Debunking Christian Oesch

Fake Public Claims, BX Protocol Cure-All, ASD Ponzi Scheme, Tax Schemes, Fake Knights of Malta …


CHAPTER 1: Introduction, Purpose, Disclaimers

Accuracy, Warning, Legal

Christian Oesch’s Background Per Publicly Available Information

CHAPTER 2: Christian Oesch’s Misleading Public False Claims About His Experience in EMF/Health

Eleven (11) Proofs That Debunk Oesch’s Lies About His Background

CHAPTER 3: Résumé Walkthrough

Oesch’s Résumé Looks Thin Despite All His Public Bragging And Pretenses


Biotech Executive Claim


Self-Assigned Big Titles & Overlapping Big Titles

Christian Oesch’s Paid Self-Promotion “Recognition”

Self-Assigned Vice Chairman Position of Swiss Petition

USA: Oesch Opened & Closed Many “Companies”

Convicted Criminal Richard Schultz

Tom Woodall

Oesch’s Swiss “Companies”

Cayman Islands, Panama, Tax, Money, “Helvetia” Mystery

“G7”/(fake)KOM same time as HERS, HIS, MYHUB, SHG etc. (missing from Oesch’s resume)

CHAPTER 4: Order of Malta Sternly Refutes Oesch’s Fake Claim, and Therefore, Authenticity of Oesch’s KOM-related References

Formal Statement From Sovereign Order of Hospitallers of Saint John of Jerusalem, O.S.J., Knights of Malta

About Order of Malta & Oesch’s Fake Claims

Ulrich “Kiran” Schmidt

BX Protocol’s Sherri Tenpenny’s Fake KOM Affiliation

Thomas Lee Woodall’s Fake Knighthood & Fake Reference Letter for Oesch

CHAPTER 5: Christian Oesch’s Tax Scheme Engagements As Further Evidence Of His Fake Public Claims

Anti-Taxation Movement: “We The People”

Oesch’s Tax/Debt Scheme Company: Global Debt Solution (GDS) | Stewardship Holding Group (SHG), etc.

Oesch Slept With Gun Next To His Bed

Oesch’s Partner Company: IRS Code Busters’ Tax Evasion Scam

Tax evaders sent to prison

Oesch & Leaming’s Tax/Debt Scheme Companies (HERS / HIS)

Nevada Tax Scheme

“Asset Protection” that Christiensen alleges cost her $500,000

Fake Testimonial


“Minor children on corporate payroll”

Accountant busted for tax evasion

Another short-term endeavor shut down

Potential Links Between BX Protocol & Tax Schemes

Lawsuit Against Oesch, Leaming’s Tax Scheme Business helps debunk Oesch’s lies

CHAPTER 6: Christian Oesch’s Engagement in “Ad Surf Daily” (ASD) Ponzi Scheme, As Further Evidence Of His Fake Public Claims

U.S. Government Forfeited Oesch’s Assets

Oesch’s Involvement with ASD via Washington and Nevada entities; Link between tax-scheme and Ponzi scheme.

Oesch’s Delusional Felony Conviction (in his head) of a Federal Judge, et al.

Legal basis for denying Oesch’s motion

CHAPTER 7: Oesch Publicly Lied About Litigation vs. USA & Accused U.S. Government of Fraud & Theft For Forfeiting His Ponzi scheme Assets!

Oesch’s retaliatory action against judge and prosecutors, etc.

Oesch publicly lied about the amount forfeited by the U.S. Government

Oesch publicly lied that the forfeiture action was a fraud, and theft by U.S. Government

Oesch publicly lied about the reason behind the forfeiture case

Oesch’s Failed Retaliatory Legal Action For $29 TRILLION Against U.S. Government

Oesch Was Sued By U.S. Government Entity, FNMA

Oesch Was Involved in a number of other lawsuits in the USA

CHAPTER 8: Links between Tax Scheme, Ponzi scheme; Oesch’s engagements that debunk his public lies; conspiracy theories; pseudonyms

Link Between ASD Ponzi scheme & Tax Schemes

Conspiracy Theories About Banks / Financial System / US & Swiss Governments / Medicine

Oesch’s Aliases, “Oesch English”, Anti-America Comments

My take on conspiracy theories, debt and taxes

CHAPTER 9: Oesch & Sovereign Citizen Movement / Tax Scheme / ASD Ponzi Scheme

Many ASD Ponzi scheme Members Were Sovereign Citizen Ideologues

CHAPTER 10: Christian Oesch’s Questionable Biotech & Bio-Medical Experience Claims

My Note To Dr. Hardell

Another Oesch Public Lie About His Background

CHAPTER 11: Christian Oesch Was CEO at BX Protocol business, promoting unscientific, unapproved purported treatment for cancer and other diseases

Oesch was the CEO of “Delta” (BX Protocol) much longer than he was a COO

Oesch Was Also A Delta “Affiliate” (Salesman) / Cayman Island Account Connection

Evidence BX Scandal Was Operating In the USA, And Abroad

Evidence That Oesch Was Marketing BX Protocol in Switzerland as well as in the U.S.

Oesch’s Failed YouTube Takedown Attempt

Management: BX Came From Toilette

CEO Christian Oesch Message to “Members”

CHAPTER 12: Multiple Public Lies & Fake Claims by Christian Oesch In Relationship to the Hardell-Ganjavi Project & How Oesch Messed It Up

Hardell-Ganjavi Project

Christian Oesch’s Uninvited Arrival

Roosli Events

Christian Grasser of ASUT

Yet Another Lie By Oesch

Second Roosli Event

Another Oesch Lie

Disrupting the Hardell-Ganjavi Project

Another Big Fake Claim / Oesch’s Nephew

Another Oesch Lie

Credibility Issue

Oesch’s Conflict of Interest


Oesch ignored Dr. Hardell and I’s requests for transparency

Another Oesch Lie

Response to the letter

Lost Cause

“Strategy”, Praise, Intentional Disruption

Bad Debate Idea

Another Oesch Lie

Another Oesch Lie

Another Oesch Lie

Karma Is A Bitch

More Shameless Oesch Lies Such As Lying That He’s Working With Dr. Hardell!

Dr. Hardell Kindly Named Me In “Oncology Letters”

Sad to even have to mention credit

Oesch’s Colleague

Oesch Hasn’t Changed

Another Lie By Oesch

CHAPTER 13: Christian Oesch Lied About His Tax-Scheme- /Ponzi-Scheme- Partner/Fake-Lawyer Leaming

Notaries Lost Their Licenses

CHAPTER 14: Impersonation of Martin Röösli in Fake Email

So, who had sent the email? There are some clues!

Martin Roosli’s Reaction

CHAPTER 15: Review of Oesch’s Swiss Association


President Just Quit

Established in Grenchen!


CHAPTER 16: Review of Oesch’s “Feel Good” Gadget

Potential Conflict of Interest

“Junk Study”

Issues With “Scientific” Claim

“Dark Field Microscopy” / “Live Blood Analysis” Trap

Expert: “Dartsch Scientific” Is Used To Bolster Weak Concepts

Proper Scientific Trial vs. Oesch’s Claims

No Credible Scientific Evidence / Misleading Sense of Protection

Placebo Effect

Similar To BX Protocol Marketing

Company Structure

The “Science” Traced To German Criminal

Dead Man Working!

Kiontke, Criminal Müller, Global Scaling/Diagnostics

Oesch’s Desire To Get Dr. Hardell Involved

Another Oesch’s Lie / Challenging Oesch’s Claims


CHAPTER 17: Keeping It Real

APPENDIX: General Info on BX-Protocol Scandal

Delta/BX was shut down by FDA’s Office of Criminal Investigations (OCI).

Money Trail

Panama / Hong Kong / Same Address As Scam Financial Company


Testimony of a BX Protocol Victim’s Son

Disguising Google Search Results to Hide “Scam”

“Class Action” In Oesch-English / BX In Canada

Ruthless Marketing

Delta’s Idea of Trial / Study


Trouble Doctors

Oesch’s Son Confirmed Delta Had US Operations. He also lied on his resume!

Job Advertisements for BX in Utah

Fraud in Utah

Towards The End

Internet Forums

BX Protocol’s Ingredients / Contradictions

Membership / Cost

Cancer Patients Told To Avoid Oncologists

BX shipped to customers in USA

BX Protocol promoted as cure-all

Fake Science/Research/Statistics

Gobbledygook “Mechanism of Action” / “Subquantum Esoteric Field”

“Education”, $15,000 “Retreat”

BX Reincarnated?

Royal Rife


APPENDIX: Glory By Association

APPENDIX: Oesch’s 5 References include 2 from Fake Malta Knights, 2 by BX Protocol Figures

APPENDIX: On Truthfulness

APPENDIX: Letter to Oesch Demanding Evidence


APPENDIX: Fake Knights Of Malta

APPENDIX: Some of Oesch’s Engagements During Period He Falsely Claims he was doing Health/EMF research