Pascal Najadi Fell For Christian Oesch's Lies But Regretted It And Apologized To Reza Ganjavi

Pascal Najadi Fell For Christian Oesch's Lies But Regretted It And Apologized To Reza Ganjavi

By Reza Ganjavi

Yesterday I got a call from a friend who had come upon evidence that a high-profile person in Switzerland, Pascal Najadi, who has sued the President of Switzerland, had disparaged me. I got a hold of the statement and it sounded just like Christian Oesch, (see I researched and wrote that report as a community service because Oesch was going around lying about his background. Also, for me to know what he was about, because he had interjected and disrupted the Hardell-Ganjavi project and lied about his miniscule role and then disparaged me when I called out his unacceptable action, which caused several risks and issues in my project.

What Pascal had said was the same stupid line that Oesch has been propagating about me since I wrote the above report which illustrates his dodgy past and exposes a long array of his fake claims.

But this time it was said by Pascal Najadi, which was surprising – there’s NO WAY Pascal or anybody else would come up with the stupid and false adjective Oesch used to disparage me. 

I immediately located Pascal – though it took a bit of maneuvering; I got his WhatsApp channel via his YouTube channel. He wrote me back immediately, and even called me, and we spoke.

I told him from the onset that I wanted a peaceful solution as a matter of principle. He was for it. But my main and uncompromisable prerequisite was 100% honesty, openness, and putting his cards on the table.  I cannot possibly negotiate with someone who is not forthright and honest. 

We set up a zoom call for today. I don’t want to go into the details of the exchange and negotiation but it was friendly, mutually respectful, and honest. 

I did believe him when he said he did not know me – which is what I had thought; he had merely repeated what Oesch had told him which was false – more falsehood coming out of Oesch. 

The other possibility would have been if he had researched me himself, but there’s no way he would have had the same idea that Oesch portrayed which was malicious and flat out false. Oesch’s intention all along has been to try to disparage and discredit me so as to downplay the extensive research report I wrote about his background. 

Pascal immediately surrendered, which showed he’s an intelligent person. Idiots try to cover up and fight back when they don’t have a case.

I believed Pascal when he had told me that he didn’t know me - which gave me the hypothesis that he was merely repeating what Oesch had told him. That turned out to be the case.

In his affidavit, he wrote what Oesch had said to him about me which he believed, but once I encountered him and he saw what I was about, he concluded that everything Oesch had said about me was false.

Within 24 hours of me finding out about the violation of my rights, we had the case settled peacefully! Good stuff. He apologized and I accepted the apology because I could tell it was sincere. He had trusted Christian Oesch and fallen for the lies Oesch told him.


A person who helped with providing the evidence wrote: “Oh my god this is great. Reza, great job. Great, great, great job. OMG this is so great. I'm so happy. Wow! Unbelievable. You're my hero. Wow!”


A blessing in disguise – out of this unfortunate incident, Pascal and I became friends – which is a good thing, because he’s a good guy - as far as I can tell – who made the mistake of believing Christian Oesch. See:


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Response To Pascal Asking Where I Got The Information From

19 January 2023

Dear Pascal

In journalism we have a holy grail that sources are not revealed. So I'm sorry I can't tell you how the info came on my desk about what you had said which turns out you repeated Christian's backstabbing me as he tried to discredit my research about his background and fake claims, which to this day, he has not been able to show a single thing in my report that is not factual despite barking to people that he has an answer to everything blah blah. Where is it? How can he deny the facts that are documented in US Federal Court archives for example?!

To your question of how I obtained the information, all I can say is what Persians say, and your father bing Persian perhaps you know it: Kaare Khodaa Bood -- which means it was the work of God --- and angels and agents and connections and karma which is a bitch 😂 for a guy who seem unashamed to go around lying about his background, other people, etc.  Speaking about Persian, work, action, is Kaar -- probably same roots as Sanscrit Kaarmaa (phonetically spelled). So what we do has a consequence, and our future is determined by how we act today.

Karma eventually catches up with people. You experienced it first hand in the Sherri Tenpenny case where Christian Oesch invited you, then he abused your trust,, stature and clout to attach himself to your work and get glory for his ego and for the gullible people who have donated to him or he'll try to get donations from.

I am just as stunned as you are - although I shouldn't be - I know how Christian Oesch operates. But everytime it happens again I'm stunned at the brazen shamelessness. Did he not think you will read what he wrote and call him out on the false statement he wrote - that attaches himself to you?

It's a recurring theme - that's how he operates - he's done it to me, and others I know - so I believe its his "program" - his modus operandi. And the next module in his brain's program is him getting angry when you call out his lies -- and say nasty things and lies trying to discredit you. That's how he fights with facts. And he calls himself as "success", a "professional", a "fighter".

I believe in justice, in truth, in goodness, in God, in love, in the universe and universal values of truth, kindness, beauty, goodness, etc. -- and equilibrium which this revelation, this coming to surface of facts, helped achieve.

And you should be grateful to it - which I know you are - and I now you were sorry and learned something - and that's why I settled with you - that next time someone tells you something nasty about someone, you will try to verify it first hand, before passing it on to someone else.

And I am grateful for our friendship, and I know you were grateful that I pointed out on how Oesch was abusing your accepting his invitation to appear on Tenpenny show -- there's always something in it for him -- either money or ego/glory and in this case it was the latter -- I don't think Ternpenny pays him even five pennies -- she's a sucker for money herself -- she was shamelessly pushing the same "energized" sugar water that Oesch was pushing to cancer patients, for a starting standard price tag of around $17,000 and she got a huge commission. Her affiliate status is in the report:

So, some of us spend our time for the greater good, to help people, for justice, for what's right, for compassion and caring for others -- and some people are just into making money and getting egotistic glory at any price.

Be well.


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