Listener Comments on Album "Dancing Hands"

Listener Comments About Reza Ganjavi's Second Album: Dancing Hands

  1. Mr. Christopher Parkening has listened to your CD. He says that it is excellent. ~Sharon

  2. Extraordinary CD ... enjoyed very much listening to 'Dancing Hands'. ~Mr. Pereira

  3. BTW, your CD "Reza and Friends" has been in my car CD player for many months. I really enjoy it. ~Bruce B.

  4. We were enchanted by Dancing Hands! Such an inspired selection of Guitar Music, so masterfully presented! We thank you for both the CD and the thought. It reminds of you and Philip, as of 25 years ago. Again, many thanks. ~S.M. (Professor Emeritus, Department of Policy Analysis and Management, Cornell University)

  5. You sent me your CDs several months ago, and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy them. Dancing Hands is one of my all-time favorite guitar CDs. Beautiful job. ~Tim B.

  6. Reza has some beautiful arrangements on his Dancing Hands CD; although we certainly don't play at that level, that's the goal (for example, his Italiana arrangement). ~Tim B.

  7. Keep up the good work. With the world's sorrows all around us, there are isolated islands of joy; I think yours is one of them. Kindest regards, ~Bob B.

  8. I got your CD "dancing hands". It is an enjoyable work of art... the music is very, very nice. ~Mauricio

  9. Your CDs are wonderful. So much of what you've recorded is on my "Favorite Hit List of All Time" and you do a terrific job. Thank you. ~R.S.

  10. I do want to tell you that I have never heard classical guitar recorded as well as you have done. ~Jim Z.

  11. Very nice job on the CD! My wife and I listened to it and its very well done. Sophisticated sound and notch. ~Trainer of the stars in Beverly Hills

  12. Thanks again for enhancing our holidays with such beautiful music! ~Judd

  13. Simply the best! Thanks for much for sharing your passion for beautiful music. I have played it continuously for many hours at home and at the office. Others who own it here at FileNet have said the same. Take care and never stop creating...Your friend, ~John C

  14. Folks, this is to let you know of a great CD of classical renaissance and baroque music by Reza and Friends - it is called "Dancing Hands". It is a delight to listen to; the liner notes are very informative and fun to read. This is in fact their second CD. Reza is a dear friend - I congratulate him and other musicians on a great artistic accomplishment, which is what this email is about - not a commercial pitch. ~Dr. M. Baarmand

  15. Beautiful CD. You've done a magnificant job, start to finish. Not only you and your friends made beautiful music, but you've created a tiny 'coffee table book' (I don't meant that to be minimizing your effort - just commenting that the size is small for such a lovely, thoughtful, thought provoking book of photos and text). You even had the good judjment to include a quote by FM! I am personally touched that the A.T. we did together so many years ago has taken root and flourished in your Dancing Hands.... let's get together when you're here. Best, ~B.M.

  16. Small price to pay for such enjoyment! ~S. McCoy

  17. I listened to your samples- they are beautiful! Would love to have you perform here. ~Shareen

  18. I like your music a lot, its beautiful! Love ~Elisabeth

  19. Our phone callers will appreciate hearing your beatiful muic again. ~Oak Grove School

  20. Did I ever tell you that Pam and I used your CD at our wedding reception Cocktail Hour? Pam still listens to it in her office. It's awesome! ~David

  21. I do really like your music. It is completely different from the first CD you brought out. Furthermore, I support you because I like the way you are thinking (e.g. the articles you are writing), you are so open minded and have a generous heart.... ~Reto Z.

  22. I'm really so happy with your gentle spirited new CD. I've been playing it a lot, and hear something new each time. Congratulations to all the players with you, it just works so well together. Thank you for the extra copy, I will give it to a couple of other fans of yours. I'm sure it will do well for you, ~Gabi B.

  23. I just love your CD's - more and more. ~Angela J.

  24. "Super CD!" ~F. Maier

  25. Wonderful music. ~Larissa U.

  26. I received the 2 CDs and I am enjoying them greatly. A check is in the mail-really. ~Boyd H.

  27. Your last CD "Dancing Hands" is indeed superb!! Besides the music I very much enjoy the inside pictures and phrases of wisdom. Many years back I studied quite intensely Krishnamurti's philosophy and read a biography of his. Nice to find him again with your CD. Reza, I would love to order 5 additional copies of the CD for friends... I wish you joy and success with your work and all you do. Take good care & kind regards, ~Myriam (the person you met in the train between airport-Zurich).

  28. Thanks so much for the superb cd's you sent me.I just finished listening to them and I was deeply impressed with the lovely way you performed these beautiful pieces.I thought the historical information on the music as well as the philosophic passages were exceedingly interesting and profound.I am very happy for you and your success in these endeavors,they are well deserved and as a friend I feel very proud.Take care Love Jay& family P.S I am mailing you a check for the cd's to your L.A. address.I will be sharing your music with family and friends and will certainly be purchasing more of your music in the coming months .Talk to you later ~Jay E.

  29. I was so happy to hear your C.D. and I think the presentation and the music is wonderful. Congratulation. Please send me another copy. With warm greetings. ~Gisele B.

  30. I love your "Dancing Hands" CD, have been playing it a lot......... ~Ruth C.

  31. I got the CDs last night. Thanks a lot! I came back late from a meeting at Basel and I didn't go to bed until very late as I was listening to them; they kept me company working on a pending article. They are really great! Bach is my favorite composer of all time. ~K. Afshar

  32. We like it very much, your CD, it's music we really like to listen to. it's the type of music that's very lyrical. ~Andreas L.

  33. It was also pleasure to meet you and I've heard your music which is very magnificent. ~Dr. Balov

  34. I wanted to tell you i was very very interested in your record and i want two more. it's absolutely wonderful. I've played it, I don’t know how many times - I relaxed - it's really great. The booklet, everything you say, the way other people play as well. congratulations - keep doing the good work. ~Lizzy

  35. I have enjoyed the music many times ever since :-)) Thank you very much - what soothing beauty and peace for the mind, so calming. You and your friends play with a wonderful spirit and precision, accuracy - and your playing together with each other, your listening to each other is remarkable :-). ... Today it is like summer in Denmark, warm, no wind - peace all over, outside and inside of one. Love. ~L.

  36. Thank you so much for this up-lifting music! ~Victoria

  37. The cd is beautiful, very soft and heartful,I love listening to it,it gives me peace in my heart. Thanks. Happy holidays to you to, with love, ~Marijke

  38. I gave them to my sister and parents. I like them too but they're crazy about them (cd1 and cd2) ~Falk

  39. You've sent me your new cd. I wanted to just to tell you that it's wonderful - it's extremely wonderful. thank you. ~Dzialoszynski

  40. That's a very wonderful CD - I wanted to tell you personally. Very high-level of art, of classical art. I am very happy to have it. ~Dzialoszynski

  41. Congratulation! your record is very nice (for eye and ear). ~Maurice Steger

  42. Thank you again for the CD. It is great and really amazing. Just the right thing for this hectic time of the year!! I already love it and I even think the booklet turned out successful. You know you always can do things differently :) ! Hope you will have success with the CD... ~X

  43. With Dancing hands I found, that the music is played very lovingly and the booklet has so many precious sayings. It's inspiring. ~Monika K.

  44. Best wishes and good luck for the new year: ~Simone

  45. Love your cd ~Joyce (g.h.)

  46. I love your cd's - oh man - they're really terrific - just beautiful - it's well worth it - the best classical guitarist - i haven't heard anything better than that. the selection is fabulous ~Gene

  47. Thank you for sharing you lovely art with us. You are gifted. Love, ~Lori C.

  48. I have been enjoying the heartfelt music on your cd. ~Geoff M.

  49. The music was lovely. ~Nancy B.

  50. I did very much enjoy your cd. ~R.T.Amoss

  51. The best part of the car (8 c. new Jaguar) is the music. it's permanently locked in my car. ~Todd S.

  52. It's a beautiful CD. ~S. Blana

  53. We received your interesting CD. Thank you very very much. ~X

  54. Those are the pieces I like. ~Jurg (Atlanta airport)

  55. X passed on the CD that you sent him. I just listened. I could feel some of the Love and Happiness that you and your friends put into it. Thank you. Now I have to give back the CD. Any possibility I could get a copy or get the permission to copy it myself? ~Johan

  56. Very much liked you second CD, very nice visual graphics and high quality photography on the cover etc., hope sales are going well. Also appreciate your regular Info-Mails, very entertaining and informative. Please keep us informed on all news concerning your music. ~Steve K.

  57. Nice listening to your music. ~Howard W.

  58. It’s a very beautiful album ~Bahman A.

  59. You play very beautiful ~Dr. Komeili

  60. thank you for the CD’s, they’re terrific – you’re a fabulous n musician. ~Tim C.

  61. I really like your cd’s. ~Bill T.

  62. I love your CD’s. They’re so nice. I listen to them often. I specially like to play them when someone come along – as background music – but for someone who would appreciate them. ~Layla T.

  63. It's really great -- i play it when I am really really stressed - before a hard working day. ~Anouk A.

  64. It’s wonderful, congratulations. ~C. Issler

  65. My cousin (who i gave your cd) said, you are a very good guitar-player. she likes your cd much :-) ~Claudia A.

  66. Joubin called inviting one to Nice -- they heard my CD at dinner "what a feeling ... we loved it". ~L.G.

  67. With great pleasure I bought your new CD. It was nice of you to remember me…. Thank you for your music. I wish you a good time and good luck. Best wishes to you. ~Rosemarie K.

  68. Thanks a lot for sending us your new CD, which we enjoyed very much, and congratulations on your achievement! Among all the other, more obvious things we liked very much, we noticed in particular that a great deal of hard work went not only into the solo parts or pieces, but also into the details of the accompaniments: They blend perfectly with the solo instruments, and the guitar timbre is very delicately varied. Another strong point is the choice of pieces of high musical quality that are not so well known by and large... As in your first CD, the booklet adds not only interesting information, but also a distinctive, personal touch, which I am sure is also perceived by people who have not met you. Finally, there is one other good point about your CD (which may have caused you some short nights recently, I guess): it came out just at the right time before Christmas ;-) . There are several friends to whom we would like to give your CD for Christmas if you can send us six copies by this coming Friday. There is no need for special wrapping, as we will do this ourselves on the weekend individually for each recipient. The mailing address is now With best wishes and regards from us all, ~Diete

  69. Happy New Year, I love your CD, especially the Greensleeves variations. YOu are so talented. ~Stephanie

  70. I love your CD’s by the way. ~Christian

  71. The music is wonderful, and everyone who shares the music agrees. Some have downloaded using the I-phone programs. It was a pleasure to have met you, and to be able to enjoy your talent. Keep me posted when you issue new CD's. ~X

  72. Dancing hands is realy beautiful thank you wish you all the best ~Yadi

  73. I would also like to say thank you for the music. I really like it.. ~Andreas

  74. Good CD !! I like it – it sounds really cool – you did a good job. ~P. Cochran

  75. I hope you are doing well. Your new CD is great and I have enjoyed listening to it many times. Good job ! ~B. Ahrari

  76. Very nice, very nice. ~Laleh H.

  77. I like the music very much! ~P. Ammann

  78. The music is very nice. Nicer than i thought. ~Doris (bus driver)

  79. Thanks too by the way for the CD, I am not sure if I thanked you. It's very professional, and good music too. ~William S.


  81. Your CD's are great.I enjoy listening to them while driving. ~Moji

  82. Thank you for the lovely cd's...beautifully done..they take one away to field of lilies and green valleys...congratulations and many blessings... ~Mitra

  83. I've always enjoyed your CDs and admire your musicianship on the classical guitar. ~X

  84. Moji received your CD's a few weeks ago. He said it was great and mentioned how talented you were. ~X

  85. Got a wonderful email from a school that they played my CD so much that it wore out and they need another one. " The CD of yours that we currently have on our phone system seems to need replacing. I thought perhaps it was the CD player, but I purchased a new player and your CD is still skipping. We’d love to have another one. If you’d be so kind as to let me know how get one, that would be great."......... immediately organized. "Reza, Thank you so much for your generosity of gifting us with one of your CDs! I will look forward to it’s arrival. And, yes, I do believe it wore out from too much playing." ~X

  86. Thanks so much for your new CD, Dancing Hands! It is a delight. Your classical guitar work is very impressive and sounds terrific in the 10th century church where you recorded it. I'm also impressed that you got all the reverberation effects naturally. The other musicians are very talented as well. Very professional effort. Alison, my wife, enjoyed the CD so much she said she wanted a copy for her own CD collection that she plays a lot. Then, magically, the next day a second copy appeared in my mail slot at X. Were you reading our minds? Or did all your friends at X end up with two copies? ~Chuck F.

  87. Reza's CD will be enjoyed by many many people. How do I know that? Becasue I play some of the same pieces myself and they are unfailingly successfull at connecting with the public. Guaranteed. Well in one month I buy CD's from Kylie Minogue, some guys playing Gypsy Swing, Allan Holdsworth, Miles Davis, and Reza Ganjavi! ~Peter I.

  88. How did you get that picture on the cover of the vibrating guitar strings? a friend, Goran Gaspar took it - it's actually a collage of 2 photos – in one the guitar body was cut off so we used the other's body to complete it. Great shot! I assume those are your fingers. It looks like the strings are vibrating on either side of the sound hole, but not right over the sound hole where you're plucking them. this was purely natural - no effect - let's call it Goran's eye and his camera - he is a very bright guy. Interesting. Is that just an artistic effect, or a physical reality? a physical reality !! It's news to me if guitar strings actually vibrate in that way. me too maybe :-)) -- I have to have another look :-) Music is a big part of my life these days. I sing in my church's choir, where we do traditional anthems, both contemporary and classical. Also, wonderful. In Switzerland so many people sing in choires. must have put in to record Dancing Hands. It's a very interesting, though time-consuming process. Both bands are cover bands, but one of You bet! sound engineering took sooooooooo long. I guess the better you get at it the shorter it should take... Keep up the good work with your music. I believe good music is very spiritual, in a sense a connection to all that is spiritual around us, and yours definitely falls in that category. ~X

  89. In our dormitory we are hearing it while cooking. It's very good to relax. ~Rusbe

  90. Dancing Hands is very beautiful and I'd like to order it. ~Judd

  91. It’s very charming and we love it. We play it a lot. ~Blanche M.

  92. Thank you very much for the CD! I got it today. I really like it! ~X

  93. Like we said we would like to buy 15 CDs "Dancing Hands" from you, because they're so popular as a gift. ~X

  94. I liked the CD ~Laura

  95. I still play your CD. And Scott used to love that. Lovely pleasant music we liked, ~Bach Scarlatti

  96. Very nice music. Very relaxing – go home after work, chill and enjoy the music. ~Christian

  97. I like what I have heard so far. ~Kalidasa

  98. Congratulations on your CD’s. We both like them. Daniel doesn’t like classical music that much but he still likes your CD’s. ~Aunt Ruth

  99. I sit exactly at a friend and hear your music. It really is my taste. I my a Folia, to have out-heard. I would buy a CD (Dancing Hands) gladly from you. ~X

  100. ich sitze gerade bei einem Freund und höre deine Musik. Es ist wirklich mein Geschmack. Ich meine eine Folia rausgehört zu haben. Ich würde dir gern eine CD (Dancing Hands) abkaufen. ~Rusbe

  101. We were promted to get out the musical disk we bought from you in Ojai and play it again. It was very good. ~Isabel

  102. I really enjoyed your CD. You sounded great on your CD. You’re a fantastic guitar player. ~Joe B.

  103. I got your CDs yesterday and have already listened to both of them. Wonderful! Your music sounds really very beautiful to me. Let me know in case you are near Münster or Berlin for a concert some time. ~Thomas L.

  104. Wow! the CD really sounds very good and is quite realistic in it's portrayal of instrument sounds and the space around them. The playing is very nice too. ~X

  105. I just want to thank you again for a most inspirational recording and liner notes! ~B.K.

  106. In the last time i listened your music and it's wonderful. i wish you a nice day. ~Hanna

  107. I did indeed receive the CDs. Thank you - Great music, fine and crisp playing... Will be awaiting future works... ~Ara G.

  108. Thanks for your mail as for the wonderful music cd's, I like them a lot and will send you an invoice, you are a gifted musician, congratulation. ~Helena

  109. I also loved the samples from your CDs I could listen to. ~Thomas L.

  110. Wonderful cd’s ~Thomas L.

  111. Ich möchte Ihnen herzlich danken, für die CD, welche Sie mir geschenkt haben. Ich höre Ihre Musik sehr gerne. ~Christine V.

  112. I like your playing very much, and the nice choice of repertoire you had. :-) ~M. Zappa

  113. We (my children and I) like the CD. ~Sabina S.

  114. I was busy with my curtains till now! if i haven't had beautiful dulcet pacifying dancing hand music, i had give up much more earlier! ~A.J.

  115. Jim and I played your CD on Thursday afternoon and we were both impressed with your musical abilities! We enjoyed listening to the selections and were also impressed with your equally talented associates. I plan to play it the next time we have a dinner with friends. Thanks for sharing a whole new side of your many talents. Best Regards, ~Bill C.

  116. Your CD was excellent. I enjoyed it very much and really got impressed [really effected me] ~Fariborz F [Farsi xlation]

  117. Thank You so much for the wonderful music you and your team have created!!! ~F. F.

  118. I am very excited to hear the CD which Ester tells me is superb, ~Tami

  119. Just forgot to mention how lovely your CD is - I have really enjoyed it – thank you. ~Mariana S.


  121. Anyway, Keith played your album at the Kairos Summer School Retreat in July. Kairos is the educational charity that Keith started years ago as a way to share Sacred Geometry with those interested in it. I, and others, LOVED your Dancing Hands album. ~X

  122. I really enjoy are very talented may god bless you. ~Jesse

  123. She liked it a lot and I liked it too………. soft, smooth ~Sibylle F.

  124. The loved your 2 CD's! ~Ulrich

  125. My wife likes both of your CD’s. Make another one before she gets tired of these two. ~Fred D.

  126. Your CD is amazing..... ps thankyou again for your cd, listened to it today, it was pretty amazing, you are very talented, the music speaks to the soul quite profoundly, it made me stop in my tracks. ~R.K.

  127. She was very glad to hear your music. ~Manuela B.

  128. Your cd is very beautiful. I play it and sit and imagine I am in a hall with a philharmonic playing – I listen to it at least twice a day. ~Pari S.

  129. I am hearing it every day and enjoying it. ~X

  130. Hope everything is well --I like your last CD ! ~Irka H.

  131. I’m enjoying listening to your cd during my commute to/from work. ~Susan K.

  132. It’s really great ~Phil Maynes

  133. Ok, I'll take both CD's, they are equally nice, it's too difficult to choose. ~Sonia R.

  134. I am sleeping to it… I’ve been having ringing in my ears – your CD helps sooth that. ~Terry M.

  135. We’ve listened to it a number of times and we’ve really enjoyed it. ~Jeneth M.

  136. Really really nice – very peaceful. ~Jean Michael F.

  137. Thanks for the CD. It really has great acoustics! ~Debbie M.

  138. It's great playing. ~Alice de D.

  139. The whole thing is so beautiful. ~Viviene M.

  140. Nicolina bought another for her sister's birthday: "it's a lovely present" ~X

  141. It's very sensitive music. I wonder about it. I couldn't do it. ~X

  142. The CDs are very nice and I will pay them soon. ~Seraina

  143. First of all, I wish you a lot of success in 2'004 and many personal satisfactions. We played your disk and found it very pleasant, with a very clear sound. please send me your previous record Friendship, with a bill this time !! Keep well ~J.P.B.

  144. Thanks for sending me your two cd's. I think they are very nice. I love the different instrumental arrangements. Thanks again for your contribution to peace & beauty! Best regards, BK, past librarian, ~Sbcgs

  145. I used both your cd's in my workshops - need music to make mind in certain state either to work or emotions. ~Malek

  146. Thank you for sending me your latest CD Dancing Hands. I must say that I like it very much and the music is of highest quality and taste. I would like to send you some money for it. Could you please give me your address which I do not seem able to find? just finished listening to dancing hands...loved it. ~Tom G.

  147. Thank you and VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your friends. Kind regards ~Francois B.

  148. The production on your cd is so fine. ~Larry D.

  149. My mom just plain likes to listen to Reza's CD, sometimes while she

  150. makes buttertarts. ~Rib

  151. I'm sorry that I have not been able to get to you before. I hope you were here that I could see you and have a real nice chat with you. Anyways, As far a your last CD, myself and my whole family listened to your music over and over again and we all all love it and I really congratulate you for doing such a nice music. ~K.Yazdani

  152. It is wonderful. ~Bernadette A.

  153. Congratulations on your CD. ~X

  154. I just listened to your cd. Really lovely! Thanks for sharing. ~Jane S.

  155. I enjoyed it a lot! ~S. Logi

  156. I play both your cd’s for my massage clients ~Karen H.

  157. I really love your cd. ~Gloria R.

  158. Wonderful CD! I really enjoy it! ~Michael N. (OC)

  159. It’s great- very nice – really nice. ~Doug E.

  160. I like the irish style most "scarborough fair and greensleeves" very great! ~Jean-Daniel

  161. I liked the CD. ~LAURA VAN

  162. We enjoy your new cd very much! ~O. Pabst

  163. I enjoyed your new cd – it’s very beautiful. ~Sarah C.

  164. That thing you gave me was so beautifully done – aside from the music the rest too – was so beautiful. Beautiful beautiful beautiful – most other cd’s are just… but this is beautifully done. ~Mary Z.

  165. I love your cd – p loves it too - she listens to it when she reads a book – it’s so peaceful. I love it – I love it – I listened 10 times already. ~Mr. S.

  166. Very nice one – it’s really nice ~Astrid-Gabriella

  167. It is really very enjoyable. ~Dave R.

  168. Wonderful guitar music I listen to often which I really really enjoy. ~Dr. James Christian

  169. I've putted in your CD on the plane and it was just awesome. I hope that someday I will know how to play guitar halfly as good as you :) …….. ~Ziga H.

  170. "Dancing Hands" arrived today! It's just as I expected. I really like the liner notes giving the history of the pieces and the dances. Thank you very much for the CD and for your attentiveness to the ordering/shipping process. ~Caroline

  171. I have played once and love and shall play many more times! ~Jon A.

  172. Regarding the mp3s , they´re great. I didn´t know what to await from the music, but found classical guitar music with baroco influences (I think) and hear there latino america influences as well. I heard only first 3 pieces until now, but i´m looking forward to hear the whole album once again and relax. ~J. Grauss

  173. Your CDs arrived this morning (monday). Thanks a lot for the immediate service! ... and the wonderful music of your second CD is filling my house since lunch time (as you know, I'm here still "alone" and can turn volumes up or down ...). Your new CD is running, while I'm writing this message. Your new CD is of as an excellent quality as the first one. Keep this level of quality !!! It's extremely important if you want customers instead of occasional buyers! And I believe you have matured. You give yourself more time to play each 'morceau' and you give your partners a better chance. This is maturity, because in the end YOU win. WITH them ... ~X

  174. .....

  175. Please send me 3 of your new CD's (WITH your signature) ASAP. And give me your price for a total of 9 CD's (plus freight twice) with your next delivery. I like your music, I will use your CD's as Christmas gifts, and I hope to see you again here and I am sure you will produce new high quality CD's (as you proved already)! Merry Christmas and a super 2004 and more, ~Joe M.

  176. We really enjoyed your new CD. it is a permanaet part of our home and our two car CD magazines as well as several friends who got it from us. Please let me know how to send a payment. if you have an account number, I just wire it. I need another 10- 20 CD's when you have a chance. ~Reza N.

  177. I just love the CD. You are very talented. ~S. Wilkins

  178. Whenever I feel a bit nervous or tense, I listen to your CD - wonderful! ~DANIELLE S.

  179. And thanks again for the lovely, lovely music--will be listening to that many times.. ~Donna B.

  180. I read the book part – it’s great – it’s really good. ~Pam.

  181. Excellent man - very clean sound ~X

  182. I listened to your CD last night – it was really nice – I liked the guitar work – really nice. ~Marcus bwd

  183. Such a nice CD. ~Markus (train)

  184. I listened to your CD last night – it’s wonderful. It’s classy classy classy. ~Donna B.

  185. I love your CD. Really beautiful. ~McKinley

  186. I really enjoy those two CDs you produced. Sometimes I play them when I'm cooking or working… it makes it goes so much easier. They're really beautiful. ~Someone at OGS may 5,

  187. I listen to your 'Dancing Hands CD' once in a while and enjoy it, especially that it's from a friend. ~Jay H.

  188. Very impressive and educational one. Best wishes, ~Rassamee

  189. Very clear sound. That’s good. ~Gerard (NL)

  190. Did like your music - light - relaxing - international. Thank you. ~Ronald T. Anderson

  191. Beautiful cd’s ~James Paul

  192. We love your guitar CD and play it all the time. ~M&A

  193. She gets excited, claps, moves from side to side. ~M&A

  194. They’re wonderful. ~James P.

  195. I'm helping my friend out in her restaurant here in knanb, utah. i played your cd and she liked it so much that she wanted to play it in the restaurant. is that ok with you. ~Eve

  196. Your songs are very beautiful. ~Mee

  197. I have received the CD's last Friday and am enjoying to listen them, thanks. Regards, ~Mahmoud

  198. You're really good - really good - my girlfriend was very fond of the music too and said who is this? I said my neighbour. ~Paul K.

  199. I gave your cd’s to some friends and they said they would not give it back because they like it so much. One plays them at her restaurant and likes them a lot. ~Troy

  200. By the way your CD is great I like it so much. b.rgds ~Naghmeh

  201. One more thing, I love driving with your music, it feels as if the car runs on its own !! magic wish you a good week, a deep sleep and sweet dreams ~Didi

  202. Thanks for the Music! I like it! … Yes and your book to the cd is good, I like it. ~Laila

  203. gorgeous cd ~Elham R.

  204. Meanwhile we listened your two beautiful CD's which you gave us at my father's wedding. I'll make the payment for the CD's on your postkonto at the beginning of the next week. Thank you for the nice CD's. ~Stettler

  205. I have listened to it - quite a bit - and it's great. ~Peter I.

  206. Beautiful! Thank you for the gift of music. Yours, ~Margaret.

  207. Thanks a lot -- [it's] great. ~Simone B.

  208. I heard your Cd first thing this morning ....and it made me dance. Thank you. I also appreciate the role music plays in introducing..... 'The Freind'*..... ~Yousef

  209. Love the CD - thanks for the beautiful music. love to you. ~Dale.

  210. I was very happy to receive your new CD. How good is it that once in a while a soothing breeze comes from your direction and takes out from the ratrace. I hope you're well and receiving the beauties of life and showing it to others as you've done so far. ~Ghorbanat, Keyvan

  211. The cd is very good. i ws very interested ~X

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  423. Listen to his CDs. They are actually very professional popularisations - and that is not a criticism - with a clean melodic, song-like sensibility to their approach. Reza would have been well appreciated 200 years ago and if you ever care to study the self-promotion of musicians of that era, you will find he is in a long tradition of confidence and ebullient evangelism of his own music - for which no-one should ever be criticised. ~David K.

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  432. Yesterday I got the following mail from Taiwan: "BTW, I have just visited your animal_net website, and found there is a wonderful and touching slide show. Can I get the original file so that I can translate it into Chinese, and show it and spread it among Chinese community? I like it very much, it is touching. " I am sure that the success of the Slideshow has also to do with the lovely music you so helpfully let us use. Thanks again. ~HERMA

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