Whatsapp is not secure

Whatsapp is not secure

Whatsapp brags about being end-to-end secure but that's only half the story. The other half is everything you send and receive is stored on Whatsapp servers. I called them out on this and they failed to address it -- they did response but their response was totally inadequate which further strengthened my impression of the fact that the messages are stored on the server, therefore they can be accessed by others than you intend, therefore you should consider everything sent and received through WhatsApp as not private, and breach-able.

My initial email to them follows. From then onwards it was like pulling teeth because they didn't want to admit to that fact so they beat around the bush.

To: privacy.eu@support.whatsapp.com


I received a message on my android device - it has attached audio.

I deleted the audio (after I listened to it) which was stored on my phone under whatsapp folder.

I go back to the same chat.

It downloads the audio AGAIN and it plays it. Which means, you have stored my message on your server.

Where else would it be downloading the audio from ?!? Surely not my google backup -- that's not what it's for. And surely not from my phone's storage / trash / cache -- which I deleted.

Yes your policy says you don't store messages. What's the scoop?

Thanks for the answer.

Reza Ganjavi, MBA