Reza Ganjavi's Information Technology Career Overview

Picture: At Credit Suisse, after completion of a major project that was recognized in the company's newsletter as a significant accomplishment. We received accolades from top level management of the bank. It was a complex project. Our team operated in 10 different global locations, in 5 different time zones, and some 80 people were involved.  Reza Ganjavi - Project Manager,  Dr. Ksenia Wahler - Lead Business AnalystTobi Nussbaumer - Solution Architect

Reza Ganjavi's Information Technology Career

My IT career started at age 21 when I had finished two Bachelor degrees with High Honors (magna cum laude), and was hired by Thermco Systems in Orange, California, as a Software Engineer. We wrote command and control software for diffusion furnaces which cook integrated circuits on silicon wafers which become computer chips. Thermco was the largest manufacturer of diffusion furnaces in the world. 

My second job was as a Programmer/Analyst at Cullinet Software which had just taken over a Newport Beach, California software company called PCI which made project management software and had many large clients including Northrop Grumman. Cullinet was taken over by Computer Associates.

My third job was with Filenet which was taken over by IBM. I was promoted to Senior Programmer / Analyst and served many departments of the company with custom made applications which are still in use today. My role was far beyond writing software. I helped solve many business process problems, and got into business process re-engineering, workflow, etc. 

Then I moved to Los Angeles from Orange County as a Systems Consultant for Filenet. This was my first full-time customer-facing role which expanded my horizons beyond the corporate walls. 

Then I continued to work with Filenet but as an external consultant, serving many high profile customers. 

Then I moved to Switzerland with a Filenet partner company, and was immediately sent to South Africa to rescue some projects there, as a Project Manager and Solution Architect, and programmer/analyst. 

Then I worked for Xerox Global Services serving Central and Eastern Europe with a focus on document / content management software. 

Then I worked in New York as a Project Manager for a consulting company serving clients like Lazard and Citigroup. 

Then I worked for United Nations' World Intellectual Properties Organization in Geneva, and for Nestle in Vevey, as a Business Analyst, Project Manager, Management Consultant.

Then I did a lot of consulting in Switzerland for Credit Suisse, UBS and a host of other clients in various roles including Program and Project Management and Business Analysis.

Throughout my career I received many excellent complements, reviews and comments from bosses, colleagues, clients. An excerpt is reflected here: Professional & Academic References

For details please see my resume:

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