Réza Ganjavi's Professional & Academic References



  • “We are pleased to provide this reference for Mr. Reza “Ray” Ganjavi with whom we’ve had a long-term relationship as one of our best Project/Program Managers. We’ve consistently received very positive feedback from our customers about Mr. Ganjavi’s performance, competence and attitude.” Harvey Nash

  • “We received top rating from Credit Suisse for Mr. Ganjavi’s performance in every category including: competence, expertise, motivation, initiative, commitment, diligence, reliability, cooperation, teamwork, popularity, stakeholder management, negotiation skills, organizational skills, customer satisfaction. We were exceedingly pleased with the quality and the performance of Mr. Ganjavi. He always conducted himself well around his co-workers and our clients. As a Program Manager, Mr. Ganjavi led the Data Protection & Compliance program, covering data leakage control; restricting cross-border access to CID; PKI automation and strengthening; data classification; infrastructure security compliance and efficiency. As a Project Manager, Mr. Ganjavi managed various projects within the Identity & Access Management (IAM) domain, including an Agile/Scrum project, and a HRIT / SOX Controls project. Global Cyber Security Taskforce Program Manager.” Harvey Nash

  • “We got to know Mr. Ganjavi as balanced, friendly and very courteous person. Even on the part of Credit Suisse, we have received only positive feedback, and outstanding internal appraisal… Mr Ganjavi performed his duties with utmost professionalism, integrity, and competence, and exhibited a high standard of quality in everything he did. He successfully managed the schedule and budget. His contract negotiations with suppliers were very effective. He helped us make important strategic decisions. Although Mr. Ganjavi's role was not technical per-se, his strong technical background allowed him to work closely with architects and developers, and assist and guide them through challenging design issues. The team that Mr. Ganjavi managed was quite large, consisting of geographically disparate resources of many different levels and across many functional departments. Mr. Ganjavi possesses superior interpersonal and communication skills. He gets along very well with everyone and as a team leader he understand what it takes to bring the best out of people.” BRINE SA

  • “Ray finishes all assigned tasks to our satisfaction and possesses a solid knowledge which enables him to successfully handle even difficult tasks. Ray turned out to be a reliable and responsible employee. He has an independent and systematic method of working. We found him to be a motivated and dutiful consultant who works systematically and proactively towards his goals. Ray managed to keep calm in stressful situations. He was a dearly friendly and helpful employee, who behaved highly professional and customer-oriented at all times and therefore added up to a flawless public image of UBS. Ray was genuinely liked by his managers, colleagues and clients and worked excellently in a team.” Experis

  • "Good teamwork and first and foremost, someone pushing this project forward and making things happen - this credit is all yours, Ray – and good communication job to keep all on the same page!” IBM Global Account Manager

  • "You're my best contractor.” Country Manager, Harvey Nash


  • "Of all the resources I’ve worked at Credit Suisse, you’re the most professional and capable. It’s a fact.” Director

  • “I was constantly impressed with your dedication, commitment, perseverance and humor in the face of adversity.” Managing Director

  • “This is a very important accomplishment for the bank. The process you have implemented is streamlined and truly global - quite an achievement given some of the legacy environments we have! This change is also an important pre-requisite for the successful rollout of... so it was essential we delivered on time. This project exemplifies excellence in cooperation between many different teams, divisions and locations globally. Well done. Thanks.” CIO

  • "It was good to get people together to celebrate the success of the project. I also wanted to thank you personally for the efforts in getting this project to the fline and beyond in a controlled manner. As you can see, the results are impactful immediately and you should be proud of the achievements of yourself and your team. The accolades from senior it management is indicative to the overall importance. Thanks again." Senior Director

  • “I worked with Ray Ganjavi at Credit Suisse on a large IT project where Ray was the project manager. I enjoyed being in Ray's team as he had very good communication skills, planning and execution skills, and he cared for us. He also appreciates cultural diversity, and was very effective in managing our team remotely. Our project was a big success, was delivered on time, on budget, and we received many praises from top management. I am also thankful to Ray for being a best guide, mentor and appreciate my efforts during my first ever project at Credit Suisse.” Technical Consultant

  • “Dear Ray thanks again very much for you very valuable contribution to KSDH!” Managing Director

  • "You have been an amazing to work with. You're a great guy… You have excellent negotiation skills, interpersonal skills, good relationships and handling of the stakeholders... Your skills have been very helpful, and I 100% recommend you for future projects." PgM

  • "Great experience and good work you did - a front runner." Executive Director

  • "I extend my appreciation and would like to emphasize the quality of collaboration and team work. This was a long term short coming which took 9 months to solve. We shared it with the IT Management Committee today and [Global CIO] extends his thanks as well”. Managing Director, CST

  • “You are one of the best PMs I have ever worked. It was so smooth working with you. No Gaps in any of communications we had and made us feel comfortable because of which we were able to coordinate and deliver the needed.” QA Engineer

  • "It was a delightful experience working with Ray on a regulatory project at Credit Suisse. Ray is a champ at project management and drives every aspect of the project with passion and enthusiasm. Additionally, Ray can relate to a variety of areas in technology and takes keen interest in understanding them. I admire his professionalism and abilities to collaborate, plan, communicate and execute while keeping people around him motivated."

  • "I always liked to work with Ray – he has a huge experience in the project management domain and knows how to keep stakeholders engaged and involve them effectively in moving the project forward. Ray’s ownership of the different projects was exceptional, and I was really glad to have him in the Access Management program covering different projects. He manages heavy workloads with a good progress on every project. Thanks Ray for your contributions!"

  • "Greetings for the day. As Ray Ganjavi is leaving Credit Suisse, I’d like to take this opportunity to say few good words to express the pleasure of working with him. Ray’s overall approach towards collaborating with the team is very remarkable. He has helped all of us, even beyond his role of project manager. All the guidance and mentoring he offered was very helpful for me during the analysis phase and also during creation of documentation. He have not only just provided suggestions/corrections but also made sure that I am learning from them, this is exactly how true leaders develop their subordinates. His deep understanding of Business Analysis process, perfect co-ordinations with project stakeholders and excellent analysis of technical aspects are really remarkable. Last but not least, I really appreciate the way he has kept the team spirits high with his great sense of humour, and knowledge of cultural diversity. I have learned lot of good things from Ray during our time together. I’m grateful, and it’s been a great privilege to work with Ray. I wish him luck in his future endeavors."

  • “I have worked with Ray in MMS-TMS project. Ray is one of the best Project Managers I have worked with . I found his work very systematic , well organized and fast. He was well prepared before each meeting with all the latest documents and artifacts. He makes good minutes of all the meetings and so is very accurate in all the details of different projects he handled. His coordination meetings with the Management, testing and development teams was really good. Despite the work load of PM, he is very cool and cheerful with his subordinates. He possess a good sense of humor which makes the work environment supportive and encouraging. Whenever our work required more time, he readily gave us the extra time we needed. I really appreciate his habit of saying “Thank you” for every big or small work done by the individual. He understands the efforts put by individual and always expresses gratitude for the work done. Though, an extremely efficient PM, he is multitalented in various fields, a quality which one rarely finds in IT industry. He takes keen interests in people’s diverse culture, foods and traditions making him a good “People’s manager “. It was really a good learning experience with him.” Project Team Member

  • “A huge thank you for your outstanding contributions… Your leadership too has been commendable in getting the right push when needed… Congratulations, if anything this was a major achievement in coordination… ” Senior Director

  • “You're very smart like not many people on this earth.” Project Team Member

  • “Dedicated PM w/ strong communication skills; Good job of timely escalations which was very helpful, and keeping the focus of the team to achieve this complex integration project; Did understand the issue and had the patience to have the issues resolved which was very impressive; Have strong leadership qualities which can drive teams across job codes. Did own the project and had the vision; Know how to get the work done, convincing, pacifying or being assertive which a manager does; Very persistent and engaged PM w/ end-to-end view. It was a big success. It was a great job.” Senior Technical Architect

  • “Great work. People are happy, It works. Everybody’s happy. That’s a lot of good progress in a short period of time.” Managing Director

  • “I really enjoyed interacting with you on a personal and professional level.” Senior Solution Architect

  • "Thanks for the excellent work you are doing." Head of IT Security

  • "I am very happy with your work. And you’ve integrated well in the team." Executive Director

  • “You’re doing a fantastic job. You’re doing your job very well. You did a good job. For me you did a fantastic job.” IT Manager, Monaco

  • “Thanks so much Ray!!! Thank you very much for been so supportive. Thanks a lot to you, for your support at each step.” Tester, Pune

  • Hello Ray, Great news about Monaco - sad news about your departure. We lose a great Project Manager, person and friend - we will miss you. We would be more then happy any time to engage with you in a next project and of course, we will let you know possibilities we might become aware!! All the best and very best regards” Executive Director

  • “Thanks for being such a wonderful project manager and making sure everyone kept focused and on target. Great project managers who know ECM are ‘as rare as hen's teeth’ as the saying goes :-))” “Well done, and thank you - really appreciate your efforts here. These things can so easily get out of hand.”Systems Consultant

  • “Thanks for your dedication and commitment. You’re on top of my list for the next DMS project”. Executive Director

  • “Thank you very much. It was a pleasure working with you. Thank you for your great job, you have done here.” Executive Director

  • “It was a big success. It was a great job.” “You're a good element here”. “You're an efficient meeting chairman.” “Thanks to you and your team for turning this around in such short order.” “Thank you for all your support on the HRIT SOX and Audit issues!” “Though we had just one project working together, it was really a nice experience.” “That’s a big achievement – congratulations.” “nice job being on top of it.” Various

  • “I highly appreciated your enthusiasm and project management skills.” Managing Director

  • "Yes, I remember ten years ago when you led the Monaco... Even Filenet themself did not believe that this possible. But it went well. Building the system in Zurich by our Chinese engineering colleague and shipping to Monaco by truck was a real adventure. However the system was fine for years I have heard from former employees. Well done." Director

  • "Nice job in the STC [Steering Committee] today – good updates." Director, Access & Identity Management

  • “That’s good project management.” “Project management was brilliant like phase 1.” “Congratulations again. It is very impressive what you’ve done.” “Very positive! Well done.” “Everyone was pleased - we had good feedback from our side.” “Cool wok! Thank you very much!” “Thank you for your good, hard work”. “Thank you! You doing a great job!” "Its really great to know that you know so much about India. Thank you so much for your support and help during the project!!!” Various


  • "It has been a pleasure to work with you, and I believe that you succeeded in winning the business’ trust impressively. I think that you are an excellent communicator, able to capture complex issues quickly and a committed and hard worker to achieve what is required." Executive Director, UBS, Head CH/EMEA Security IT

  • "Ray quickly built up a good working relationship with the DISOs and other stakeholders, and achieved their agreement... Ray’s wider experience of vendor and project management was then put to good use in managing the Proofs of Concept for two potential solutions, and helping to compile the results for Steering Committee presentation. I believe that Ray’s versatility and experience would be an asset to any future IT project at UBS”. Program Manager, UBS

  • "You have been an amazing to work with. You're a great guy… You have excellent negotiation skills, interpersonal skills, good relationships and handling of the stakeholders... Your skills have been very helpful, and I 100% recommend you for future projects.” Project Manager, UBS

  • "Great job, many thanks for staying firm in the discussions and keeping the focus / scope while integrating stakeholder feedback and, hence, making stakeholders happy and agree." Executive Director, UBS Data Protection


  • “Ray Ganjavi was employed as a contract Senior Project Manager by ZFS at our European Datacenter in Switzerland. Ray's primary focus was the project management and implementation of Enterprise Content Management solutions across Europe… Mr Ganjavi was a very supportive and cooperative individual, delivering good quality work in a timely and cost effective fashion at all times. His regular communication and his tenacity in dealing with often difficult challenges are to be applauded. Mr Ganjavi was well respected by both his peers and customers and was definitely an asset to the organisation during his time with us.” Head of European Service Operations

  • I worked with Ray Ganjavi at ZFS where he managed large complex projects for us. I found Ray's quality of work to be outstanding. The combination of his strong managerial skills, thorough technical understanding, effective communications skills and positive attitude made him a unique project manager capable of achieving great results which he did. I would recommend him without reservation. Best regards" Head of European Middleware Service

  • “Ray, congratulations. You did a brilliant job! Thanks you for your hard work and your commitment to this project. I thinks it was the right approach, as requested by you on Sunday, to give your team some time to solve it. Well done Ray!” Director

  • “Hi Ray, I just want to personally express all my gratitude for the support you and your team have been provided so far. I apologize if sometime we have been too pushy... I know yours is a difficult position, because people loves more to say "yes" than "no", and you are the guys who needs to say "no" more then others, but I really liked how you tried to support us well beyond what could have been your reasonable mandate. I just want to be sure that you know that we are well aware of your help and commitment, and please pass on my best thanks to your team as well...” Program Manager

  • “Ray, I'm usually known as a hard peer to work with, that's why its even more important for me to thank you and let you know that I'm impressed about the job you're performing! Thanks.” ““Thanks for the all the work you're investing, bringing this to a good solution. I know this is not an easy job.” Director, European Data Center

  • “Congratulations to this success and your strong dedication to make it happen!” “Congratulations for the on-time delivery.” Congratulation and many thanks for your hard work.” Head of IT Global Shared Services

  • "Thank you for your enormous effort and driving the project forward… Especially Ray's team did a significant job and they worked very hard and tried to make impossible requests happen.” Senior Executive

  • “Everybody’s been wonderful on this project especially Ray’s team who made those timelines happen.” Director

  • "Hi Ray, It was a pleasure to work with you! There are not enough words that I can express to thank you - without your commitment to this project and especially to the ECM team we would never have delivered on time. Well done Ray - great job”. Program Manager

  • “Thanks for your excellent work – it was really good.” Director, Project Management

  • “Thank you very much for your strong and extraordinary support.” “Ray Ganjavi is doing a very good job here to keep this all on track.” Ray, Many thanks. I found the results to be balanced and broadly objective. Nice job!” Senior Executive

  • “Super work… Great Job Ray! Many thanks… Great achievement! A very important milestone for GI in Europe… Fantastic job! Very good news and great result… I very much appreciate what you and your team has done. You have done a significant job… Excellent job… Great result… Your new status: Hero of the day! Danke!... Super, keep up that good progress” “Ray accomplished something I could not believe. I didn't think it could happen.” Various (including Senior Executives)

  • “I think this has been a great demonstration of teamwork, and obviously of great professionalism.” “Many thanks for your huge contribution.” “You are doing a great job. Much appreciated” “You are very calm.” “Great job! Congrats!” “Thanks for guiding through the dark jungle.” “Brilliant job.” “Brilliant - an absolute - ideal fit” Various

  • “You did a really great job in this project. Everyone in the team appreciate your support and the hard work you are doing for the success of this project!”Program Manager


  • “Dear Ray, We highly appreciate the efforts you put in to get this laudable project to work.”

  • “You put an awful lot of passion and extra effort... thank you for all your help and commitment to this project.”

  • “Program manager, Ray Ganjavi… has been very helpful in the restructuring of ELC.”


  • “Congratulations. That's an excellent piece of work.” “Critical project milestone... was delivered on time". CIO

  • "The Director General has expressed his appreciation for the work done by the IMPACT team to deliver Systematic COR on time. <> on behalf of the members of the Project Board has also expressed appreciation for this effort." Program Manager

  • "I am pleased to report that the Requirements Specification document for the Phase has now been completed and, as such, represents the attainment of a critical project milestone. This foundation text, which was delivered on time, was produced by a team of project staff working closely together [led by Ray Ganjavi] with representatives of the Office of the PCT. It represents approximately 3000 hours of staff time over 4 months." "A major milestone in the project has been reached [led by Ray Ganjavi]. Several major functions have already been used successfully." CIO

  • “It's Super Ray! And he sure has everything under control !” End-User Team Leader

  • "Sincere appreciation and profound admiration for your intensive and exhaustive efforts and the contribution you made to a project of critical strategic significance. I have full and unreserved confidence in your abilities and skills to develop the project and have a successful outcome and deliver a high quality system which has important impact in the history of this organization… you are making history.... Thank you very much for your dedicated work and the excellent way you're going...". "I do congratulate you and am very pleased with these positive developments." Director General

  • “Your usecases look like great work” "I really liked working with you.”


  • “According to my impression, Mr. Ganjavi did an excellent job in that project. The customer environment was quite difficult because diax had many different people involved in that project and therefore constantly changing requirements. Mr. Ganjavi proved to be very flexible and always found solutions that finally satisfied most of the people involved in that project.” Country Manager, XISS

  • "We have come to know and appreciate Mr. Ganjavi as a thoughtful, stress-resistant, and committed employee possessing a solid knowledge of the imaging and archiving market. We also like to stress his client-oriented ways of selling. Mr. Ganjavi carried out his work conscientiously, reliably and to our complete satisfaction. Our customers appreciated him as a courteous business partner. His attitude towards his superiors and colleagues was friendly and correct."Management Team

  • “Thanks a lot for your contribution to our business at Xerox.” Dr. A.L., Country Manager

  • ”Ray, Thanks a lot for the good evaluation work and analysis.” Dr. M.G., CTO

  • (translated from German) "I found him to be a reliable, aware and intelligent IT Project Manager" Dr. A.L., Country Manager


  • "You're the best consultant I've ever worked with". Nestlé’s Executive VP & Former Worldwide Head of Coffee

  • "I would like to summarize my appreciation for the contribution you gave in our IT project. Your way to act as a link between our company and the selected consultant was very successful trying to clarify the roles and the effort the consultant put in our project. This resulted mainly in a shrink of the consultant recourses utilized in our project without compromising quality of the deliverables. You have also helped us to identify and solve technical issues not made clear from the consultant side (i.g. e-mail storage, migration). Your continuous challenging the consultant solutions permitted to obtain better quality of the project outcomes. I have really appreciated your friendly and pragmatic personal style used to manage this project together with us . Many thanks for your help. Best Regards," Group Manager, Nestlé SA

  • “You’re a very positive element for this project.” Team Member

  • "These few words to say you that Ray has been really helpful, especially in front of some obtuse people. Without his fight, we never obtained the clear question about data-bases (Memo of Steve W.). Before that, we spent 2 weeks for wandering and no results." Documentation Manager

  • "You are doing a great job. I really appreciate it. It’s a pleasure to know you and work with you." IT Manager


  • “I worked with Ray at a Financial Institution in New York City. Ray came in mid-way through the project as the Project Manager, replacing the exiting Project Manager. Ray quickly adapted and gained the confidence of the project team. As Project Manager, Ray carried out his responsibilities professionally and expertly. I would enjoy working with Ray in the future and recommend him as a valuable asset to any organization.” Senior Business Analyst

  • “I have had the pleasure of working with Ray Ganjavi for the past six months. During this period, we worked together on several different projects with Ray as a project manager bridging the gap between us “technical people” and business users. Day in and day out into a project, Ray has shown an incredible ability to keep developers focused on the business requirements and to manage business people’s expectations by explaining to them what can be done and why some things were not technically feasible. All his good work eventually resulted in turning an unhappy customer, from the period before Ray took over project manager role, into a happy one, despite the fact that most of the development team was at a remote location. Based on the experiences I had while working with him, I am wholeheartedly recommending Ray Ganjavi to anyone who needs a great project manager.” Senior Technical Architect

  • “He asked me if you were a good guy and easy to work with. I told him that I found you to be very personable and likable. I told him that you are strong business analyst and project manager. I said that you are extremely fair and expect to be treated the same.” Director

  • “You’re one of the few project managers that I liked working with.” Solution Architect

  • “I love you man - you're right on the ball. Good job!” Vice President

  • "Your decision making and thinking are very good." Director

  • “I think what you did at Lazard - how you took a leadership role - was great.” Manager

  • “You are one of our favourites - you're the best. Thanks for being so patient. I wish everyone had your demeanor. Thanks." Manager

  • “I like your perky, positive, energetic attitude.” Business Analyst


  • “Ray consistently performed his duties in a proficient manner and exercised much initiative. He completed all of his tasks on schedule and with a high level of customer satisfaction.” District Manager

  • “I have known Ray Ganjavi for the past 6 years. He and I have worked together on a few document management, imaging and workflow projects. It was my pleasure to work with Ray because he consistently meets and often exceeds the job requirements. Ray is an enthusiastic, positive consultant with reliable work habits. He is consistently successful in improving his skills, and he works hard to do so. Ray is always willing to do his best to help solve tough customer business challenges, and he gets the job done right the first time. He is efficient in planning projects, punctual in meeting deadlines and extremely knowledgeable in regards to document management, imaging and workflow technology. You would be hard pressed to find a consultant more dedicated and knowledgeable than Ray, and I would highly recommend him as a quality document management consultant. If you would like additional information, I would be happy to provide it.” Sr. Account Executive

  • “Ray’s duties included business consulting, pre-sales support, and account management. He was instrumental in winning a prospect’s business. We were happy with Mr. Ganjavi’s performance and commitment.” Manager, UK Subsidiary

  • “Mr. Ganjavi showed a good knowledge and understanding of the technology and was quick to learn new products. He takes a very thorough, analytical approach to studying customer requirements and implementing the solution. We were always able to rely on him to deliver high quality work. Mr. Ganjavi presented himself professionally to customers, who were always appreciative of his attention to their needs. We found Mr. Ganjavi to be an honest, loyal and dependable employee, always ready to support management. He is of a friendly nature and was liked by all of his colleagues.” Dr. G.K., Director, Swiss Distributor

  • “In all cases Ray’s work was complete, concise… He has demonstrated the ability to take complex issues and resolve them and explain them in terms understood by all affected parties.” Director

  • “The analysis and design activities required a significant level of interface with users throughout the organization. Ray got along well with all the users. Some of the problems were difficult and required complex solutions; however, Ray always was able to grasp the problems quickly and design and implement effective solutions. Ray’s assignments were consistently completed on-time and in a professional manner. Ray worked independently and could be counted on to finish the tasks he was assigned. The manufacturing organization which he supported was always pleased with his skill and ability, and the level of support he provided. His work was thorough, well thought out, and complete. All three systems that Ray has analysed, designed, built, have been extremely well designed, well received and have contributed significantly…I have a folder full, of complementary memos and messages regarding Ray’s work and responsiveness. He is enthusiastic about his work and shows initiative in getting things done.” Director, MIS

  • “This document serves to confirm that I have worked with Mr. Ray Ganjavi on several projects in South Africa and Switzerland. On all accounts these projects were completed on time and to full customer satisfaction. I have come to respect and value Mr. Ganjavi's know-how, perseverance, as well as ability to manage and direct projects in a fashion that ensure effective communication between client, consultants and technical personnel. His professional approach yielded high-quality results and caused projects to stay well on track whilst boosting the moral of all parties involved. ” Technical Architect / Senior Consultant

  • Translated from German: "To our luck, I met Reza Ganjavi at a training course in California and convinced him to work at our then our headquarters on Hardstrasse in Wettingen. After he got a B-Permit, Reza Ganjavi supported us with many different customer projects. With his help, we could develop our business successfully. I found Reza Ganjavi not only as very dependable and competent IT specialist during this time but also as extremely sincere, honest, correct person. His very agreeable personality made both a commercial cooperation as well as a personal friendship, that continues until still today, possible although he assumed challenges in the meantime with other employers. " Dr. G.K., Director, Swiss Distributor

  • “Ray is an enthusiastic and professional employee. He serves as the technical Component of the MIS programming team and complements his associates well. His work is thorough and accurate and always completed on time. Ray is very good about meeting project deadlines and commitments... Enthusiasm for his work and initiative in getting things done… Good analytical skills. Ray has a good technical background having once been a software engineer. He has an excellent grasp of coding techniques and enthusiastically takes on technical challenges. He has taken it on himself to research and resolve several problems with which the MIS Programmers were having difficulty. He is good about looking for efficiencies in his solutions to ensure that they not only run accurately but also efficiently. Ray has done a good job of documenting his work. They are done in an organized and professional manner.” Director, MIS

  • “Ray has established a very good rapport with the user community. They respect his judgment related to MIS issues and look to him for technical and system related advice and guidance. Ray did a good job of preparing project plans for the major projects on which he worked. The analysis was done and estimates and plans were created. The estimates turned out to be fairly accurate and the plans required little changes as the projects proceeded. Ray conducted project review meetings which were well done. His presentations were well organized, concise and provided the users with an overview of the respective projects, as well as the work remaining and the outstanding issues.” Director, MIS


  • “Mr. Ganjavi is a highly motivated and skilled software professional who takes pride in his accomplishments. He will be an asset to any organization that is fortunate to have him on their staff. Mr. Ganjavi’s overall performance was considered outstanding by both the Research and Development staff, as well as senior management.” Director, Cullinet Software Inc.

  • “I would like to thank you for accepting this assignment so cheerfully and then for working at it so diligently. The company and the product will be better for your efforts." Founder, PCI (Cullinet)


  • “Reza has performed his duties very well. He has consistently demonstrated his capability time and time again. He is, without a doubt, one of my top programmers.” Software Manager, Thermco Systems Inc. (First job after graduating from university, age 21).

  • "Reza has performed his work very well and I am hoping that he will be available to work for us again in the fall. He is punctual, reliable, well organized, and personable. His appearance is always good; he is patient in explaining procedures to fellow workers or to students; and all work that he has done for us has been accurate. I recommend him without reservation.”… “I used to think that human nature is good. Then I stopped trusting people …. After I met you I once again I realized human nature is good.” College Dean

  • "I found Reza to be hard-working and thorough, with attention to detail. He was quite knowledgeable about the technical concepts involved in our systems. He performed his duties well and delivered his commitments on time. He was easy to get along with, and worked well with the other members of the team. I recommend him highly, as I would gladly welcome the opportunity to work with him again.” Project Manager


  • “The best and brightest of all the students I’ve had over the years… One of the best and brightest and most sensitive human beings I’ve known… you’re my best scholar… You’re a philosopher at heart – you always have been, you always will be – but you’re a beautiful combination of the practical and the philosophical which I admire very much… Reza, you are probably the brightest student/friend that I've known during the last many years. You have brilliantly combined the world of data/facts with the job of being a human being and philosopher--not an easy achievement. And you have excelled in both.” Philosophy Professor, SAC

  • “Reza, The final grade A. I really appreciated having you in my class. Your many, very direct questions really made a contribution. Best Regards.” Professor of Management (MBA program), University of California

  • “Reza Ganjavi is one of the most energetic and educationally aware students that I have encountered in recent years. His positive attitude towards life, and his “hunger” for a broad education is evident. He is a highly capable student with multi-talents. Not only is he interested in his major endeavor -- computer science, but has a zest for expanding his knowledge in many fields. His strengths exceed those of the majority of his peers. He is intelligent, affable, quick-witted, persevering, self-disciplined, and frankly enjoys all dimensions of life. He has extensive interests: classical guitar, racquetball, tennis, the outdoors (hiking, camping, ocean activities, photography, yoga, and journal-writing. Reza has a long-term goal, to obtain …. and apply these quantitative skills to deal with qualitative human dilemmas in the world today. In view of his objectives, exemplary personal characteristics and his high academic abilities, I must enthusiastically recommend Reza Ganjavi”. Counselor, SAC

  • “A very very fine paper” Philosophy Professor, California State University

  • I am sure I have had between five and six thousand students in my lifetime, but you are the most outstanding of all! I mean this seriously.” “Mr. Ganjavi has exemplified the highest standards of conduct in his interpersonal relationships. For these reasons it is a privilege and pleasure to commend and recommend him - without reservation”. “You are truly one of the special people in the world! You are very special to me and such an outstanding person.” Communications Professor, SAC

UPWORK (Freelancers I hire)

  • "Possibly one of the best clients to deal with. Simple & straightforward to any given tasks and very considerate. I didn't even felt like he was a client, I felt more like I'm talking to a friend. I would recommend and would love another project with Mr. Ray!" Kristel Mae Pangilin

  • It was realy pleasure to work with Ray . He is a good listener and good man." Vallery Buyak

  • "Very kind approach and clear requirements. It was pleasure working with you." Aimen Zara

  • "It was a nice experience working with him." Jenish Basnet

  • "It was a very good experience with Reza. I hope we work again in the future." Wassem Shahzad

  • "Very nice to work with you. Everything about the requirements were very clear and also very good in communication." Shihab Uddin

  • "Working with Ray was a pleasure. I helped him with some document formatting. He was always available whenever I had questions and gave me enough time to finish my tasks." Gabriela Nikolova

  • "I was a great experience working with Réza. The requirements were very clear and he was very cooperative throughout the project. Can't wait to work with you again." Sunil Sharma

  • "Very good client, friendly, good listener, very clear I recommend him for freelancers was happy by working with him." Ali Afifi

  • "Super friendly and supportive, Ray communicated his requirements so well and guided me all the way to successfully complete the task. I would love to continue working with him again!" Prince Patel

  • "Excellent experience.Clear requirements about work. Mr. Reza is a very nice person." Wassem Shahzad

  • "Outstanding experience. Thank you so much" Shihab Uddin