History of Krishnamurti Foundation America (KFA), Friedrich Grohe Gang, Jaap Sluijter, Etc.

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This Document Was Produced After Finishing Investigation into KFT by Our Task Force, in December 2022

I put together this page after our taskforce finished with the investigation of Krishnamurti Foundation Trust (KFT) in the UK, with a massive 340 page report of mismanagement and its associated massive complaint to the England/Wales Charity Commission. 

Publication Of This Material Was Not Time Critical And On Back-burner Because I Deemed KFA As Hopeless Due To Grohe & Gang Infiltration

I had deemed KFA as hopeless a few years back, after their Executive Director Jaap Sluijter (appointed by Friedrich Grohe & his Gang) broke basic codes of ethics and decency by fabricating lies about me because he was trying to a) kiss up to Friedrich Grohe after my "Fifth Foundation" Report shed light on Grohe & Gang's reckless behavior around Krishnamurti's work, and b) because he did not respect freedom of speech, just as any dictator doesn't; Jaap did not like accountability, including to the KFA Board of Trustees. So he made a mess -- and then he refused to meet with me to try to find a peaceful resolution, even after some KFA trustees told him to meet with me; so there was never a dialogue -- and seeing the level of dishonesty and lack of integrity at KFA, I deemed them hopeless and put the notes on hold till I find time to publish them. Prior to that I published periodicals around K's work.

KFT Fabricated Lie About My Contact With KFA, In Order To Justify Not Talking With Our Task Force

In response to a 14-point accountability document we sent to KFT, as part of the Charity Commission complaint process prerequisite, KFT came back with a bunch of empty, baseless, frivolous threats to intimidate us; and it avoided all the issues we raised; and it cooked up a lie that my dialogue with KFA had failed. As evidence presented herein shows, including an email from a KFT Trustee telling Jaap to have a dialogue with me -- Jaap refused to have a dialogue because he had acted dishonestly, and he did not have the character and courage to look at me in the eyes and repeat the lies he had cooked up, or better yet, as a man of integrity would do, to come clean, admit that his action was unethical, and find a peaceful solution. 

Instead Jaap just dropped the ball and left the disorder he made unresolved, and acted totally contrary to K's core values; and he's the Executive Director of K's foundation! Congrats to Grohe & Gang for yet another major screw-up of the Krishnamurti legacy by an incompetent, preposterous act of recruiting. 

So a dialogue never happened. But KFT says it did and it failed, which is a lie, although I can see Jaap also lying about that but I cannot read the minds of people who lie! I can't put myself in their shoes because truth is important to me, and it was important to K.

One of the 70+ witnesses we talked to during our KFT investigation, who's also familiar with the KFA situation pointed out that the arrogant, dishonest statements of KFT management was nothing new. They also fabricated a concept of "impasse" in order to justify the firing of the principal of Inwoods, and they blamed it on the principal while in reality, they had admitted it was not her fault, and most importantly they refused to meet her to open up the impasse and resolve it -- and even refused to define what the impasse was!! Because it was a fabricated fake concept and going into it would have meant it evaporating.

The witness wrote:  "Yes, like Brockwood Park management saying there was an impasse with Inwoods after they rejected any attempt at cooperation..." The subject of KFT's mismanagement is discussed at length here: https://www.rezamusic.com/writings/on-j-krishnamurtis-work/KFT-Mismanagement


This page contains information about my dealings with Krishnamurti Foundation America, with a bunch of artifacts provided at the end (images, videos) -- and the turmoil KFA went through prior to Grohe Gang infiltration which led to Jaap Sluijter becoming a (terrible) Executive Director -- and how KFA was fast tracked into becoming hopeless, in my view. 

Also see the K-circulars section of this site has a lot of publications I made around work of K and his foundations: https://www.rezamusic.com/writings/on-j-krishnamurtis-work

WARNING: Don't mix up Krishnamurti with his foundations

KFA which K himself called an idiotic foundation is hopeless and with exception is run by people who are generally self-serving and have gone against some of K's basic teachings, so they are not living his teachings. His English Foundation (KFT) is even worse at the moment (December 2022) unless the Charity Commission steps in and replaces some of the Trustees. Check out https://www.rezamusic.com/writings/on-j-krishnamurtis-work/KFT-Mismanagement

Deliberate Dishonesty Is Moral Corruption 

This summarizes the entire moral corruption at KFA: Executive Director Jaap Sluijter who's appointed by Friedrich Grohe & member of his Gang Rabindra Singh who's a Trustee of KFA because of being on Grohe's payroll -- LIES about me -- intentionally states a falsehood he knows to false, as truth, which creates a huge chaos because falsehoods stated as facts create disorder but Jaap was too dumb and too wicked to see or care about that -- and he had no respect for all that Krishnamurti said about importance of truth, integrity, order -- and refuses my request to talk about it -- and Michael Mendizza, a Trustee of KFA, writes to Jaap and asks him to meet with me to talk about it -- and Jaap refuses -- because he's so arrogant to not obey an order of a Trustee who is his superior, because Jaap is empowered by having support from Grohe & Gang -- and Jaap is so coward that he doesn't have the courage or character to meet with me because that would mean truth can no longer remain hidden by Jaap's facade of falsehood.

And later down the line, other Grohe puppets have the nerve to say they don't want to meet with our taskforce investigating gross mismanagement at KFT, because purportedly there was a dialogue and it failed. No it did not fail. There was no dialogue because Jaap didn't have the character and integrity to face the truth that would inevitably emerge in a dialogue. And the above parties have a business of getting money from public in form of donations -- and getting money for selling the public opportunity to have a dialogue. If that's not hypocrisy, I don't know what is. 


Accurate reporting is important to me. Therefore, if you see anything that is materially false, please contact me with the evidence and correction will be made.

Big Picture 

I met Krishnamurti when I was very young. After his death I had a good relationship with his foundation in the USA (KFA). I donated to them, and helped them. See the section below ("BEFORE" which depicts before the Grohe Gang takes over and instates Jaap Sluijter as Executive Director) for lots of communications including several "thank you" notes from the foundation to me. Before Grohe Gang take over by instating their Executive Director KFA went through a long period of doing its job, until it lost a lot of money in the stock market (against K's will) and bringing a couple of problematic trustees, and increasing influence of Grohe Gang -- so for a period before Grohe Gang takes over KFA had some issues and I was a volunteer and visitor there and got involved in them -- which was not entirely unrelated to the Grohe influence but it more had to do with the internal mess at KFA and conflict between trustees as described below. 

When Grohe Gang took over it was downhill big-time because they didn't even care for truth. When you step on truth and are willing to say something that you know is false as truth, you're finished ! There's no hope for you ! You become Donald Trump ! And some of these guys did just that. 

So in summary, I had a very good, smooth relationship with KFA for many years, and they were appreciative of my contributions. I both helped them financially, and volunteered my services in the form of dialogue organization / moderation, IT services, organizing music events, playing in charity concert, organizing K video showing in Santa Monica totally out of my own initiative which attracted a lot of people and was a big deal, and so on. 

But due to an internal trustee conflict and using me as described below, I got involved with them in the James Paul / Diane White saga.

I was attacked in the Krishnamurti library by Michael Krohnen once, absolutely, totally unprovoked -- because of some crazy reason of him trying to kiss up to Diane White -- and he told the Board later that Mark Lee and James Paul had approved it. It was horrendous! He apologized to me later after he realized how stupid he had acted and once he was caught. I was very nice to them the whole time. I could have filed a police report. I had a witness who called these guys "fascists". 

And I could have also sued KFA in a slander case, as a trustee suggested it! But I never would allow myself to sue a dear friend's foundation no matter how terrible it had become. Also I am very non-litigious and always try to work out all peaceful alternatives first. And I tried with KFA - to get them to have a dialogue - but all I got was a bunch of lies and stupid denials which made me conclude KFA is hopeless and a disgrace to Krishnamurti. 

There was a big divide among trustees regarding Jaap and his actions. I heard most trustees were not in approval of Jaap's conduct and wanted to oust him but his political backing (Grohe & Gang's influence and money) was too strong - so he survived.

The post Grohe-Gang / Jaap KFA was a disaster in many ways. There are many examples from my personal experience with them - as well as experiences of others. Unfortunately we didn't have the kind of network that we did at Brockwood to tap into so many witnesses otherwise we could have produced a compelling case and go to regulators. 

One of Jaap's biggest screwups was the way he treated Tom Heggestad who had cancer all over his body. He made Tom cry! Story follows below. Here's my interview with Tom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzEUFOoyPDI

The anti-Reza sentiment among a very few compromised people was two-fold: 

1) Trying to kiss up to rich people like Diane White and Friedrich Grohe

2) Not liking the fact I am a writer and I was publishing circulars (they wanted to control all communications like a dictatorship).

Jaap Sluijter, Another Disaster Recruitee of Friedrich Grohe & Gang

Grohe & Gang are unqualified for doing recruitment for schools and foundations and their track record has been disastrous. Highlights of their ineptness is included in this document: https://www.rezamusic.com/writings/on-j-krishnamurtis-work/KFT-Mismanagement . For example, they recruited Mina Masoumian who became the most powerful person at Brockwood Park School and she had no experience or education in pedagogy, safeguarding, pastoral work, etc., and similarly with her husband Nasser Shamim. Grohe & Gang empowered them implicitly via being their political backing and ones who recruited them -- and via Grohe Gang member Raman Patel who was on the grounds at KFT / Brockwood and pampered their recruitees to ultimate power while he acted from the shadow, as per numerous testimonies we received. When sugar hit the fan, Raman jumped to the foreground and became Executive Director of KFT -- which is another disaster appointment because Raman in my view is totally unqualified for that role -- his closest related experience is managing a kitchen of 4 people, and his experience as appliance repairman is totally unrelated.

Grohe & Gang's appointing Jaap Sluijter to run KFT was another inept decision which was clearly done in order to keep the power in the Grohe circle. Jaap was backed by Grohe's man who made his way to be a Trustee of KFA because he is on Grohe's payroll -- and the results speak for themselves. A synopsis is reflected in this document. I've attended the KFA gatherings as virtual participant and am regularly disappointed by KFA going further and further away from the objectives of the founder, my friend, Mr. J. Krishnamurti. And the painful part is that K predicted this and warned about it -- and Jaap/Rabindra/Grohe fast-tracked it to nowhere land, especially in terms of values that are core in K's teachings such as truthfulness, attention, affection, caring, diligence, inquiry; just basic respect for what K tallked about for a lifetime. 

Jaap Contributing To Dictatorial Movement In Human Consciousness 

Jaap's style contributed to the dictatorship mindset of humanity -- if one studied K's work one would understand that. When you cook up lies and try to shut down reporters with lies that is exactly what they do in dictatorships. You should see the ridiculously long list of rules Jaap made - looked more like a list from a military camp. K points out the fact that you are the world and the world is you. Jaap is contributing to the same movement that we see in awful places, in terms of effect on human consciousness. 

Jaap Could Not Have Achieved His Goals Without Rabindra (of Grohe Gang) Support

Rabindra Singh / Friedrich Grohe brought Jaap to KFA and empowered him to be in this ultimate powerful position and consider trustees to be under his thumb. 

Just the same as Raman Patel / Friedrich Grohe brought Nasser Shamim and Mina Masoumian to KFA and supported them in their rise to ultimate power and having the trustees under the thumb of the real power center which was outside the Board of Trustees, i.e., the Old Boys Clan, and Grohe and his Gang and extended gang who receive perks from Grohe including Bill Taylor and Antonio Autor. Gisele Balleys was another one but she left the Board or was asked to leave after our research was released. 

In both cases the results were horrific, per the testimonies of over 70 people regarding KFT - and what happened to KFA, a fraction of which is represented in this document. I didn't care enough for KFA to do a proper research with an activist team as we did at KFT because KFA seemed and still seems hopeless. But we had and still have hope for KFT, depending on what the Charity Commission decides to do -- if they oust some trustees (Derek Hook, Wendy Smith, Gary Primrose) then there is hope for KFT. Our KFT research report: https://www.rezamusic.com/writings/on-j-krishnamurtis-work/KFT-Mismanagement

Insider Alliances: Jaap Sluijter, Rabindra Singh (of Grohe Gang), Trustee Francis Frode Steen, Property/Business Deals in Hawaii 

Jaap and Rabindra reportedly have done property and/or business deals in Hawaii -- Jaap reportedly spends time in Hawaii and some visitors and interns at KFA have said he was in Hawaii when they needed him in Ojai. 

Trustee Frode Steen reportedlt has also done property or business deal(s) in Hawaii reportedly in association with Rabindra and Jaap.

Frode and Rabindra are trustees of KFA. Jaap is the Executive Director of KFA appointed by Rabindra and his boss, Friedrich Grohe who's had a history of influence mongering at the Krishnamurti foundations and have gained tremendous power both KFA and KFT via his proxies. Grohe's Gang were reportedly asked to leave KFI and take their money with them -- otherwise KFI would have been ruined by them too as they have ruined KFA and KFT, in my opinion. Also see: https://www.rezamusic.com/writings/on-j-krishnamurtis-work/KFT-Mismanagement

It's important to note that my involvement in the research at KFT was absolutely non-prejudiced. Our task-force identified much later into our research, the huge influence of Grohe & Gang in the miseries at KFT. See https://www.rezamusic.com/writings/on-j-krishnamurtis-work/reza-ganjavi-on-his-role-in-investigating-kft-brockwood-park-mismanagement


Off Topic, Paul Herder was arrested in Hawaii, extradited to Ventura, and charged with serious crimes: https://www.rezamusic.com/writings/on-j-krishnamurtis-work/the-last-circular-around-krishnamurtis-work#h.2vv5phxvtwaa

After Mary Zimbalist Died Grohe Gang Started Infiltrating KFA 

After Mary Zimbalist died, Grohe Gang began infiltrating KFA. She was keeping them away. They had already gained too much influence at Brockwood/KFT (which became far worse after Mary Cadogan died in the UK) and culminated in a Grohe Gang member Raman Patel becoming the Executive Director after "sugar hit the fan" that the Executive Director they had instated (Nasser Shamim) and his wife (Mina Masoumian who was wholly unqualified for her role at the school given she had no background in pedagogy, safekeeping, etc.) as the most powerful person at Brockwood Park School, had taken the foundations (Trust, KFT) to a new low which led to us investigating the matter and publishing a 340+ page report of testimonies of over 70 people about KFT's mismanagement due to Grohe Gang's heavy influence and failure of key duties by the Board of Trustees to oversee this disastrous management.

I was a volunteer at KFA when Grohe Gang's influence began. I remember the overtures by Grohe's employee Rabindra Singh and his Grohe funded Kinfonet, to Mark Lee, and how Mark Lee was flip flopping -- behind their back he was against them because he probably knew if they gain too much power it could be bad for him -- and in front of them he was very friendly because he also was interested in their financial power. 

Mary Zimbalist (https://www.maryzimbalist.net/) died in 2008 at age 93. Her close confidant Dr. Scott Forbes carried on her legacy which led to a major publication of her memories (https://inthepresenceofk.org/).

Mary Zimbalist was  not too fond of Grohe and his Gang. She tolerated them but kept them at an arm's length. Friedrich Grohe and Scott Forbes had been in a major conflict when Scott was principal at Brockwood and Grohe had just joined the K circle with his big money (he donated over a million GBPs towards a study center at Brockwood) and reportedly paying people to disparate Scott to the Board and holding up money over another large donation until Scott was fire by the Trustees. So the animosity ran deep. 

I wasn't there at the time but I know that K really liked Scott -- Scott and Mary were his closest friends and people he trusted most. And Grohe was probably jealous of Scott being so close to K -- and there were factional conflicts between followers of Dorothy Simmons and Scott -- and K appointed Scott as the principal and announced it in a public event to Dorothy's shock -- and so on. Nothing compared to the misery that plagues KFT after 2015 as documented here (click here). I was not there and never researched it thoroughly but there was this history.

At the same time Mary Zimbalist, like Krishnamurti, really liked and trusted Scott as a very intelligent, good man of integrity.  Scott has a PhD in Education.  

Mary Z's influence on KFA was clear. After she died, that influence disappeared, and the field was wide open. The rest is history: Grohe's guy became a trustee and brought their guy as an executive director and the rest is downhill fast-track to KFA becoming a hopeless organization because K's values of compassion, kindness, importance of truth, importance of inquiry, etc. etc. - were thrown out the window. 

Events Leading To Grohe Gang Takeover

But before Grohe Gang takes over, KFA went through some internal discord that made the ground fertile for it.

Two key events were the failed revolution of some trustees to oust Diane White -- and the financial crisis of KFA which many blame on Mark Lee. For me personally there was another major ordeal: getting assaulted in the K library by Michael Krohnen which he claimed was authorized by a trustee who had failed to convince me to have sex with him (because I'm not homosexual) and who had failed to oust trustee Diane White, and Mark Lee who simply didn't like reporters around (I was publishing circulars around K's works where the subject of KFA's financial crisis was discussed).

But those scandals seemed minor compared to what Grohe's people orchestrated later which was wholly rooted in dishonesty and sheer thirst for power and control of the foundation. Details herein. 

KFA's Major Loss In Stock Market Against K's Wish To Speculate With KFA's Money

I was a volunteer at KFA when big bankers were coming to meet Mark Lee about investments. I was told by a credible source that K adamantly disallowed putting foundation's money in speculative investment. Mark Lee reportedly didn't listen. It resulted in a huge loss. Mark claims it was a 40% loss but knowing Mark has falsified things before, in my view the loss could have been higher. Of course Mark tried to blame it on the stock market and economy. Yes the market and economy had a hard time at that time but market and economy didn't decide for KFA. Mark and the trustees did. How much the trustees were involved I don't know but I assume Mark talked them into it.

The implication for KFA was disastrous. Several long term staff members were laid off. Mark Lee himself supposedly took a salary cut and became part-time. Based on information I received, People who were let go were Michael Krohnen, John Duncan, Chloe Gladstone, Wendy Smith, Joseph Ross, Ken Andreasen, Doug Evans, Michael Lommel, Anat Dagan. People who remained were Derek Dodds, Jackie Saunders, Eric Williamson, Tom Heggestad, Fransesca Alyakrinskaya, David Klein, Kirby Slavin.

Several of the people who were laid off were upset at what had happened. Had the money not been speculated with they would have kept their jobs. 

The foundation got weak -- fertile ground for Grohe Gang to eventually take over. 

Let's look at another episode of turmoil at KFA slightly prior to that period.

KFA Trustees' Internal Attempt To Oust Trustee Diane White

At the same time KFA was going through a big turmoil regarding trustee Diane White. I always tried to steer clear of Diane White because I perceived her to be a very negative person - she was often badmouthing people - even her own subordinates. She had come from a brutal performing arts industry and that was an excuse people used to justify her attitude. Apparently she had become a trustee because she was wealthy. Mark Lee and the Board liked wealthy people. 

James Paul, a retired orchestral conductor, was also a Trustee and between him, Mark Lee, they were talking about ousting Diane White. Mark Lee was the Executive Director and because of his role and because of his general attitude to go with the flow especially if the flow goes direction money, he was trying to remain neutral but it was obvious that he was also fed up with Diane White. Craig Walker was also in the discussions which were led by James Paul as Diane's White's most fierce opponent. 

I think James Paul had a good point. I viewed Diane as a terrible trustee at least because of her extremely negative attitude. 

I could no longer avoid and ignore Diane White when she started pulling the same garbage she was pulling on other people, on me. Now she was messing with the wrong person. I called out her BS in a polite and rational way as is always my style. 

James Paul and Mark Lee became aware of my pushing back against Diane White's garbage. And somehow I got involved in the discussions about ousting Diane White. I felt I was being used in the political plots that were being orchestrated but I didn't mind because I shared their sentiment about Diane.

One of James Paul's memorable lines which I think he was paraphrasing Emerson's line: “When you strike at a king, you must kill him.” Of course, otherwise the king will kill you instead. So James Paul was strategizing to oust Diane from the Board once and for all. He did not succeed. My involvement was merely to write to the Board with my experience with and sincere impressions of Diane, which I would have done regardless James Paul's efforts. 

Trustee James Paul Homosexual Overtures

James Paul was (is) an open homosexual and for some reason he likes to "advertise" it.  He had a bunch of big and small erect cacti on his front lawn; he openly talked about sexuality, and even in a restaurant he was bragging about the size of his penis at a volume of voice which other tables could also hear. I was shocked. It was 4 or 5 of us. He was also interested in engaging me in a sexual relationship but I told him multiple times that I am not a homosexual. He kept insisting. He'd say, everybody is but they don't know it -- and that if you try you will like it. He was pressuring me and I did not like it. And I kept insisting that I am not a homosexual, have no attraction in men sexually, and do not believe what he's saying, and am not interested in trying it. 

James Paul even offered to take me to the restrictive archives, which felt like a  carrot. That didn't work either 😂.

James Paul got on my wrong side. I don't know if it was because I rejected him but I can't think of any other reason. 

James Paul Conspiring With Mark Lee to Have Michael Krohnen Attack Me In The Krishnamurti Library (K's Own Home)

Coming up

Jaap Sluijter's Intern Program Disaster / Testimony Of An Intern

I heard of several interns who were disgruntled at Jaap and the program - at different points in time. In once snapshot I spoke with an intern who had been there for 4 months and she complained about the program especially how void of Krishnamurti it was and how void of Jaap it was as Jaap was often in Hawaii. 

She said some creepy guy had become an intern while Jaap was in Hawaii and there was nobody to properly vet him (not that Jaap would) -- the guy was always talking about sex -- and where he slept was separated from this young lady and another female intern, not with a wall by a plywood. 

She was also very disgruntled that there was no Krishnamurti in the program -- in 4 months they had not read any Krishnamurti and not discussed or learned anything new about K's teachings! I guess there's either place for Jaap's ego at the Foundation or K's work which is antithesis to ego. 

And there seemed to be no oversight by trustees. The most powerful trustee was Grohe's man, Rabindra who brought Jaap in and supported him -- just as Grohe's employee Raman Patel brought in and supported Nasser Shamim at KFT. And the consequences of these inept, foolish recruiting were drastic.

"I wanted to go deeper into the teachings by becoming an intern at KFA. Now I'm here and I am baffled because we haven't studied one fucking thing from Krishnamurti. I have been here for 4 months and haven't learned anything about Krishnamurti."

She said at Theosophical Society they study more Krishnamurti than at KFA where she said K was totally missing. With Jaap at the helm, it's hardly surprising. 

She also complained about a lack of compassion, lack of love which again is an essential part of K's teachings, and if you ever met him like I did you would know that he lived that compassion and affection. But you would also know that through his books if you studied them, which Jaap apparently is not interested in. 

Jaap seems to be more interested in impressing donors and his own position and power - at any cost. He stepped on truth to achieve a wicked goal. When you step on truth in favor of convenience this is contrary to everything Krishnamurti stood for.

The intern was surprised there was so much confusion there at the foundation. K was very clear and clear thinking and clarity are hallmarks of his teachings, in my view.


"I'm confused. I don't know what I'm doing there now. I had another bad night of sleep. I'm not doing well. I am even questioning what we are doing here".

She said why don't they have enough money to build a proper wall between the girls and this other room where the sleazy guy was sleeping which was separated by a piece of plywood.


They have money and they had money to build that wall but it was not a priority because it's more important that Jaap flies to China to attract donors. 

Flight To China To Attract Donors While No Money For An Essential Wall

A former trustee and close friend of K told me that 

(paste quote of trustee re new car) 

Trustee Karen Hesli Tried To Rationalize Jaap's Mindset By False Cultural Reference

Karen Hesli - a very nice lady and old friend of mine who is genuine and well-intentioned (in fact I recommended to KFA to ask her to be a Trustee) tried to rationalize Jaap's stupid, unacceptable behavior by saying he's a big guy (he's very tall) and he's from a culture (The Netherlands) which is purportedly very hierarchical/ authoritarian, therefore he's heavy handed and all these unacceptable behavior traits that seems so contrary to K's work -- e.g. when he intentionally lied, when he made Tom cry, etc. etc. -- but sorry dear Karen, that is not an excuse. In fact The Netherlands is the opposite. It's one of the most democratic and least hierarchical countries in Europe and this can be seen in the government and also companies many of which have quite a flat management structure.

Jaap's Priority: Himself, Money, Impressing Donors

Jaap's priority seems to be impressing donors. From the early days Jaap was drooling about donations and donors. Why? I don't think it's not because he cares about the foundation, it's because more money gives him control over more money and more job security. Knowing everything I know about him, I think he's very egotistic and his motives towards the foundation and K's work are foremost driven by his selfish desires.

If he cared about K and his work he wouldn't neglect the Grove as he did. He wouldn't neglect Pine Cottage as he did. He wouldn't make a long term dedicated staff with cancer all over his body, cry. He wouldn't say lies and alienate members of public to achieve wicked selfish motives and to please the man whose money and clout had gotten him this lucrative easy peasy job with a high pay and virtually no accountability if we believe him when he said he can get the trustee do whatever he wants. 

Jaap: Pretend To Be Busy So Donors Are Impressed"; Caught In Image Making Contrary to K's Teachings

K went at length to challenge people to explore living without psychological images -- to understand the whole image making process etc. 

Jaap, at a gathering told the workers and volunteers to look really busy so as to impress donors ! 

Says a lot about Jaap's mentality and values - aside being clueless about some of the core aspects of K's teachings like importance of truth. Jaap's on record for knowingly fabricating a falsehood as fact to achieve selfish means. 

Witness: Jaap Trying To Manage KFA From Hawaii! Jaap's Inept Mismanagement And Convoluted, Irrational Twisted Logic  

K spent a lot of energy talking about thinking clearly. And that's a hallmark of people who have grasped and lived some of the truth K points to. That's not the case in Jaap's case. I've heard so many cluttered, intellectually disorderly thoughts out of that guy, that it strengthens my impression that his degree of contact with K's work is out of convenience and not something he passionately delved into. 

Jaap was again gone to Hawaii. If he argues that he was on sabbatical (thought he's been in Hawaii many times when he was not on sabbatical) that wouldn't hold water because he claims he has to be in charge in this incident, therefore, he could not have been on sabbatical -- if he was on sabbatical and KFA didn't have a replacement for him that also speaks volumes and confirms that he's too nervous to have anyone get close to his position, even when he's gone, because of his job insecurity - which he's also publicly spoken about while he apparently did his "dirty laundry" in public (that they call dialogue).

Jaap Missing In Action (In Hawaii)

"Here's There were some eucalyptus trees on KFA's property next to <x> property.......that were close to the power lines. Edison asked KFA to take them down because of potential fire hazard (explosion if the trees hit the power-lines...). Before Jaap went to Hawaii, he delegated everything to N (=maintenance person) and gave me his tel. no.  in case of need.


When the fire started, some people said that it started because a tree hit a power line in Upper Ojai (not proven yet). I then checked the eucalyptus trees next to <x>...and they were still there.

I contacted the KFA  maintenance person.....who was not inclined to do anything. I told him that it was an emergency.......He finally showed up and said that a KFA secretary wrote a letter to Edison asking them to cut the trees.  I then called Edison.....They said it was the owner's responsibility to cut these trees.


N (=KFA's maint. person) then said that he didn't have the authority to cut these trees. I then called Mark Lee who agreed that these trees needed to be cut. I then proposed to ask Manuel (who is a landscape and tree contractor) to cut these trees. Mark agreed. Then N. objected saying that Manuel didn't have a license. Then I checked with Manuel who said that he DID have a license and that N didn't even ask him about having a license or not.


Then N checked with Manuel......and told Mark that it was OK to ask Manuel to cut the trees.....which he did.....at the beginning of the night. They announced strong winds......that's why I was concerned."


Jaap's Cluttered, Irrational Thinking 

"When Jaap heard about this, he emailed me saying that everything has to go through him. I answered that he gave me N's tel no in case of need.

Jaap also wrote that it was problematic for me to assume that N didn;t know that Manuel had a license. My answer was that there was NO assumption because I asked Manuel.....and Manuel confirmed that N did NOT ask him.


Jaap also wrote that this was not an emergency ! I wrote back that this was a huge emergency.....and that the entire community would have "killed" him if a fire had started on the hill.....because it would have spread to <x> , the Oak Grove, Krotona and the entire valley. With announcing strong winds, the fire fighters wouldn't have been able to contain it quickly.


Anyway, after I denied all the 3 accusations of Jaap, he kept quite......also because I sent a copy to Mark.....who was on my side !" 


Jaap Disrupted A Family's Plans By Cancelling Employment Contract Last Minute

Jaap Sluijter Pulled The Rug Last Minute In An Employment Contract After Using The Person For Free

I met this person in Ojai – very fine person who went on to receive a PhD. A hard-working, diligent, creative, highly intelligent, well-intentioned man with a keen interest in Krishnamurti’s work.

Next time we met he was devastated as Jaap had just pulled the run from under him by cancelling an employment contract he had promised him which included moving his family with two small children from overseas, and they were in the process of moving when Jaap bailed out on them.

What he said about Jaap showed Jaap was so arrogant, because of his political connection  -- of being supported by Grohe Gang / Rabindra Singh who is on Friedrich Grohe’s payroll. We saw the same kind of trend at KFT (Krishnamurti Foundation Trust, UK) which was infiltrated by Grohe’s Gang and appointees. In both cases, Grohe’s appointees felt they have power over the Board of Trustees. Jaap told this man that the Board will do what Jaap wants. That’s how confident and arrogant Jaap was about his power at KFA which has continued to this day at the peril of the foundation, in my view.

He decided not to sue KFA because he was afraid of Jaap retaliating by putting his family in danger.

It appears that a main motive for Jaap cancelling last minute was his insecurity that this man could replace him as Executive Director -- and that would have been a very good thing indeed! 

Letter From Victim Of Jaap Sluijter's Abysmal Mismanagement

"I had made contact with Jaap Sluijter who is the Executive Director of the Krishnamurti Foundation America (KFA.org) offering to be of service. I explained that I would be in the US for a short while before flying back to China to rejoin my family in Shanghai (where we were living at the time).  When we connected, Jaap immediately became interested in hiring me and went at length explaining his 'vision' for the KFA where he had imagined someone like me coming along to help out.  He and I hit it off and we talked regularly, he clearly communicated his goal that if I stayed and 'helped out' (for free) he would hire me, and accommodate me and my family's transition back to the US, and we envisioned together having my family move back to Ojai with my two young daughters attending their school (Oak Grove School).

I was very enthusiastic about this idea, although the promised <x>  pay was not much, it was what Jaap said he could budget and said he could add other perks along the way. I was very excited because the position held different roles, I was aligned with the ideas and teachings of Krishnamurti, it would provide quality education for my daughters, and it tied into my graduate research – so it seemed like a perfect marriage. 

I reasonably acted in reliance upon the assurances and promises made by Jaap to continue our relationship by staying longer in the US and I purposely worked with him in creating the position he described so that I would be able to start getting paid for it as soon as it was funded.  He looked for me to officially start employment in a few months time. To meet the expectations that were implied with the promised position, I began performing some of the duties expected which included consulting with Jaap as the director and other KFA staff involved in programming and marketing and as such I regularly drove up for meetings and events at Jaap's request, free of charge, only to find out later that Jaap was using me.

Jaap convinced me to stay in the US beyond my travel visa expiration because he said it would be important for me to do so and attend the organization's annual 'Gathering' that May so I did and I became very active in different ways supporting the premise of my promised position and future employment. Also at Jaap's request that I be actively seen working at the event, He asked me to help set up that event while at the same time also perform my duties as a member of the 'visioning committee'. He asked us to look busy so as to impress the attendees of the gathering!

At the Gathering which is the KFA's biggest annual event I was purposely introduced to VIP members by Jaap and received the endorsement of a possible contributor, Rabindra Singh (part of Friedrich Grohe’s “gang” as they call themselves) whose interest would fund my position from that wealthy organization’s coffers. I found out later that Jaap and Rabindra have a close relationship. Jaap later told me that him and Rabindra are engaged in land deals in Hawaii and signaled that they’re interested in acquiring more property and if I come across any good opportunities to inform him.

I was told afterwards I did a great job and things were again assured to me in the library as we toasted the event's success and my coming on board that 'this is meant to be' by Jaap, so we endeavored even more seriously about my starting and spent an involved amount of time completing a proposal he had planned to present creating my position.  He told me I would be hired after the June Board meeting where the funding would be approved He said the approval was a sure thing because he said they bend to his will, they pretty much do what he wants, and he wants to hire me. But, he did not want to make it look like he was hiring me without the Board’s otherwise they could turn on him.


Jaap even showed me where my workspace would be at the KFA. He also agreed that I could store a box I had brought to show him samples of my work and other material I could use to start immediately upon my return from China. He wanted to make sure others don’t see the box so that his decision to hire me, and his power on the Board, were kept hidden.  

I told Jaap that with the window of time left before the hiring date I would like to go back to China and be with my family and use that time to begin the transition process before starting the job. He agreed with this but was concerned about my missing the scenario-planning meeting scheduled during that time. He asked how I would do the work while watching my 5-year-old daughter whom I would return to the US with, until my wife and other daughter arrived. I said 'camp' and sitters.

I met at Jaap's house one final time en route my flight, driving to San Francisco's airport from LA where the plan was to return from China to the Bay Area with my eldest daughter where friends of my family could watch her while I helped Jaap complete his East Coast tour by meeting him in NYC as part of my starting the new job.  He knew the plan and had agreed to it, and he knew the trouble I went through to get my Chinese visa renewed. Jaap and I even looked for my family’s housing together for my moving to Ojai.

I really wanted to see my family and felt Jaap was using me to work for free by staying longer and longer than I would have ordinarily. I would have a lot of explaining to do to my wife that the purpose of my doing this so was for the sake of the family, thus, being away from them for such a long time. I really missed my family, being away, and was anxious to get back, but I made my top priority to first check with Jaap to get his assurance and make sure that all the arrangements would be made while I was away before I left. This took me a while but Jaap reiterated his assurance that everything was in order, before I left.


Jaap is known by some to be terrible at responding to emails (I’ve heard from multiple sources including KFA trustees that told me directly and one via a friend that Jaap sometimes ignores their emails too) , son hearing back from him while in China packing up was not too big of a concern since things were clarified before I left. 

My wife gave a notice at her job and as in China notice periods are long, keep in mind my wife who is a scientist was willing to sacrifice her career and six-figure salary to satisfy my vision of working for the KFA where we could settle down in a less hectic place like Ojai and have our basic needs and health benefits taken care of – while working and living a nice pleasant environment as assured to me by Jaap.


When it became closer to the time to fly back with my daughter, I called and emailed repeatedly wanting to know when he wanted to me to start, I expected he would have let me know how the board meeting went and where we would meet up (so I could arrange seeing him during the east coast tour).  I finally after leaving an e voice mail message - only heard back 2 days before my flight from China to the US by email and shortly afterwards in response we talked where he said he decided to hire someone else in my place and this decision took place sometime while I was gone and when I asked why - he made some excuse about this woman having 'graphic art skills' which during the time I was performing my work at the KFA that attribute never came up, he never asked if I had any and it was never a consideration or job requirement in what role we talked about. He was also unable to justify why he did not inform me earlier and ignored my emails and calls.

The night of the day before my flight from China to the US, Jaap wrote me an email withdrawing his offer of employment which he had explicitly made to me, so explicitly that I had initiated moving my family from China, took steps to shut down my life and business there, and bought flight tickets. This bad news was devastating to us. At the end he signed it as: “Lets talk on the phone if you want that. Jaap” – no regret, no apology, and no sense of responsibility for the promise he had made to me. Just a cold hearted, brutal change of mind after all the expectations he set which deeply impacted my wife, our two small children and me. This spirit and conduct was very contradictory to everything I felt Krishnamurti was about.


Other staffers told me later that this person was a new face and a sudden interest to Jaap.  Two staffers told me they felt I had been betrayed and led along (strung along) and Derek said when I was no longer around the 'vicinity' Jaap put his attention elsewhere, which meant he ignored the commitment he had made to me which made me suddenly realize that this person, Jaap was only concerned with himself and talked a big game without responsibly following up and following through on his words.

I suffered detrimentally because he broke his promise resulting in a cause of action legally called Promissory Estoppel. The promiser (Jaap) is “estopped” from rescinding the promise if the promiser knew or had reason to know that the promisee would rely upon the promise to the promisee’s detriment.

The promisee in such a case, once the proof has been accepted, is entitled to be made whole. In my case, I dissembled my business operation, let go 2 workers and divided up my family for another half year when I returned to the US with my then 5 year old.  It is now going on 3 years where I have not gotten back into my previous stride, I was distraught having to return the US and while it was great to reunite with my family, the girl's English was now minimal and <> was going to start school shortly (I had to find one).  I realize that my life and my family’s life was disrupted and I've been affected financially, morally, mentally and emotionally by Jaap's default on his promise, his inaction, unprepared really to be a single parent for an entire year (6 months with one daughter till my wife could take time off and come to California for Christmas holidays and bring our other daughter, and 6 months, after she left, looking after our other daughter). I was unable to find replacement work or means to make an income for a long period of time while having to watch her. 

I feel that I am in the very least entitled to Reliance Damages in an amount equal to the lost wages and benefits.  It is such a disappointment that the KFA is managed in such a poor way where the internal workings are so apparently corrupted that the leader is unable to make good on their mistakes.  Instead it seems to be a serious of cover-ups going on.

There are people who could testify to the truth of my statements. I also have detailed logs of all emails, and notes from all conversations. Michelle and Derek are among other staffers who were in significant positions at the KFA and were told by Jaap that I was being hired.  I have the document Jaap emailed me of the proposal outlining and funding my position which he finalized and promised to submit to the KFA board while I was gone (but never did) and Jaap only admitted that to me weeks later after my return to the US that he had failed to follow through on his obligations, but even then, he did not apologize!

I also know people who met me during this period and can testify to my state of being, how devastated I was after Jaap pulled the rug from under my feet. I felt like a chicken with its head cut off.

I met one of the insiders who were well aware of what happened to me and disagreed with Jaap’s action, who said he was disenfranchised that in his opinion, KFA hadn’t gone anywhere. He said KFA should have hired me as I was promised. He saw me choke and have tears in my eyes, remembering the pain I have gone through.

<> and I traveled around during the summer before finally moving <> and myself in with my sister who is notably diagnosed as bi-polar frantically at times psychotic.  Not something I wanted my daughter separated from her Mother and sister to encounter and see on a daily basis.  The experience also caused additional stress on my sister, especially after my other daughter 3 was brought back to the US. Jaap caused a serious of events to occur that were damaging to my family, and me yet he in his position he benefited from his actions.

After Jaap failed to deliver on his promise and withdrew his offer last minute, he admitted to me weeks later after my return to the US that he had failed to follow through on his obligations, yet he never tried to reconcile it with what he had done, and what the repercussions of that havoc that he had caused. This horrible mismanagement had severe consequences on my family and me.

After causing such chaos in our lives, Jaap never apologized to me. He made some remarks about his shortcomings, but nothing in the form of an apology in a way that recognized his impacts and what resulted. He only admitted to his shortcomings including not having followed through on his obligation, not having his act together, and continued to give me promises of perhaps other opportunities for work at the KFA which of course I did not take seriously given how he mismanaged this situation; I was fed up with Jaap and his empty promises and wanted to move out from his dirty guest cottage quickly.

Jaap caused a serious of events to occur that were damaging to my family, and me yet he in his position benefited from. He knew this to be the case because he told me after the fact that he was afraid I would file a lawsuit.


The legal advice I have received so far seems to indicate I have a labor law claim here as well as other common law claims such as <…>.


I also want KFA to come in terms with who is representing them. I have tremendous respect for Krishnamurti. What Jaap did was not remotely in line with Krishnamurti’s teachings, which also clearly points to the fact that when you are not “living it”, all your efforts in dissemination are futile."

Donor, visitor: "Call And Tell Jaap To Come Back From Hawaii"

(coming up)

Jaap Sluijter Promoted Culture of Ignorance and Irresponsibility, Contrary to K's Teachings 

One of Krishnamurti's key teachings was the importance of attention and the power of understanding what is. And importance of order in life. And importance of taking responsibility. All those things seem missing in the culture Jaap fast tracked into degradation: promoting falsehood as fact, not taking responsibility for the mess he creates, ignoring important things that need to be attended to, etc. 

Same thing happened via Grohe's appointees at KFT as documented here: https://www.rezamusic.com/writings/on-j-krishnamurtis-work/History-KFA-Krishnamurti-Foundation-Friedrich-Grohe-Gang-Jaap-Sluijter-KFT


 In general, a private individual has the right to live in a total mess (and a member of public who was invited to Jaap's place commented about the mess he had). But when a person runs a charitable non-profit tax-exempt foundation it is prudent to deal with matters that concern the public. If a person is so reckless or inept or driven by ulterio motives to make a mess in relationship to public, as Jaap Sluijter has done -- it is essential to deal with the topic and seek to bring order. 

KFA under Grohe & Gang influence and directed by Jaap Sluijter, has shown to be the opposite: make a mess and then ignore it! Which is essentially how KFT has also behaved under Grohe & Gang influence and their cronies. 

Poor Krishnamurti! 

Luckily Grohe & Gang were not able to infiltrate KFI - they were pushed out by KFI.

Foundation Insider: KFA & Oak Grove School At Each Others' Throats. Congrats Jaap Sluijter!

A KFT insider stated that KFA and Oak Grove School are each others' throats.  That's documented here: https://www.rezamusic.com/writings/on-j-krishnamurtis-work/KFT-Mismanagement

I also had another report that a head of Oak Grove School could not stand Jaap. I'm not surprised at these reports. 

Jaap Sluijter Claimed He's From A Religious Background So "Any Bullshit Goes"

One of Jaap many idiotic remarks was to claim that he's from a religious background so any bullshit goes. Which puts the bullshit he's been promoting as fact in proper light. At least he knows he's bullshitting people, and he thinks it's ok to bullshit them because in his idiotic view that's the religious way, and he idiotically equates religion and bullshit, which also means he never understood the real meaning of religions, and is therefore a disgrace to all that K explored about real meaning of religion -- reminder: Jaap is the Executive Director of K's foundation -- K spent a lifetime exploring the real meaning of religion, and the importance of having a religious mind! In Jaap's mind religious mind is one in which any bullshit goes! 

Is it fair to call a man who thinks any bullshit goes as a bullshit artist?  When I listen to the talks Jaap gives, they sound like bullshit. Now I know why! 


More On Jaap Sluijter's Self Admitted "Bullshit" Propagation And Dishonesty As Executive Director of KFA

Excerpt from one of many overtures I made to KFA to come to the table to talk about the mess that Jaap had created by his idiotic, dishonest, compromised actions which were "bullshit" to quote himself, which now we know he did because he thought "any bullshit goes" which also portrays his attitude towards the foundation I suppose, and his actions seem to be in line with that irresponsible attitude that "any bullshit goes". 

On Fri, Dec 16, 2016 at 2:34 PM, Reza Ganjavi wrote:


This is going to a small group of trustees... which is kind of a joke when people like RABINDRA SINGH is a Trustee of KFA and JAAP whom I think is also a scum like Rabindra, is the Executive director. POOR KRISHNAMURTI !

That hypocrite JAAP SLUIJTER is still running the show at KFA, and now they made this site "immeasurable" with Jaap as a key player in it... boy they have nerves! Poor Krishnamurti !! With people like that around, these kinds of projects are just a waste of time. You can't talk about immeasurable and the great things K talked about when you haven't got a vague idea what the man stood for. When for you religiousness is (these are Jaap's words) "any bullshit goes". What a shame... I used to have a lot of respect for K and his work... now it's in the gutter (JAAP SLUIJTER knows all about that since he's the one who had no reservation in knowingly promoting a lie as truth). POOR KRISHNAMURTI !!!

Go ahead, feed them some more lies Jaap. Who cares about truth right? In your book, any bullshit goes since you're from a "religious background" LOL... POOR KRISHNAMURTI !!!!!!

Krishnamurti's Consistent Views Crush Jaap Sluijter's Irresponsible, Stupid Nonsense

Now contrast that to some of K's ideas whose Foundation you're responsible for:

Jaap says being religious means "any bullshit goes". Krishnamurti (whom I believe would have fired Jaap's ass in no time) said:

"Religion is an inquiry, a very subtle inquiry in which there is no motive -- which is very much the spirit of science.

(talk with Mary Z and Ray McCoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhrKhukwQos)

"A religious mind is a mind which is not only inquiring psychologically, but also from the outer examination comes to the inner. Not that the two are different...like a tide going out and coming in. A religious mind has the quality of inquiry which is not from knowledge to knowledge, but each inquiry is fresh. So there's this constant awareness, attention to perceive that which is true.

(Talk with Indian teachers -- EB/MM video -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irga7EaBCy8 )


Overture And How Krishnamurti Foundation America's Executive Director Is A Disgrace To Krishnamurti

I'll be in California in a few days, in case any of the Trustees of KFA want to meet and talk about the mess that JAAP created by knowingly propagating falsehood as fact. But I believe the whole thing is so messed up that I am not being serious about this statement because I believe KFA has become completely hopeless. Prove me wrong. Let's see if you are willing to take responsibility for your lies and vulgar actions spearheaded by JAAP SLUIJTER, RABINDRA SINGH, and their supporters on the Board.    YUYKS is all I can say.... I used to think very highly of K ... when I heard his name I'd feel reverence...... Now it's been dragged into the mud by selfish motives, and wrong actions ........ the sad part is K warned about all this........... but who's to listen? The few around him who had the intelligence to grasp all that were weaseled out by the power hungry (obviously not that smart otherwise they'd know such power games are absolutely futile....)

POOR KRISHNAMURTI. I met him when I was a young boy and felt how he felt like ... felt his energy.... and how special it was... and his life... and his ideas ... and his heart ... and his eyes..... we shook hands and he gave me a flower I still have....  (SEE SECTION BELOW; ARTIFACTS) and I can tell you, in my opinion, the Krishnamurti I met and knew and read all his books has NOTHING -- I REPEAT NOTHING to do with what JAAP SLUIJTER and RABINDRA SINGH stand for....... the lies, disinformation, misrepresentation, ugliness, recklessness, negligence, etc. etc. did you see the pictures of the Oak Grove that had turned into trash....... and Jaap has the nerve to write in Ojai paper and use the trees he ignored for asking for money -------- POOR KRISHNAMURTI!

And K's old friends just sit and watch what's happening and are so alienated or bruised by past cunning politics dropped on them by people in what K called "idiotic foundation" and so on, that the only people who are still around who had a feel for how that man was really about, have no inclination to act and demand action. Just let it slide down the path of mediocrity, tradition, sucked in and finished.

Don't worry, JAAP SLUIJTER can easily come up with plans to make it into a full circus with flashy posters and newsletters to make people like Friedrich and his "gang" and "extended gang" go "WOW! This is impressive" (LOL)!   Which of course will mean Krishnamurti's work becomes as irrelevant and mundane as quickly as possible, but who cares, right? Money talks!

Jaap & Rabindra are inside that circumference -- Rabindra is part of the "gang" as they call themselves, and Jaap, is part of "extended gang" as I call it using the same term used for the core "gang"...

It's human weakness that makes cults.

I came across Osho's talk tonight in which he said K was enlightened, he had arrived, but actually, the luggage arrived and not the passenger... and his admirers who granted him 100+ Rolls Royces were in awe ... Osho makes me want to puke... the way he pronounces his "s" (esses), the way he talks, sounds like a crook (he was a crook -- convicted of felony)... and yet gullible Westerners fell for him left and right....

Only Simpletons Think K's Work Is Inherently Protected Against Reckless Treatment

Such is the stream of corruption........ is K immune from it? The gullible think his work is protected. I KNOW it's not. It's in the hands of people like JAAP SLUIJTER, RABINDRA SINGH --- POOR KRISHNAMURTI ! It was only Grohe's simpleton attitude and his Gang who loved that attitude which meant they could play him like a fiddle who thought one can be utmost reckless with K's work and it will somehow survive because it's protected by some esoteric powers! If Grohe had studied history at any great length he'd know that to be a nonsensical idea. But it was a ticket to his Gang to be reckless. See https://www.rezamusic.com/writings/on-j-krishnamurtis-work/the-fifth-foundation and what ensued since then, i.e., hugely negative impact on both KFA and KFT. Intelligence is good for something and lack of it can be very costly! 

All the above is my opinion -- well researched and sincere, and I have evidence for facts I assert. But this is a long story and maybe some day I will publish the details for the sake of history.

KFA's Apparent Lack Of Integrity 

Hey, KFA... any integrity in that neck of woods to come clean and look at me in the eyes and intend to clean up the mess your big boys made? I doubt it. They're too big, too much money supporting them in the background.......... POOR KRISHNAMURTI ........ if you read his history you know his attitude towards money and power....... and how he walked away from it all in favor of truth. Do you see the difference now?

A Former Trustee's Response 


Your invitations to meet with trustees of the KFA to “right the wrongs” will never be accepted. Understand that. There will never be any apologies or contrition or acknowledgements of the truth towards you or me, and why should we ever expect such a thing? There was never any to K! But that doesn’t make any difference whatsoever to the beauty and benediction that K was and his Teachings continue to be. The flower that K gave you and which you preserve may just have more substance than many of the people who have piled into his organizations, and who, I suspect, K would not have given (imposed on?) anyone.



Dear Reza,

Yes, the light of attention is sanitizing in many ways, and it is its own action—often the only “right” action.

And yes, it is frustrating (I would say deeply tragic) to see people selling the body and soul of all that K generated to the moneyed, especially when the moneyed are self-concerned simpletons. There is no one to blame for this but the trustees who have agreed to the many transactions, turning-a-blind-eye, denials, compromises, and complacencies. I have said for many years that the trustees are not examples of the Teachings being lived, but rather of the need for the Teachings—and I always included myself in this.

When I wrote “"The flower that K gave you and which you preserve may just have more substance than many of the people who have piled into his organizations, and who, I suspect, K would not have given (imposed on?) anyone.” I meant that this flower came to you from what is real and true, and I suspect that when you look at it, you may sense something of beauty, and goodness. What that flower came from and what you can sense in it has more substance that most people, and certainly the egocentric, pseudo-religious, false-claimants who normally pile into anything that originated in truth and goodness. While K gave you the flower, I am sure he would not have wanted to impose on you any awful people.

Jaap Sluijter Made Tom Heggestad Cry Despite Tom's Long Service to KFA and Having Cancer All Over His Body

Coming up 

Reza Ganjavi's dialogue with Tom Heggestad. Despite a life-long service to KFA, and having cancer all over his body, Jaap Sluijter still made him because of Jaap's stupid, crude, insensitive, compromised attitude and shortage of love, wisdom, intelligence that Krishnamurti talks about, and because Jaap is clueless about Krishnamurti's work otherwise he would live some of those teachings. 

Lady Harassed At Krishnamurti Library

[2014 - Letter she sent to KFA]

It's about librarian Michael Krohnen who is a close associate of Friedrich Grohe and has received many perks from Grohe. Of course Grohe and his gang have no responsibility in the alleged even described by her, but perhaps association with Grohe, and clout of having been K's cook, or who knows, perhaps a persona limitation to not having been discern that that is not the way to talk to a lady -- led to this allegedly vulgar behavior, in Krishnamurti library.  That wasn't Krohnen's only vulgar action in the library. He also assaulted me once as described in this document. 


"I have a Bachelors with honors degree in chemistry, a professional career in the biotech, and have been a successful actress with starring roles in several prime-time television shows. Yes, I was having a hard time financially when I visited the Krishnamurti Library at the end of last year. The new attendant, Michael Krohnen, offered to help me find a place to live, and network and get a loan from his rich friends, including a philanthropist friend of his [Friedrich Grohe] in Switzerland who was supposed to visit Ojai.


He called me several times to go visit the library, for example to discuss the loan (which never came through) and in the process, he made inappropriate, sexually explicit, vulgar remarks and touched my buttocks on a couple of occasions in a offensive act of total disrespect. His remarks and actions caused me much emotional and psychological distress and it took me some months to gather enough strength to tell my story to help other women who might be in the same situation.


Once when I arrived he said that the library had just closed. Then without warning he moved towards me and hugged me and placed his hand on my bottom. I froze out of shock.


A few days before Christmas I went to the library to meditate. Before going into the meditation room, Mr. Krohnen saw me and asked me to speak with him before I leave.


On my way out he asked me to go talk with him. I said that I was in a hurry.  I still felt very uncomfortable from the previous visit when he had touched my bottom. He yelled and said that it would only take a few moments, I felt pressured and manipulated in going to talk with him. I also felt I should because he had helped me find a living situation previously. So I went to talk with him.


This is how the conversation proceeded:


Michael Krohnen asked me “Do you have a boyfriend?” I said, “Yes, he’s on the East Coast.” He said that long distance relationships don’t work so I might as well forget about that.


MK: “Are you bi-sexual?” He looked at me very curious.


MK asked if I like having sex. At this stage I could not believe that I was hearing this.


MK said that women need to have sex regularly – that if a woman doesn’t have sex regularly it’s bad and causes psychological problems.


MK asked if I had thought of doing nudity / porn movies, and asked if I would ever go topless. It is true that I was looking for a job and asked him once for a loan from his philanthropist friend, but regardless, the above question is very rude and insulting. I answered “No.” But he kept pushing:


MK: “Why?”, and asked if my reluctance to do pornography is because of my personal values or because of my culture.”


At this stage I felt so much pressure that I wanted to cry. So I asked, “Why are you asking me so many of these personal questions?” I was in total shock and felt violated. His answer was:


MK: “Oh I’m just getting to know you better.” He yelled these words and threw his arms in the air trying to dismiss it.


I said that “I have to leave now” and proceeded towards the video room because I had met a local schoolteacher who visits the library often whom I befriended, I went to say goodbye to her and told her what happened and I started to cry.


She was shocked and said that I must report this to someone. She said that on a previous occasion she has heard Krohnen say some inappropriate sexual remarks in passing, and she added: “What he said about women having psychological problems if they don’t have sex regularly is nonsense.”


I went back to the Library despite my reluctance due to Mr. Krohnen’s behavior when a friend was visiting who is interested in Krishnamurti’s work. As we walked in, Krohnen who was standing in the lobby of the library and as he greeted us, he hugged me and put his hand on my bottom, I did not hug him back, the friend was watching.


I was treated with disrespect in the Library and I hope the Foundation has learned something from this event and other female visitors would be immune from such disgraceful treatment.

Professor Calls Out Jaap Sluijter's BS Claim / Jaap Clawn’s Fake Donkey Laugh



Pathik Wadhwa, MD, PhD, is a top notch medical doctor, scientist, professor. I met Pathik many years ago as we had two common friends, Aseem Vaid whom I worked with in IT, and Professor Krishna. I’ve always had tremendous respect for Pathik.


Jaap seems to like to get egotistic glory out of associate with accomplished others – reminds me of a chapter “Glory by Association” in a book I wrote on a Swiss faker.   https://www.rezamusic.com/writings/law-ethics/bx-protocol-asd-ponzi-scheme-fake-knights-of-malta   PDF version: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1S-VrgwBnfOK5CFfq8wcTysC7nBpOcHsS/view


So he’s done some events with Pathik – but their levels are so different – that it is like a comedy – with Jaap being the clown. Also what they say are in such different levels and depth. Jaap is mostly gargling convoluted nonsense that shows how little he understands Krishnamurti, and Pathik talks deep wise knowledgeable words. Here’s one such episode where Jaap made a total fool out of himself:


Jaap opens a joint lecture with Pathik, where Pathik is presenting all the substantial material and Jaap comes across like a confused clown who thinks he’s so clear. Jaap starts the talk with a stupid remark calling Pathik, a so-called scientist! Pathik is not a so-called scientist. He’s a real scientist, and Jaap is not even a so-called scientist.


Then Jaap started to boost his ego by bragging about his friendship with Pathik:


Jaap: We became quite close friends over the years.


Pathik immediately responded what sounded to be a genuine, honest response: “Speak for yourself”.


Jaap reacted by bursting into laughing, and literally laughed like a donkey and kept going and going like the way a donkey hollers – or like a crank handle trying to start an antique car – and continued to artificially laugh for 20 seconds – and audience was laughing and he gestured to audience inviting them to laugh even more as an attempted recovery from the reality of what Pathik had just said.  


As soon as his laughter finally stopped someone from the audience made another genuine remarked: “It’s not a joke”. She said it like she saw it.


Jaap couldn’t believe his ears and asked her to repeat. “It’s not a joke”. He denied her remark: “It’s a joke” blah blah – “We have common areas and difference”. And started another round of artificial laughter.


“I can see” the lady responded.  Yes the differences are very visible between Jaap and Pathik.


I found Pathik’s presentation to be very clear and top notch and Jaap’s discussions were disgustingly convoluted, boring, confusing, cluttered – yet so arrogant like he thinks he’s Einstein.


See it for yourself. I have a copy in case he deletes it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LyBo94S48NI


Bad news for the few weasels at the KFA who cook up and promote lies to help them achieve their wicked objectives.

I wrote this in May 2015 but didn't publish it.

Krishnamurti was a great philosopher and dreaded organizations. He called his foundation in USA idiotic. The new leader of the same idiotic foundation, Jaap Sluijter engaged in lying and promotion of falsehood. But he wasn't alone. He couldn't get away with it without help of a few others weasels on the board. I believe Krishnamurti would have fired these people or shut down the foundation if he were alive.

There are at least two cases of lying that I'm aware of and I will go public with it because these weasels are caught in a dogma and need the light of public attention because light of truth dispels darkness, and Krishnamurti was a public figure, and the work around him after his death is a matter of public interest -- and his organization is a 501c(3) organization that enjoys a tax exempt status.

Here's some hard truth concerning one of the two lies. The other one is another chapter and the truth heavily contradicts KFA's lie. Furthermore, the motive for KFA to lie is very strong and when put in a slightly historical context it all makes sense: they couldn't handle the truth so they had to resort to lies in order to achieve a sick objective. And Krishnamurti spent a lifetime talking about importance of inquiry, finding truth. 

The spirit of inquiry at KFA is dead in these matters because inquiry is dangerous: it can reveal truth and truth is the enemy of the fiction that would help them achieve their sick objective. 

And these guys want to disseminate Krishnamurti's work! It's a tragedy indeed and will remain so as long as Jaap and some of their other leaders are there. But they're not planning to go anywhere. They're sitting on the land and the money and think their power and position matter! But the issue is far more serious and of great interest to many members of public including several close friends of Krishnamurti who are furious about the way Krishnamurti Foundation America. Therefore, a full documentary is being made on the subject to be handed to history. What these guys can be sure of is that they can't get away with their lies. 

Jaap's Behavior Made Me Wonder If He Is Using Drugs 

I cannot accuse Jaap of using drugs because I have no evidence of it -- but I have felt at times that he may be on drugs, by the strange and preposterous way he was acting or things he was saying. Again, no accusation, but just an impression / question that was raised in my mind on several occasions. 

Someone sent me this about Rabindra's operation in Hawaii. To be clear, I am not making any allegations since I have not been a direct witness. 

"Ra has built the commercial kitchen, in which they make food to sell at the Farmer's market on Wednesday.  He also built 4 (?) one room cabins to rent for about $600 a month. That will be very interesting... Ra has a room in the greenhouse. You'll never guess what grows in there!"

What's hard for me to grasp is why are these guys (Rabindra, Jaap) on Friedrich Grohe's payroll especially when they're not acting as traveling missionaries any more loading up Grohe credit cards? Trust me, I'm not jealous -- and I don't care how Friedrich spends his money -- but the repercussions of his employees on the K Foundations have been very negative in my opinion based on extensive research. I was shocked when Raman Patel's name kept coming up in our research in to KFT/Brockwood: https://www.rezamusic.com/writings/on-j-krishnamurtis-work/KFT-Mismanagement

Talking about drugs, some of the videos of K that KFA has produced have been disgraceful in my view, and I swear every-time I watched one I thought are these guys on drugs? What's with this spacey music, etc. -- a current Trustee of another K foundation agreed with me. 

KFA & Grohe Team's Preposterous Promotion of Ravi Ravindra Who Is A Disgrace To K

(coming up)

Jaap Sluijter's Incompetent, Preposterous Handling of Krishnamurti Retreat (Pepper Tree Retreat) Check-in

I've travelled to almost 80 countries and stayed at numerous hotels, resorts, retreats, you name it I've had it -- and none -- none whatsoever was as crazy weird as having to deal with Jaap Sluijter's preposterous, arrogant, egomaniac attitude upon checkin -- and I paid a lot of money to stay there -- what a mistake!! Poor Krishnamurti! Here's the story:



KFA Intern Deported & Other KFA Screwups


Is this another one in series of sloppiness on Jaap's part ?

Now I have it from two sources that the poor Chinese girl to be KFA intern was deported to China for lying in the airport that she's a tourist !! Why didn't KFA handle her visa properly?  I know Jaap doesn't always care for truth but it catches up with you! K spent a life time talking about love of truth... POOR KRISHNAMURTI !

The key questions in my mind are, is the KFA Board hostage to Friedrich's money and man (Rabindra)?

Is Mark Lee every going to retire? Come on, the man is on record for making up falsehood about K (e.g. that story of the bomber that never existed that according to Mark beamed down K's talks to US high school psych. & sociology classes in the 1960's!!) and so on and on.

Does KFA Board have any life in it?

Did Karen get sucked into the mediocre status quo?

And the million dollar question is, how in the world has Jaap managed to hang on to this job if it weren't for Rabindra/Grohe support, despite so many screw-ups that are well known to KFA board, but the already funny power structure seems funnier now with the Rabindra/Jaap.

And why didn't KFA manage to keep their BEST person, Derek Dodds who is highly educated, has a deep understanding of K's work, is genuine, energetic, interested, and has contributed far more than Jaap could ever dream about.

And the international trustees are as passive and useless about this matter as can be -- "it's America's problem" -- no it's not -- it's your problem -- if you're a trustee of a K foundation, if you were a friend of K, you would demand a change to this major issue which is so apparent to so many of us but Mr. Grohe apparently thinks everything is just fine (optimism bias of a rich man surrounded by a "gang" as they call themselves) -- that his man Rabindra is doing just fine and the man Rabindra brought, Jaap, is just fine. NOT! 

What's it going to take to clean this mess up?

Some people think for themselves, some fall for propaganda and colorful brochures which Jaap is good at producing ;)

My role is to document some facts for the sake of history. Some day someone will look back and shame somebody.


Chinese intern deported from US upon entry (another one of several screwups in the name of the great philosopher J. Krishnamurti who'd fire some of the people in charge in a flash)!

Jaap started this funny intern program -- long story... latest episode is I heard last week something but wanted to verify it -- so second verification came. I didn't witness this first hand but feel comfortable enough that it's very likely authentic that I'm sharing it because Krishnamurti was a public figure and a very intelligent one with deep level of integrity. Work that happens around him, work of his foundations for example, are also matter of public concern.

Reportedly a Chinese young lady flew to the USA to attend the intern program and was caught lying that it was a tourism visit vs. "educational" and was deported. Obviously, anyone with a heart felt very bad for her. Nobody should be in that position. And it surely doesn't reflect well on poor K under whose name this kind of thing happens. Without knowing details, I speculate the responsibility wold go with the boss, Jaap Sluijter who should have had the visa situation fully cleared before this intern was recruited. If so, it's not the only Chinese related screwup:

I met a real good person, now a good friend, who was devastated because Jaap promised to hire him and that he secured the funding through Rabindra/KLI/Friedrich Grohe's group, and just to get KFA's Board approval was a formality which he would succeed at. He agreed that my friend would go back to China, move the family (his wife is Chinese) -- and Mike ended up doing this and the day before the flight Jaap calls him and cancels the deal !! Long story.

And then there is neglecting the Oak Grove trees, making an employee with advanced cancer cry because he had a friend visit for a chat during his break, propagating a lie as truth to help Jaap build a unjustified case, and a whole array of other things that make me think, POOR KRISHNAMURTI. There is no doubt in my mind K would have got rid of Jaap, his key supporter and reportedly land-deal-partner in Hawaii Rabindra (who was recently reported to be engaged in slander/false-light), and at least another person there in a flash.

And how such things persist? To me, the answer is clear: MONEY !! Who's behind this? Where's the support coming from? Facts have their own legs. More later...

What is it going to take to have somebody wake up, see so clearly that that seeing acts, and ends this terrible picture. K would have solved it very easily: get rid of Jaap, Rabindra, Mark, and probably several others. He made it all very clear in his life time and it doesn't take supreme intelligence to see it, but obviously there's a shortage of that among some people...

[Update: I heard the Board wanted to oust Jaap but he survived because of the political clout of his supporter as discussed herein. I believe a trustee quit when effort to oust Jaap failed; to be expected; Jaap even told someone the Board is under his thumb ("they will do what I want").

Email To Friedrich Grohe About His Appointee, Jaap Sluijter's Disgraceful, Egotistic, Nutty Talk

Dear Friedrich

Did you see for yourself some of the things Jaap said at the KFA Gathering?  I know Rabindra was there, and your organization I'm sure has its own collective opinion that it was wonderful and all rosy. I believe what Jaap said was a major disgrace to K, and once again, totally against some core ideas K stood for, and for some core ideas K was against.  It was about Jaap's ego, and giving himself flowers in how he's so critical to K's work (LOL).

If you haven't seen it, I encourage you to do so -- but alone, without influence from the "gang"; please put away any rose colored glasses, and think for yourself, and keep in mind all those books you read by K.  I believe KFA has hit a new low, sorry to say, and K's official work is going towards the spiral of mediocrity because of that idiot (and he's not the only idiot in this circle). 

I do not believe he would have been able to obtain and maintain this position, despite his numerous idiotic and problematic actions (including knowingly representing a falsehood as truth), without some level of support from you/your "gang".  Poor Krishnamurti, especially since he warned about all this. The circus goes on.

Since he's already said he's business partners with your man Rabindra in Hawaii, do you know if KFA is letting Jaap go to Hawaii for a year to build his house, and if so, is he going to continue to draw his salary and maintain his position? 

On a personal level I think you're a very sweet and generous and good man. But I am deeply critical of some of your "work" and "gang" members, as you call yourselves. And of course "gangs" give rise to "extended gangs" -- it's the nature of the beast.  Some of the things I saw that he said today, made me feel nauseous. I'll try to compile some excerpts. Anybody seriously interested in K's work, who cares enough about what became of K's work after his death, should definitely know what Jaap is thinking. 

Best Regards

Reza Ganjavi

Some KFA Trustees' Attempt To Oust Jaap 

My Initial Impression As Teenager Turned Out To Be True

When I first started reading K as a teenager (met him 15 times after finishing Think on These Things, shook hands several times with him, and he gave me a flower) -- I didn't want to have anything to do with people who were in K circles. As a teenager coming to this afresh, my sense was those people could only distract me from the exploration of this sublime, deep work. 

Over the years, I came to meet many nice people in K circles, but the above paragraph proved to be true, and furthermore, 



Oak Grove where Krishnamurti spoke for 60+ years turned into a cemetary of trees and filthy party place of drinkers and druggies after Jaap Sluijter became Executive Director, appointed by Friedrich Grohe and Gang / his employee Rabindra Singh who's a trustee of KFA too and property and/or business associate of Jaap in Hawaii.

Rabindra Singh (employee of Friedrich Grohe) and their appointee Jaap Sluijter whom as an Executive Director took KFA to a new low.

Critique of Ravi Ravindra (& Mark Lee, Jaap Sluijter. KFA Krishnamurti Foundation America Hypocrisy)

Fact Check & Critique of Mark Lee's Talks at KFI, KFA about Krishnamurti -- Proof that Mark Lee fabricated delusional lies about Krishnamurti.

Reza Ganjavi's dialogue with Tom Heggestad. Despite a life-long service to KFA, and having cancer all over his body, Jaap Sluijter still made him because of Jaap's stupid, crude, insensitive, compromised attitude and shortage of love, wisdom, intelligence that Krishnamurti talks about, and because Jaap is clueless about Krishnamurti's work otherwise he would live some of those teachings. 

The flower J. Krishnamurti gave Reza Ganjavi

my letter to KFA as a teenager - after reading K books

Parking volunteer

From Erna and Theo Lillifelt - trustees of KFA and close friends of K

KFA announcing K's death - 1986

1993-10-10 talent night at K gathering in Ojai, California

Krishnamurti Foundation of America

November 17, 1993

On behalf of the trustees and staff of the KFA, and the participants, I wish to thank you for

being a facilitator in the KFA Dialogues in October. I am particularly grateful for your

cooperation in presenting the nature of dialogue to the whole group, and generally for your invaluable logistics assistance. Most importantly, comments and feedback we've received from the participants have been very positive about the inquiry you facilitated in the groups. Altogether, the program went smoothly and your contribution was essential to make that possible. I hope you will be available for future dialogues. 

Thank you again. 

Yours sincerely,

Frode Steen


KFA Dialogues


LA Times on K when he was 90

Before Jaap KFA spent 53000/ year maintaining the Oak Grove