BX Protocol Fake Cancer Drug Scam

BX Protocol Fake Cancer Drug Scam


"I've been sent a link to a video about the BX Protocol. It’s appalling. The BX Protocol isn’t actually a protocol — there’s nothing that seems to be at all specific about it. It’s a collection of quack cures for everything, daubed with sciencey language to make it sound authentic. If you want to see what I mean, watch this con artist try to bamboozle his audience with his version of molecular genetics."

BX Protocol was a purported treatment for cancer and other illnesses, which was not FDA approved, yet sold to US patients, and it was not approved by any other regulatory agency in the world, but was also marketed and sold to people outside the US as well.

Why waste time on this scandal, you might ask. A person called Christian Oesch (Ösch) interjected himself and took over the most important phase of a most important project in anti-EMF-pollution sphere in Switzerland, which was a project I had started and was running -- and needless to say, he screwed it up -- and he lied about it and related matters publicly. He came in when the key artifact was already done after months of hard work by Professor Lennart Hardell and myself, so Oesch's engagement was absolutely minimal, yet he introduced a number of risks that became major issues and hurt the project. What was his aim? I believe, 1) egotistic glory of being associated with a great work, since if you look at his resume (even including falsehoods he has in his resume) it doesn't look impressive at all, in my opinion. And he has a history of associating himself with others' great works. And 2) he's selling a woo woo gadget that has no credible scientific backing, where he benefits from EMF pollution. So perhaps that conflict of interest had a role in it. That whole story, and various public lies he's said about the Hardell-Ganjavi project, and lies about his own background -- are outside the scope of BX Protocol which was essentially sugar water, with a price tag of around $17,000 marketed to people ill with cancer and some other serious diseases.

Oesch dropped the CEO title and took on the COO title and left the company before FDA Criminal Investigations unit shut the company down.

Oesch came back to Switzerland after living in the US for a long time (he's both a US and Swiss citizen, and is native Swiss from Kanton Bern). During his years in the USA he was a figure in the ASD (Ad Surf Daily) Ponzi Scheme which was busted by the US government. Oesch was not a big fish but still the government forfeited assets of his which he got engaged in a fight and threatened to sue the judge, prosecutors, etc. if they take away his money (the amount of which he grossly exaggerated when he was lying to Swiss people about it later), and once they took his money he sent them an invoice for Trillion of dollars (size of the entire Banking Bailout), and when they didn't pay he sued them and of course he lost the case. He was also engaged in the Sovereign Citizen movement. And he was extensively involved in tax schemes or strategies or whatever they're called, and opened and closed umpteen companies. Yet he's publicly said he spend 20 years in EMF/health research!!

In Switzerland he started various entities including Vivipro, Verein WIR, and sells woowoo gadgets (woowoo meaning without credible scientific basis) such as E-reliefmobil... He became an activist against 5G but in my opinion he's done the movement more harm than good -- and now in particular as he's mixing it with Corona conspiracy theories which dilute the purely scientific EMF activism.

The other key figure in the BX Protocol scandal is "Dr" Dewayne Lee Smith who's reportedly on the run. He's the guy behind the (fake) "science".

There's a lot of information on the internet about BX Protocol scandal. Here are some links. I have not visited all the content on these links therefore I'm not endorsing them. I think they could be handy for anyone who's heard Oech's lies about his background, to verify his background using publicly available information.

This is a semi-satire page people started about BX Protocol that has some useful information and links (I haven't checked it fully for quality and am not endorsing it): https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/BX_Protocol There are a lot of videos on Youtube, e.g. this one as part of a BX Protocol playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqyCf4LZ1kk&list=PL0i2qLgc7uAE6_MCzbkb4DRHsWxGptWOA&index=1


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