Love & Thought

Love & Thought

By Reza Ganjavi

“I just want to make sure that you understand that there is no question about 'love' here.”

Actually, I think there is, at least love, or rather what it is not, what pushes it out, is at the core of the issue. But of course calling this cliché is one way of not dealing with it which is fine given your situation, but at some point in the course of human growth it becomes essential for one to observe how divisive limited thinking a) builds the self b) gives sustenance to it through the light of an opposite c) creates division d) pushes out love. The two: divisive thought and love, cannot coexist.

But you have other things to deal with and I don't really feel like talking at the moment. When you (Reza) realize the direction you're going is wrong you stop. Mutate. Because when you're lost every step can be in the wrong direction. You stop till you have an insight. When action is clear. Action born out of divisive thought, is divisive. action out of fragmentation brings further fragmentation. What is the key to holistic action then -- action which is whole? It seems that the key is understanding the mechanism of thought and its limitations. Until then there is no heaven because partial action breeds pain, division, isolation. When that movement stops another movement kicks in. I guess we can call that love.

If you've noticed, that comes when there is space, silence, in the mind. It's not rocket science. It's very powerful. But what is more interesting is what pushes that out, what prevents that from being. And in examining that question a person might discover that that which is anti-love is the very root of the psychological self. The two cannot co-exist. And as such psychological self is bound to suffer. Because it is a crystallization rooted in time against a flow which is ever new. It is rooted in time because it is made from thought. Every sense of "I" is a thought of I, is a thought, a material process in the brain, a physical phenomenon and as such bound and limited by laws of physics, and, it is also limited because thinking is rooted in past experience, is a product of the past.

So as a wise man once put it, doors of heaven open when the mind / thinking realizes its own limitation and doesn't enter where it doesn't belong; then the movement that inherently gives rise to separation stops and another movement/quality comes into being which is not of separation but of a mind which is individual, indivisible, not broken up.