Krishnamurti Foundation Dialogue is Like Pulling Teeth

Krishnamurti Foundation Dialogue is Like Pulling Teeth

By Reza Ganjavi

“Dialogue” was like pulling teeth. The week before it was much more sensible with David Skitt there and an outspoken professor who was a newcomer to K.

At this week’s event I felt like crying. The poor man spent 60 years, talk after talk, going over some subjects which apparently people who followed him, against his wishes, who are now figures who run his dialogues, or those who carry a socially respectable façades to manage their neurosis dominate events organized and presented in his name.

Once again I saw this arrogance of ignorance. Arrogance of sitting in a far comfortable position and saying it can’t be done. “We” cannot do it.

Why have you not done it after being at it for 30 or 50 years? And isn’t it interesting that the same mind makes K into an idol. Isn’t it the very act of idol-making that prevents one from seeing what one is in the moment?

Why are some of these old timers who are so close to this so clueless? Their numbers are luckily not many but their roles are significant enough that makes one worry, not only for their own sake, as there is affection and friendship, but for what they tell “the man from Seattle” who comes to these places.

Isn’t it time to stop being polite, not to be impolite, but to see the utter ridicule of the comfortable arrogant “can’t do” position? If you cannot do it then the man wasted his life, except for earning you a salary now, and nobody else could do it. If you can do it, why have you not done it so far? And why have you slipped into a rot of “can’t do” and the arrogance of contending that it can’t be done? You have not said the latter but isn’t that a logical conclusion that if one has not done if after 40 years, it can’t be done?!

Well my friend, whom I truly love and care for, it can be done. There is a virtue in.