Ethical Weight of Spreading Disinformation About Covid-19 and Vaccination

Ethical Weight of Spreading Disinformation About Covid-19 and Vaccination

By Réza Ganjavi, MBA

To get vaccinated or not is a personal choice. Unfortunately it has become a very divisive topic in a world which has long suffered from ideological, nationalistic, religious, ethnic, etc. divisive thinking that inherently leads to conflict.

If the receiver of the message gets infected and dies by Covid-19 -- and s/he didn't get vaccinated because of the falsehoods that were sent to his or her Telegram account or what not, which happens every day (and if you deny that fact you're living in an alternative reality) -- then the sender of that false message has a responsibility in this person's death. This is how serious it is.

The purpose of this article is not to persuade or dissuade anyone to get vaccinated. The purpose is to call out garbage that is circulating in the air, the material false information that is propagated by people who have not taken the time to do their own research, so they irresponsibly forward every garbage that is sent to them, without fact-checking it. This has led to giant waves of garbage that is circulating in the ocean of internet, manipulating people about the critical topic of health. I get them regularly I got one today with a 5G chip that had photoshopped on it as COVID-19.

A person is totally free to choose to vaccinate or not and I fully respect that as long as they have done their own research. But when they choose to not vaccinate because of the garbage that is sent to them (most of which is untrue and unverified), then the person who sends them these things carries a huge ethical responsibility.

So I urge my friends to first get themselves educated via credible sources (social media often is not credible), and fact-check everything independently before irresponsibly and recklessly clicking the forward button. This is not about fun. You cannot forward garbage that mislead a person that could cause them to die, because the message looks like fun to you. Because the message is a Photoshop job of saying "Covid Vaccine 2017" blah blah (purporting the vaccine was made in 2017 before the disease was discovered).

Using the so-called “fact checkers” is not enough. They’re often extremely biased, like a garbage company called “Full Facts” which should be renamed as “Full Of Garbage They Call Facts”. I have a concrete example to support this opinion.

I recently joined telegram because I met a couple of people who only used telegram for communication and I respect them and I want to communicate with them. Last time I joined telegram I left because of the level of traffic which was simply too much. This time around I am shocked by randomly getting complete garbage from people I know who have failed in every single case to substantiate the claims in the message they sent.

So as much as I like to stay out of this topic because it’s extremely emotionally charged and politically divisive, but the facts are very very troubling. Our world is going the wrong direction. The level of infections in many places are back at the level of pre-vaccines. And the only reason for that is because many people are manipulated to not get the vaccine because of the kinds of garbage messages that I’m getting daily which are flat out untrue.

So this form of fear mongering by a group of rogue elements who have no conception of the importance of truth common facts, science, and instead they cook up some garbage false ideas and injected into social networks. And most people are not educated to think for themselves. So they believed the garbage.

The scope of the garbage is far and wide. It’s mind bothering. It goes from denying that Covid-19 is a virus to begin with, which is the stupidest idea I ever heard of, to outrageously crazy ideas like when you get vaccinated you get a chip in your system which connects you to Bill Gates. And everything in the between. Come on let’s get real.

There is so much disinformation that I don’t even want to take the time to list everything. But for example one is if you get vaccinated your body will spread spike proteins and infect other people. At least for mRNA vaccines which I have extensively researched this is impossible. It’s just flat out untrue. But it makes people afraid of getting vaccinated. And it makes people be afraid of people who are vaccinated.

There’s a host of other garbage, on scientific claims by some so-called medical professionals who are capitalizing on this fear mongering. If you look at their background you will see that some of the same people were involved in also selling a fake cancer drug for example. I have a couple of their names in this book.

So the conclusion is each person should do their own research. And use reliable sources. Messages you get in Telegram, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc are not reliable unless you can independently verify the source, their credentials, and listen to their arguments, understand their arguments, check their conflict of interest, and weigh those arguments against scientific arguments, which must include understanding the trials, the safety and efficacy data, the mechanism of action, etc, which most people are out in the street shouting have not done.

Many of the same people who are not vaccinated, and go out in the street shouting in crowds, are actually contributing to the very thing that they’re against. We are all against further lockdowns. We all like our freedoms. But those need to be safeguarded with sane, rational, scientific approach, and not a stupid irrational emotional reaction based on messages people read on telegram most of which is complete garbage.

So smarten up people. Everybody is being exposed to extremely high dangerous and biologically damaging levels of microwave radiation because of a wicked industry which is ruining the world. That includes a rise in stupidity. So that’s the trend. Just look at the news items from the last two years and see how many crazy stupid incidents there are.

So think extra hard. Do your own research. I did my research by talking to a number of friends where medical doctors, who are biotechnology gurus, and they help me understand things which I was confused about before.

I also follow news of the topic closely. And almost everyday there is somebody who was making fun of vaccinations, denying that we are in a pandemic, etc who died from Covid-19 infection and just before he dies he was saying he was stupid for not getting vaccinated.

In countries like USA and Switzerland and most of the modern world where you can get vaccinated anytime you want, many people are deceiving others by spreading misinformation to dissuade them against getting vaccines. Yet in countries whose political mismanagement has led to an extremely low rate of vaccinations and lack of access to vaccines, people are making an incredible effort to find any vaccine. Because they see in front of their eyes their loved ones suffer and die, something that in preppy rich countries you don’t see as much.

Already hospital beds are filling up in many countries. And we are in August. I don’t want to imagine what it will be like in November and February. If the current trend continues in most countries the world will see much darker days. So before you click that friking forward button on the stupid message you got, check it, verify it. And think about your responsibility and how forwarding that message can manipulate someone into not getting a vaccine which could have saved his life her life or somebody else’s life.

Since I mentioned my research, the conclusions I came to is that the mRNA vaccines have a very clean safety profile and for the average person they are extremely low risk. The body itself already makes mRNA. The people who shout in the street about not wanting to be guinea pigs are completely ignorant of the fact that mRNA vaccine have been in research for almost 10 years. They do not contain the virus. They do not change your genetic code. Etc etc and all the other garbage that’s distributed by stupid people who cannot understand the facts.

I'm not against the person who’s done their own research and shares their objective, scientific, realistic, saying conclusions, opinions, facts. That is completely okay in my book if it is pro or against vaccination. But I am outraged at the propagation of disinformation which carries a huge ethical responsibility.

PS -- I found the link between 5G and Covid-19. 5G/EMF pollution makes people stupid, and they're in the street shouting about not wanting to be forced to get vaccinated while in reality nobody is forcing them to get vaccinated. They're shouting about not wanting lockdowns, but most are unvaccinated, and in their bodies the vaccine mutates and they spread the Covid-19 virus (large majority of transmissions are by non-vaccinated people). They complain about ingredients that do not even exist. They bundle all vaccines together but the technologies are vastly different. They are afraid of non-realities. They think the utter mess we're in by Covid is all planned and somebody (they can never say who) is sitting at top and this mess is totally under control! Wrong!

They have no idea what happens in countries where majority are unvaccinated. They're living in a non-real set of ideas that are totally disconnected from the urgency of the situation and they're the very ones who are leading the world down a dangerous path of more shutdowns and health and economic collapse. Their head is in the sand and are ignoring the facts, the deaths, and always have some bullshit garbage non-fact argument to counter the hard facts they don't even pay attention to because it's against their fanatic delusion. They're not even willing to admit we're in a pandemic, and that Covid-19 is a virus. They have a slew of bullshit to explain why a killer virus is not even a virus! That's how insane and stupid the world has gotten!!

I have many friends like that -- and sorry to disappoint you but you're on the wrong path friends. Wake up and smell the roses. We need to pull together to beat this fucking nasty Chinese-made disease.

(c) Reza Ganjavi

An examination of conspiracy theories around covid 19 also known as Corona virus.

by Reza Ganjavi, MBA

That we are not in a pandemic. Fact is the Corona virus pandemic is a pandemic by every definition of the word. End of the story. People who deny that we are independent have their heads comfortably stuck in the sand of ignorance.

Is that people who are vaccinated can transmit spike proteins to others and therefore infect them. Fact is at least for the MRNA vaccines this is impossible because the vaccine itself does not have the live virus and it does not enter spike proteins into the body. It simply has the genetic code for the virus.

That people who are not vaccinated can get the virus through contact with people who are vaccinated.

That some esoteric tests show that people who are vaccinated have a lower level of energy whatever than people who are not vaccinated. This is complete nonsense. Those tests and the methods that are used are do not have credible science behind the period.

Some argue that Corona virus was purportedly created in order to help some rogue elements' de-population agenda. This is a far-fetched nonsense. It is also related to the theory that a group is controlling the world. And these theories are so shallow that as soon as you start questioning them they fall apart. The answer to the question of well who are they is always boils down to Rockefellers and Rothschilds. Again a complete line of nonsense. Perhaps there people who like to be controlling the world but the fact is the world is out of control, it's a mess and it's always been a mess.

And the reason for that is because if you look at history there's always been wars because humanity never evolved psychologically and time doesn't lead to psychological evolution or growth. Insight does. So, if a person today can end the conflict with themselves they don't pick fights with others. That can ultimately lead to peace on Earth, and without that, otherwise all ideas of peace on earth seem to have been a fiction, a non-reality.

Some promote the crazy idea that inside some 5G masts it's written Covid-19. This is another completely fictional nonsense, and a lie.

Those kinds of crazy ideas go further to state there's an agenda to kill humanity with 5G and Covid-19. The only link between 5G and Corona virus is that 5G weakens the immune system and causes biological damage. Perhaps that biological damage is similar to some biological damage of the virus. I have not looked into this but this does not mean that they are part of the same agenda. The agenda for 5G is two things: 1) money 2) control over information. Even the second one is weak. They surely want to have your information but having and controlling are two different things. An authoritarian regime wants to control the people and yes, 5G can help with that. But even in so called democratic societies, 5G / Internet of Things can help powerful entities gather large sums of data on people. And data is more valuable than gold. China and other dictatorships would love to have the tools, and they're already using this technology for facial recognition and other intrusions of people's privacy. So this is a real issue but the idea that they want to use 5G to destroy humans is utterly fictitious because if everybody's destroyed who's going to pay the bills? Remember their motto is money and by the day we always need to be specific: in this case "they" is the wireless industry and their government backers -- and it's all about money. You can see my documentary on the topic

Now imagine if the theory that Covid is being used to kill everybody if this was true then the people who are not vaccinated are actually the ones who are dying. That means if you believe in some of these theories then you should be getting the vaccine so that's just one aspect of how people critical people critical hypocritical some of these people are and how shallow they are. I have good friends who believe in these in some of these theories and some of them claim to have studied the topic deeper. But in reality they've only studied things that strengthen their belief system. They've not studied it objectively.

False idea that the vaccines was a rushed job. That is factually incorrect The MRNA vaccines have been in development and study for years. All they had to do was to enter the code for Covid-19.

It is unfortunate that this topic has caused so much division in the world but I wish the people that I know all over the world reading or watching this message, would take the time to study the topic objectively, study both sides and don't accept what anybody's telling you, including me.


(I don't have time to track many interesting news stories related to this topic)

In Iran where import of vaccine from USA etc. was prohibited, there's a mega healthcare catastrophe with number of infections and deaths through the roof. Should serve as a lesson.

Dr. Dean Winslow, an infectious disease physician at Stanford Health Care, concurred with the other experts with whom we spoke. In a phone interview, he characterized Cole’s claims about cancer as “fearmongering” and said, “There’s just no scientific basis for that.”

“We’re talking about these very small fragments of messenger RNA that don’t hang around for long at all,”


Long term issues?

Dr. Roger Shapiro, associate professor of immunology and infectious diseases at Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health:

“There is nothing in the science of mRNA vaccines that would suggest carcinogenicity, and they have been tested in humans for other diseases before COVID-19,” Shapiro said. “mRNA rapidly breaks down in the body, and probably does not last long enough to act as a carcinogen.”


Claims that Covid vaccine spike proteins are harmful are unevidenced


Spike Protein Myth

Fact Check-No evidence spike proteins from COVID-19 vaccines are toxic

“So far, there is no scientific evidence available that suggests spike proteins created in our bodies from the COVID-19 vaccines are toxic or damaging our organs.” (here) Research shows that spike proteins (here) remain stuck to the cell surface around the injection site and do not travel to other parts of the body via the bloodstream, they added. The 1% of the vaccine that does reach the bloodstream is destroyed by liver enzymes.


Moderna is the best vaccine today. Latest data: it's 76% effective against the Delta variant.


Interesting read: Just 12 People Are Behind Most Vaccine Hoaxes On Social Media, Research Shows


On the news: More people have died of Covid in Iran than in the Iran-Iraq war! Suicice among nurses is much higher than among non healthcare workers. Many healthcare workers are over-stretched and working 19 hour days.


There are many many stories like this. I see them all the time, from credible sources. i don't have the time to reprint them here but here's a sample:


  • Covid wipes out anti-vaxxer family: Son loses father, 73, mother, 65, and brother, 40, to virus within a week of family meal after they refused the jab

  • 'I shouldn't have waited': Unvaccinated TikToker urges followers to get vaccinated in last video before death "Don't wait. Go get it," Megan Alexandra Blankenbiller said as she fought Covid-19. "Because hopefully if you get it then you won't end up in the hospital like me."

  • Florida dad regrets not getting COVID vaccine after daughter, 15, dies

  • NY Releases Data On COVID Breakthrough Infections, Unvaccinated Make Up 21 Times More Hospitalizations

  • CDC finds unvaccinated 11 times more likely to die of COVID

  • After 169 hospitals, a non-vaccinated dad finally got the Covid-19 care he needed -- and changed dozens of skeptics' minds

  • A third anti-vaccine conservative radio host dies of COVID-19

  • Anti-vaxx mother and daughter contracted COVID-19 and died 2 weeks apart on the same hospital ward

  • Francis Goncalves, 43, lost three family members in one week due to Covid-19 after they refused the vaccine

  • His brother, Shaul, 40, father Basil, 73, and mother, Charmagne, 65, died in Portugal last month due to Covid

  • He said all three had fallen victim to 'anti-vaccination propaganda', conspiracy theories and 'misinformation'

  • It comes after Cambridge graduate Leslie Lawrenson, 58, died after saying Covid was 'nothing to be afraid of'

  • Bodybuilder and rock climbing enthusiast John Eyers, 42, also died of Covid after refusing to have the vaccine

  • “That is his message: ‘Get the vaccine. Because I would hate for people to be like me,’” said Brittany Wright, 25, of her 28-year-old husband Braderick Wright, who died Saturday night.

Power of disinformation: A Maryland man killed his pharmacist brother because he thought he was “poisoning” people by administering COVID-19 vaccines. The guy had no medical expertise. People who fed him the disinformation on social media and elsewhere carry an ethical burden for his brother's death.



Antibodies against the coronavirus wane over time, but the immune system has a backup plan that doesn’t rely on boosters, according to a study by scientists at the University of Pennsylvania, where technology for mRNA vaccines was developed.

Researchers at the university’s Perelman School of Medicine tracked 61 people for six months after immunization with mRNA vaccines. The team noted that antibodies gradually ebbed, but that the shots generated durable immune memory to SARS-CoV-2 in the form of B and T cells that increased over time to help ward off serious illness.

Although third doses promise to bolster antibodies and make them better at blocking SARS-CoV-2 for longer, the body has its own natural support to defend against Covid-19 even when circulating antibody levels decline, Wherry said.


Efficacy latest: 2021-09-19

  • Data collected from 18 states between March and August suggest the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine reduces the risk of being hospitalized with COVID-19 by 91% in the first four months after receiving the second dose. Beyond 120 days, however, that vaccine efficacy drops to 77%.

  • Meanwhile, Moderna’s vaccine was 93% effective at reducing the short-term risk of COVID-19 hospitalization and remained 92% effective after 120 days.


Oldie but goodies. Things just got worse with these creepy people like Sucharit Bhakdi who are spreading disinformation.

Coronavirus crisis disinformation on digital platforms


Good article on mRNA


Explosive study claims to prove Chinese scientists created COVID. British Professor Angus Dalgleish and Norwegian scientist Dr. Birger Sørensen wrote they’ve had primary evidence 'of retro-engineering in China' British Professor Angus Dalgleish and Norwegian scientist Dr. Birger Sørensen wrote they’ve had primary evidence "of retro-engineering in China" since last year, but were ignored by academics and major medical journals, The Daily Mail reported Saturday, citing the soon-to-be-published study. The study concludes: "the likelihood of it being the result of natural processes is very small." The virus is still killing 12,000 people a day around the world.


Sucharit Bhakdi is one of the worst factors in this deadly pandemic. Many people have listened to his bogus disinformation and refused to get vaccinated as a result and some probably died.

Bhakdi has made a number of false statements about the COVID-19 pandemic, saying that the pandemic is a "fake", that face masks and quarantines are "nonsense" and that the COVID-19 vaccines are deadly and will decimate the global population.[3]

He has been otherwise criticised for his theses on the COVID-19 pandemic; according to Medical Tribune [de], they are considered unscientific by a majority of experts.[20]

In Germany, fact-checking activity has included articles at dpa,[34] SWR3[35] and the German non-profit[22] On the basis of fact checks by Correctiv, ZDF, die Welt, Der Spiegel and Bayerischer Rundfunk, the Süddeutsche Zeitung summed up: "What Wodarg and Bhakdi say is not completely wrong, but they mix facts with speculation and disinformation."[36]

Correctiv fact-checked one of Bhakdi's YouTube videos, and found a number of problematic claims, including the claim that any COVID-19 vaccine would be "pointless", and that the virus posed no more threat than influenza.[22]

Writing for Foreign Policy, Tyson Barker (Head of DGAP's Technology & Global Affairs Program)[37] described Bhakdi as a prominent example from a "crop of debunked but credentialed so-called experts minting conspiracy theories and undermining fact-based information".[38]

In October 2020 the University of Mainz issued a statement to the effect that it does not support Bhakdi's views.[5][39][40]"


Fact check: COVID-19 vaccines don’t cause death, won’t decimate world’s population


- 08 October 2021

Heart-inflammation risk from Pfizer COVID vaccine is very low

Two studies from Israel quantify the risk of myocarditis following the Pfizer–BioNTech shot, with one suggesting the chance of developing the condition is about one in 50,000.


- Major Israeli study: Risk of heart inflammation after COVID shots is very small

Data from 2.5 million who got vaccine finds the illness afflicted only 0.002%, and was found to be serious in only 2% of the cases that did develop, though one patient died.


- 90,000 U.S. adult deaths from COVID-19 over the summer could have been prevented if victims had been vaccinated, study finds



Disinformation: Someone is circulating on social media picture of a bottle of vaccine dated 2017. Photoshop BS and people fall for it and fuels their BS theories.


Most banks have also been found of unlawful or regulatory misconduct. Do you put your money in the bank? Running a major drug company means you get into legal trouble on adverse effect etc,, and some of these people are bastards, but we should be grateful to Pfizer for advancing the mRNA vaccine which saves lives, that is if you take off the blinders and look at the real world, e.g., places where 97% are no vaccinated and the kind of hell they're going through in terms of healthcare crisis, healthcare workers working 19 hour shifts, and thousands dying. That's a reality many in countries where there's plenty of vaccines don't even know or see and like to hide their head in the sand and demonstrate over liberties that nobody is trying to take away anyway, and if anything, it's the unvaccinated who are filling ICU beds as we speak, and it's the unvaccinated in whose body the virus mutates into more severe killer forms. You have the right to not want to be vaccinated but if you prompt others to avoid a life saving vaccine, that carries a huge moral responsibility. Pfizer has also created many other life saving drugs. Do they get engaged in evil acts too? Probably they also do a lot of good. More here:


Someone wrote: "There are certainly no facts that prove the usefulness of vaccination"

Sorry I don't have time to argue with such untrue statements. look at what's happening with covid rates in Iran as most people are not vaccinated. Switzerland would be in the same hole had it not been for the vaccine. Also you denying that covid19 vaccine even exists is another testimony to how much you're in the dark and are ignoring hard scientific facts.


"whose life has been saved???" Come on this is not that hard to understand. All the ones who could have been infected who didn't because they were vaccinated. Ask that question from the ones who are on deathbed and say they should have been vaccinated and urge others to do it. Read my article carefully before spreading more disinformation.

"I think you may be believing the news...which is mostly PR written and financed by the pharmaceutical company"

If your kind of stance was backed by more intelligent and true statements that would be a different story. In your bubble, you believe Reuters, Associated Press, Los Angeles Times, Guardian, NPR, etc. etc. are just putting out lies fabricated by the pharma industry. Well reality is an entirely difference sphere. Those unvaccinated who are filling ICU beds and many of whom will die and have died are not fictions. Your delusional idea of fake media is not making up the names of those who died and regret not being vaccinated just before dying. So the problem seems to be you're NOT reading the news you should be reading, which will shatter the delusional world view you've built which is very dangerous and particularly so because you're trying to push your delusions onto others. You'll have bad karma to say the least for those who believe you and don't get vaccinated and die.

Your quoting Mike Yeadon is also telling. Mike Yeadon is well known as a hack job. He's made a number of false claims which are categorically dismissed by the credible scientific community backed by real-world data. For example, Yeadon says his “favourite lie” is that people can transmit the virus without any symptoms, adding: “I would say it’s somewhere between rare and doesn’t happen.” Reality is different: a report from the United States’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in March this year estimated that 50% of COVID-19 transmission happens before people develop symptoms, while 30% of infected people stay symptom-free (here). Another from January 2021, published in the JAMA Network medical journal, judged that 59% of COVID-19 transmission could be from asymptomatic cases (here). Experts at Meedan’s Health Desk, a group of public health scientists working to tackle medical misinformation online, said that symptom-free people can spread COVID-19 and have about the same amount of virus as people with symptoms (

More Yeadon's lies are exposed in this article:


Haha, another faker spreading disinformation. Karen Kingston is about as unreliable as it gets in her fake and false assessment of the ingredient graphene oxide which simply is NOT part of either of Moderna or Pfizer mRNA vaccines. That's a fact. So Kingston is lying, and irresponsible people who don't fact check things from multiple angles repeat disinformation that can lead to people's death.


It's not just the government that's saying it's safe, it's the science itself so your examples are not good. In particular Moderna mRNA vaccine is very effective and has a very clean safety profile. Most of the opposing views are based on social media disinformation or lack of understanding of the science / mechanism of action / scope and depth of excellent.


I am sick and tired of reading garbage kindergarten-level bullshit untrue stories about Covid/vaccination and now it's linked to 5G! GROW UP PEOPLE! Take your head out of the sand, and educate yourself with science and facts. By the way, nobody is forcing you to get vaccinated. If you think they are, you're dreaming, and reacting against a non-reality!

Here's my article on ethical weight of spreading disinformation:



Some of the most woowoo people I know -- e.g. Chrisian Oesch, Sherry Tenpenny who were also engaged in selling sugar water as cancer treatment ( are anti-vaxers. Or those like Chrisian Oesch and Mark Steele who want to "fish in muddy water" who jump on any bandwagon that has fanatic following and doesn't require higher education :-)


‘I wish I’d got the shot’: Dad who died of COVID along with wife, leaving 4 kids

A Florida school says vaccinated students must stay home for 30 days after each shot, citing a false claim that they'll infect others

· The school is promoting a dangerous, debunked rumor that vaccinated students can infect others.

· An infectious-disease expert who spoke with WSVN characterized the false claim as "science fiction."


To: Leila Centner and David Centner

The mentality that led to your utterly mornoic, dogmatic, stupid conclusion about the science-fiction idea of spoke protein shedding by children is so dark-ages that one would never expect it from an educational institution. Shame on you.

For goodness sake, study the science from credible sources and not project your dogmatic ideas onto the poor kids.


Reza Ganjavi


‘Stupidity And Arrogance On My Part’: Former COVID Skeptic Reflects On Near-Death Battle With Virus

A 25-year-old who had to get a double lung transplant due to COVID-19 said his lungs look like 'chewed up pieces of bubblegum'

Covid’s Hidden Toll: One Million Children Who Lost Parents


"Vaccination DOES NOT protect! You" -- dear Delia, I can't talk for all Covid vaccines but a couple of them show really good clinical data with very high efficacy (50% higher than the best of flu vaccines ever). I think all of them show good efficacy. So to say they don't protect you is statistically false.

"don't know what you're doing to your body"

I've only researched mRNA vaccines and the mechanism of action is very clear and known. So that statement is not accurate.

"and you're NOT solidarity with your next"

I don't get the translation (Deepl) but the idea that vaccinated give the virus to others is just a myth as bad as other myths like you get injected with a chip that lets Bill Gates control you. It's false at least about mRNA.

"Please don't let this convince you anymore ❤️❤️❤️"

I think it's fine for someone to not wish to be vaccinated -- but to try to convince others to not get vaccinated carries an ethical burden when that person doesn't get vaccinated and dies (yes fact is many people are dying from Covid -- not from comorbidities but from Covid -- every day). There are desperate painful reports of them every day including one who died yesterday who was going from ICU to ICU but couldn't find a free bed wna large majority of beds were taken by non-vaccinated Covid-19 patients.

Best Regards



The real link between 5G and Covid is that EMF/5G makes people stupid and they believe garbage conspiracy theories against vaccines for example

isn't it strange that in parts of the world doctors and nurses are working 19 hour shifts, and people are lining up to get vaccines but can't because of lack of supply. And in some countries some people are trying to convince others to NOT get vaccinated against a disease that has killed thousands including many antt-vaxers whom in their deathbed regretted not getting vaccinated -- and are rallying for a freedom that they imagine someone is taking away by< forcing them to get vaccinated while in reality nobody is doing that and it's just an imagination -- and by not getting vaccinated and by gathering in large crowds without precautions they're fueling the pandemic which they ignorantly deny that it even exists (so did the anti-vaxers who dieed from covid), and are helping covid mutate by not being vaccinated, which leads to more shutdowns and health and economic crisis which these people don't want. 99% of these people are not educated about the science. Most of them don't even understand the mRNA mechanism of action otherwise they wouldn't spread disinformation about transmisison of spike proteins to others (which is not true), or the fact that mRNA has been in development for almost 10 years so it is not at all rushed vaccine. And among them are people like Sherry Tenpenny, Christian Oesch who were pushing a fake purported cancer++ treatment (BX Protocol), and others who are wholly unqualified about the topic, like Mark Steele, ao convicted felon who because an anti-5G activist and claimed to be a weapons expert which he absolutelz is not (he didn't even know that not all weapons are design to kill)


Medicine is about statistics, and statistically vaccines (esp. mRNA) have a very high success rate but since we're not machines, the rate can't be guaranteed. Most covid patients in ICUs today and most people who due from Covid today are unvaccinated. So it saves lives. Just a fact.


Dr. "phat"

Folks should get vaccinated/problems with them notwithstanding

FWIW, I'm not aware of any of my patients that are having severe vax complications. I am treating people now for covid complications, none of whom were vaccinated. Not a huge number like last year. But the ones I see(ICU), some are dying. And unlike the holding China responsible issue I don't see this as a left/right issue. If you look at the life expectancy decrease, in large part due to covid, I think actually democrats(Black and Brown) have been more affected.

I'm not thrilled about it either. But for most people, the vaccines will keep them alive if exposed to covid.


I know some of the best biotech executives / medical doctors --- 98-100% effective in preventing death. 92% is twice as effective as the best flu vaccine.

In recent days, intensive care units in Switzerland have recorded a very strong increase in seriously ill Covid-19 patients”, the Swiss Society of Intensive Medicine (SSMI) said in a statement released on Thursday.

People who are spreading disinformation about vaccination are responsible for those who believe the falsehoods, refuse to get vaccinated, and die. Swiss hospitals filling with Covid infected patients. "the vast majority of these people have not been vaccinated. In addition, critically ill Covid patients who are treated in Swiss intensive care units are getting younger and younger.


It is misleading and irresponsible for CHD (Children's Health Defense) to post this big title that does not represent the most common vaccines. These kinds of disinformation hurt the society and can lead to people's death.

Misleading. It's not mRNA vaccines. Their study was not done on mRNA which cannot possible do that.


Ryan Cole's credibility is under question:

"Cole claims mRNA vaccines cause cancer and autoimmune diseases, but the lead author of the paper on which Cole based that claim told us there is no evidence mRNA vaccines cause those ailments."


1) Look at societies where the vaccination level is very low. There's absolute havoc.

2) I already made my point. I respect those who don't want to get vaccinated. But I absolutely have no respect for people who try to dissuade others from getting vaccinated by spreading false and miss leading disinformation.


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A few notes:

- not all vaccines are the same. Moderna's mRNA is the best vaccine based on what is known scientifically. I wouldn't touch any others except Pfizer's but in societies that are crumbling, what people don't have the luxury to sit around and terrorize about whether they can enter a restaurant in the future or not. Their problems is the emergency rooms, the ICUs being full, not having enough oxygen, not having enough medicine, people dying around them all the time, health workers working 19 hour shifts. That's the reality that is happening in the world while in these rich societies we sit around twiddling our thumbs and forgetting what hardship is, forgetting what lack of freedom is. Those societies experts that I respect say get any vaccine. But where are you have a choice like in Switzerland I would absolutely go for Moderna rather than any other vaccine.

- mRNA has been in testing and development for some nine years. I am sick and tired of reading garbage disinformation about mRNA vaccines -- garbage ideas that causes you to shed spike proteins -- that it's a rushed job, which is absolutely not the case -- and so on. How about talking to a couple of real scientist to understand the science behind mRNA before spreading disinformation. I have actually talked to those scientists and medical doctors who are personal friends of mine, and we dug into the technology behind it. Most of the things that are spreading on social networks about it is disinformation, garbage, and I'm sick of reading it.

Bee you still haven't responded to my calling you out in my first reply where I asked you to be specific. Your comparing Israel to Iran situation re covid shows you know very little to none about the gravity of the situation in Iran.


Sylvia "they're talking about" is not a valid argument. Right now it's against Swiss law to force anyone to get vaccinated. And there are no discriminatory laws in effect as far as I know. If and when they come we can assess them. But you can't have a cake and eat it too. Moderna's mRNA has an excellent safety profile and efficacy -- and 99% stuff that's circulating on social media against it is garbage.

Of course your point about discrimination is valid and I am against discrimination. I can also give you a list of "what if's" but I already made my point. I respect those who don't want to get vaccinated. But I absolutely have no respect for people who try to dissuade others from getting vaccinated by spreading false and miss leading disinformation.

Dear Bee:

My mother, niece and several friends who got it and those I personally know who died from it.

Since you think covid-19 is not a virus or doesn't exist, I don't think there's any point in discussing the topic.

Dear Bee:

1) Please be specific -- what sentence(s) is/are nonsense ?

2) What sentence(s) I wrote which you're calling "unfounded and untrue opinion"?

3) It's 2x2=4, basic common sense, that if someone spreads disinformation which is used as basis for a person to deny getting vaccinated and that person gets covid and dies from it, the person who spread the disinformation has a moral responsibility. That's not "blame" per se -- it's not direct responsibility -- but some responsibility. The main responsibility is with the person who decided not to get vaccinated who later died from covid (these are many real-world cases).

Honestly, his outreach is minuscule and anyone who reads these rantings must surely realise he is not balanced. Your work is instrumental … do all you can to energetically disconnect from him and all of this. Shadow will always chase light, the brighter it shines, the more extreme the shadow reaction. Sending love to all four of you good and pure souls. Nicolya


Someone messaged me that it's not true that they're not forcing you to get vaccinated. It is true. In Switzerland it is unlawful to force vaccination on anyone. If you think otherwise, you’ve again fallen for disinformation.


"I've never seen so much death in my career": Oregon hospital packed with COVID patients as cases surge


August 26, 2021 / 12:44 PM / CBS News

"Every day we see just the body boxes roll out one after the other and then as soon as we clean the room we get somebody back in there... It's the worst we've ever seen."

That's what ICU nurse Clarissa Carson told CBS News' Janet Shamlian Wednesday at Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center in Medford, Oregon, where COVID-19 patients have filled the hospital.

Shamlian reported constant turnover in the hospital's intensive care unit, but not because patients are getting better.

"We have patients waiting to get onto life support," ICU Dr. Somnath Ghosh said. "The turnaround is so rapid, it's pretty sad."

Carson said relatives used to be able to stay in rooms to grieve after loved ones passed as long as they wanted. Now, they have to be out in less than an hour so another COVID patient waiting down the hall can get in.

There's only one ICU bed available in the entire region.

Hospitalizations in Oregon hit a record high on Wednesday. ICU beds are at 93% capacity statewide.

"I've never seen so much death in my career," ICU manager Kelsea Robinson said. "We're surrounded by it."

Robinson said she's frustrated by vaccine hesitancy.

Wednesday night, hundreds protested vaccines outside the hospital. Many said they were hospital staffers.

"Our community is getting ripped apart by the people who don't believe in the vaccine," Carson said.

Most of the patients in the intensive care unit Shamlian visited were unvaccinated. Every patient except one was on a ventilator.

According to Carson, the patients are so sick that the odds are against survival.

"The grief is tremendous,'' Carson said. "We are used to winning. Us ICU nurses, we're used to winning and we're not winning. We're losing."

Someone posted an article by "Dr." Sherri Tenpenny against the vaccine! What a joke!! She's *not* a medical doctor. She was also selling BX Protocol which was essentially sugar water - for purported treatment of cancer - and she made a huge commission of the ~$17000 first year price - which was of course unapproved and unscientific and was shut down by FDA's criminal investigation division. She's also claimed to be a Knight of Malta but that's a fake claim too. So much for the credibility of the article!

I'm not qualified to have a correct opinion for or against the vaccines -- so I reply on expert opinion of people I know and trust, like my dear friend whose article I posted above. But I can call bullshit when I see it, and Sherri Tenpenny's opinion is bullshit, in my opinion, given her history of being associated with fake things.

Stephen Hahn, Trumps FDA's Commissioner said:

About Covid-19 vaccine: Science and data guided FDA's decision. We worked quickly because of the urgency of the pandemic and not because of any other external pressure. This decision was based on the strongest scientific integrity and I'm so proud of the work that our career scientists have done.

What he should say about FDA's pathetic dishonest corrupt guidelines about High Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation (RF-EMR):

Ignorance of science and big money and the mighty wireless industry lobby and the political forces who are beneficiaries of the wireless industry profits have guided FDA's decision to come up with the most stupid, ignorant, dogmatic, unscientific guidelines on RF-EMF, despite numerous calls of credible experts who have pointed out FDA's inept or corrupt stance. We did so because of the external pressure from the above entities, any conflict of interest within (e.g. owning stock of Verizon etc.), and our buddies at Trump FCC which act as industry shills by ignoring vast bodies of scientific evidence that RF-EMF is biologically damaging, including damaging to the DNA. This decision was based on the strongest, inconceivable lack of scientific integrity and I should be ashamed of the work my FDA has done!


Family says Alabama man was turned away from 43 packed ICUs before dying