Byron Katie Nonsense

Byron Katie Nonsense

By Reza Ganjavi

Someone sent me two quotes by Byron Katie -- I had asked her to send me some of her favorite writings of BK. My response below:

1) Byron Katie: "It’s not your job to like me, it’s mine"

Reza Ganjavi:

This statement makes no sense -- it sounds like the typical self-centered, self-crystallizing pop psychology which makes a person very complicated psychologically, and, perpetuates the self. I wonder if people like Byron Katie and Eckhard Tolle really don't understand and haven't come to that wonder of psychological death - ending of "me" - or they have and have intentionally deleted it from their work because the self sells. The self likes continuity - glorification - and is willing to pay big money for it -- and people pay big money to go to a Byron Katie superficial workshop which strengthens the self. Superficial solutions sometimes help people but ultimately it doesn't heal the mind because the very structure of psychological self is thought which is divisive and therefore in conflict.

The psychological self is a bubble - it's a fictitious entity - a bundle of memories - a bunch of thought. It tries to sustain itself in many ways but it's still a transient entity with no real substance except what thought puts together -- and how noble that can be. It is however highly noble to be nothing, absolutely nothing, psychologically. There's seeing but no seer, listening but no listener, other than the senses and organs of the body. No thought to interfere perception. When it does, it only distorts. The beauty of sunset can best be perceived with an absolutely quiet mind -- a sensitive, alert, acute state of natural quietness that comes with insight into "noise" -- and not a forced quietness that is induced by repetition, or hypnosis. There's no place for self in many areas of life and certainly in relationship. It's easy to project images of oneself and others but all images are in the field of time and thought. It's possible to live without any image. Then the being rides on the wings and waves of spontaneous love which is immeasurable.

2) Byron Katie: "The moment you project what’s going to happen it costs you your life."

Reza Ganjavi:

This statement makes no sense whatsoever. I project it will rain this afternoon. It hasn't cost anything let alone my life!


Don't know if u know Byron Katie - she's a very popular "pop psychologist" [I don't mean it literally] who's making a ton of money. Her system helps some people but have some fundamental flaws. I met several people who are really into her -- oh my god - they're so complicated psychologically!! Simplicity is a virtue!

Like Tolle and many other such new age gurus, they never address ending of the psychological self -- why? They either don't see it - or they see it and prefer not to address it b/c it will make themselves redundant -- and -- people like continuity so it's great for marketing. So they crystallize the self instead of helping people explore what it means to be selfless