Swiss Competent Prosecutors

Swiss Competent Prosecutors

It was in the news that some 24 prosecutors in Switzerland never studied law. That's shocking, and in a way not surprising when our Minister of Justice was a former concert pianist with no education or experience in justice, and later she became minister of environment and she had no experience with that. The issue with lack of hands-on experience is that you don't bring meaningful reform since you don't understand the nuts and bolts of your organization, and its issues. 

Then a UN report comes out rating Switzerland poorly in the area of racism, which is really a shame given what a beautiful country Switzerland is, how well its run, how nice and compassionate its people are, and how strong it is economically, and so on. 

There's a lot to say about these topics but the point was prosecutors who didn't study law, in any country should be an issue, but in Switzerland it's acceptable. I have not analyzed the reasons but it could be that it is preferred to have native-Swiss in such roles, and if there are not enough of us fit for the role with the proper education, those without it take on the jobs, vs., hiring foreigners. But I know some prosecutors who are from Germany or have Eastern European ethnicity. In some fields like medicine, or IT which is my field, there are many non-native Swiss in key roles. I was also "imported" to Switzerland because people with my expertise didn't exist here.

With that long intro, I wanted to write this page to acknowledge that I have come across some very competent prosecutors in Switzerland, and a couple of really bad ones who were blinded with racism.

These were all in the context of racist attacks I suffered, or other violations of my rights. 

Here are some names of prosecutors I highly respect in Switzerland: 

Jasmine Fuchs - Prosecutor Baden. She was an excellent prosecutor, and convicted a crazy neighbor I had, Michael Scherer who once threatened to kill me because I had reminded him of the no-smoking rule in the building. He got a hefty fine, and a criminal record.

Ana Marija Veselic and Dr. Eckert Maurus in Chur. Excellent prosecutors. Dr. Maurus was the head of the unit in Chur and I had very good talks with him. He gave the case I had to prosecutor Veselic. It was against a man in Chur who had said racist things to me and insulted me. He got a hefty fine and a criminal record.

Hermann Fleischhackl - prosecutor in Bern - he was very helpful in a case I filed against SRF (which later I dropped after SRF lost the case against me at UBI in two separate rulings). I found him to be very fair, competent and professional. He also helped answer a question in a case involving Brockwood Park / Krishnamurti Foundation where they had made a totally bogus report in order to quash the major research I and our team was undertaking as per UK Charity Commission process. After talking with Mr. Fleischhackl about the process, I successfully obtained the identities of the people who had made the bogus complaint, and that was very revealing and helpful. Of course their case was not taken by law enforcement because it was totally bogus. 

Josef Neff - Zurich prosecutor helped teach a lesson to a member of train station security who had harassed me. I had filed the complaint. I forgave the guy, but first Mr. Neff had him come in, and Mr. Neff and I gave him a talk about civil behavior. The guy will think twice next time he decides to harass a peaceful passer by who just happens to look like a foreigner! Mr. Neff was very fair and handled the matter very competently and professionally. 

Another time I was helping a friend whose 100,000 member Facebook group was hijacked by a group of Afghan hackers. At that time Mr. Neff was in the cyber crime unit. He provided valuable help to me and I resolved the matter in favor of my friend, with Facebook. 

Susanne C. Leu - Zurich prosecutor. Very nice lady, competent, considerate. She was the head of the Limmat branch of the Zurich Prosecutor office (now she is part of the Attorney General office: Oberstadsanwaltschaft Zurich). Her direct report had a direct report who was a terrible prosecutor -- Julia Mattle -- I see that she is not there any more (Good). She was the prosecutor in a case I filed when a native-Swiss guy almost killed me in a hate crime, and I had solid evidence (video) -- nevertheless, she was incredibly biased, in favor of the native-Swiss guy who had almost killed me, totally unprovoked as most hate crimes are. That's a long story I will publish when I find time, but I got to know her boss's boss, Ms. Leu who was a very nice person. She wanted to correct some of the lies that Julia Mattle wrote but she regretted that she wasn't able to because Julia had written her lie in favor of the native-Swiss defendant in such a way that even her boss's boss couldn't erase it! So she agreed that I wrote the correction and she amended the files with a long list of corrections I made to the lies and falsehoods that Julia Mattle had written. My guess is she did so to help the native-Swiss guy get his lawyer's money back from legal insurance, despite the fact that I have a video showing he was stalking me, totally unprovoked, and then came with a weapon and raised his hand and almost hit me in the head while I run across the street in utter fear for my life. He got away with it, despite the evidence. There's a reason why the UN report gave such a bad mark to Switzerland about racism.