NEW SET OF OVER 20 LIES BY CHRISTIAN OESCH (in addition to numerous lies he's said before)

NEW SET OF OVER 20 LIES BY CHRISTIAN OESCH (in addition to numerous lies he's said before)

By Reza Ganjavi, MBA

NOTE: This file includes lies by Oesch which recently came on my radar via things people sent me or things I happened to come across. I do not actively research Oesch but passively look when something comes on my radar. My investigative report "the Report" already revealed many lies he said to Swiss public in cyberspace.

The Report revealed that Oesch lied about his background.

Two of many lies he's said are that he spent the last 20 years in EMF/Health research, and that he's been working in biomedicine since 2003 -- both are falsehoods he promotes as facts. The list is long. He also lied that he's a Biotech Executive which he is not and has never been. He also lied that the US government "stole" 4 million dollars of his money, which it never did. It forfeited about $50,000 of his money which was in a Ponzi Scheme he was a part of. And so on. 

Oesch spreads lies about me because he doesn't like the facts that are in the Report about his past actions, and doesn't like the lies he tell the public debunked. So he tries to discredit me so as to discredit the report. Since he can't do that truthfully, because I've acted with honesty, diligence, integrity, with a single aim of finding truth, in the spirit of the real meaning of philosophy -- he resorts to propagating falsehoods, delusions, and stupid remarks.

I newly came upon the list of lies below. I did not look for them. I dread spending any minute on Christian Oesch, his fake claims / lies. But when it appears on my radar, sometimes it needs to be documented at least as a service to the society. Naturally, telling lies to the public deceives the public. 

Newly Uncovered Oesch Lie #1

Christian Oesch went on his Co-BX-protocol-scam-pusher Sherri Tenpenny's podcast, and in the description he claimed that he was part of Pascal Najari's lawsuit against Alain Berset. Pascal vehemently denied it. Oesch's fake claim was nothing new -- he tried to attach himself to many other endeavors he views as high profile in the past and had made untrue, dishonest remarks about his role. More details in the Report, and here:

Newly Uncovered Oesch Lie #2

Another Oesch's recent lie is that he claims that he terminated his (minimal, disruptive) contact with Professor Lennart Hardell (MD, PhD). 

I have a copy of an email that Dr. Hardell sent to Christian that clearly terminates their minimal contact which Oesch had established when he interjected himself in my project with Dr. Hardell, knowing I’m the project manager, and going around me, and the ensuing disruption, lies, risks and issues that Oesch caused by his uncoordinated, incompetent, unprofessional, inappropriate action. 

Dr. Hardell terminated his minimal contact with Oesch after Dr. Hardell realized (without my help) that Oesch was lying to him too, and that Oesch tried to take credit for what he has not done. I do believe Dr. Hardell because I know he's a man of integrity. And Oesch's behavior perfectly fits so many other instances of Oesch lying, and Oesch having tried to take undue credit. 

Oesch apparently tried to take credit for introducing a donor to Dr. Hardell's Environment and Cancer Foundation. But Dr. Hardell called out his fake claim. I am only publicizing these because Oesch has publicly commented about this subject. 

 In an email to Oesch, on 22 June 2020, Dr. Hardell wrote: 

"As far as I know Mr Scherrer is not a person that you have recruited for funding. You did not even know him since before... I am of course very disappointed by your message and feel to be betrayed. With this mail I close further communication with you."

Dr. Hardell also wrote to me: 

"Note that the name he [Oesch] mentions is not person he did even know since before and absolutely not did contact for funding."

Newly Uncovered Oesch Lie #3

Oesch falsely accused Dr. Hardell of something that Dr. Hardell would never do but Oesch would do! Typical of Oesch to project his own way of conduct onto others. I will not repeat this accusation here because I do not give continuity to such things, but Dr. Hardell could have reported Oesch to law enforcement but instead, he decided to focus on his noble research and scientific publications.

Oesch's false accusation of Professor Hardell is very disingenuous and dishonest, and damaging to a man who has given so much of his precious time in order to help Switzerland, only to be defamed and disparaged by Christian Oesch’s delusional, dishonest, self-serving rants.

Newly Uncovered Oesch Lie #4

To disparage my investigative report about him, he has told people ridiculous, stupid, false, delusional things like "Reza is jealous of my success". He's deleted his LinkedIn profile which contained numerous fake claims, debunked in my report. So I put together a resumé of his background so people who are subject to his lies can see for themselves what his profile is, which he claims to be so great that others are jealous of him: 

It seems that he has nothing anyone in their right mind would want to be jealous of. I have a completely different definition for "success" in my vocabulary. Oesch has bragged about being proud of a completely bogus lawsuit he filed againt the USA's justice authorities who forfeited his Ponzi Scheme funds. He he wanted them to pay him almost 30 Trillion Dollars! That is more than the entire GDP of the United States! His crazy lawsuit was thrown out of court with the judge saying it "deteriorated into rambling", but he considers it as a success!  Not to mention he said a number of fat lies to Swiss people about that lawsuit, for example saying USA "stole" $4 Million of his money while in reality it was about $50,000, and it was not stolen; it was rather confiscated because of his involvement in an illegal Ponzi Scheme. The Report documents and debunks a lot of his lies and fake claims.

Newly Uncovered Oesch Lie #5

Oesch said multiple lies to Pascal Najadi about me, in order to try to discredit my investigative report about his (Oesch's) background. Pascal fell for Oesch's lies and repeated them to someone, which soon I found out! Pascal sincerely regretted it and apologized to me, and stated that what Oesch had told him was untrue. Details here:

Newly Uncovered Oesch Lie #6

Oesch has bragged about being very "professional" and has disparaged a group that decided to expel him -- or because he thinks they read the Report which he may be calling "amateur". His cluttered communication is not clear.

Him being "professional" and his critics as "amateur" is a familiar theme in his self-made delusional paradigm. Fact is, a lot of what he was claiming to be "professional experience" were dodgy engagements. In all the research I did into his background, I couldn't find one credible experience in the last 20 years that I would consider to be professional experience. So I'm not sure if he knows what "professional" means! Certainly much of his actions in numerous settings have been utmost unprofessional.

Furthermore, there's nothing amateurish about a group deciding to discharge him, and while I'm quite happy with the quality of the Report, I never claimed it to be a professional endeavor. I did it on a best-effort basis and out of necessity to find out what Oesch was about, in light of his preposterous actions, deceptive claims about his background, and his disruption of a high profile project I was running. 

I have had a professional career for decades and served world-class entities in professional settings who vet their staff. Someone with Oesch's background would never be considered; they check your resume; when I checked Oesch's resume, I found a bunch of big lies! I know what professional conduct is, and how Oesch has behaved has been utmost unprofessional, including lying on his resume which a true professional never does. If a prospective employer finds out you lied on your resume, it's a show stopper. 

There are many examples of Oesch's unprofessional conduct, e.g., if you want to have a part in a project, and you know very well who the project manager is, you don't go around the PM! Oesch did exactly that in the Hardell-Ganjavi project -- and messed it up.  

Newly Uncovered Oesch Lie #7

Another recent lie is that he could have sued me but he didn't not to hurt "the movement". Nonsense. He's lying. He's not doing the anti-EMF-pollution any favors by mixing it with all kinds of nonsensical conspiracy theories that discredits the real scientific approach of the activism of EMF scientists and some of us who are/were fighting for this cause. Oesch never had a case against me because I have always respected his rights, and others' rights. But he doesn't understand that facts cannot be defamatory when a person is a public figure who avails himself to scrutiny, and he lies to people.

Furthermore, in my opinion, he does not care about any movement - including anti-5G movement. For him it's just a money making scheme -- a way to drum up donations. And he's repeatedly tried to make money on the back of activism. He was selling safes as part of the the Cash Initiative when he was telling people to take their money out of the bank -- and selling woowoo devices as a part of 5G activism. And he has given a lot of bad advice to the public, e.g., reportedly in avoiding paying taxes, which he did in the US extensively when involved in his over 20 shell companies and other dodgy ventures he was involved with. 

If Oesch really cared about the "movement", he wouldn't go around lying -- he would care about truth -- nothing hurts a movement more than dissemination of falsehoods as facts -- and especially so, when a person claims to have the biggest "5G movement" in Switzerland -- which is not true anyway -- but if it were, that would carry responsibility to act with honesty and integrity. 

I find it very cowardly for Oesch to threaten me behind my back. Recently I received an email he had sent to a friend of mine saying blah blah, I can sue him blah blah. He knows he has no case, and therefore, he doesn't have the courage to say that to me directly because he knows the response he will get -- especially given his history of bringing nutty, frivolous, losing lawsuits. 

Furthermore, I'm not part of any movement any more. I retired from the anti-EMF movement in Switzerland after I produced a major video for the Swiss Federal Council:

Newly Uncovered Oesch Lie #8

Another one of Oesch’s recent lies: He completely lied about my contact with Stephan Seiler. It's too bad that Oesch is talking about this subject publicly -- which forces me to state some things I otherwise wouldn't. Stephan, whom I like and respect, was in my view naive to trust Oesch early on (later he learned about Oesch’s ways). 

He tried to protect Oesch when Oesch was attacking me after I called him out for interjecting and disrupting my project and taking credit for what he hadn't done. Stephan said some things that were not ok – therefore, I had my lawyer send him a demand letter. Being a decent man, Stephan apologized, we settled the matter and that was the end of it. 

Christian Oesch twisted, turned, falsified and flat-out lied about this matter to the public in such preposterous way that only showed how little understanding he had, and/or how little he cared about truth, and/or how determined he was to try to damage my reputation because of the investigative report I produced that exposed the lies he was telling public about his background and competences.

His comment about me and Stephan, in my opinion portrays a mindset which is very difficult to speculate on. Perhaps it’s a lack of ability to grasp certain basic legal concepts, despite all his entanglements with law, or other reasons that I don't want to waste time speculating what goes on inside Christian Oesch's skull. But the symptoms are strange, for example Oesch calls seeking justice on an unlawful conduct as "fraud". That's his favorite loose canon word for some things he doesn't understand or doesn't like. 

By peacefully seeking justice in what Stephan Seiler did, I achieved just that- a peaceful settlement- and nothing more. There was no need to file a complaint. I am non-litigious and always try to work out differences peacefully first. Stephan is a grown-up man - he was a police officer - and he signed the settlement agreement totally on his own accord. But Oesch lies about that too!

It's an incredibly strange behavior I've never seen before - but then again, my circle of friends are honest, accomplished people and my professional colleagues are vetted by the companies I work with. So I'm just not used to dealing with people who falsify their resume, who take credit for other people's work, and state falsehoods as facts. 

Newly Uncovered Oesch Lie #9

Another lie Oesch said was that he claimed that the two events where Martin Roosli was speaking at were "his" events. He had absolutely nothing to do with them but he referred to them as "our" event !! 

I witnessed this first hand during two events where I unfortunately found myself in the same room as Oesch. He portrays himself as the big boss as though he was the one who organized the events, while in reality he was just a participant. 

He saw me and Stephan Seiler as a part of his team. I sure was not, and I intuitively refused to go along with his tune because he didn't seem credible. My intuition was correct – later on, at a heavy cost, I found out that he faked a lot of things and is apparently driven by money and ego in an activist sphere where most activists are engaged selflessly.

Newly Uncovered Oesch Lie #10

Oesch also lied about those two events and their videos -- he completely misrepresented and falsified facts, in such a disgustingly dishonest way that it makes me nauseous to remember. Fact is, Rebekka Meier, the President of the biggest Swiss anti-EMF association, complimented me for challenging Martin Roosli in the St. Gallen event. This event was very interesting as there was a big crowd of people who were verbally disapproving the industry people on stage, since they were trying to manipulate people in favor of wireless antennas. I was just one of them -- and the video captures me challenging Martin rationally -- something I feel good about (because he's been batting for the industry for a long time and is a part of ICNIRP which in on record for twisting real science in favor of the industry). Oesch lied about that too. He also lied about another event and said something disgusting that was absolutely false, in order to try to disparage me – only because I had done a big investigative report that exposed his lies to the public. 

Newly Uncovered Oesch Lie #11

The level of Oesch's cunning manipulation of facts is mind-boggling. He recently told people that Dr. Hardell "ordered" Oesch blah blah -- Dr. Hardell doesn't order people. Oesch interjected himself and prompted Dr. Hardell who believed Oesch initially, like so many others initially did as they believed he was what he portrayed himself to be. But reality set in. Most people are honest and usually think and expect others are also honest and well intentioned.

But Oesch twisted the story. He went around me and offered to pay for the translations, not because he cared about it but just to get himself engaged. It was a price he was willing to pay so he can later blow his horn and lie that he coordinated the entire effort (which is what people understand when you tell them "I was THE coordinator")- such a stone-cold lie. Now he goes around and says Dr. Hardell ordered him to do the translation! Which is another lie by Oesch.

Newly Uncovered Oesch Lie #12

Another recent lie of Oesch is that his association is the biggest 5G group in Switzerland. I don't believe it for a minute because I know the main associations which have been active for years before Oesch sets up his multi-purpose association that seems to go whichever way the wind (of money) blows in terms of subjects of activism -- and I know about the membership level. And my anti-RF FB group which is still ongoing has about 6000 members who are solely interested in being there because the topic that the group is focused on. Oesch's associations' Telegram channel membership are supposedly interested in activities of his association which spans from selling eggs, to chemtrails and questionable conspiracy theories, and certainly not exclusively 5G. 

Newly Uncovered Oesch Lie #13

Oesch lied that the group that terminated their contact with him had coerced him into revealing his delusional non-facts he thinks are damaging to me and Dr. Hardell. He was never coerced by that group or anyone else. 

Newly Uncovered Oesch Lie #14

Oesch wrote to the group that asked him to leave -- whom he thinks are coercing him, which they are not -- and he threatened to release some delusional non-facts and that he's "been trying to prevent for 2 years!!!!”

Nonsense! He has nothing. Zilch! Just an empty bluff to once again pretend about a fiction that is not reality. If he had anything you would be sure he would put it out. Even when he doesn't have anything he fabricates and puts out fictions. See chapter "Glory by Association" in the Report for many examples. 

Newly Uncovered Oesch Lie #15

Oesch claimed that his fictional non-factual revelations about me (which he has NONE) cannot be done without also exposing Professor Hardell (a double delusion in Oesch's mind). 

Newly Uncovered Oesch Lie #16

Oesch blasted a Swiss group that terminated their contact with him, and threatened that his association can the "story with REZA" in public, and that he doesn't need the leader of that group that don't want to help him.

Oesch is lying that there's anything he can "clarify" about the Report, which is what he really means, because he has had a very long time to object to any of the contents of the massive report about his dodgy past, fake claims, dishonest remarks, etc. but he hasn't, which means he can't, because my research was meticulous and objective. 

His statement about not needing the leader of that group blah blah is just nonsense. It reminds me of a US Federal Judge who wrote that Oesch’s arguments had “deteriorated into ramblings”, when he threw Oesch's case out of the court.

The "story" he wants to clarify, if it's not the Report which he has not objected to any of the content so far -- must be a story in his head. 

Newly Uncovered Oesch Lie #17

In January 2023 Oesch wrote:  “I have absolutely focused on the matter with 5G for 4 years” (translated from German). Which is a lie.

Newly Uncovered Oesch Lie #18

Oesch lied again saying “and to absolutely every <snipped> of Reza, I have an explanation!”. That's a lie because If he did have an explanation, why hasn't he sent it to me so the report can be corrected? He's sent me some crazy sounding, nonsensical emails from time to time, but no objections about any of the contents of the Report. He knows he doesn't have an explanation and can't argue with facts. Recently he posted a BX Protocol ridiculous document that tries to justify the scam "therapy". I assume that's what he means by "explanation" but it has absolutely zero value in terms of credibility and substance to argue for example that BX Protocol wasn't a scam. 

And then how does he justify the Ponzi Scheme and his numerous lies around that, which was exposed. I don't know what he's thinking when he lies to people like it's perfectly ok to lie -- making up fictions to make himself look good and win sympathy of unassuming, trusting people. Like telling Swiss people "US government stole 4 million of my money" when it was about $50,000 and it wasn't stolen. It was confiscated for being in an illegal operation. 

Newly Uncovered Oesch Lie #19

Oesch recently stated that the points in the massive Report about his background are swears at him. That's a lie and he knows it. I’ve presented over 180 pages of facts about his background based on over 520 citations.

Newly Uncovered Oesch Lie #20

Oesch lied that I had badmouthed his unscientific devices. The Report contains detailed analysis on why his "scientific" certificate is not based on credible, applicable science. Christian Oesch used to claim he was a "biotech executive" which was a lie -- and stopped making that claim after my report exposed his lie. If he were a true biotech executive he would understand the experts' analysis in the Report which debunked his claims. 

Newly Uncovered Oesch Lie #21

Oesch lied again that a video made of a pubic talk of Roosli's is purportedly embarrassing for me because I challenged Roosli. That's a lie and he knows it too -- the first time I heard him come up with that lie, he just made up some fiction that absolutely did NOT happen, in order to damage me. He doesn't respect the fact that when you set yourself up as a public figure, you avail yourself to scrutiny, especially when you lie to the public, and you don't respect a reporter who fulfills his moral duty to the public to help the public know the facts, and you subject him to fake, fabricated stories to try to damage him in order to discredit him, in order to discredit the report about you. But that's a futile attempt. 

Newly Uncovered Oesch Lie #22

Oesch claims that I have defamed him. This is not true because truth is the ultimate defense of defamation especially when a public figure is scrutinized. His bogus claim is just noise in order the try to muddy the water and somehow help himself out of the fact that by the grace of God, and good friends, I came to realize a number of big fat lies Oesch had said about me recently (e.g. see the Pascal Najadi file -- and several other instances, of things he said that he must have wished I'd never find out. 

So if I want to file a criminal claim against him I have enough supportive goods in terms of judicial-quality evidence. Once he found out I have the concrete goods against him, i.e., his own words, he started making noise that somehow I have purportedly defamed him, which I haven't. This type of behavior is very typical of Oesch. Other witnesses have told me he has behaved like this in the past: to turn the table around and blame you for what he has done. Reminds me of the thuggish attitude of school-yard bullies who are so shameless to not only take your ball, but claim that you took their ball! 

Newly Uncovered Oesch Lie #23

Oesch claims that FTX collapse that cost investors over $8 billion in losses was orchestrated by the government in order to centralize cryptocurrencies blah blah and:

"So they create money laundering legally through FTX, the Ukraine war, the Biden family" blah blah. 

It's hard to believe he really believes these things since there's absolutely no indication or evidence for them. So I think he says these things to be sensational, and cater to a subset of his audience who thrive on outlandish conspiracy theories.

Newly Uncovered Oesch Lie #24

Oesch has claimed that he has "validated and confirmed evidence of professional experience in alternative medicine".

In my opinion, having analyzed Oesch's resumé for a recent 20 year period, I saw nothing in there that I would consider as alternative medicine. I'm a big fan of alternative medicine but BX Protocol was a scam sugar-water posed as cancer treatment by Oesch, so that's not a legitimate alternative medicine. Since then, he sold woowoo devices that have no scientific basis. His "science" is dark field microscopy which can be interpreted however one likes, and bacteria experiments which are very far from humans. The Report on his background goes into this in detail. 

The only other things I can think of is his teaching people how to make "silver water" which he claims to be anti viral and anti bacterial but there's a host of problems with it and is largely dennounced in the US by health authorities and one credible media outlet called it "snake oil". It's considered as a treatment for Coronavirus by some not so smart people or those who are misinformed. So that's not alternative medicine. 

His "validated and confirmed" is interesting. He didn't seem to have the experience anyway, so who would validate and confirm what he didn't have?

According to a website listing alternative medicine, I don't see any of these in Oesch's background -- and people who are practitioners in these things are usually trained and certified. As far as I know Oesch doesn't have any credentials in any of these.

Newly Uncovered Oesch Lie #25

Oesch said he didn't sue me in order not to hurt the movement. That's a lie. 

Newly Uncovered Oesch Lie #26

Christian Oesch claims UBI ordered SRF to delete/modify its content because of Oesch's request. That's a lie that UBI confirmed with me in writing when it confirmed that I and SvS (Rebecca Meier) were the only two Plaintiffs -- and I did all the heavy lifting, on the ground legal fight with SRF, and kicked their ass and won. Oesch wants to take credit for that work !! What else is new ?!

Newly Uncovered Oesch Lie #27

It seems that when Christian Oesch doesn't like a criticism he calls it "FRAUD" or "DEFAMATION". 

His friend Stephan Seiler entered into a legal agreement with me, which he signed totally on his own accord, and he used to be a policeman and he's a smart guy -- and he apologized to me and we settled the case.

Oesch has turned that around and called it fraud !! That's another Oesch lie! 

Newly Uncovered Oesch Lie #27

Oesch lied that he has no idea why I started having a problem with him that led to my investigative report about him. He tries to portray that as arbitrary and intentionally leaves out key facts, like how he weaseled his way in my activist group by lying to them about his background and then took over the most critical phase of my project without coordinating with me (he knew he should), and went out and lied about his role, and incompetently messed up my project. 

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