Christian Oesch's Real Resumé, Biography (focused on 20-year period he made many fake claims about)

CHRISTIAN OESCH'S RESUMÉ (focused on 20-year period he made many fake claims about)

Researched, Compiled, Authored by Reza Ganjavi, MBA, as a Public Service 

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DISCLAIMER: This report covers the period of about 20 years of Christian Oesch's life which he spent in the USA, and the period after he moved to Switzerland and I had the misfortune of running into him when he interjected himself in a high profile project I was running and took over the most important phase and introduced serious risks that became serious issues that hurt the project. He went on to say a number of public lies in multiple languages about his engagement with the project, and made a lot of fake claims about his background. After I completed authoring the massive report about him, I did not keep up with his activities so this document does not contain any of the things he's been involved in since then. But for sake of context, it contains information I gathered during my research about his time prior to going to USA, and a little bit after my report was finished. So this is not a comprehensive resumé about everything he has done in life. Its main focus is the 20-year period when he claimed to be doing EMF-health research and "biomedicine" but documented facts are very contradictory to that claim.


The main reason I created this page is because Christian Oesch has falsely told the public that I'm jealous of his "success" which is a joke, if you compare my background/profile with him. But he didn't say it as a joke. He said it to disparage me, so that he discredits the investigative report I published about him that debunks many of his lies and fake claims.

Also he has made himself into a public figure, and thus availed himself to public scrutiny, and he has said a number of lies about his background and competence, and he's been engaged in selling health-related products which do not have a credible scientific basis.  For example, he's publicly claimed that he's been a biotech executive, he's claimed that he spent 20 years in EMF/research, he's claimed to be working in "biomedicine" since 2003, he's claimed employments with various entities -- none of which turned out to be true. After my research report about his background was issued, and it became revealed how many fake claims he had made, he deleted his LinkedIn profile - but he continued to lie to people about his background, competence, profile. Furthermore, he's continued trying to engage himself in important works of other people, based on his purported profile, and he continued selling unscientific health-related products claiming himself to be an expert in the matter. So it is fair that a summary of his real background is presented here, as a public service. 


Christian Oesch has falsely claimed that I’m jealous of him / his success!! So it’s entirely fair that we take a look at his background/resumé – not the one that contained a lot of fake claims and lies, but the real one, based on evidence I’ve been able to gather. And anyone can put this side by side my resume/profile and decide if I would ever want to be jealous of Oesch’s “success”. Reminder: his idea of success is not my idea of success. He takes pride of having filed a totally bogus lawsuit against USA law enforcement and justice authorities which was dismissed with the judge ridiculing him about his arguments having “deteriorated into rambling”.


Aside from that, I don’t see anything on his resume that I would consider to be success stories. Reader can decide for themselves. The focus of this artifact and my research is the 20 some year period which Oesch made fake claims about his background. I haven’t paid attention to Oesch since the publication of the report unless someone sends me something, or otherwise he shows up on my radar.

Christian Oesch made a number of fake claims on his resumé, and likewise he said a number of fake claims about his background and competences, to the public, and sometimes in multiple languages (German, French, Italian, English). These are analyzed in detail in the Report.


I would have to devote many pages to list all of Oesch lies that I have documented, but just as an example:


· In a 5 May 2020 article which touted Oesch and his unscientific high-priced gadgets, claimed that he had “devoted his past twenty years and career to research in health optimization integrity and electro smog solutions.” This is one of Oesch’s many blatant lies. The publisher told me that Oesch wrote that statement himself.


· In a lie-filled email to a large group of people on 7 December 2019 Oesch said three blatant lies in one sentence:

"I even sued the USA government over their fraud and stealing 4.2Million from my company in the Merrill Lynch banking mess in 2008"

Facts turned out to be: He sued a Federal Judge, Prosecutor, Secret Service, because of a court ruling that confiscated around $54,000 which was in a Ponzi Scheme (Ad Surf Daily / ASD) which the US Department of Justice busted and shut down. It had nothing to do with the Merrill Lynch mess. The only thing that resembled the Banking Bailout was the fact that Oesch sued the authorities for about $30,000,000,000 which is larger than the size of US Banking Bailout and US GDP. The US did not commit any fraud against Oesch – it was a perfectly legitimate court proceedings where the defendants exercised their legal rights, and Oesch lost the case. And there was no theft. When the government confiscates money that is in an illegal operation, that is not theft.

His $30,000,000,000 lawsuit was dismissed with a U.S. Court of Appeals judge stating in the dismissal ruling that Oesch’s arguments had “deteriorated into rambling”

Oesch has bragged about this on multiple occasion as one of his successes that he is proud of! He considers the above as a success, and he accuses me of being jealous of his success, in order to try to discredit the Report I authored about his background.

· In a video interview with Swiss reporter Rogger Bittel, Oesch lied, saying he has worked in “bio medicine” since 2003.

· On his LinkedIn resumé which contained multiple false claims, and on Swiss media, he repeatedly referred to himself as a “Biotech Executive” which he absolutely is not and has never been. Being a CEO of a company that makes a scam cancer treatment (“energized” sugar-water that has a starting price of $17,000, sold to cancer patients, doesn’t make a person a Biotech Executive. It’s like an air-guitar player calling himself a real guitarist. I know many real biotech executives including close friends, and their profiles compared to Oesch is like a real car vs. a toy car. Oesch lied about being a Biotech Executive on multiple occasions, e.g.,


· The list of his lies go on and on. Here’s one last one before we move on to his “real resumé”. After Oesch interjected himself in my project last minute, and cunningly went around me, and took over the most critical phase of my project, and messed up the project, he shamelessly publicly promoted himself, in multiple languages, on YouTube, in Swiss journal Zeitpunkt, and elsewhere, as the coordinator of my project!! That was another blatant lie. He went on to lie about his minimal association with Dr. Hardell and publicly claimed he was working with him even after Dr. Hardell reportedly discovered another blatant lie Oesch had said, and told Oesch their contact is finished.


His long list of lies became longer after the Report was published, as he tried to disparage me in order to discredit the Report (since he couldn’t argue with the documented facts in the Report). Given the long list of his lies, about his background, about me, etc., and even telling the public that I produced the Report because I am purportedly jealous of him (which is absolutely false) -- it was absolutely fair to produce a list of his real engagements for which there’s evidence.


So here is Christian Oesch’s real resumé with a focus on the period of 20 years he has made many fake claims about.



- Name: Christian Oesch (also spelled as Ösch)

- Date of Birth: 24 February 1966

- Country of Birth: Switzerland

- Place of Residence: Eriz, Canton Bern, Switzerland

- Citizenship: Swiss by birth; US naturalized citizen (Naturalization Number: 22218851)


Oesch did an apprenticeship in cooking from age 16 to 19; no further formal education or degrees.


Until age 30, Oesch was apparently involved in food-related work in Switzerland. Then he moved to USA.


I did not research his background between the time he went to USA and around year 2000 because my focus was on the 20 years prior to 2020 when he misinformed the Swiss public that he was engaged in EMF/health research in the last 20 years.

- Prior to 2000, there’s a public record that for 4 months Oesch registered a restaurant business in Utah: Abiento LLC. There's a record in 1994 where a Christian Oesch was involved in a Bankruptcy Petition legal case n Utah.

Dodgy Anti-Taxation Activities 

- In early 2000's Oesch took a wrong turn and stayed on it for the ensuing decades. He got engaged in tax/debt scheme activities to start with -- something called Global Debt Solution (GDS) | Stewardship Holding Group (SHG), etc. -- which on his lie-ridden resume he called something else. My research report on him untangles the lies in detail (links above). The gig was promising "a 5-figure income from the first month" and also offered off-shore investments, credit repair, etc. And it touted “IRS Code Busters” -- anti-taxation schemes. 

- A number of people who used IRS Code Busters’ to not pay taxes, were found guilty and had to pay penalty or go to prison. 

- Oesch slept with a gun next to his bed. These are all substantiated with references in my report (links above).

Opening and Closing Lots of Shell Companies

- At some point in early 2000's he befriended Kenneth Wayne Leaming, a double-felon (convicted of crimes twice) who later served a long prison sentence. With Leaming, Oesch did a lot of collaboration in dodgy matters, including anti-tax schemes, Sovereign Citizen, and ASD Ponzi Scheme. And they were engaged in lawsuits together including when the US Government busted the Ponzi Scheme.

- For the ensuing years Oesch and Leaming opened and closed umpteen dodgy shell companies as they maneuvered in different States and jurisdictions.

ASD Ponzi Scheme

- Oesch was engaged in ASD Ponzi Scheme (Ad Surf Daily) which purportedly paid people to click on internet links -- using money from new members. He had around $50,000 money in this scheme when the US government shut it down, and forfeited Oesch's money. Later in Oesch lied to Swiss people saying US government "stole" 4 million dollars of his money! And numerous other lies that is in the report (links above). 

Unsuccessful Fight With Government Over Forfeiture of his Ponzi Scheme Money

- Oesch's next engagement, during the years when he lied to people later saying he was doing EMF/health research -- was to sue a highly respectable US Federal Judge, prosecutor and Secret Service by “fining” them -- after “convicting” them (in his head) -- for almost $30 TRILLION which is the size of the entire Banking Bailout and bigger than the US GDP! When they didn’t pay him, he sued them in court to force them to pay!! The judge threw away the case saying Oesch's arguments had "deteriorated into rambling".

- Oesch has told Swiss people that he's very proud that he sued the US government, although he miserably failed at it! He considers it as one of the reasons he thinks he's so successful (and the extension of that flawed thinking is that he has accused of his critics of being jealous of him, which is not true. Which success? I don't see any success stories in his background which I've extensively researched.

CEO, Pusher of BX Protocol Scam 

- Oesch next engagement was BX-Protocol scam. "Energized" sugar-water sold for $17,000 to people with illnesses including cancer. Oesch was the CEO of the scam company that called itself Delta blah blah -- and he was also an "affiliate" (salesman). Their website was hacked by people who found out they're running a scam, and all kinds of interesting facts were revealed, about how much money they made, their trails in Cayman Islands, Panama, etc., and a lot of fake claims, and also evidence that they knew what they were selling was a scam. 

- Oesch must have seen the writing on the wall. He downgraded his title from CEO to COO before leaving the scam company - and some months later FDA Criminal Investigations Division shut them down.

Anti-Government Sovereign Citizen Ideology, etc. 

- Oesch was involved with the dodgy Sovereign Citizen movement and used their terminology, methods, in his losing legal fights, and still lost. 

- Oesch was sued a number of times while in the US, including by the US Government. 

- Oesch promoted various conspiracy theories, against the governments, banking system, taxation, etc.


- In 2018 Oesch moved back to Switzerland and continued the same modus operandi since early 2000's in the USA which was one failure after another; one dodgy engagement after another. 

Lying About His Background, Glory By Association, Taking Credit For Other People's Work

- Oesch attached himself as usual to various big efforts again to get glory by association.

- Oesch is promoting some of the same failed ideologies that he was promoting in the USA, now in Switzerland. 

- He purported himself as a successful biotech executive who spent 20 years in EMF/health research, and in his emails provided link to a glorious page about himself which he touted as "recognition" while in reality it was something he paid for -- a paid recognition! 

- On his fake resume he had many claims of having worked with various organizations which turned out to be fake -- e.g., the Knights of Malta confirmed to me in writing that they have never heard of Oesch -- while Oesch claimed to have worked for them! 

- Not having had any significant achievements of his own, and apparently not having had the competence and aptitude to make significant professional achievements, he tried to attach himself to high profile endeavors to get "glory by association" which is the name of a chapter in the report (linked above).

- Oesch has said innumerable lies publicly, not only about his own background, but also about me, because my research exposed his, which was entirely fair, given he's made a lot of misleading statements to the public, and as a public figure has availed himself to scrutiny.

- Oesch has taken credit for a lot of things that he had absolutely no hand in. For example, some public talks that were organized by others, Oesch claims that he organized them. The delusion and dishonesty has been wide and frequent.

Lying About His Role In Key Petition

- Oesch got engaged with the large Stop5G Petition and gave himself big false titles including claiming that he was the co-initiator. The real initiator vehemently opposed Oesch's fake claims. The relationship was terminated. The initiator of the petition had a lot of problems with Oesch's behavior. Oesc made fake public claims about his engagement.

Failed Collaborations

- Oesch got involved with the FBS association. The relationship was terminated because they couldn't handle his behavior. 

- Oesch's relationship with another activist group in Switzerland was terminated because they didn't want to work with him. He had an angry bout in response, stating numerous lies and irrational arguments. 

- The largest Swiss anti-EMF association said they did not want to work with him because of his engagement in selling unscientific devices and his background. 

Selling Woowoo Devices With No Credible Scientific Foundation

- Oesch got involved in selling Kiontke's woowoo devices by supposedly co-founding Vivipro -- where he was the leader -- and was pushing expensive "feel good" devices that have no scientific basis. He came up with an irrelevant so-called scientific proof that is entirely debunked by real scientists as inapplicable to humans - and he uses dodgy so-called scientific ways to fool people into believing his woowoo devices are more than placebo effect. I just learned (January 2023) that he said he was fired from the company. But Oesch is still touting the woowoo devices in his public presentations. It's not clear if he's getting a commission.  

Messing Up A High Profile Project, Saying Numerous Big Lies

- Oesch interjected himself in the high profile Hardell-Ganjavi project, messed it up by introducing serious risks that became serious issues as a result of his self-interjection and knowingly going around the project manager (yet Oesch touts himself as being so "professional"), and made incredibly dishonest, fake claims about his role and minuscule contribution. Oesch's engagement was a serious damage to a great effort in the Swiss anti-pulsed-microwave-pollution activism -- that could have had great results had Oesch not interjected himself.

- Oesch publicly lied that he's working with Professor Hardell while he was informed by the good professor that the minimal relationship they had was terminated.

- Oesch publicly lied that he terminated his relationship with Dr. Hardell, while it was Dr. Hardell who terminated the relationship once he found out Oesch was making fake claims and taking credit for what he had not done. Privately, Oesch told his colleague at the time, Stephan Seiler, that Dr. Hardell had terminated the relationship with him -- but later Oesch fabricated the contrary story, in order to save face and hide yet another failure which was caused by the egotistic, arrogant, unprofessional way he conducted himself, and his incompetence. 

Failing As Candidate For National Council

- Oesch ran for National Council - but was not elected. He takes pride of that loss too and considers it as one of his achievements, while in reality it's a failure when you're not elected in an election. 

Trying To Financially Profit From Activism

- Oesch got engaged in various activism in Switzerland, and tried to make money in the process, even though other activists were in it purely for the cause. 

- For example, he tried to sell safes when he was telling people to take their money out of the bank. Or pushing woowoo devices at anti-5G meetings.

From Fake Biotech Executive Position To Selling Eggs

- Oesch started Verein Wir ("we" association) by making Stephan Seiler as the President - but their relationship was also terminated when Stephan did not want to work with Oesch any more citing Oesch's ego as the problem.

- Oesch has tried to lure gullible people to donate to him via his association. 

- The association acted like Oesch himself, for example, trying to take credit for other people's work.

- Oesch set up an online shop and is selling farming products, etc. He came from a farming tradition, so that's back to his roots, after decades of dodgy engagement.

- Oesch has made some false claims about his association.

Oesch's Modus Operandi is Unchanged in January 2023

- There's no sign that Oesch's behavior has changed. In January 2023 he tried to pull off another "glory by association" case by attaching himself to Pascal Najadi because of Mr. Najadi's high profile engagement -- and Oesch lied about it and made fake claims, trying to share credit for what Pascal had done.

Pushing Anti-Government Ideas and Conspiracy Theories

- Oesch has been involved in activism around different things. I have not researched his activities for a year or so but get informed via my channels and know he's still in the same modus operandi.

- Oesch seems to push any conspiracy theory that can attract donors to himself via his association. 

- He's reportedly pushing his anti-taxation ideas and anti-government ideas still. He's on record for saying that the Swiss government is run by the Vatican!


- It’s absolutely fair to publicly refer to his references because he has repeatedly sent around a link to a web page about himself on a site that gets paid to write “recognition” for people, and Oesch has bragged about his being “recognized”, which is deceptive because most people think it is a sincere, impartial recognition.

- Die meisten von Oeschs fünf Referenzen in seinem Referenzpaket stammten von Personen, die am Verkauf des BX-Protokolls beteiligt waren oder vorgaben, mit den Malteserrittern in Verbindung zu stehen.

Comprehensive Background Report

- A comprehensive look at Oesch's background can be found here: 

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