Listener Comments on Réza Ganjavi's Music



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These are just a few example of what listeners have said . I can not thank people enough for their love. What else can a musician ask for in life, other than the appreciation of listeners. As Angelo Gilardino once put it, a listener is an essential part of the creation of the music. That is so true. Thanks for your listening.

"Nice singing you were very good." George Duke

"The interpretation is very nice, I like it very much". Pepe Romero

"Clear, transparent tone." Angelo Gilardino.

Many thanks again for your beautiful guitar performance. It was a concert on a very high level which I appreciated very much. Tom B.

“Beautiful, pure, mellow tone”. - Angelo Gilardino

Your voice is very nice. Mark B Lay

Such artistic power – the way you play the guitar, you tell a story and each string is a word, a syllable, so you construct the whole thing. In this day and age how many guitarists do that? Martin Engler

  1. “You’re the best guitar teacher”. Angela Jaggi

  2. "Reza, I dig your show. I had watched you in the past." Patrick Byrne

  3. You’re a world class artist. I have so much admiration for creators vs. destroyers. Dr. Jim Christian.

  4. Thanks very much for your participation. You made a nice event a superb one! Bev and Cal

  5. "One of the best guitarists!" Pepe Toldo

  6. I really enjoyed your little concert at Oak Grove High School. it was wonderful! Thanks, a grateful student". V.

  7. "Very Musical." Marie Pooler

  8. your music sends me.............

  9. Reza joonam i love it beautiful

  10. you played beautifully - arman

  11. Your song were prefect.

  12. bravo doesn't justify it,,,,,,,,,,

  13. Das Musik video ist super!

  14. Dear Reza Thank you very much for your music !

  15. Excellent! Loved the song! Marc

  16. I have enjoyed your two CDs.

  17. I heard your music. It was good to sleep to.

  18. I like both your CDs

  19. I like your voice more than Roger Daltry. LH

  20. i listen to the CD in my car

  21. I love to hear your voice when you sing a song. Amanda F

  22. i love your song and your music. the vibration of your music is so good. Great, well done man!

  23. I'm lucky to walk the dogs in the evening when you walk playing the guitar, so we enjoy your beautiful playing.

  24. imagine -- beautiful your voice -- amazing -

  25. LOL i got tears in my eyes from your mouth bass playing :D

  26. love the sound too

  27. mashallan be in memorit and energit - how old are you?

  28. nathalie also said she hears me some nights playing soft music as she puts the kids to bed -- and it's so soothing and nice,

  29. nice good night concert.

  30. nice music. good guitar playing. really good. daniel arosa

  31. nice night - very beautiful

  32. Reza ist mega gut singer :)

  33. Reza, that was a great video. I might even take out my old guitar and try some of the exercises.

  34. Reza's voice is like Paul McCartney's

  35. sedaaye vigen

  36. sehr schone music

  37. She wants to thank you for your good playing everybody said that you played very good.

  38. Stunningly talented

  39. Thank you - it was great.

  40. Thanks again for your beautiful music.

  41. Thanks Reza for a spirited and creative musical contribution to the Global Protest Day!!!

  42. This is superb! Better than the original haha! Thanks Reza - will share widely!

  43. u play really good - u are a very good musician

  44. was really great. we had a lot of fun.

  45. we were listening to you play as we were on the balcony and you passed by -- and we said I hope it doesn't end - we hope that it (music) goes on, it was so beautiful. Patricia

  46. what nice operatic voice

  47. Wonderful Reza; great job!

  48. You are a very good guitarist LH

  49. You made their party.

  50. you're good!

  51. your music is genius

  52. your song about 5g is good

  53. your voice really made me start feeling better

  54. Your warm voice and beautiful music warmed up a cold day!

  55. Hello Reza I was very impressed and delighted with your lovely singing at Esther’s party on the 6th October. Unfortunately I really just got very short clips. Nonetheless I’m sending them on to you as promised. I really enjoyed listening! Hope you are enjoying your singing too.! Best wishes Adriana

  56. that sounded REALLY nice. Dr. M. about classical guitar

  57. Guitar genius. This CD is great !!! To me, there's just nothing like guitar music and music without words. This is perfect. It's peppy but relaxing at the same time. You will love this beautiful music. Nice and easy listening.

  58. "'wonderful music"

  59. "Lovely performance! Fantastic audience! Cheers Reza joon! "

  60. 2 girls walking: “mega schone”

  61. Amazing video!! So much fun you had!! I really really like it

  62. Beyond Bravo!

  63. Dance time -- thanks to REza Ganjavi

  64. He really liked it and proudly played it for everyone :)

  65. I do love your music!

  66. I know she felt close to you, loved your guitar playing and thought of you as part of the Family.

  67. I really enjoyed your singing and guitar playing

  68. It was really a nice evening with all this people around,nice atmosphere.

  69. it's so magical when i hear you come with the guitar - the sound is so beautiful coming from the heaven (Esther Blessing)

  70. that was such a great night :)

  71. My mom said to us: thank you. She wrote me that she had better mood after our show and is so thankful for the surprise we made to her.

  72. S. Loved your song! 👍

  73. schone gesangen ?r - sehr schon sehr schon

  74. Thank you for the music.

  75. Thanks for playing for us.

  76. Thanks for your beautiful singing 😁

  77. you play very beautiful guitar - very talented

  78. You sing really well – it helped me with my singing

  79. you're very very talented.......... Brian

  80. your hands are so fluent… watching you play guitar I felt proud to be your friend…

  81. I'm lucky to walk the dogs in the evening when you walk playing the guitar, so we enjoy your beautiful playing. Esther

  82. Reza ist mega gut singer :) (Mael, 5 year old)

  83. thank you for your contribution of the magic sound

  84. you are very good (daghter of guitarist)

  85. you are a true artist. Every song your played was wonderful. Man in stafa

  86. you're good - you can take that as your day job

  87. i was looking forward to your guitar playing. dean

  88. When I first heard that I thought that it’s the nicest music i have heard played in an airport for a long time. I looked up and it was you. Chris

  89. Gives a new angle to in-car entertainment. Anne f.

  90. You got it down to a t. I always thought it was 2 guitars taxi driver guernsey

  91. That’s lovely . That’s really lovely. Guernsey airport

  92. I love the music. Anne forster

  93. 2 ladies in monte carlo: very nice (singing) – another: bravo.

  94. I like every song you sing. AngelaJ

  95. You were very good when you were playing guitar earlier. Isabel

  96. everybody liked your performance. at least you have one biiiiiiiiiig fan! =) Angie J

  97. I've always enjoyed your CDs and admire your musicianship on the classical guitar. C. Fay

  98. I think I like your voice always - doesn’t matter what you sing. angie

  99. the videos are very cool. you are lucky to have a passion such as music.. cindy l

  100. Beautiful! I'm your fan! elisa

  101. Very Good Reza--I Have always loved ' Europa' as that is my favorite Santana song. Great job!!! – Joe P.

  102. You sing very well. Man from Seville

  103. Very good. It’s very nice to drive to this music.

  104. i saw a couple of your u tubes.. cool you are so talented.. Cindy S,

  105. I love your playing. Birgit

  106. Helow (arabic for beautiful). Arab ladies.

  107. It's great music. Blond from Baden

  108. It’s a pleasure to listen to you. Cornelia ST

  109. That was a good journey – very good music – it was the first time I rode in the van in a long journey with music. AH (Ireland)

  110. nice guitar playing - United hostess & also the agent.

  111. You play wonderful (Jan on train to Lenk)

  112. you have a very good voice. natalie baden.

  113. Hi Reza, Thanks so much for your concert last night. I had a lot of fun, which is what Beatles music is all about. Your energy and musicianship were great. Kenneth

  114. Sooo beautiful. I've been looking for a good classical guitar CD for a long time. Karen from Santa Fe.

  115. A pleasure to hear you play. Jeff I.

  116. such a celebrity! Alan

  117. You played an exquisite song at the end of an evening meeting before you left. Hel

  118. . SG: someone that can make beauty like this

  119. excellent guitar player.

  120. sehr kool

  121. it was great evening first of all because of reza's music

  122. by the way the music was excellent, i'm a big beatles fan, Neil

  123. I like it – it’s beautiful – maria (classical g)

  124. I love it – you have a great voice. – woman at Farmer&Cook

  125. You are such a very talented and interesting person.

  126. your my favourite musician anyway! :-) thanks for all your patience

  127. You have a very nice sound of guitar with beatles

  128. Beautiful voice – sing for me, sing for me.

  129. You sound a lot like the beatles - is it reza or the beatles? Mom=

  130. I often listen to your music. Riki

  131. I liked your singing up there. Now the songs are in my head.

  132. That's great. Beautiful! Perfect for the signing of the marriage certificate.

  133. about guitar "it was great"

  134. Nice singing – (baden jogger)


  136. Reza uses music and chants for enlightening. For me it's simply adorable.

  137. Love your music. Leanne

  138. Amazing indeed…

  139. Thank you for this and bringing delight and astonishment to our working lives today!

  140. I very much like your music and I have two of your best CD's. They are excellent quality Joe.

  141. And I - for sure - like your REZAmusic !!! Joe

  142. great job you - it was great music yesterday!

  143. Enjoyed your music on the videos I watched.

  144. Reza, you're a great musician.

  145. a fantastic musician

  146. Love your guitar sound. Sounds like Harrison's guitar in the early days.

  147. N has fallen in love with your voice – she says every day she wakes up she hears your song…

  148. your music sounds totally nice.

  149. You have a nice voice.

  150. we were just talking about how great you are. Laura

  151. You played beautiful – Indian PM

  152. your wonderful Guitar. Sohrab

  153. You play guitar brilliantly. Thanks.

  154. I went to Apple to listen to some of your recordings. Beautiful guitar!

  155. What a multi-talented person! Love the music!...

  156. Nice, Reza! You did a great job -- good singing and playing guitar … Peter

  157. I become so happy and proud to hear that one of my old friends becomes successful in his life

  158. special thanks to reza for gracing our special day with his inspiring musical talents

  159. You are a very active man! And your guitar music sounds beautiful! monique

  160. keep playing your great guitar music!

  161. Thank you, Reza! Your job was great, too. Nice playing and smooth (show) presence.

  162. Beautiful – woman in NL

  163. nice playing by the way – train NL

  164. It's very good - you don't have to be sorry - it's very good. Ramon in train

  165. It was great to have you at our wedding, and thank you for sharing your music with us. Hope to see you soon again. Amin + Gaye.

  166. "Thank you very much. Really appreciate it." man on plane in colorado about the music.

  167. “my dad thinks you’re really talented…and he’s a really good judge…” others played violin etc but be said nothing. Jackie G.

  168. You have a very beautiful voice - very nice. P. Filliez

  169. "As you did a very good job yesterday we decided to ask you, wheter you would like to come for some songs." -Peter B.

  170. I’ve heard your music. It’s great. You’re good. Man, I can’t believe it. I couldn’t do that. That’s awesome. Derek F’s mother.

  171. I HEARD GOOd things about you(r music). denise's husband (gh)

  172. I have a strong conviction that his music should be heard by more music lovers. John N

  173. you play beautiful – ojai lady

  174. I can imagine how good you must feel to play! not just that, but you're someone who really enjoys playing it, and you do so i feel from the deepest part of your being! and when you play from that part it's really something, don't you think? S. Reddy

  175. let me share something with you. iam not trying to flatter you though... this was in my earlier apartment. iit was to your "reza in friendship" that i was listening to. it was dark and another world opened up! for a while we were taken to another world. amazing! but true. some music does that to me. it opens my third eye! like last night i was listening to this relaxation music which always stimulates and my third eye( and i have no words to say what is seen! it's never something bad or ugly and fearful! not even once! iam grateful for that!) you hear many musicians play but only few can transport you inot a completely another dimension! how amazing! but you're someone who has that gift. S reddy

  176. Hi Reza! funny to see you at least on screen - and amazing how you play and sing (and all by memory)!

  177. I listen to your 2 CD's in the morning when I do yoga - pretty mellow - i like the sound of the guitar.

  178. Last Saturday all day I listened to your 2 CD’s – I kept playing them over and over again. Dr. K.

  179. i love your cd's - u play so well - some very hard pieces there. Ernesto

  180. thank you for yesterday it was very beautiful

  181. when you play you're electric

  182. you play beautiful music. shushu

  183. i always like your music. gisele

  184. last night you gave good energy - you had a lot of energy! when you perform you become a different animal

  185. bravo for singing the persan song

  186. That was great – thank you

  187. I went out to your sight and listened to some of your samples – excellent. Joe

  188. Listened to your album the other day, really fine playing, way to go man.

  189. I'm enjoying listening to your songs. Leni

  190. It was very nice. Michelle

  191. you sing well

  192. your guitar playing is excellent AR

  193. It was nice to see you yesterday. Nice performance ;-) Anoosha

  194. It was excellent (nayyer)

  195. I love guitar – guitar is touching. Leni

  196. Gorgeous music

  197. It’s marvellous

  198. Your voice is wonderful

  199. you are phenomenal -- michelle

  200. great job, thanks a lot for playing

  201. BEST SINGER in the world – wohlen group

  202. You’re a good singer (Bianca)

  203. Remember how Clinton sealed the deal playing the saxophone on Arsenio Hall? I think you playing the guitar would seal 85% of women's vote.

  204. Your dulcet mellifluous tones. Steven

  205. Checked out your site and listened to some sample music. I love your music and renaissance thinking - the Universe cut us from the same cloth - but my music is the silence in the stars.

  206. a great musician – desiree

  207. I am reminded how beutifully you played at JIm's retirement Party and how truly ungracious I was to you. I never ever properly thanked you for the wonderful music you provided and gave as a gift to all who attended.

  208. that's very pretty. denise b.

  209. "Absolutely Fabulous" - Marlene W.

  210. "Thank you for playing. We enjoyed it." Markus Schmidt

  211. "Your guitar playing is excellent, and it was a pleasure to listen to your music". Beatrice T.

  212. "I like listening to you play. You play very good". Brian (MA)

  213. Woman stopped and showed the guitar player to her 2 kids - one in stroller and complemented one. She had to be European. In fact she was from Slovenia. She was letting her kid watch this musician, thus giving music, art, importance. David: in America they’d say: some loser guy playing the guitar on the sidewalk.

  214. "I like your guitar playing very much". - Maarten Q.

  215. " I love the feeling of your guitar playing. - it's very powerful. Your music is very special. It has a lovely quality and a lot of energy and feeling. There's a beauty which surfaces from the music. You sing because you have to sing - it is independant of.whether you are appreciated or not." G. Gautama

  216. "You play extremely well" - Jackie M.

  217. The guests wrote: The Fountainebleau is a wonderful place to be. In the morning we had French Toast, fruit & coffee. Serenaded by Reza with classical guitar. Twenty years of experience, he’s going to go far. Up&down the wine trail, we bought much booze. So many great wines, you really can’t lose. Back to the Fountainebleau, where we felt at home, John & Terri were great, so I wrote this poem. 4-21-00-4-23-00 S&C

  218. “I thought that was the radio” (lady in Manchester as I passed by singing).

  219. You have a very good voice

  220. it's great

  221. you’re a good singer

  222. very awesome – very soothing – very beautiful.

  223. Beautiful guitar

  224. Guitarist was playing - noone paying attention – I played on his guitar - people clapped and asked for more - sang bunch of songs.

  225. it was pretty amazing

  226. YOUr playing is very nice -- very harmonious

  227. you play beautifully - it's very soothing. lady from geneva

  228. that sounds really lovely

  229. Sounded great. Sergei

  230. That was a really nice session

  231. Reza, visited your website. Jingle bells!!! Farsi Rock!!! Children's benefit!!! You have so much talent and great humor! Keep it going!!

  232. You’re a phenomenal guitar player. Tom Gerken.

  233. it was really nice.

  234. The music was very good

  235. Wow! That was great. (Kat)

  236. I`ve listend to your music on youtube and found your website. I LOVE your music! I was so excited, as I found out I met a famous musician on the train!! And such a good one! My first thought when I looked at the website was; WOW I actually met him in real life! (Lisa, 16)

  237. I love your music. Cath

  238. I like your music. Alex..

  239. A very emotional singer – P.M.

  240. Another very pleasant evening was Reza’s classical guitar recital. Paul H.

  241. very nice meditation (joseph)

  242. It's very nice to have you serenade the afternoon. Mimi (ojai)

  243. It's very gorgous what you're doing. (Alvylove)

  244. NICE- very well done. joseph (ojai)

  245. w/o music gstaad was like a ghost city of the ruins of pompaii - so i took a guitar down and soon a group of youngsters were singing and walking along.

  246. grazie per la bella music - (train)

  247. Loved the guitar ‘this is medicine’.

  248. merci pour music -- lady on train

  249. It’s wonderful. Maryam M.

  250. it’s so hard to do it with just guitar and voice without an orchestra but you did it so well. (magda)

  251. You will be a wonderfull teacher I supposed, because playing guitar is your passion, your life :) -A.Kowalska

  252. I was really pleased with the way things went on Sunday. You certainly played a big part in it too - thanks. G. KING

  253. By the way, your website is great and your musics are wonderful.Next time i will buy some. Shak -

  254. Played guitar the whole way in the bus from the airport. 3 people gave me their adresses for CD. One wrote: "(LOVELY BUS RIDE. THANKS)" (Russell D.)

  255. "You make it look so easy" - Mrs. Z. - New York

  256. You played harpsichord music so well on the guitar.

  257. (before takeoff): i thought it was the radio... was it you playing? James on KLM

  258. keep on playing that sweet music. phil.

  259. Thank you for all the good work you did in GH for JK and thank you for your gift of music. Best, Margaret W.

  260. Mui bien (mariachi)

  261. Thank you for the beautiful music you create. :) shahri e

  262. after I got your email I thought about how you played at our wedding and added so much to the day. Laurie Y.

  263. I just like the way you're playing. great guitarist. Erin D.

  264. i enjoy your song from iran it was great, shirin

  265. She forwarded a brief introduction of you which informed me of your musical talents and has prompted me to write you for more information. Deborah

  266. you play very nice (Erika 5432)

  267. <>Perfect, clean sound. Hr. Mudder

  268. It was really excellent. Ms. X

  269. "You are a shining point for mankind". Eva Joelli

  270. "Very Poetic".

  271. "To Reza - a fellow traveller when it comes to quieting the world to hear the "good" sound. Arline Bronzaft, PhD"

  272. “You are a very talented artist, a very human talented artist”. Dr. James Christian – Professor, philosopher, author

  273. “You’re a first class cook” Mom

  274. “You're the best cook in the world” Susan de Michiel

  275. Reza, thank you for sharing your beautiful music! Love. Alexis…f

  276. I love the way you cheer everyone up - it’s your personality. c.n.b.

  277. you’re very good. I admire you.

  278. Great playing!

  279. That was really great. You’re amazing. Dr. harp.

  280. An amazing guitarist. Bobak B.

  281. Thank you very, very, very much! Beatrice (Baden)

  282. Thank you very much for all the music. I really enjoyed it. Cornelia ST.

  283. Reza, that was really great. If you want to do it again just say The Word! Maybe Nov? Thanks very much. Jon

  284. funny world we're living in... I enjoyed talking to you and listening to your wonderful music. Ennio - Zurich

  285. "That was really great!" - Jonathan S.

  286. You play good. You play beautiful. Matia

  287. your voice is very good. - LINDA (wettingen)

  288. Brave -- Baden station attendant at singing chap

  289. Schone -- Oriental lady Baden

  290. It was amazing. I really liked it. Genevieve W.

  291. It sounds beautiful - Lea (photographer)

  292. You play wonderful -- Sarah S.

  293. My favorite Musician… such a brilliant musician….. farid h.

  294. "Sharing music with others is a revealing process which requires a certain confidence and courage. Your willingness to share your music and your life as a musician shows a maturity that does you credit." - Byron L.

  295. "I enjoy your posts from Geneva." - John B.

  296. It's excellent -- Thomas S.

  297. US train conductor: if people complain please stop. "Definitely". Passenger thumbed up: it's great!

  298. "You're a great player." - Claudia G.

  299. Hello Reza: A quick note from me, Clare, since I typed the above message to you from Ulrich ... thank you for "coming through" for the retreat…

  300. "You play wonderful... great tone... " Naturalpath doctors in Boston

  301. "you're really good... I like your music." - Eli (feta)

  302. That's beautiful. You're very talented. Lyne (artist Santa Barbara)

  303. "We really enjoyed your gittare the other day." - Tanvi K.


  305. thanks for the music this morning at the train, will be listening to the cd tonight will confirm you tomorrow, take care - heidi

  306. "You play very well". Gabriela A.

  307. "Good music" Gihad B.

  308. "It sounds nice." Annina

  309. You sing good man! (African man in Zurich).

  310. Thanks for the little concert - Laura Bern

  311. I heard you playing in the rain the other day and it sounded very nice. S. Bucchus

  312. "I liked your playing in the train from Baden to Oerlikon" - Susa G.

  313. your songs were in my mind all day today – very good playing. Italian chap

  314. your talent and your music is fantastic and outstanding, it would be pleasure to have you in the show, s. a.

  315. "The kitchen was commenting about the music - they liked it..." Waitress at Joe's in Ithaca.

  316. Congratulations for the guitar. Very nice playing. Marc (Lausanne)

  317. "It's very relaxing to listen to guitar music". Nina Skatar

  318. "whatever you play sounds good" "thanks for making my train ride nicer"... B. Wittmann

  319. "Thank you very much for the nice music". Lenska

  320. First of all, I love your CD - we listen to it often in the office. It's beautiful. Robin R.

  321. I enjoyed that a lot. You’re fucking amazing.

  322. We got 2 terms for this (how good you are): sick & disgusting. They’re Canadian words. They mean good. – 2 guys from Canada in Lagos

  323. She walked in at the very last note of Asturias and gave such high praise – at just that one note!

  324. The sound of guitar quietened the noisy hall a bit. The couple sitting by bought both CD’s.

  325. Super! (black lady on train)

  326. "You're amazing ! ! !" - Sam R.

  327. That was really great. (Lisamarie on train).

  328. Wish I didn't have to get off so I could listen more (german speaking girl relayed by antonia)

  329. I love your singing! Jelena C.

  330. thanks very much for the music - it was beautiful - you ttransformed the aura of the whole place Lydia

  331. i enjoy your playing. Ogs

  332. Great job. ASHOOB

  333. Very nice music – really excellent. Rob.

  334. You have such a feel for it -- american tourist in gstaad

  335. You don’t look old enough be so accomplished -- american tourist in gstaad

  336. The lady walking ahead said to the friend: "he has nice voice". "you may overtake me only if you sing!" "It sounds better than my radio station." (banker in Zurich hills)

  337. I met you on the train from baden to bern – you played amazing. francois

  338. Great to hear that you are filling the air with wonderful sounds... Donna B.

  339. you play the guitar really well. Arman A,

  340. I enjoy listening to your music. It’s calmness is soothing. Guitar is calmer than all other instruments. H. Zamani

  341. Reza jun, I'm just writing to tell you how much I enjoyed your beatles improve video on youtube... I taught it was amazing in showing your limitless-artistic-versatility. My best, Eti

  342. I listen to your performance with a lot of interest because you have something to say that's original. You are the musician - an artist. You didn't enter the music academy, the system, through the centre (front) door. You are a bit outside. This is of course, a disadvantage to many viewpoints. On the other side it gives your performance a certain grade of freshness which is so difficult to be found in the academic pupils. Play what you like. At this epoque of your life, you are able to express yourself. Try the music which is as close as possible to this something which you have got inside. (Angelo Gilardino - Spring 97 - Vercelli, Italy)

  343. Thank you very much for the music. (girl who got off the train)

  344. I enjoyed listening to you. Bruno R.

  345. Nice singing! You have a beautiful voice. Annemarie T.

  346. I heard you were fantastic...

  347. he's a wonderful musician.

  348. people who play w/ him are world renouned. he's a celebrity but he's so modest about it. gini

  349. thank you. Very good music. very soothing. Psychologist at airport

  350. I don't want to tempt you (I have a boyfriend), but I was impressed about the way you make music and about your thoughts, and I guess that's why I let you know something about me. Johanna :)

  351. U have so à voice of Engel really wow [You have so a voice of an angel really wow]

  352. your music sends me.............

  353. By the way, I thank you very much for the wonderful music.

  354. thank you for walking and playing guitar. it makes the atmosphere so special.

  355. when you are not out here in the winter, we'll miss you (playing guitar on evening walk).

  356. Enclosed, we are sending you also some photographs of our meeting at my sister’s place in Adetswil last Saturday. Thanks again for your beautiful guitar playing. We enjoyed it very much! Sorry, that you did not get an invitation for this evening, but we were happy to have you with us at least, anyway.

  357. I enjoy your singing - jelena

  358. Great job! Actually I knew always that your skills and features are highly impressive, and that you are excellent at many things you do

  359. I heard you and thought wow what a beatiful singing.

  360. It was awesome last night

  361. It was lovely

  362. Love your music...absolutely

  363. Nice guitar playing. Good job. Of course you have a great music talent and total package is excellent.

  364. schone - super !! it was so touching…. I was singing I'm So Happy Just To Dnace With You something and a lady said: Schoen, Super !!

  365. Thank you for the wonderful guitar playing last night, that is why a slept so well:-))

  366. Thank you so much. That was great.

  367. thanks a lot, it is wunderfull! You did it very well with the design! THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR WORK!

  368. thanks for coming and bringing your amazing guitar energy.

  369. That was amazing -- In my next life I’m going to be a musician

  370. thx for u music^^lg

  371. tiptop musician

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  434. We passed by a outdoor party - the band finished as we got there - "go play"... why not?.... they let me play - played Rumores, Romance (its magic always captures) and all-my-loving - at least a few people who knew the song appreciated it - got couple big applauds anyway.

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  461. alan raftam site shomara didam va eftekhar mikonam be shoma hammihane honarmand! khastam az shoma tashakor konam, va barayetan behtarin arezuharo daram.

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  510. At Strawberry Fields: English couple: thank you for sharing your talent with us. It kind of made it more special... John would have been delighted. Once he said on TV: Don't let the bastards keep you down."

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  527. Half hour before Zurich went downstairs to charge up my laptop and got the guitar out and played. Swiss-Germans are particularly music loving. There were 2 families there with little kids and a lady and her child. As I began the Grand Overure, the kids heads popped out, some stood watching, one mother stood and rocked her baby to it. All 3 families bought my CD (at "train special" price). One man asked where I studied and said in broken English : what you do is high school - is excellent.


  529. Late night in bus station in Baden 2 young guys and young girl put their money together and dropped 5 Francs and a gum in my guitar case which happened to be open. This is Switzerland for you!

  530. I like your playing -- Julio!

  531. I was quite impressed with your energy and forthrightness as an artist those few months ago when we met in Ojai—exuberantly promoting your show that night. I am sorry I missed the show as I am sure you are a gifted artist and interpreter of the Beatles work, too. Alden

  532. Jeff Carter: Barrueco mentioned something a friend of his once said, that we as performers "leave our emotional clothes backstage", in essence baring our naked soul to our audience.

  533. Charming music; very attractive. -- Person in Gstaad

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  551. sang at covent garden – 2 kids made my day. One tiny one didn’t want to leave and kept coming back.

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    • Merci pour le concert (old lady on regional train)

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  565. --------------------------------

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  581. Salam Reza, I just visited your web site and listened to some of your sample works. 'Besiar ziba bood'. Going to order your CDs very soon. I am sooooo proud of having such a 'ham vatan'.

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  589. Another very pleasant evening was Reza’s classical guitar recital. Alan r.

  590. 29 Sep 2006 - Old grumpy man on the tram said: it is forbidden to play the guitar on trams. The driver jumped after hearing this: "no it is not", she argued with the man, and asked me to continue to play. She was so kind and afterwards we exchanged nice greetings.

  591. it’s god you’re singing – I can keep my mind in climbing more. [indian lady in saanenland]

  592. Good sensation for fine musical phrasing. S. Schmidt

  593. Bravo - nice singing (lady in station)

    • Old couple getting off the train in Lugano - lady: It's good. And the gentleman clapped.

  594. -... As I started playing guitar when train stopped in Olton, people burst into joy and admiration - many smiles.

    • Old lady on train ashamed of her first name Heidi "it's for little girls" she said. Loved guitar "Very nice...looking forward to your CD...good luck with your career."

  595. Zdena tells me that your music is very nice... Michael M.

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  599. you are very talented barbara d.

  600. I get the impression that you love what you do, and that you are good at it. Congratulations. Betty

    • Also I thought it would be absolutely wonderful and special if you could play a few minutes of your beautiful music for us. Amin K.

    • 2 year old boy: Schone Musik!

  601. I SAT IN THE TRAIN AND heard classical music and detected that it was not a recording. I went and asked if I can sit by him and he said sure and gave me a concert from Bern to Baden! francois

  602. 19dec99 - no relief from working my --- off - but listeners give everything one cas ask for - last night in first train - everyone who got off in Olton complemented one - and from Aarau to Brugg a sax-player girl thanked for the music.

  603. They loved the music and all commented with"very beautiful"... - Huntington Beach.

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  614. <>I’m impressed. Mike L.<>

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  617. it was great indeed to record with real pros like you and Maurice -- DVS

  618. "do you live on Grenzstr? I've heard you sing as you walk pass my room. Nice."

    • group of 8, 14 year old girls surrounded me in the train and we sang together....then an older gentleman complemented the music too..... You're right, it is. Last night I got surrounded by 8, 14 year old girls in the train - and boy, the music was as energetic as you can imagin this group being. And a lady the other night changed her from the other end of the wagon to next to me "I wanted to know who it was... it sounded like something special". And it was a delight getting complements on Giuliani Opus 15, in the bus, from 2, 16 year old twins with fuzzy Reggea hats!

  619. We are obviously much looking forward to listening to your forthcoming CD... I think you have worked hard and deserve a roaring success with your CD. The market is waiting for the launch of your product...! HUM

  620. Train vendor: "you have nice fingers."

  621. .... you have a wonderful voice. (cindi MN)

  622. Girl on tube put 50p on guitar case and said that was lovely (I wasn’t busking). Another: “beautiful”. Music is a great way of bringing minds together – and add a good spirit in that tense tube…

  623. I like the sound - Judith.

  624. "She enjoyed hearing you play. She said you play beautiful. She's quite knowledgable and very critical." about Piano teacher, Vernona

  625. It's nice to listen to music and write (letters on train).

  626. Those things I heard from you, I liked. Eva (Hause Sonne)

  627. You play really really beautiful. Nadine K.

  628. I still remember the sending away party we did a Taiwanese song together !

  629. "You can play nice music" 14 year old from class 8C

  630. "hoooooooo (nice)..... are you a singer? (2 girls with 2 smokers in HBH

  631. "You play really well" - Eniko

  632. Woman in Thermanbad after hearing me sing just a couple of notes said: Guet! Another woman in the street smiled when I sang. The Swiss - specially Swiss Germans are amazingly responsive to music.

  633. Your guitar made the trip - train rider in CT.

  634. “Good voice” man said in Boston hotel.

  635. "Schone musik"

  636. People clapped in the train.

  637. a great guitarist (shop helper michigan).

  638. It's been a very nice train ride with the music. Genevieve B R

  639. Nice music. appreciate it. Reid (Anaheim)

  640. She said "you have a very nice voice".

  641. Thank you. it was nice to listen to it. (girl on train).

  642. Schone music

  643. I listened to some sample music on your site and the music sounds beautiful – I am looking to hearing the entire CD.

  644. Thank you, we enjoyed it.

  645. that's so beautiful - Anouk

  646. very nice voice! (Boston hotel director)

  647. You're the singer? It sound good. (swiss lady on hills).

  648. I always have your song in my mind... the other day, after we met, while humming the melody while shopping suddenly words came into my mind... (old lady)

    • Many thank-you's came as people left the train in Conneticut.

    • Your playing is excellent. Linda F.

    • Such a great time last time. (gig by the lake) - D. King

    • Thank you for the beautiful music. Valerie V.

    • It was very nice. Romona F.

  649. Good music sir. you mastered the guitar very well. african man at x's retirement party after 41 years of teaching.

    • Lady on bus: "I like it (the music)"

  650. your music is beautiful. Thank you, namaste, Barbara

  651. Dear Reza, It was a very nice anniversary for our Yoga center Samgati and I thank your for coming. You are a very good musician and it was a real pleasure to hear you. francoise

  652. Fan from India wrote lovely letter... "you are my best friend although you are very senior to me. Your friendship means a lot to me and you have got the most highest and respectable position in my life.

  653. I am so anxiously/excitedly/eagerly waiting for its (CD) release. - AD

  654. First week of Aug99, had my first non-human fan. A very cute poppy just melted to the ground. Its owner said it likes the music... got first order for the CD from a non-human...

  655. "Schone ha!"

  656. beautiful playing (x2 in train)

  657. lady in hotel: the sounded good [playing Piano in Atlanta]

  658. you have a lovely voice in the music you play. Julian O

  659. While singing lady said: nice to hear somebody's happy.

  660. "It was very nice, thank you very much" - old lady at London Huston.

  661. "Beautiful" - Shezbah

  662. "Grazie" - lady on train

  663. "I know good music when I hear it" - Delroy

  664. Schone musik (fat woman on train)

  665. "Thank you - that was lovely" - Lady getting off London underground

  666. "Good singing man" - guy clapped in Winchester

  667. "It was beautiful" - Lisa K.

  668. You played really well, very beautiful

  669. It’s amazing how you can just stand there and play many kinds of music

  670. This guitar music is perfect for such events, its quiet, and present, for birthdays/weddings, very very interesting, and people like it.

  671. Not only listen, but also see how it’s performed.

  672. It’s really personal. You build a bridge to people who are listening, and if the bridge is built, everything is easy.

  673. We enjoyed it, it was great. I’ll write a letter because its true, not to do you a favor, but because I’m convinced its true (Francois)

  674. It’s really nice, very nice, I was a bit frustrated, but this made it very worth while (two german girls)

  675. "It was really a beautiful moment ... you are very gifted." - Nathalie (GE)

  676. so, how are you doing? are you still in gstaad? it was so much fun to sing all those great songs together with you! hope to see you again sometimes! greets, anne-sophie

  677. We love and cherish you. Keep being creative, you’re extremely gifted! Love and hugs, Lauri.

  678. i think it's very good [to play] in the postauto -- it's very nice. Gertrude

  679. "Nice sound" - Bill A.

  680. thank you for the music - it was very beautiful - Francoise (Baden)

  681. You sound good! Jennifer of Milford

  682. Were you the one playing all this time? It sounded great! fabulous! [she bought cd] . Such an honor to meet someone who plays music with such compassion and humanity. Mona (okl)

  683. you play wonderfully (jim – s.f.)

  684. You are such a talented guy. B.sharma

  685. u. so much for playing for us tonight. Your music will add a special and wonderful quality to d’s 50th bday… sincerely yours. Claudia

  686. We really enjoyed your playing. Beautiful! Didde

  687. HEARD great things about you. Jeff(beatles band)

  688. You play wonderful. P higgins

  689. That was wonderful (Biker punk)

  690. You’re very good. I can see how somebody who has not had success would be [jealous]… bruce b.

  691. I love it – it’s really beautiful. Man w/ accent in gym

  692. Hi Reza Thank you for sharing with us your music. Everybody enjoyed it. It was a privilege! Herminia

  693. Need a guitar and your charm to warm some of the chicks around here - many of the people still dress and look downcast like the russians are still here.

  694. You were really good. Linda silver.

  695. Thanks for playing Michael m

  696. It’s excellent. You should do this more often! (play)

  697. Just wonderful. You played wonderful. Everybody was happy. Claudia i.

  698. he's got a great voice. Fred (jozi)

  699. it was really nice to hear the music. it was a real treat. Gina consultant

  700. great musician --- you’re the best musician -- bibi

  701. That was beautiful (Nathan r)

  702. “you’re a good singer” Suzanne AA

  703. You were wonderful! Thank you. (heard many complements like this, after the Ojai concert).

  704. You were great. laura japan

  705. It was good to meet you yestersday - and thanks for that beautiful guitar playing! Best.

  706. “I think you sold more records than any other guitarist in the world.” Angelo Gilardino.

  707. Norman Taylor: every (train) station should have its own guitarist.... you're like a tropical plant.

  708. "You're very versatile - like a good goolash" - Karl.

  709. "Strong rhythm, beautiful playing, very good technique." - Marytza Jenner

  710. hello, thanks again for "watching the wheels" - daniel

  711. "I believe in you. You will be a great star in pop business! a friend of Nathalie."

  712. The original is boring -- I like the way you play it -- you make it interesting... Sara S. regarding Scarlatti

  713. you have a real good singing voice – jayne

  714. You have a nice voice –hanoigirl

  715. you’re very good. I admire you. Person in Thailand

  716. nice to meet aenergetic musician from Iran. ---kamal patani

  717. "lovely playing, is that classical guitar? You can play that anywhere. It's always pleasurable. Never evasive."

  718. We have been walking and talking and sleeping and we enjoyed the

  719. experiments of our violinfriend with whom you were playing together

  720. It was nice to see you play music in such a good cooperation

  721. with others.

  722. Strings of delight

  723. You play a health music. Natasha

  724. You have miracle fingers ………. When you play you’re in the music – your face, body, everything………… thai lady

  725. while u were playing guitar – I was sitting in meditation – it was very good vibration

  726. you’re a great guitarist

  727. the power of the vibration of the music when you play – I can feel it - and the color – I can see the color when I close my eyes. noy

  728. Last night the music was very powerful. I could feel the vibrations in my body – different songs different parts – in the brain – in the heart. Thai lady

  729. It was wonderful last night – (concert in stream garden)

  730. I like your songs

  731. Very talented

  732. I appreciate it very much

  733. Ralf (brazil)

  734. you played very well

  735. 8 japanese on boat / bus

  736. ooooooooooh very good cd …… ooooooooooooooh (and they all clapped)

  737. At one point 4 japanese cameras were taking photos of me. 2 bought cd’s . 2 others bought it after they played it on the van - and they gave a lot of complements!

  738. that was splendid (Australian in catba)

  739. Very beautiful guitar playing (4 people on Vietnamese island).

  740. Play more – I like you guitar playing (bus driver Vietnam).

  741. Nice sound on the train... Christoph I.

  742. "You got the talent, the motivation, and the fans. Stay in Europe!"

  743. It was so nice to see you in Zurich and we all enjoyed you playing music for us. The kids loved it. (Dr. S. Bahadori)

  744. "I don't think you need it, you have a different language (music), you can express your feelings with this". Jitender S.

  745. In Baden Thermalbad was singing "Bargain" a couple and an older lady said very warmly "it's so beautiful..."

  746. "well-done" - Girl in Wimbeldon

  747. Hi Reza – nice to meet you too. I liked your casual approach to the music. Willy

  748. "Bravo, 100 bravos, I hope you live long". Jahangeer

  749. "I like how you play - it's great that you play guitar in the train". - Paula JM

  750. French train conductor gave the guitarman a private room in the night train.

  751. "You're beautiful when you play." - Silla V.

  752. it was so much fun – thank you - it was great - love your sound – wonderful (OakGrove teachers).

  753. the main thing is that you express so much feeling when you perform. L.Lambert

  754. Ulrich b: he’s amazing

  755. "Kheili Mahshar (very great)" - Mitra T.

  756. "When you sing there's a kind of happiness in your eyes" - Camilla NW

  757. "Bravo!" - small old lady in train - July 99

  758. It was very peaceful to listen to your music. Christian

  759. It's really nice to listen to it. girl on train

  760. Thanks for the concert - lady

  761. Schone Musik! (lady on train)

  762. "I like your playing... it's really beautiful... thanks for playing" Man on Hertz bus

  763. "Magnficant, great" - train passenger.

  764. "You play well". Franzi Schwyter

  765. After the funeral several complements came from the organizers and their guests. The young blind priest said: "thank you for the music and the touching sound".

  766. I enjoyed hearing you play. alice r.

  767. "I thought it was the radio." Bernard Thomas

  768. "Nice guitar - nice music". Edge of Woods worker, New Haven

  769. "Nice to hear music live on the bus." Tanija.

  770. "It's great. You have best of luck" Clare I.

  771. You sing better than van morrison... You sound like Pete. S Spacey

  772. You play really well. You’re really gifted. Salome F.

  773. hi reza, Yesterday was a nice talk with you. And you play very good guitar. Patrizia K

  774. You have a nice voice (jenny on s12)

  775. It’s very very beautiful. V.n.del milfontes

  776. "Miraculous! When you play music you're like a vessell for the whole thing. Thanks for existing!" Eva Maria J.

  777. "We'll look for your name and say: we met him in the train - Carnegie hall". Sharon B.

  778. .And I well remember your good musicianship. M. Pooler

  779. danke bis konzert (90 year old lady on train)

  780. "You're amazing - how many hours a day do you practice?" Maureen H.

  781. Hi Reza, Thanks for your wonderful music. I wish you very much succsess for your new CD. Greetings Lea

  782. Phil M: It sounds really beautiful

  783. "He's got the beat!" Jerry B.

  784. I very much enjoy your music. Mark L.

  785. That's really wonderful. I like the way you sing - sam

  786. Very well played. Uk train.

  787. You are a great talent, and I often take refuge in your work. Keep up the good work, and well done on a thoroughly inspiring website! Ted N.

  788. You’re a reborn Beatle. Hilda K.

  789. "The Beatles have an opening"! Gentleman comedian software engineer in NYC as one sang "I Will".

  790. Now you, on the other hand, are most gregarious, most generous in your praises. A most tactful, well-humoured, curious guy. A nice all-round chap.

  791. "Very pleasant" Russian train passenger.

  792. "Very powerful" Assia

  793. Ciao Reza, listened to your music very nice complimenti!!! Very relaxing. - caterina

  794. “lovely, thanks…” gorgeous blond in Tube.

  795. Schone musik (Frank at Herzogenbuchsee)

  796. I noticed youtube recommended me a video of you on an Iranian program singing a couple songs (one about littering and a Beatles song). Very wonderful voice!!!!

  797. You have sunshine in your heart. It was such a pleasure to meet you.

  798. you sing the beatles better than themselves.

  799. you have a very nice voice specially on the phone too.

  800. beautiful, masterful, superb playing. It would be a honor to be in a show with you.

  801. Thank you for teaching me.

  802. Good voice, good guitar - I liked how you play and sing. Good emotion. Good vibration. You push it over to everybody - playing around - good to see everybody enjoy it - it's nice - it's very nice. Rob (bwd)

  803. You are very talented. LYN T.

  804. I like your music it's very nice.

  805. I liked it.

  806. Bravo………..

  807. Many thanks again for your beautiful guitar performance. It was a concert on a very high level which I appreciated very much and you contributed to the nice evening we spent with the whole team. Tom B.

  808. A lady in a tram stop, once she found out I was both a computer guy and singer said: this society needs singers much more than computer specialists. (I was singing as I approached the station). It made my day - Larry, if you get too frustrated there, try moving to Europe, the society is much better for music - actually because there is a society - where I used to live (LA) it seemed like the only society was that of cars!

  809. Very nice – man in purple

  810. Very nice playing. Geneve train

  811. I like your music very much. Othmar n.

  812. Good continuation w/ your guitar. It’s really nice. Michelle tekwondo

  813. “beautiful touch”! son of guitarist. His dad from Napoli is an amazing guitarist who plays in a restaurant here.

  814. “you were great at the party – we have a dinner…”

  815. they were happy with the performance; they said you enlivened the party – amir f.

  816. Gasper: Thank you for the music; without that we would die.

  817. X didn’t let me stop: they wanted more songs.

  818. Bravo! farmer w/ fork

  819. Sava!

  820. you're great - it gave energy - needed it... thank you for the music.

  821. [the concert]... Was a treat. Thank u

  822. Very wonderful voice!!!!

  823. your music is wonderful - Todd S

  824. your marvelous music ... Joe

  825. I appreciated your guitar playing - it was very nice. Michele

  826. That's is a great ideal to do a classical tribute to the Beatles songs !!! Reza you are talented and you make great music. The nurse at the court house still listen to your music she loves it. You should do a entire CD tribute to the Beatles, i think it would do great.

  827. Thanks for the entertainment...memorable.

On Swiss train playing classical guitar a guy came and emptied his pocket (5.90) - later he dropped a 20 franc bill. He said "Good music. Really good music.".

I enjoy your performance a lot. Aj

Very good guitar player and singer – Fabio

it was excellent... you play excellent. very excellent... beautiful voice. - people at Darband

I do want to tell you that I have never heard classical guitar recorded as well as you have done. Jim Z.

"it's very beautiful playing" - lady on train

"The second Elvis" - Sonja Heer

A musical genius. M. Smith

LOVELY MUSIC - EAR BALSAM - Angela J. 8-) Very beautiful voice -- SF gig

I loved your first cd which I have now sent to my grandson near Chicago – an aspiring Spanish guitarist. I remember how I met you at the airport while you were softly playing while waiting for your flight. My ear told me I was listening to a real artist…. Marylou M.

<> "I like the way you play the guitar" Ela (on train)

"I just think you play very lovely - you play beautiful" Silka (RSA)

You are a very accomplished player (Joe Public)

"very nice voice" - s's customer


You play wonderful guitar. – jaggi familt

u play very well i love your music. hanna j.

Thank you for your guitar-talent!

bravo reza – antonella

great job... i do remember him going up on the stage in Farah-abad and playing for the crowd. i thought it was drums he was playing. The good old days.

she had much of joy about. she likes classical a lot, my dad too, and she said also, that she enjoyed your playing in the restaurant in laufenburg a lot. AJ

you see everybody wants more after listening to you! =) AJ

wow, a great guitarist like you..... AJ

You don’t get off, you stay here (tram driver in airport who liked the singing)

You were singing, it was beautiful. I thought it was the radio

Hi Reza, I enjoyed your jam session.I can never get enough of the beatles and you and Arsalon make me want to go put on a beatles cd after watching your video.Take care,Jay

he thought it was a kid singing old songs – but it was me. “it’s beautiful”

"you were singing - it was very good - it was very good" urso

'i love your music' she said...


But I just listened to many samples on your site and BOY you are a good player.

I think your site is great and I like your spiritual awareness. It’s honest and helpful and refreshing!

THANKS and keep spreading the good messages of Life!



It was great to meet you and to listen to your extraordinary work on guitar. (T. Friedman)

Beautiful concert - Thank you very much – tyvm - You play great guitar. (3 airline staff)

"You bring people to dream" - Karin Nemitz

"Bravo!!" - couple from Salamanca in Swiss train

"you play great guitar" markus s.

I like you music. Lucas R.

You have a nice voice - Mara G.

It's good - it's really nice music - it's adorable - Brigit (Biel)

> Your music is lovely, and full of the essence of beauty - and I

> want you to know I hear beyond the notes to the silence beneath. Verna Darcy

Master of guitar. Remo S.

From the perspective of a drummer: "You’re a real good guitar player because your timing is stable." It's that Persian thing!

Played at the lake for about 3.5 hours non-stop. Started by saying this is a Sunday Evening tribute to the beatles - and a couple turned around and sat - others too stoped by and it was a blast. Hands were really tired. A lady danced for a long time. Parents stopped by with kids.... X asked: where are you from? "planet earth". Hansheinrich Graf said: "You come from the earth but your voice is from the heaven". later he said: "Best Singer of Zurich"...

> Hy Reza Ganjavi!

> I hear you playing the guitar in the train from Biel to Aarau. I often travel by train and this was one of my best journeys. Thank you very much for this little concert, i wish to have such a music-journey every time!

> After i read on your homepage, and i saw a lot about your CD. I'm very interest. Please could you send me one of your CD's "In friendship"? I'm very fond of your music, it makes me calme and my thaugts free.


> My adress is: Irene ...


> Thank you very much! I wish you a lot of inspiration, friendship and sunshine for your music!


> Greetings! Irene


your music is full of love to music and its listeners. the music is tender and competent played.

you play the guitar sensitive, affectionately, impulsive, lively, fiery...

tram philosopher


By the way, you are good guitar player and singer! Very versatile.


Nice job. You’re not only a guitar player but also a performer! Pawel

That was fabulous.

nice job – that was great. 2 people

Rene: thanks for the entertainment. ===========================

“The client has had a good listen to your music and decided she does want to book you for her wedding.”


What a great player. - biker in baden

You sing very well. - 4 16 year olds


I like your singing and music very much. It’s beautiful. 2 sisters from st. petersberg

I enjoy your performance a lot. AJ


Dear Reza,

I would like to thank you for the beautiful music on

the train it really helped me. Today was a little bit

of a hard day for me. I just started work in a new

place and a patient of mine died where I used to work.

I really knew her well, she was more like a family

member too me than a patient. If I could repay you the

joy that you gave me I would like to try. I would

invite you to lunch if you want to when you're around

here again. If you would like to just tell me. I'll

take some time.

Yours Truly,



Just now (May 6, 1999) the lady on the train said: "Thanks for the good music and good luck".

There's been many remarks like this - all the time. Sometimes people are so kind that it makes me cry. For example, the train is empty, but they come sit next to the guitarist, and before leaving make kind remarks. I never ask for money. It's kind enough of them to listen and not complain. I just practice.

Once a lady in Germany, before leaving the train said: check your glove. I wondered, what?! Later on, I discovered a 10 mark bill in my glove.

Once in Vienna I was riding the tram and not even playing guitar - just carrying it. I felt a hand come over my shoulders. Turned my head and noticed the lady behind me is giving a 100 Schilling note!

I never ask for money when I am practicing in trains. Once in Switzerland a guy gave me 5 Francs as he was getting off the train saying: "Thank you for the music. When I got on the train I was stressed. Now I am relaxed."

A man at Badenfahrt gave me a 100 Franc tip!

Your words and music definetly speak to me. -- Gillian

u do fine since u sing from ur heart!:)

You’re an artistic powerhouse.

beautiful songs you sang

Dear Reza - it was a suprize to hear sombody singing farsi and Azari

From time to time I listen to your music. Quite soothing. Dr. B.

You did a very good job of playing last night and entertaining and singing – very good.

Fantastic . that is great which an artist is our new customer . infact i am proud of you . it is quite obvious tha t the art is running in your blood from your childhood .

Thnx! You always come with good stuff! (music)

Musical talent is a big gift you’ve received – a very big one – you have to take care of it – it’s fragile – you can live through it…

When I have time I listen to your music.I enjoy it. You are wise.And now I wil look forward your concert.

Very beautiful playing

was that you? it was AMAZING - i was like oh my God! really nice music.

I wish I could play music like you. Dr.AK

sounding good.

You played very nice music.

Thanks a lot for your nice gitarre lesson!!!. Eveline likes it a lot

you made me so happy with your playing. i felt so great - like my heart was melting. Krystal.

you're very good music. I enjoy it. (chinese man).

I liked your music!! Didi

i like to listen to it - i enjoyed that. lady in uk train

SOUNDS Lovely - camilla

the music is good. simone l.

Thank you. Nice entertainment.


sounds great (kids at uni sussex)

I have been on your webside. Great your music. C. Menke


I was searching on line for a work thing and stumbled across your song. I wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know I really liked it! THANKS!


Dear Reza, It was great to see you in top form; you guys were terrific!!! …………. BH

Many thanks again, keep on plucking; you're a great guitarist!

I loved you singing the song for me :) -- Afi

great voice – great singer. Marion-e-julia

“Very nice music – we love it.” Fabian on train

I have your CD playing now and like it very much. When we spoke on the phone, I didn't realise you had a professional CD like that! Both my wife and I are learning guitar at the moment but much to my distress, she is learning much faster than I am. It's not good for the in-family competitiveness! :-)

Many thanks for sending it to me, and congratulations on producing it,

you should feel very proud of your achievement.

Best regards



you have a nice voice - i heard it from the zug - nice voice – man in oerlikon

I like it better when you play than the CD. AJ

Don’t forget to practice guitar. You’re a good musician. Marie Pooler


You can sing quite well - daniele

Elio: Great performance. The mood was light. It was excellent.

That was a fun evening. gwen

Cuxi means, when you see a biological beatle playing the guitar,

thats the first word that come to your mind... Soja

loved our playing and singing -- Angela


I watched your Tv show on Thur. June 17th ... Your caratcor is interesting ... your way of thinking is interesting for me please give me your idea about this major. Also I enjoyed your playing gitar as I used to play gitar and Piano and I will buy your Cd's for sure. Farisa

beautiful music thank you

nayer: how nice it was ...

Nayyer: it gave me good spirit. Excellent.

I watched some of your U-tube offerings - you play very well. Congratulations on your success. sam"

I both liked your music very much. – Michele

I liked the environmental song

It was really wonderful

I loved it

guitarist extraordinaire - Felix v. c.

June 99 - I love to play for people and share peace through music. In Switzerland many parents give money to their children to give to artists. It is part of the culture (as is in other European countries as well). The children learn to respect and appreciate arts from a very early age. Last saturday a father told her little daughter - maybe age 5 or 6: "listen, that is good music" and gave her a franc to give to the guitarist. And another franc again. A little boy did not know how to drop the money on the guitar case - so he handed the coins one by one to the guitarist. Old people also give a lot. 2, 13 year old cousins dropped 5 fc coin! Another man, gave a handful of change.

You sing very beautiful - sing - sing - sing. It's fantastic. (Claudine from Paris)

“Wonderful” – Mrs. Tuskey

Your music is awesome as ever. Charles A.

Very Lively -- natalia bwd

we have enjoyed your performance very much. Thanks a lot for that. Juerg K.

“Thank you it was great. You’re very good”. Laura G.

I liked your beatles`s song, very ritmic. We touch and indeed thank you. With regards. Pedro

Should I remind you that you're a Really good guitar player. We really appreciated it. G.Barbar

"you're so good - you're dangerous". Robert A.

The world needs more music bro. rock on! (man in Ojai)

Thumbs up... (at Newport Beach performance)

Lady in tram in Zurich gave 5 fcs upon leaving - i wasn't even asking for money - just practicing - it was so touching - 30jun02

"I could listen to you for hours". - Train listener

Hi Reza, it was beautiful again in Schoenried and I enjoyed your performance. All the best to you Doris

It was nice to meet you sunday evening in the train Zürich-Bern and great to listen to your music!! ... I wish you the best, hope to hear from you once and please: go on playing in the trains, it's a delight!!N. Bühler

A gentleman in tie got up and quietly clapped in the train after the last chord of Recuerdos de la Alhambra. After checking out the CD it he came over and complemented one on nice guitar sound, repertoire and modesty!

Music concert was nice. AJ

it was good to hear your music as well at brockwood ,helped us to do the work there better i think. karl

Reza jan,

your participation and performance in the show was fantastic, everybody loved it.

I wish you the best for your coming show and your artistic lif,.sepas and gracias.

sincerely s.a.

Reza, It was very nice meeting you and thanks so much for the lovely music on

that Sunday evening. While I am typing this mail, your Dancing Hands is playing on my audio. Great work! Thanks Chandra

YOU GOT a good feel for the overtones. Allen 2219

My dear Reza,

Thank you for adding so much fun and joy to our home and gatherings.

Asha joins me in sending you all peace and goodness for the New Year.

We leave for India on January 12th and return February 1st.


t/u/ reza for the beautiful concert.

”I was insipired -- inspired to get the guitar out and practice ... Nina

Beautiful voice (alice)we loved the Guitar that you played, and the energy that you put to bring out the music day of the gathering lively.Superstar !

there's no law to save someone from their own stupidity!

There was a man listening to Reza G. (I seriously eard your voice!) performing Beatles yesterday at Midnight nearby mainst of ZH. Thought it was you in action but finaly saw a big black loudspeaker :-) – it was the beatles themselves J

I love your playing. How do you play so sensitively - softly - and so strong in the same piece! Ute.


And thank u for playing music for all of us in my place-I really enjoyed it;

You are a great musition. DelkaA wonderful musician – mark lee

Thank you for the music on Sunday. Very Beautiful. randa

you were great today – laura tokyo

What you played was very well liked and they ask that you play in next party too. Mr. Asadi


Most sales have taken such a degree of attention and personal contact. Hildegard bought the CD on the train. On the platform she had approached “oh, a free concert”.

“when I heard you I felt it’s something special… a new experience’.


you're a good performer. aj


You sound great…….. Lovely……… kirtan band

Yes, I certainly will, because we liked your guitar-sound!!

Would be great if you could make it all the same!


Sounds beautiful. (mother of 4) in balboa

Sounding good. Newport pier bum

I listened to a couple of your recording samples. Excellent. You are a very accomplished young man. When Bernanke ever raises interest rates, I'll try to remember to order your CDs. Russ

really beautiful music

…playing the guitar so beautifully… anu d.

thank you for your music.. it's nice to see how much you enjoy it too. lady @ojai retreat


"It was really nice to walk in a train in Conneticut and hear someone playing so beautifully". Rich Silva

An absolutely brilliant guitarist - G. Gautama

Absolutely fabulous - lady by Saline pools

you’re so talented – I was really impressed with you back then thinking this guy is so hot on the leads… - I was very impressed with your work. Tom T.

Dear Reza, I looked up your websites and listened to some of your music. I am impressed. You are so young and so accomplished. Kamran

I remember your last gig at Pickwick fondly.

you are a gifted musician, congratulation. Helena

I love your voice.

Thanks so much for sharing! Your music is INCREDIBLE! What a talent! I love classical guitar (I play a bit myself, but not even close to the level of your music!). Tom T.

Wunderschone – sehr schone – angie’s aunt.

Mucho gracis pour la benna musiko (Man in Bus in Canary Island)

nice music. Tom B.

Nice, wonderful. AJ

wonderful music -- C. Jones

tommy came out and said he loves the guitar and the playing

She loves your guitar playing. (phil about his mom)

You know you played very well today with Fernandez, you are a natural performer. I didn't say so earlier for I didn't want to embarrass you. You did good!

Very beautiful - Martha (lady in NYC)

A great guitarist - Raj Rathor

"the 5th Beatle - the 6th Beatle" – Magda

IT’S SO nice to listen to you. A F.

Beautiful voice - Reverand Richard F.

It sounds very nice - Lufthansa Captain

You play very nice - man on train 21march00

that was the best rendition of the song. Mandy

It's beautiful. You're very talented. Elizabeth L.

Man on train (USA): “I like your music”. Woman: it sounded very nice.

Reza, it was a pleasure meeting you and listening to your tunes.

you have a very good voice

You’re the best singer ever. (Got 11 fcs tip on the train) - Drunk girl: want to follow us? Played Giuliani – they: disco? Rock? Played Survive and Marley – the whole wagon was clapping along ?

I love the extraordinary sound you reach with my guitar and look forward to get a beautiful sound out of it, once as well.

i'm enjoying listening to your music

..maybe america should listen to your music -- and be peaceful - Lee (chinese)

It's good that people sing - it's good energy.

Strawberry Fields Forever - thank you Reza - affectionately, Magda.

You sounded awesome! Rebecca B.

Thank you for giving us suchgood entertainment in the train which is not usual in Switzerland. Martin A.

you play good and beautiful - nadine f.

thank you very much for the music it was wonderful (group after bodhitree)

"it's good for my ear -- one ear is dead -- la gitarra." -- old man in Aarau

I told John he should learn to play the Beatles like you do. Terri

Perhaps we'll meet again in Saanen where I'm going the last two weeks and hope to dance to your delightful music. You're so versatile and seem to know instinctively what it requires. Warmest greetings and affection. (86 years old lady).

You're very good. (lady on train).

You are a very talented guitar player.... You seem like a very smart guy - very spiritual. It is refreshing to read alot of your thoughts on life. Gotta go. Take care . Heidi


It was great to see you Yesterday and Sarah and I

loved the music and atmosphere. Reza E.


plays guitar very well -- DS


Hi Reza

First I thank you for playing on my Birthday-Party!

You play realy fine the guitar, I wish I could it like you.

You made music exactly the way I whished and how I like it.

The echo from my guests was very positiv.

I hope you enjoyed it too!


Please send me two CD's. How can I pay them?

Best regards


you're very good. you have very good talent. that give you god. turkish man on bus

This is the picture I took while you were singing this lively song in a language I didn't know : it was very well done and beautiful. Magda S.

you're very very very good. B. Sommer

I like your music. If you had crappy music I would not take your case. Fred D.

“a much needed aramesh (calmness) for Monday morning.” Radio announcer

I believe your art talents are somethings that you have born with it and I always admire artist people like you. mina k.

That piece you were playing, it was the best interpretation I’ve heard – better than records I’ve heard. (Lorenzo re capricho arabe)

Fran: he is very good

that was very nice to listen to (Linda)

what would we do without you? (dean)

Because of that history [lennon letting k buy brockwood] you were given to us to sing beatles songs. Sadia

You’ve got a great voice. [henry]

"lovely playing, is that classical guitar? You can play that anywhere. It's always pleasurable. Never evasive." Lady on bus in winchester

we enjoy your music -- Farima

Lorenzo: maestro

You’re playing andre Segovia – beautiful – I love it. EDF

What you played was really wonderful. A. Kamyar (the groom).

SCHOEN-GSI (schoen gewesen) = it was nice.

"I like your style",

I love your music..:-)

Best wishes, Rassamee

French businessman in Madrid airport after I played Torroba: “this appears like magic to me”

It’s very nice – thank you. Lovely sound – beautiful.

Elli (Bwd)

Thank you to X and Reza Ganjavi for their artitstic talent at our june event.

“we are variations on the same fundamental theme” david skitt

Heard you playing in the dining room last night. Lovely lovely. Kathy F.

You play the guitar very well.

I like to listen to this kind of music for relaxing - it's so




Wow! I hope this one will finally get some attention. Listen to Reza's music samples. He is a great classical guitarist. pc

"schöner Gesang"

great music - Judd

We visited your homepage.

We are interested in music, too!

You are so talented!

3 korean girls



That is very touching. Reza just expresses the admiration that many of us have for you and your efforts.

Reza has a website and seems to be an activist in his own right.

He is a very attractive young man.... Too bad we couldn't recommend or comment on his lovely music.


--Not only are you sounding great---but you do not look a day over 21.

Great job and I truly enjoy your on your videos. Keep you the good work!!!!

Your Friend,

Joe P


I like your music very much. Dr. Gorski

You’re a good guy and a great musician, too! B. Gault

I love your song. African in ZF


thanks Reza, and you're a talented and passionate guitarist, no need to tell you to keep it up ;-)




"It's very beautiful; your music" - Hanspeter L.

Greetings! It was great meeting you and sharing in your music. Thank you for

being willing to talk and share a few thoughts with us.... I hope all your

upcoming singing dates go well and that you will be used to touch &

uplift any & all humans in your path. Blessings & Bright thoughts, Meaghan

you have a very nice voice. marit

with your guitar and talent, they'll be eating out of your hand (or more :) Lisita

He broke up with his wife and this music really meant a lot for him. Linda (Holland).

I walked in and thought what a wonderful cd they're playing - well, now I know it was live! Lady in Holland

Thank you also for your Music, your understanding, and your neat manners. Hossein Samieian

Master entertainer (dutch lady inschonried)

MET LADY WHO HAD A BRAIN SURGERY AND WILL HAVE MORE. SHE WAS ANXIOUS TO GET THE cd saying it will help her heal in the hospital. she went home and came with the cash although i had trusted her in sending a check for which she was very appreciative (never had that happen before). she said this is like a dream - i've been waiting to find music like this.

You are very talented and I am honerd to buy your CD. thanks mehrzad z.

Also, keep in in the loop for future music. It is very nice music. Nancy B.

mike v. : I like your music very much. Very soothing in this difficult time. I would like to order a copy of each CD.

I like your music. It's chill music. It's very relaxing - nice to relax to it. B. Dahlem

It's good that you played - it was relaxing. Beatrice (Baden)

In Basel, 3 people in tram had good response to the guitar - one lady got the CD - saw a guy later in the station - he said: you played really well. It is difficult to play in the tram... he is a double-bass player with the Budapest Opera!

Very good. It was very nice. Very relaxing. (3 giuys on train in Holland)

I enjoyed the music. Brom

Nico: Beautiful playing.

It was really great meeting you... you are playing really good. ...

So wishing you a great career and see you one day again -- N. Knoepfel

Funny, you’ve been popping into my mind quite a bit over the last few weeks. I’ve heard a lot of Beatles songs on the radio and they’ll always remind me of your playing the guitar and singing them on the ferry ride back to Greece (from Mykonos if I remember correctly) in 2005. Not sure if you remember me or my sister, or if I thanked you before, but thanks for making that ferry ride so memorable. All the very best. Tania





It was great! I thought I was back at Dodger Stadium in 1966 watching the Beatles playing!

(Believe me, your sound system was better than theirs!)


It’s nice, it’s beautiful, sing [more]. Manuela.

Dear Reza

With some delay, as we were on holiday, I thank you for the feed-back and I can only congratulate for this wonderful evening.

Your sympathic, uncomplicated, humorous and heartily presentation impressed us, Doris and me alike.



But no matter what, you keep on creating. Your concerts sound great, and I hope you're coming out with more CDs. I have enormous appreciation for your guitar work. I have said it before: you are a true world class musician. Dr. James Christian


Every day I listen to his music – I’m in love with his voice. Nayyer about Reza

an incredible guitarist

Much affection and even greater apprection for your masterful musical gifts.




Thanks for sharing and giving me a peek into your busy life... a lot of gigs...

Boy what a guitar collection! Angela has certainly come far fast on the bass and I'm glad you're going strong with her - I forgot how lovely she is...

Lots of the guitar sounds really good...

Old man got up and greeted that it was excellent.

Planet song was a hit. They clapped for it more than any other song.


You have a nice singing voice.

I like you a lot.

Sehr Schoene

What I love about playing for people is: 1) it makes them happy 2) it spreads peace, love, and good vibrations 3) it relaxes them 4) it inspires them to pick that old instrument up again or to learn an instrument 5) it exposes possibilities of the guitar that many people are not aware of, etc. etc.

Eckart W. wrote (June 99):

Last evening Michel came visiting-I just was back from Vienna.You know,he is the friendly chap who understands no English,but felt quite sympathetic to you at the concert.He told me afterwards,that this event stimulated him to know more about Persian culture.

Late evening train home, lady's kind remark and smile gave a last minute boost to an incredibly good day. A man was wistling Romance as we got off. He had heard it on train's second floor and liked it.

Only a couple of times in the last 5 years someone has complained about the music in the train - which I respect and stop - but even in those cases other people who are sitting around told the person or the conductor, almost in a strong way, that "we like it, it is not disturbing"!!

"I like your music and I would be very proud if I could sing or play guitar like you." - Mirjam F. (1000th Swiss contact)

Walked into his shop - my CD was playing... He told his friend: "Reza is one of the best guitarists of Iran..."

You are really good at the guitar. It sounds really good.... Bill D.


Date: Saturday, June 17, 2000 10:13

Dear Reza,

It is about ten months ago that we met eachother in the train to Gstaad. You

were playing the guitar in de train. We, my wife Ineke, the children Evita

and Liset and i, enyojed a holiday. Is was a little bit rainy that day. I remember your nice music.

In september that year i decided to learn to play the guitar.

I found a good teacher. Every week i try to improve i little bit.

Thank you for the special meeting in august 99. This year, also in august, we will travel again to Switzerland on Holiday. I wish you ( and your father) all the best.