for all good things u brought to my life.

Hi Reza, the five videos you made … They are just so wonderful and really capture... and I really like how you offered such personal detailed accounts… thank you again. You created a treasure.

I appreciate your energy and all that you get done.

You are fearless... Dave A.

Love philosophy. Nice job!

Reza, I just listened to you talk about... I felt so moved by your words and your experience … You captured so much in just five minutes. And I "love" what you said about love. With much warmth and appreciation…

You have always been there for me and loved me even when I was least lovable.

(you're the most(not in comparison with any other) beautiful man i ever saw.met!! haha! ) Samatha

Reza, you’re a prince. E.Blau

you're the best person in the world (Mrs. Salehi).

Hi, Reza... I just wanted to say THANK YOU for speaking to my son... a few weeks ago. Your advice was very helpful for him. He really enjoyed talking to you... Thank you again for taking the time to talk to him giving him your excellent advice. I knew that you would have valuable input since you travel so much and are also a musician. With deep appreciation....Suzanne.

You’re so smart and so wise. I am really admiring your persistence. Dr. Cirakovic

I enjoy your questioning mind and good spirit. James Paul

To say that I'm in Awe of your intelligence, knowledge, logic, preparation and solid, rational direction - would be an Understatement !!

It was a shot in the arm he needed – you did a fabulous job interviewing him. Lori C.

i like your writing style, a little how a philosopher but with good and clear understanding. A. Jaggi

you are one of the nicest men i ever saw, met! i don't know what, and it's such a prevelige to be able to see you.:-) learning with you always. S.r.

you are a good student. AJ

This letter is an excellent compilation of the information. Dr. O

First, I want to thank both of you and all of the others who worked so hard in putting together a fine rebuttal letter. … Thanks to all again for a great sacrifice of time and energy for a very good cause. Dr. B.

Your rapid work and organizational skills across a continent are really noteworthy; I half expect you to be snapped up by some presidential campaign. You have much to be proud of. R.

Thankyou for being a great friend and comrade in all this, you're the best! R.

That compilation is very articulate and objective. My thanks to all of you for putting this in motion. Regards, Dr. J.

We all owe a debt of gratitude to those involved with this most recent effort. It's not enough, but, thank-you. Dr C.

Again you out did yourself along with the others who helped. Best to you! Dr. M.

Outstanding work! A lot of gratitude goes out to you from me and all. Dr. C.

I gather it's been a battle at times, but I think you can be proud of the final result. Dr. F.

And thanks for being there when you were most needed. Happily your project went forward to spectacular completion. C.

Few weeks back, I read your writing about your father (bless his soul) and was moved how beautiful your writing is and how easy to understand it. I enjoyed reading it and really moved by how great your father was and I see that in you. My god, you are amazing. SH

You've done a helluva job. K.

You are a philosopher. SG

Your letter is very readable, authoritative and powerful. Congratulations on your efforts. J.

Thanks for all your help. B.

A big thank you and kudos to all involved in preparation of this letter. B.

a very wise man

Well done. F.

Given your ability to articulate a position, I am sure that a letter will be well organized and positive. CFO

Wow, What an incredable job. Thank you for all the sweat and hours. Dr. B.

Strong work on the letter and thank you for all the work you have done. Dr. P

Thank you for all your efforts in putting this document together. S.

it's nice to have appreciative customers. Joellene

"You're a great technician" Nik

You're a treasure. A. Jaggi

Hi… You are an extremely valuable contributor. I can't argue with you. Why?????? You are 1000% correct. It is good that you point this out. Regards (pp)

I can only say thanks. All this affection and consideration from a youngster your age and in your position is amazing to me. Kiss you. Aunt farzaneh

truth is a very powerful thing and creeps up no matter what like a blade of pliable grass that finds its way through cement.

You can be a good lawyer. David G.

she: you’re the best English teacher in the world.

The comments you shared with me about him when we were together in London made me appreciate his strength, conviction and independence; the same characteristics I see in you. BC

Mr. Ganjavi is a highly respectable and a highly intelligent person of Iranian descent, to my knowledge son of a former uppermost judge. He is absolutely honest and has lived in this house for 13 years. Mr. Ganjavi is ready to confirm his written statements as a witness in any court anytime. Dr S

Very nice letter and straight to the point! Nice work Reza! Walter R.

Thanks, many good ideas... we will take to heart... CL

Thanks to your good judgment...

Very good - intelligent man... Tibetan

you are a very intelligent and knowledgable person – flo

Dear Reza,It seems that you'll make it happen! Thank you. Dear Reza, That was quick! Thanks for everything: trust, quickness, amount, act of friendship, etc.

You have been a great friend during this ordeal and I thank you. R

I see that you are a comeback-kid and you find always your way in life.

We met the gentleman from Switzerland and talked to him for along time. He's very fond of you and he light up when he realized that we know you! Fran

a very smart guy - UB

Read your daily journal and loved it. SH

Excellent analysis.

I appreciate it, not used to people helping me... you're a good soul, keep sharing your goodness and light wherever you go. RK

a very patient man. A Jaggi

You are very sociable... which is good. M. Karimi

Hey, there are good lawyers out there. I know a few. I said a few. I appreciate your advice and insight. It makes a lot of diff. Matt

he/it is absolutely honest and has lived in this house for 13 years. Mr. Ganjavi is ready, these, to confirm his/its written statements as a witness in every court anytime. [part of landlord’s testimony to court against another tenant]

Reza, Many of us in the Grand Haven area were thrilled to hear from you. Your ears must be buzzing. Continued success in all of your endeavors. Will you ever be coming our way again? You certainly made a difference here and we were blessed to meet you. My very best, Arlene

Reza, even your short answers are sweet. AND, you at least answer, which is more than a lot of people take the time to do, Dr. SB

Your messages are so nice – always from the heart.

I’ve never known anybody to be as organized as you are. Angela

Thank you for another excellent post. Always substantive. Keep them coming!

Excellent progress report. Thanks! PCRI

You’ve done a fantastic job (

Meeting people like you who make the world just a little better, is a

true bonus. Matt L

Amazing job on the <>! Only YOU!;) Dr. Ganjavi

Keep making a difference in many lives. The world needs more people like you. Dr. J

You are a great soul - a Mahatma - and I am honored to have had the privilege of getting to know you. Dr. J.

MANY thanks for your excellent work! PP

Impressive! It takes a perceptive mind to appreciate Belgrade, especially without a local to show you around..

I always learn a lot from you...

Good fellow. RP

It would have been impossible without Reza. Dr. S. G.

Hi reza, you really a wonderful guy. P. Azad

You are the best. Thanks a lot. Nicole Roamann

Thanks for taking the initiative and for sharing this with us. Andy

Amex: Good credit history, Good payment records, Good tenure

Thank you so much for your willingness to spend countless hours developing such a wonderful document. F.

I want to thank you personally for all the hard work that you have done in getting this document out today. Without you, I could not have possibly gotten this document out to the people it needs to get to. You have worked tiredlessly for the last 5 days…

I think you guys have done a wonderful job. S.

That was a really good summary. Thanks.

Thank you for your level-headed input today. It brought some order to my thoughts; very helpful. Dr. R. Seagrave

...But without his passion, the letter would not have happened…. who started and coordinated the process. Dr. O.

Thank you All, It is not possible to verbalize a proper responce. I am overwhelmed here…. Thank you and Bless your pure efforts, Dr. M.

THANKS for bolting together a really SUPERB and concise package. A.

You have my vote to take over PR at headquarters. P.

You are our best house guest. NS

[Your] energy, drive, and focus – Flo

“You’re magnetic” Friend in Switzerland

“Do it, of course, you know laws more than a lawyer...” Friend in Italy.

“You're my best lawyer!” Friend in Switzerland

I just wish I could tap some of your energy and transfer it to me. Continue to enjoy your gift that so many would relish. Friend in San Diego

Thanks Rezi dearheart. most money i made in my life is because of listening to you :) – Friend in Switzerland

This guy does a lot to make it all happen. John VS

You’re my best teacher . AJ

Excellent writing. Stick around, we need more people like you...

Well done sir, I, as an investor, greatly appreciate your diligence in combating these evil perpetrators of the financial system. They should all be made to do a great number of hours of community services until their debt to society is paid off! All the best Reza, Walter

you are a congenial, friendly person. Hanna Jaggi

You're smart. R.K.

Reza’s most excellent skills.

Thank you for your warmth, wisdom and friendship.

You are a great client mr Ganjavi, Thanks!!! Eduard

so i say you're a A+ worker :) AJ

Hello Reza! I am < >. We met us today at the bus station (Baden), you know? How are you? I visited your homepage and I must say, you have a quiet interesting hompage. You know, you write about things like philosopher ( I am very interested at philosopher), diet, body, generly health, cigarettes, drugs and so on. I think you have a very good Menschenkentniss [empathy] ( I have no idea, how to say that word in english, sorry). You have many, many occupations. I am jealous. And you travel a lot. How nice is that. So, I do not understand everything at your homepage but I like it very much. Have a nice evening. Bye Bye

any word out of your mouth is gold. Sam H.

I think you’re more funny than George Carlin. Even your laughing is funny too – it’s through your teeth – I love it – I could listen to it all night.

you tell it as it is. Gabi

you are one of few who is willing to look at something entirely new. Gabi

i'm very proud of you! you achieved something with your will which many other people couldn't do big compliment and congratulations!! A.

You’re a fast learner (U.J.)

You always have a new idea. AJ

You're smart. UB

A very cordial and considerate man. BP

Thanks for your ideas, you're a really good salesman :) angie

You’re the brightest sunray i ever met. Some words from you and it warms me up I need it on the side of 2 icebergs. Swiss Friend.

I love your writing... AJ

Reza is the glue that holds things together. Bahman

Weih "man who knows"!!!!!! eva

‘you’re such a good teacher’ - angie

YOU'RE THE BEST "DOCTOR" I EVER MET! - and you know how many i've seen in my life =)

Reza, You rock! David

Reza joon, you are very dear to me like my own kids... i always wish you well and you are always included in my daily prayers... i never forget your kindness and the extra attention you have given me here and there... the day you gave that book for me to read... all the things you have said and done for me are beautiful just like yourself... you are a good person and one of a kind... may god be always with you!!!

there is never a day that i don't think about your dad since he has left us and he is also included in my prayers in my daily walks... thank you for writing to me and thinking of me. Molook

Mr. Akhlaghi said : with determination seriousness and firmness you demanded silence – you managed and executed it beautifully. Your remarks and questions were at the level of a professional speaker.

That’s why we need more people like you to speak out. airline

I know I can rely on you. Sarah S.

I just visited your seem to be the perfect "all-in-one" person!!.. Annette

I like it that u speak your mind. AJ

You are a very talented person and I felt like you have not changed at all. I saw the same honesty, friendship and energy in you that we had at those years. FM

I’ve never seen anyone type as fast as you. AJ

Appreciate your optimism among a crowd of "Doubting Thomases."

Ulrich speaks so highly of your writing and work. I look forward to reading your articles and insights into the K world. HARALD

I have all the trust in the world in you. Dr. Walter S.

You are very interesting: Jerry Hickey, R.Ph.

you're a planet earth rescuing angel! ;-)

What lovely words you offer to all of us (I know your email was addressed to <>... but you generously chose to "reply to all.") I like you imagery... <> had spoken to me of your special friendship, and how fond he was of you. For some time I have also have been wanting to thank you for the youtube videos you posted of your conversations/interviews with <>... they are infinite treasures for all of us who loved him so much… Thank you for loving <> so much, and again for making your marvelous videos available through youtube. It means a lot to all of us in his expansive family. Warmly,

you seem to be getting a hang of it quickly - given fact people were on this for a long time and didn't.

really I am impressed. You are very energetic and enthusiastic

you gave me an awakening - after hearing you play guitar something awoke in me that i don't want to chase after money... that led to my divoirce as my husbad was just after money … and i am so much happier … then i became psychic - i see dreams that come true etc HK.

Julia really likes you – she says Reza is such a nice person and I really like him.

Dear Reza, I would like to thank you for helping me make the best decision I ever made in my life. Normally I never send emails like this, but you have no idea how much you've done for me. I have been a smoker for about six years. It was taking me down, day by day. You've probably heard this before, but smoking really destroys a person. After a while, you stop caring about your health, money, career, it's a downwards spiral. I stumbled upon a video of yours on youtube ( which for me was a real eye-opener. I've been smoke-free now for about 2 months and living healthy, thanks to your view on life and the ability to bring it across. From the bottom of my heart, thank you! Erik the Netherlands.

I had seen ur blog which you had sent to us. Very admirable.

very impressive achievements! Dale

I have to tell you that you were a great band leader. I was so wrapped up trying to play my own music, I never paid attention how you kept the band and the audience energetic. H.K.

You’re much better , really, than the homeopath. Angela

you're a good salesman ;-) AJ

A genius called reza in Zurich - UB

Angie: you are the best doctor

We appreciate your comments and insights. JS.

I've worked with many consultants. You're the most honest of them all. JPB, Former Global Product Head

Thank you for your wonderfull help! very good letter. Compliment for your work! Dr. S.

You post good info. Chartmaster

That is really really good to perform that well! It is pretty remarkable to have that specific goal of [] and to be able to do it with a focused effort in that way. Congrats :) DF

Thankyou again for making me realize that these things are not to be ignored and that I have rights. K

Thank you for thinking of me! It is a pleasure to get your emails every once in a while. They always represent a challenge and serve as food for thought. ML

Someone said he is Persian! I have recently meet many supper smart Persians & that might run in their blood! You may elect to listen to him & profit!!

you're a angelman

visited his web site. Lots of New Age stuff. Superior Wisdom, Tollerance.

I real all you send me and I appreciate it.

I don’t know anyone who is as organized as you are. AJ

Reza, A renaissance man. Love it. Patrick Byrne, CEO

If I ever need a lawyer I will call on you! Thanks. S

Your insight is very appreciated here. BC

You're a man (or angel) of beautiful words, beautiful description, very pictorially, visionary, playful. to read your words is sometimes like to go to a imaginative colored phantasic jungle of dreams... AJ

you're very gracious and multi talented. – Senator O.

You always bring a happy energy to us and to our kids. Sima

you’re like a spaceshuttle. laura

(your) sense of freedom is rare – young people have it but lose it and they attach. J.A.

So nice of you... not too many people do things like that. HK

Thnx to u my journal I stopped my meds and w/o them I cry easily..!!!::))))

You know about major of subject and it is very amazing ..

I do believe u r a very unique righteous person.

Thnx for being there. After watching couple of ur videos I know ur love and caring is for real. Thank u.

Thanks so much you have no idea about how helpful your writing

was to me.

Hi Reza, I agree really in every point you write to me. . . I already feel my forces coming back. Thanks so much you have no idea about how helpful your writing was to me. sarah

What did u talk to x. He seems to be calmer now:) I'm so happy. True! I'm also more direct if I don't like when he is too bossy...!! I'm also calmer. Even my kids r calmer....! I thank universe first but I thank u too my angel!! Wow, we started w simple email about … and a world of love and support opened up to me. God bless u.

I can never begin to thank you for your wonderful tribute to <>. Your authentic self came true and was wonderful. I know how p-roud of you he would be, was and if he is still in spirit with us, IS of you, Reza. I cannot begin to thank you for all the support and effort you made to be here for him and me.

You are sooo very kind. MG

you're a pro in writing

Thank u for being such a gentleman.

The Man, is a Wordsmith. Brilliant.

Reza Ganjavi is one of those gifted people who is an exceptional communicator.

Many thanks again for your commitment and positive spirit.

You are a very fine person, a real human being with a lot of humanity and sensitiveness! I really enjoy being your friend and musical partner… Many kind regards to your friendly soul!

It’s so nice to see someone with manners (Laura)

Excellent talk – you talked of important things the society needs to hear. Dr. K.F.

you’re a good PM.

Reza is a amazingly extremely talented Man.

Reza jan karat benahayat ile bood i am realy proud of you evrey thing was perfect god belss you your father will never be forgaten.

Your doing a wonderful soulful job!!!!

Trannslated from German: "He was always correctly towards management and environment. He has fulfilled his financial obligations to the landlords always correctly and on time. As a tenant, with the longest stay in the house as a very intelligent man and he has also always been able to create a very positive atmosphere in the house and among the tenants, "in good spirit house" than actual. Also, personally I did with Mr. Ganjavi very positive experience: Up to my retirement as state deputy clerk of Canton Zurich I had for decades the opportunity to have many professional contacts and experience with fellow citizens and also foreigners. Also in the light of this great wealth of experience, I can now Mr. Ganjavi exhibit a very good report. I learned it as a righteous and good man to know, and I have many discussions with Mr. Ganjavi also never noticed any strange or extreme manifestation, quite the contrary."

Thats a impressive have seen sooo much in IT world :-)

Thank you very much for your understanding and to give me the possibility to talk with you about so personal things.

You showed a tremendous amount of gratitude towards them and they always remembered that occasion fondly and they always thought highly of you. Jay

I love your big database of contacts.

thanks u’re a great teacher – helper - supporter

wow, you're very quick

Thanks for the new site. Look good.

Thanks for the effort; nice job!

very sweet of you to have helped others to get off medications, drugs, etc

We marvel at your ability to do research. Steven S.

you're a google master – angela

You ask piercing questions

many people said they liked what you said the best - that you talked very well and said good things

ganjavi is the best man we have. dr. s.

5-Stars! Nice job! Peter

we fixed a lot in my life together

You are a dreamer, but with claritiy. Maria rose

Good work, nice job, Reza! Peter H.

Also I visited your site, very interesting. You are obviously involved in many endeavors the world over, impressive.

Reza managed it very well.

Hi Reza... Proud of you and your works in so many field. Behnam

Diligent - You’re good at following things up – focused on the schedule – weekend activity good.

hannah: you’re a great cook

You are living proof he was a great man . . . a great son from a great father. Rick h.

Be good to yourself in the New Year. But quite frankly as a licensed psychotherapist you are one of the healthiest people I know! Noreen

thanks for this. very lovely and truthful and powerful. With blessings of love and light, of the caliber that you share with the world. Bobak

you are a great person having so much energy. K.Patani

Thank you so much for the gift. I am also thankful for your support into the unknown of my future and the support you have given me through out my life.

YOUR CV would be shorter if you listed the jobs you HAVEN'T HAD! :-)

Reza joon you're fantastic! You got tons of points with me for getting on the phone with her so quickly. I really appreciate your friendship… Anyway THANK YOU again for coming to rescue Lilia.

You a very kind and loveable person. always respected. I am sure your heart full of love for mankind.

You have shown yourself to be a man of conviction, intellect, and character. You are a difference maker.

The honor is mine, Reza. (patrick byrne)

living proof of what is possible with moral courage and hard work

it's a historic document written by Galileo of our times !

And Thank you for your words about selfesteem. I will think them over but they allready now seem to be helpfull.

On behalf of my family , Thank you for you kind words... are a true friend

your accomplishments are admirable

Thanks for the positive memories. <> suggested you were a pillar of strength and devotion.

you're a great person.... AJ

You usually have an interesting take on things Inside, thanks.

You refreshed quickly from <customer x> to hire. You’re quite inside already. dominique

your eyes have so much light to them. Alara

Thanks for your friendship, your personal and musical support … that gives me good energy and positive strength!

You offered a very kind tribute to a man who made an impact on all our lives Dr. Yeager

Thank u for sending reza in my way and he is guiding me in right path of health that i have been longing for a while.

You are really good. Christine (ex-judge)

Through our email relationship I learned a lot.

You're a class act and it's a pleasure to know you and to have worked with you. R.Husak

u have found a special place in my heart, and I TRUELY respect u. U r a true gentleman. God bless u!

Your writing is great. AJ

You have many talents. You’re a very gifted man. Hans-Ulrich

Excellent finding. Well done!

Thank You great post! eg

you're a good student – AJ

power boy AJ

Thank you both for what you have done to interfere with some of the madness in this world. Gabie

First I want to tell Ray thank you for connecting with all of you. Dale C.

You do so much for us – I appreciate all your good work. CEO

I've been watching a few of the videos and I like the way they are just honest and simple but talk about some big things. WM

Thanks so much for the video, that was really fun to watch! D.

Thank you so much for doing this! How fun to watch.. N.

Nice job, Reza!!!! Joe

I watched the Psychological Freedom so far .. !! Great discussions! ...

I feel lots of love for you! you're a very special, lovely, dear, deep friend!

Dear Reza, I liked the interview with Dr…. I always like to read something which creates harmony. Thanks.

Great stuff Reza. Love your hair. Reza is the new Bob Marley!

very happy to meet you and am very impressed by your way of thinking and manners. Dr. S.

Hi, If there's a Board of Directors you need to be on it!!!!!!!! O.

I really liked your talk yesterday.

Thanks for your mail. I really appreciate your capacity of work.

Great video!

Well done Reza, well done. Best, SF

Thank you for all you send out with all the interesting notes … that are always much appreciated.

You’re a man of integrity. Paul Thomas

You’re a great writer. Sherry.

You are a very sweet person… you fascinate me. Suzi

Dear Reza, Thanks for your mail. I really appreciate your capacity of work. Keep well

You did a fantastic job producing the video. David E.

...looks very interesting. I like your clear and analytical style - with an occasional twist of irony :-) Karsten

I can't beat you with being romantic :) You're a master of romantic fools :)

I admire, appreciate and respect that behavior … the compassion that you have shown and applaud same.

your letter is a legal masterpiece! UB

you're a genious

Miss you Reza joon! Just thinking of the day you came to <>'s rescue. Love you...

I thought (your circular) it was extremely good - very honest and helpful in getting me here.

It truly was a pleasure to have made your acquaintance. [airbnb host]

very well written - thanks a lot

I always enjoy your writings. You are one of the few sane people in this rather strange <> world KL

“I just heard your interview with Dr. Parekh, and am again very glad that you are doing these. They are important explorations of the effect of the teachings of Kji. on humanity. You must preserve them.”

If I ever get married again I'm going to hire you as my wedding coordinator/musician/videographer. You could have quite a gig doing this you know. A one stop shop.

I knew you're very smart - P.G.

If anyone can remedy the situation, it would be YOU!

you are a fighter for what's right. Gisele Balleys

Quite an investigator! 😄 -- Ron

you’re so clever - you remember everything.

Ha, ha ... you're the most romantic, poetic man I've ever met !! 🙂 -- Ha, ha... Du bist der romantischste, poetischste Man denn ich je getroffen habe!!🙂

If I work on this project one of my conditions is that I work with Ray Ganjavi

Hansruedi Pfister Danke für ihre geleistete Arbeit Herr Ganjavi.

You a very good seller.

Beautiful words Reza - thanks for sharing 🌷

I admire your patience.

Thank you very much - great ideas -- CEO

As always, thank you for all of your efforts,

Great article on FOMX/MNLO, thank you so much, very exciting to me.....appreciate your hard work and ty for sharing your thoughts/DD..... Bill

Excellent summary Reza!!!!

Also as I always appreciate your attitude towards this issue...

you are an angel an angel with beautiful wide open wings who flyies where ever he wants to, who could withstand the most terrific storms, but still you got your wings on and spread them out and fly... A soul packed in the most beautiful body which i could hug for the rest of time.

You don't know how much your e-mails have helped me. You are God's help to me. God bless you. I am so lucky to have my family and you in my life.

“Ray was a terrific guest. He followed all the house rules and left the home in great order. Ray is welcome back anytime.”

🤗👍thank YOU for all that u do

And Reza Ganjavi am really grateful for your time and effort you are putting into this cause. You are an inspiration.

And: thank you for your great commitment...❤!! Marzia

Awesome, so Awesome Reza! Thank you...

Beatrice Wright You sure know how to write!

bravo w e are proud of u

But thanks a lot for helping me as always. You are a gentleman and a very good human being

Cool. Good detective.

Dear Mr. Reza Ganjavi, I find your website interesting and have bookmarked it. You are very talented and a true renaissance man! With best wishes, Farah Pahlavi

enjoyed very much meeting and talking with you.

Excellent work.

First of all I really like to thank you for your very special interview with Maestro Gilardino. With your exquisite way of asking Maestro Gilardino, he has shared true wisdom with us.

Hi Reza! You are the sweetest person! Thank you always for your kind emails.

I greatly appreciate all of your efforts. Thank you,

I have a lot of respect for him and am very thankful to him and am always indebted to him because he's a wise person and he helped me a lot.

I like your fighting spirit and I'm about to get up. Best regards Karin --- Ich mag Deinen Kampfgeist und bin dabei mit aufzustehen. Lieber Gruss Karin

i would definitly miss you. As what you did for me was incredible and you are very important to me

I've just read the translation.... Congratulation!!!👌 your english is perfect and the way that you wrire is really understandable and ravaaan

Last night I was watching your YouTube's videos. Full of energy👌

oh, with genuine pleasure I wrote those lines = it is a life accomplishment of, let say, 4 to 5 people !

Really good work, Reza. I am glad having you as the Group Administrator!

Reza good evening is Clare is 5:15 in the evening on May 1st. I just wanted to call you from the Ojai Retreat and say one thing to you. And that is that you kick some serious ass. You're so smart Reza. That's all I have to say.

Reza, I just read your Bio...simply incredible ! your accomplishments are out of this World ! VERY SINCERE CONGRATS INDEED !

Separately, I do hope you get re-involved in ZSAN. I DO believe you are smart, and you are a fighter, and you are an advocate. I thank you for that.

Sharing. If Reza Ganjavi is concerned, we should be also. I worked with Reza at FileNet aka IBM

Thank you for your great action

Thank you once more for you supersonic response !

thank you so much. That’s what many of us should have said at the time…but we’re not from California, so are more “sheeplike”. Again thanks.

Thank you very much for such a thorough in-depth response! Greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much for your guidance advice and your help Reza -- always voice of reason in the insanity that has been created by outside people. Thank you very much -- have a lovely night.

Thank-you, for what you are taking on!! You are most courageous; David versus Goliath............but I sure hope that David will win!!

Thanks a lot for adding me! And thanks for your work

Thanks A LOT Reza. UB

Thanks for everything you are doing for the world

thanks for the therapy, I feel better.

Thanks Reza for being a wonderful friend!

there you go ... thank you for all your efforts Reza 🙂

thx a lot for your suggestions and helpful advices....

u have good ideas and u know lot of people

Very happy you are also such a power-human-being!

Very nice to work with you - adrian

Very nice writing about the truth.

very practical and useful...

When i first came in USA u helped me a lot and gave good guidance and things i didn't know and had to learn, you taught them to me quicker and helped move my life forward.

Wooohooo you are the one and only recovery master!!!

you are superbly educated and excel in so many different important subject

You're well bred.

you've always been a great friend/advisor to me

Your dear father's contribution to his country is most valuable. May you always carry his memory with pride. Farah Pahlavi

Your devotion to the cause is fantastic !

Jolly well done! Congratulations! Professor Johansson

Thanks for the tip on <>. I made a $200,000 gain.

crisis manager in action !

Thank you Reza joon . You are a good man and an exceptional friend .

congratulations ! the crisis manager did it again ! thanks a lot. U. Brugger

I trust you more than anyone. PG

Nazanine Choobak Reza, your persistence and passion for the issues are honorable... ❤️🕉

You should have become a lawyer. Parinaz's MOBILE PHONE: You are really good at it. You have all it takes to be an excellent lawyer. PG

a life spent doing music is not wasted! so you have a good life :)

It always amazes me how wise you are (Ich staune immer wieder wiw weise du bist).

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Great letter!!! Love it. You rock!

Thank you, Reza. Your interview has been much appreciated and it's nice to know that is still so. AND translated into Spanish... who knew?

you do so god, thanks. i admire people witch such god arguments, able to tell them in public. Jürg Von Allmen:

🙏🏻 thank you for all your energy you spend for a "nicer" world 😃

I love your resume in that it's a great summary of your experience and accomplishments. It's rare that I see such a complete accounting of everything someone has done in such a readable format, that's great!

“Ray is a great guest, obeys the house rules, the house is very clean, welcome him back.”

The crises manager resolved another last minute "crises" !


Jérôme Meier Great work Reza, with the Hardell-Letter. Thank you very much for your effort on this.

It was an amazing time with you… thanks for showing me that this is possible

Thank you for your engagement with Hardell! Super letter! Just hope that the BR will take note of it. Danke für Dein Engagement mit Hardell! SuperBrief! Hoffe nur, dass er von den BR zur Kenntnis genommen wird.

I love your warrior spirit … it is inspiring

I am really lucky to know you. Thanks. You calmed me down.

I sure enjoyed visiting by phone with Reza this afternoon. I can't believe we've communicated electronically for 7 years and this is the first time we've spoken! If it wasn't for Reza, I would have thrown in the towel on Arena a long time ago, but I'm thankful I didn't do that. Our patience will be rewarded.

Yeah we had nice time, was so much fun and laughing.. And you saved my life so many times:)

Very good, Reza! Thank you. Per

i think the letter is great!!

wow, thanx reza for your effort - just amazing!! Thank you!!!

Great work, thanks Reza.

Woohoo great job. Thank you for your activism!

Peace brother! thanks for your amazing work!

You’re very smart and well educated.

“Ray was a very friendly and kind guest. I enjoyed our chat and he left the cottage very clean and tidy. Communication was very good also.”

Congratualations about the dog. For years people were complaining for getting harassed by that dog but you put an end to it.

Thanks to world famous writer R.G. ! U.

Was nice meeting you. You seem to be a very happy, emotional, social person what I really like as a friend.

i'm so impressed with what you're doing - you're all these amazing things... I really appreciate what you're doing - I really really highly appreciate what you're doing. Menlie.

you explain things in a nice easy way so even a person like me can understand.

you never missed your payments ever.

I am always proud of you

You are really a poet.

Thank you, crises manager. U.

thanks for keeping things moving forward and updating me. What you sent is perfect.

Hi Ray Excellent. Glad it went so well.

Congrats - very amazing letter!

First, I wanted to thank you for all that you have done to help x & its Investors. Your timely emails and efforts have always been greatly appreciated. And for your much appreciated leadership on this project!

Reza: I feel the x private investors own you a great deal of gratitude for your continuous efforts and varied interests. I unfortunately do not have the time to follow the stock market with any regularity so I missed the last predictable dip. When might the next one occur. Thanks, R.R., M.D.

Thank you so much for being so generous! The gifts have really been a highlight for the kids, and particularly for Ns' trophy there's no describing how much he loves it :-)

I really appreciate it! You're a gem (and a flower :))

Super Reza! Rebel Reza

Reza, I have lost seven kg weight following your diet plan. Thanks a lot. I am a vegetarian like you. I am a south indian so use lot of oil in food. Trying to cut down food with oil, to reduce more weight. I read online on ketogenic diet. I don't follow it because it is for non vegetarians but it suggests that oil is harmless. Do you think so? -------- hi dear - congrats - good oil is necessary- and oily food like nuts avocado etc. - i use olive oil etc but never heat it -- u can apply it after cooking but cooking oil should be illegal according to a doctor friend

I command and admire you for your work and talent. All my coleagues know you - they listened to your CD in the office. It's very very good. Dr. dentist

"Thank you very much. Lots of it is because of you. And the time you invested in me. My mom also is incredible thankful to you. She told me last week or so..."

Thanks for helping me - I wish all the good things happen to you un your life - You've helpe me a lot

thank you for your commitment 👍💪

But you also need to rest. The world needs your power and your precious commitment!

Thank you very much, Reza, for taking hold of this. I think we all know and trust you well enough to understand that you are doing a great job and it is much appreciated. Best from…

Walter Dorigo thank you Reza very much appreciated your effort here you are a hero🙏


Thanks Reza for being a wonderful friend!

i always listen to reza's cd - it's very beautiful. jazayeri

you're an angel - a male, fit, handsome one 😊

I think your attitude is great

Thank you for your mails and all the work you do!

you're a scholar and a gentlemn (Filenet VP)

Thank you both for what you have done to interfere with some of the madness in this world. Gabie

Thank you for creating awareness and help making this world a better place !

Thank you for the guitar vibrations…. It's beautiful… like creek flowing…

Thank you for your message. It's always good to get evidence of your struggle for our health.

Thank you so much for all you do for this important matter. Tonja

Thank you Reza... I am touched by your genuine comment...I think you are a brilliant philosopher and writer...I feel that I am enhancing my philosophical and psychological knowledge whenever I'm exposed to your writings...

Thank you so much for your email. I found it extremely interesting. Especially your tips about RF EMF POLLUTION IN SWISS CITIES.

Thank you very much for your kind words about me as a doctor. Be sure that I appreciate your honest feedback and your trust in me… I also want to thank you again for the great CD of you an Mr. Maurice Steger. I enjoy the music very much!

Thanks for all your hard work on behalf of retail investors.

Well done. I think it’s a great letter

Well if i wouldn't met u, my path would be different. Not saying that i would never quit with shit but i wouldn't be so fast and i a complete different way.

Wooohooo good job <3

Yep i also like the movie a lot - but i don't care where we go as long as it is with you (haha what a nice line)

You are one of the best things that happened to me in my life.

you are strong and smart

You're the smartest and funniest person I've ever met.

kathrin - we are very happy with your help - so nice of you.

this 5G thing is a big deal,you do a big job

You're like an Angel [single mother who received help with legal matters]

And above all THANK YOU again and again to you for all your actions and all stimuli to act! We continue with persistence yes yes yes.

thanks again so much , I changed a lot @home and so did my friends🙏

She thinks strangers are not friendly with strangers. So she’s surprised how friendly people are with me. Maybe it has something to do with me being friendly with them!

You've always been so helpful, a reliable friend I can count on and have helped me so much

i really appreciate your work - adrian

Friendship is the "cake" -- everything else is icing on the cake -- if it's there or not there doesn't really matter -- the cake is yummy - organic - no added sugar - naturally sweet - and it never ends - you can eat as much as you want from Friendship cake and it just gets bigger :)

Thank you very much. Powerful letter.

You’re a very jovial being, Bring good energy, Quite eccentric, Yes you are pleasant 😇

You are the best to consult with on anything because you are smart. Thank you.I will for sure consider it and ask for it.

You are such a smart and talented guy.

Very charming, almost everything what a woman is looking for ...Loving, empathetic, caring, respectful, charming, funny etc :-)

I wish I could kiss your hands for doing that. Thank you.

I enjoy your articles and ALL the best to you, Bob

I like your song so much! 🙂 It is not only about being against 5G but about doing it in a strong but positive way. Thank you! ❤ I try it in a similar way, too.

But hey thank you very much that you are caring about that and helped me trough this shit😂😂 I really appreciate that

And thanks a lot for chatting with me. you have no clue how huge impact you can leave on random people..

Maybe you are my last spiritual guide. I had them in my past. Learned a lot. Special people...

Thanks for your beautiful inside and thought full angel...

:) Great, your initiative with Lennard!!! Wow! Best regards! s

"Working with Ray was a pleasure.

thanks for all your energy and time you give against 5G. I would love to do so, but I do not have the strength for this. I am so happy about people like you ❤️

you're so kind

Sylvia Tobias Réza Ganjavi has always good additions 👍 Mathias Tschachtli

$MNLO Reza has a good history here. He does his DD. Closest thing on this platform to an insider. He calls the CFO. He writes to the big institutions. He talks to Joyce Allaire.

You are very smart. Dr Rolf

Excellent research. Thank you.

You're smart and dedicated. That's exactly the kind of person the organization needs.

This is a miracle. Thank you VERY much. Well, this was amazingly quick. Very grateful…. Thank you 1000 times. Ulrich

thank you for all your commitment

you did a great job.

You are so organized

I have seen your information on YouTube about the 5G. I would like to help stop the insanity of the 5G. Please let me know what I can do. Thank you very much for your investment in helping all of humanity! With my kind regards,

I have to tell you that you were a great band leader. I was so wrapped up trying to play my own music, I never paid attention how you kept the band and the audience energetic. Your base also sounded so good. Thanks again for doing this.

I just find you to be a very rare quality person that has helped many whether they recognize it or not.

Thanks again Reza for all you have done for ARNA and us LONG time holders. I appreciate all your input and suggestions IE.

Your comments are always very constructive !

you are an amazing writer - you previous letters always were really really good.

Und dieser für die Schweiz wichtige Brief wäre ohne die Vision und das Umsetzungsvermögen von Réza Ganjavi und ohne die immensen Anstrengungen von Prof. Hardell nicht zustande gekommen. Es war wirklich bewundernswert, dass Réza Prof. Hardell dazu gebracht hat, der Schweiz zu helfen. -- And this important letter for Switzerland would not have been produced had it not been for the vision and execution skills of Réza Ganjavi, and Professor Hardell's immense efforts. Reza bringing Professor Hardell to help Switzerland was truly admirable.

Danke für ALLES Réza

Danke für Dein Engagement mit Hardell! SuperBrief! Hoffe nur, dass er von den BR zur Kenntnis genommen wird.

Dear Rèza, thank you very much for the networking.

Good for you, Réza. I totally agree with you. Keep it up. Your generation will save the planet.

Great text, congrats! Hope it will make things move!!

hi reza - good letter from you - you are the only one who dares to speak frank and honest words.

Hi Réza Many thanks for it - thank you very much! kind regards sylvia

Hi Reza, The issue you are raising here is REALLY important. I have been planning to do this exact same action for over a year (as Ellie knows). Your action has inspired me to pick this back up.

Hi Reza. Unfortunately my English is bad 🤓 . I think your commitment to education is very remarkable. Thank you for your power.

I have only just found this site and read Reza Ganjavi’s letters which I feel in my spirit to be 100% true! Very good! We need to fight this evil.

I have to say, that message made me smile. Reza, you definitely don’t mince words…to say the least!!! God bless!!! Kate

kathrin - we are very happy with your help - so nice of you.

thank you for all you do for the human beiing....your work is important and i`m happy,that you do it for us

Thank you for the information you facilitated last year. We have turned off the wifi transmitters in the temple sanctuary. New homes are wired throughout so wifi is not needed. Many folks are making adjustments to minimize EMF exposure.

thank you very much that you are caring about that and helped me... I really appreciate that

thanks for your amazing work!

Yes, I do, but not very well. I am 92 years old and my facebook site is not a fake account. Thank you very much for spreading the truth in scial media regarding 5G and other risks.

Yes, I made the transfer for his foundation. Gratitude to Dr. Hardell, to you Reza for all the collaboration with him 🙏❤️

Bah bah, great. 👏👏👏 That's very good that you are derermined enough to achieve what you want. That was very good news.

Wow you are really something! maybe you should have become a lawyer. good job

Seriously thank you so much :)

THANK YOU so much for your support! Lilia and the rest of us appreciate it.

I just wanted to congratulate you on your letter, it's fabulous! ❤

Reza you are actually the tool that life has chosen to help me help myself .. 🙂✨ Exactly at the right time.. Thank you life 💛

A million thanks for your help with <>, <> and getting everything back on a good track.

Strong and to the point! Thank you, Reza - you are a Wizard! Tanja

I would like to add that Mr. Ganjavi's work was excellent.

The letter I wrote to Social Security,that you helped me with,got my mom's case reconsideration fully approved. Thank you so much again. You should have become a lawyer 👍

Thank you sincerely for all of your input, energy, and insight

Hahah thanks my parents developed me but you debuged me

I appreciate all that you do for the whole 5G thing. Esther (Swiss)

I've received innumerable complements (for the anti-EMF fight) but I don't care

It was an amazing time with you... thanks for showing me that this is possible

Oops, I forgot to say thank you. Thank you for your advice, and I am grateful for your video.

Reza, I just read your Bio...simply incredible ! your accomplishments are out of this World ! VERY SINCERE CONGRATS INDEED ! Marty

Reza, you are an amazing person doing amazing things for this world! Jami

sam rossiter wiz kid

Super Hero! Director

Thanks a lot! Very kind of you. Yeah i thought my story is written that i will have that life and that i can't change and somehow did not want to change. Luckily you gave me some good reasons. Thank you! Without you i wouldn't be here.

Thanks for everything.

Thanks for your "readiness" to assist 😊

thanks for your work! Appreciate..!

Thanks so much, Reza. I just knew you would have some well-reasoned thoughts to share with me.

Thanks you so much Reza! Really appreciate it. (Chief Commercial Officer)

The crises manager resolved another last minute "crises" !

You are an amazing person and a great friend! Thank you so much. This all sounds good and perfect.

You have done great work on/for the <>. VERY NICE💕 My best [US Senator]

You need a"MEDAL" for your tenacious endeavours to reward you for keeping shareholders informed. If you get anything, I'll 'POLISH' it for you! lol :>)

Hi Reza – great points and nuances we hadn’t caught in beta. As always, thanks for the feedback.

Genius! Well done, Reza!

Hey Reza, that is so amazing what you do, thanks so much!

Holy cow you are fast

I appreciate your efforts and many thanks for your comments and advise on this journey

I have nothing but big respect for all you're doing right now.

I wish others would defend their rights like you.

KAthrin: you have a very clear mind and talk like a lawyer.

please keep doing what you do.. awesome to see how you help others understand the severity of it all..

Super stuff Reza - thank you!

SUPER! You definitely take the prize, Reza!

Thank you Réza for putting all this effort into this video and for sharing your message.

thank you so much ❤️very well written- i' m totally with you❤️

Thanks for your mail. I find it very nice to read from someone who is in love with himself. Those are the fewest. There is then a completely different quality, because most people always look for what they are missing in their partner. Have ideas how he must be and what he must bring ... this leads to possession and jealousy e.c.t. And has nothing to do with love! I think you are a very mature person!)

Wie immer, ich danke dir sehr herzlich für den guten Tipp... Da hast du ja so recht!!!

WONDERFUL! Thank you, Reza! متشکرم

You are realy an master in education. Nice. Im impressed.

you're the operator of the street : you help everybody with things.


  • A Fantastic guest.

  • We will be happy to host you again. You were flawless.

  • "Exceptional"

  • Easy to communicate with.

  • Precise and responsive.

  • Always welcome.

  • Pleasure to host.

  • Quiet and respectful.

  • Quiet neat and respectful.

  • Interesting to talk to.

  • Relaxed and caring.

  • Excellent guest.

  • Friendly and outgoing.

  • Enjoyed his company.

  • Interesting and affable guy.

  • Easy and straightforward to communicate with.

  • Very good guest.

  • Tidy, Respectful, good communication.

  • Nice friendly and interesting person; it was my pleasure to be his host.

  • A very friendly and nice guest.

  • He follows the house's rules very well.

  • I definitely recommend him.

  • A kind person.

  • Very nice and polite.

  • A perfect guest; very clean and communicate; five stars.

  • Likeable, neat, punctual has respected all the rules of the house! Great guest.

  • A friendly and clean person.

  • Friendly, quiet and a nice gentleman. We like such a guest always. We welcome him always.

  • A very polite, respectful and quiet person; a brilliant guest.