Letter to Mr. J. Krishnamurti About His Foundations Years After He Died

Letter to Mr. J. Krishnamurti About His Foundations Years After He Died -- by Reza Ganjavi

26 Nov 2021 (written in one go)

I started writing this as an email to Raman Patel and Abhijit Padte to STOP this madness of proliferating WIFI all over Brockwood but had to give the bigger picture to K :-)

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Imagine this report read to Mr. J. Krishnamurti:

1. Krishnaji, years after you passed away, your beloved Brockwood got bogged by serious scandals including implosion of Inwoods.

2. Your favorite millionaire friend Friedrich Grohe made a "gang" who've found their way into the highest levels of KFA and KFT.

2a. His employee, Rabindra Singh, became Chairman of Board at KFA, he brought a chap you never met who laughs like a donkey, Jaap Sleuiter, to be the head of KFA. They've done business in Hawaii. Jaap's been on record for dragging KFA to a new low, e.g., by stating falsehoods as facts, forgetting your discourses about the importance of truth. The list of Jaap's mismanagement and screw-ups is long -- we'll brief you on that later!

2b. His employee, Raman Patel -- you know, your cook, has been named by several witnesses as the man behind much of the problems at Brockwood. He claimed to not hold an official role except being a local "guru", but after he took Nasser Shamim and Mina Masoumian "The Dictators" to Brockwood, he's been the center of power behind the place. No details are available on whether Raman as head of KFT has given up the salary he gets from Friedrich, but conflict of interest at your foundations is nothing new.

Raman and Rabindra would have never been able to infiltrate your two foundations without having been backed by Big Money, Friedrich Grohe whom we hear his money is not as big as before thanks to his "gang".

Friedrich is doing great for his age (in his 90's) and still wearing those "rose colored glasses", and as expected we have indication that information flow to him is sometimes filtered -- so he sees everything as perfect -- and seems disconnected from the harsh realities that some of his "gang" members have been a part of.

3. Nasser and Mina came in for 6 months, and ended up so far, staying over 6 years, and totally took over the place and found their way into ultimate power. Old Boys, and Management Team, and a weak group of Trustees are variations of the same theme -- you'll get the details in the next report. What ensued, would make you turn in your grave like a high speed drill, had you not been cremated. You would not tolerate some of their conduct, attitudes, style, for a minute.

4. In the process the Dictators alienated a lot of your old friends, including some of your best and closest friends who are shocked at what Brockwood turned into under the Nasser and Mina's regime. A lot of Brockwood ex-students, staff, volunteers, were also alienated, and some were fired by the Dictators based on apparently bogus grounds, and in reportedly the most outrageous and morally questionable ways. Sorry to say Krishnaji, all that you warned against organizations, egos, "cunning animals", etc. became realities in your beloved foundations.

5. Over 90% of families pull their kids out of Inwoods, leading to its implosion. It was a flourishing school in line with all that you spent a lifetime teaching about education. It collapsed because of mismanagement and egotistic and some dishonest actions of Brockwood/KFT.

6. Opposition to these unfortunate management shortcomings led to some complaint with authorities, and many more to follow. An inspection was done in September and it's taking surprisingly long time to get the results. They may have seen through what KFT tidied up tight.

7. Latest news is that Nasser has been replaced by Raman, your cook, and ex-postman, as the head of KFT! Nasser is not gone -- it seems like a symbolic shift, since Nasser was powerless without Raman's support, and the wicked, egotistic and idiotic ways of handling some situations. That's what you get when you have a cook/postman acting as a serious Trust as Brockwood's center of power / management consultant / senior advisor - and now, the chief. Sorry to deliver all this bad news to you Krishnaji.

8. Raman also brought Abhijit Padte to Brockwood. Abhijit Padte wants to have WiFi routers everywhere! Neither Raman nor Nasser seem astute enough to research it and say NO. Wired internet is more secure, faster, and safer, and without genotoxic damaging effects of WiFi. They may be forgetting their responsibility to the DNA integrity of the students, and staff, which gets damaged (aside from a host of other biological issues associated with exposure to RF-EMF). They should but don't seem to know or care that safety standards totally ignore biological effect and only thermal, and the whole of scientific community has warned about its safety. But at Brockwood it doesn't seem to matter. Your Quiet Room is now zapped by multiple WiFi routers which are anything but quite in their effect on body's cells.

9. Remember you didn't want to have Martial Arts at Brockwood? They sneaked it in by changing its name.

10. Remember what you said about older Trustees giving way to new ones? Not at KFT. In fact one of your best Trustees walked out on them -- but they still have his picture on their website as a Trustee, after almost a year that he's been gone. He couldn't stand the Dictators.

11. Regarding KFA, which you called an "idiotic foundation", remember Mark Lee, the guy that your close friends asked before you died, what they should do with him, and you said "I'm leaving, you deal with it" -- he made himself into a Mr. Everything K. -- he went around making fake stories around you to get glorified. He sneaked his way up to become the head of KFA. Remember your wish that KFA doesn't make speculative investments? Well he did and lost a ton of Foundation's money.

12. Mark's buddy, Ravi Ravindra who had no clue what you were talking about (and even admitted it) because another traveling guru, spreading his ignorance and doing everything you dreaded, in terms of interpretation, distortion, authority, and spreading ignorance. He also wrote a terrible book after you died, trash talking you but KFA which seems to be at the same ignorant level, brings him as a speaker to further spread his confusion.

13. Remember your statements about pre-1930's teachings? On Facebook and Youtube that's not respected. Your work has become like bumper sticker slogans that are often misunderstood.

14. KFA has been putting spacey psychedelic music as background to your talks. They're either smoking marijuana or somehow have a distorted idea that leads to embellishing your voice with ghostly music.

This was a taster for more details to come. We're going through documenting these things for the sake of history, so historians (if anybody cares by then) will have a better feel on how your work got distorted, abused in egotistic manners -- how you were quoted as authority to help Dictators push their divisive, tribal, egotistic motives, and so on.

Everything you dreaded about organizations have become true Krishnaji. Mark Lee predicted it would happen -- a self-fulfilling prophecy which gave a green light to him and people like him, to treat your work recklessly, like a cheap ball that gets kicked anywhere. The "long arms" of Friedrich Grohe and their disturhing influence on the foundations (wait till you hear the details of various scandals) has turned his gang into a divisive, destructive force, in the views of some people in the know including some of your closest friends. Imagine when his gang run completely loose when he's not there, with no accountability (not that there is any today).


Réza Ganjavi (thanks for the flower you gave me - I still have it and cherish it).