Sources of Corruption in Krishnamurti Foundations

By Reza Ganjavi


3 December 2020


Dear Hareshwar,


Thanks for the copy of your correspondence with our dear friend, Friedrich Grohe.


You wrote:


"I am sorry to say, Mr. Grohe, no matter how much people swear by the Teachings, the people at the helm in KFI want mute obedient subordinates and sycophants, not someone who has a fire burning inside them and has questions to ask."


I am not familiar with what's happening at KFI but if what you say is true, it's not unique to KFI. The vision that K had for a human is desperately missing at some of the foundations -- and -- everything he dreaded about organizations has come true in at least one of his foundations. Why?


We would need an hour to discuss it -- perhaps a Zoom call. I'm BCC-ing your recipients and added a couple of K's close friends who also have a different view of the perfectly rose-colored view that our dear friend Mr. Grohe has, about the status of the K foundations. If any of you would like to join the Zoom call let me know. Let's do it in January.


On the face of it, I hypothesize the problem arises from a couple of sources:


1) stupidity


2) ego


There are on one hand some people in key roles in some foundation who just do not have the intellectual capital -- they're too stupid -- to grasp K's teachings -- they never did -- they probably never will -- yet they go around posing themselves as authorities on K's work -- as Mr. Everything K -- and even write books about it to further their illusion and delusion. There's concrete evidence of this.


Don't underestimate the stupid. They've been responsible for a lot of problems in a K organization.


At least a stupid person can be innocently stupid. But when mixed with ego, selfishness, ulterior motives including all kinds of sick things like will-to-power, maximizing financial gain, etc. -- some morally corrupt things we have evidence of -- that becomes wicked. And there's some of that going on -- which again, K warned about but it's totally ignored because K has become a necessary thing since the foundation is built around him -- but for a cunning animal at top, K is secondary.


If you look at the behavior of some of the people in power this becomes very evident. Add to it dishonesty, which again we have various pieces of evidence.


And all this is so incredibly against everything K stood for. Again, it doesn't matter, in the cunning men's eyes.


One of the people at the top planned and worked his way to the top after he was brought into this circle -- he vowed to be a guru -- and he's become one -- not in a traditional sense but given the power he has, and the backing he has.


K said living the teachings is key. Some of the people running his foundation have no clue about his teachings -- it doesn't take a scholar to tell -- just listen to their basic arguments -- and the way they live.


K and his teachings have a dignity which is hugely missing from some of the people in power. Those who like to imagine that everything is perfect have contributed to this mess -- and they still don't see it because they're too deeply in the valley -- so the horizon is very small.


You talked about the flower you gave K. I remember the flower he gave me. A deep red rose. And the rose of his teachings which is red like fire.


Best wishes





22 December 2022


Dear Hareshwarji -- Always good to hear from you. Thanks for sharing your ideas and observations. I didn't copy Friedrich because I think he already had received that link -- anyway, he has no interest in such facts -- he seems to live in an "everything is rosy" world that's carefully crafted by people around him to make sure he gets the impression everything is perfect. In our research, we tapped into some 70 witnesses. We had info from someone who worked for Friedrich that the Gang sometimes modifies the facts to give Friedrich what they want him to hear.


Regardless, when you fund a group, you are responsible for what they do. We started our research with a totally clean slate and no prejudice. At the end, it became loud and clear that Friedrich and his Gang's influence-mongering at the foundations turned out to do more harm than good in our view, and responsible for much of the root causes of the issues.


This trend is very clear. We're not making up the facts. And Friedrich did the same thing in Ojai almost. His other employee Rabindra Singh and their appointee Jaap Sluijter became the most powerful people at KFA and KFA went downhill from there on. I am going through 3 gigabytes of files about KFA which I will publish soon to clear out my digital consciousness, about this misery the Guardian Angel who became the Fallen Angel (as one ex-trustee and close friend of K put it) allegedly brought about.


And a common theme you see in our report and what happened to KFA, as well, is dishonesty. Think of what K said about importance of truth -- and his foundations are on record for dishonest conduct. Here's the report -- feel free to share it:


And keep an eye here for new articles I'm working on: and


A foundation can be in disarray and have ups and downs, but what has happened at KFT which we have documented is absolutely unacceptable. And I will document what I can about KFA shortly -- though I deemed them as a hopeless foundation -- as K said, the idiotic foundation -- and so the material went on back-burner for a long time - but now I have the motivation to publish them because KFT is dishonestly twisting some notions as excuse.


KFT's failures at the Board of Trustee level were the root cause of the issues since the buck stops at the top. There is still hope for KFT if the Charity Commission ousts the trustees Derek Hook, Wendy Smith, and Gary Primrose and put a few new trustees in there (we have excellent ones in mind to recommend) to rescue KFT from the claws of mediocrity and a culture and values which appear to be directly contrary to what K taught and lived.


Best Regards