Doctors' Link With Hedge Funds

Doctors' Link With Hedge Funds

I know from

  • past experience dealing with crooks like the hedge fund manager Martin Shkreli who is now in federal prison

  • brokers I've known who have large hedge fund clients

  • and other forms of well-documented sources

That hedge fund that attack biotech companies like vultures, often have a bunch of Medical Doctors and PhD's on their payroll. They also use intermediaries to hire medical doctors to not only get expert advice on companies they target, but to help distort the facts and raise fear, anxiety and doubt about the companies the hedge funds prey on. With the kind of money some hedge funds have, they can buy almost anyone who's willing to sell himself.

Some people are not for sale. My father was a very powerful man, and many people have said if he wanted even the bricks of our house could have been made from gold bars -- but we lived a middle-class life and were content, as he was not for sale.