Key Advice For Fighting 5G Antennas

Réza Ganjavi

MBA, BSc Computer Science, BA Philosophy

Magna Cum Laude, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Gamma Sigma ·

An online version of this document is available on under “Key Advice”.

Good day. I am a Swiss citizen and love our beautiful country. I was “imported” as an IT expert by a company who couldn’t find such experts in Switzerland. I was asked to provide advice about fighting a 5G cell mast in your area. Please see section below “MY QUALIFICATIONS FOR PROVIDING THIS ADVICE”.


A key area of my focus has been calling out, and documenting the dishonest and scandalous behavior of industry, government, media, which have propagated a series of falsehoods as facts, in order to brainwash people into believing exposure to RF-EMF is safe. This video addressed to the Swiss Federal Council documents the details of this scandal. You can find it on YouTube – second video on my main channel:

In Switzerland, this scandal is particularly troubling, since the populace (with exception) has been educated to trust the government and believe what the state media says, and there’s a degree of cultural inhibition towards complaining and big action (evidenced by lack of any significant strikes in Swiss modern history). The industry and government have taken advantage of this mindset, in pushing their profit-centered agenda at the cost of our health. That’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s a fact, which is documented in the above video. Expectedly, safe use of this technology and its risks is completely missing from educational curriculums, so people are intentionally kept in the dark, because if they knew the facts, they would make different decisions that would not be so profitable for the industry, whose biggest player, Swisscom, is majority owned by the Swiss Federal Government.

This means, people need to educate themselves, and be critical about what the media, industry, government tell them. In fact, we have evidentiary facts that indicate these parties have engaged in lying to Swiss people. I have documented these in an elaborate set of letters, calling out some of these lies, on (see the sub-page on Swiss EMF Deception).

For example, Swisscom which tells people this radiation is safe because it’s within (thermal) standards, is on record for admitting (biological) genotoxicity of RF-EMF in a patent application we found:

"These findings indicate that the genotoxic effect of electromagnetic radiation is elicited via a non-thermal pathway. Moreover, aneuploidy is to be considered as a known phenomenon in the increase of cancer risk. Thus, it has been possible to show that mobile radio radiation can cause damage to genetic material, in particular in human white blood cells, whereby both the DNA itself is damaged and the number of chromosomes changed. This mutation can consequently lead to increased cancer risk… In particular, it could also be shown that this destruction is not dependent upon temperature increases, i.e., is non-thermal."

That is a fact which has been backed by numerous studies which the Swiss federal government and industry have ignored because it’s not profitable. There are thousands of studies that show exposure to RF-EMF produce biological effect/risk/damage, and about 70 studies focused on living near a cell mast, which showed a significant increase in risk of cancer and other ailments. You can find the list here:

Incidentally I met a Swisscom contractor who was converting a 3G to a 5G masts (without a license since part of the scandal is such conversions do not need people’s consent). He told me the 5G cell masts are unhealthy.

I corresponded with Salt CEO who outright lied about the risks, totally denying the credible scientific findings even exist. I debunked Salt’s lies:

Also, we have Urs Schaeppi (Swisscom CEO) on record for saying some gigantic lies. I had email exchanges with him and called out his lies, and he was not able to substantiate his lies. Also, there’s a letter on my page, to Sunrise’s ex-CEO with a list of 50 points which debunk his disinformation.

I had several exchanges with Mrs. Sommaruga, both when she was the head of the Justice Ministry, and as head of UVEK which BAFU reports to. In my opinion, based on numerous facts, all these areas she led suffered because of her lack of competence in the subject matters. She has been a main culprit in this EMF scandal. I’m sure she has good intentions and she’s a good person, but as the saying goes, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”! She’s a trained pianist, but when it comes to EMF, or justice/law, she seemed too weak to bring meaningful change. BAFU reports into Mrs. Sommaruga and its job is to protect people against industry abuses, but in reality it’s on industry’s side. We have evidence of several cases where BAFU has lied to the public, misrepresenting scientific facts, in favor of the very industry they’re supposed to regulate. E.g., see my exchanges with Paul Steffen in context of the Hardell-Ganjavi project, and my letters to Frau Sommaruga and so on here: and

This scandal runs deep. BAFU’s head of two radiation-health committees, Martin Röösli, has no credentials in medicine or biology! And he’s on the board of ICNIRP which is a major scandal according to many top scientists. It’s funded largely by German government’s equivalent to BAFU which is very industry leaning, and they’ve engaged in distorting and misrepresenting real science, and have said outright lies – in favor of the industry. It’s run by a psychologist!! Not many or any medical doctors have ever been in key roles at ICNIRP – Ignoring our biology is highly profitable for the wicked industry. These are explained in detail in my video. Also, see link below about a project I ran with a top scientist, which documented the conflict of interest and misrepresentation of science at the Swiss federal government. This page is a compilation to ICNIRP folks, Röösli, and important links that show what a scandal ICNIRP is. And Swiss government’s main advisor in this area is an ICNIRP man!

Part of the scandal is that the government has totally failed to educate the public about safe use of technology. So public abuse of, and subsequent addiction to the technology, provides an excuse for the industry to make the radiation level even higher, which has turned our beautiful country into a genotoxic hell in terms of EMF pollution – and now your neighborhood is next on the list to become a microwave hell like most places in Switzerland which are radiating on the average at 50 times biological safe limit, and often times, like in many places in Zurich, or near any 4G or 5G antenna, at 300 times biological safe limit. And now with 5G adaptive antennas even much higher than that, while the Federal Council tells people a bunch of malarkeys about limit values. A Swiss newspaper reported recently that radiation levels across Switzerland have been much higher than even the thermal limits!! That’s insane and very dangerous for people, and where is the government to protect people? Apparently missing in action and busy scratching industry’s back!

In Wallis the radiation was measured at 23.79 V/m which is 1199 times the biological safe limit of (0.02 V/m). And you want to trust that industry to put a cell mast near you? Even “within limits” means 300 times biologically safe limit!

All this is done with the fake “use-case” and excuse that you really need faster download, etc. In my video to the Federal Council, I open up these topics at depth ( See our letter to Swiss Education Minister here:

The dishonesty around this topic is mind-boggling and widespread. SRF and some other media have been instrumental in misinforming the Swiss public. It’s the old trick, that if the same lie is repeated, people begin to believe it as true. I documented a list of common lies around 5G in this document: ENGLISH, GERMAN versions:

· (EN)

· (DE)

Do not believe what the Federal Council, BAFU, BAG, COMCOM, BAKOM, SRF, ASUT, Swisscom, Sunrise, Salt, etc. tell you about safety of exposure to wireless radiation, and independently verify it via parties who have no financial ties to the industry.


Philosophically, one of the key roles of the government is to protect people. Therefore, there are so-called regulators whose main role is to protect people from industry abuses, because fundamentally, industry’s goal is money, profit, and it doesn’t care about people. If it had its way, it would still be selling asbestos, for example. In fact, the EMF scandal is very similar to the tobacco scandal, asbestos scandal, and so on, where the harms were known but public was brainwashed to believe otherwise, using celebrities and doctors. Now we have Roger Federer pushing 5G for Sunrise. Here’s calling out Roger:

Bottom line is the industry and government does not care about you when it comes to this topic, otherwise, they would consider biological effect in setting policy. They just want your money. So, you have to stand up for your rights yourself. Nobody else will, including your neighbors.

There is an enormous body of scientific research that clearly indicate RF-EMF exposure (including from 5G antennas) is biologically damaging. Get yourself familiar with these. Some links are provided below. Also, I have a couple of pages of educational video compilations:



See some links at the end of this document to thousands of studies that show biological damage as result of exposure to pulsed microwave radiation, including 5G. Also, in my video to Bundesrat I go over the topic in detail:


The world is not black and white, and it’s not linear. You should put together an organizing committee and think of various streams of activities, and assign a stream leader to each, and be in regular communication. The fight you’re engaged in is rigged. The “cards are stacked against you”. It’s not a fair fight. You’re at a disadvantage because the “system” is slanted, and biased for the industry, and that includes the courts. Their excuse is standards, so one of your points of attack should be the standards themselves, and you have plenty of backing from the scientific community to argue that point.

You need to have a good lawyer who’s on top of the topic. You need to approach the property owner from multiple angles (education, appeal to morality, sue in tenancy court, get him help in contract law to facilitate revoking his contract). You need to education and appeal to the local government. You need to educate others. And so on. These things need to happen in parallel.

A few tips:

- Come to grips with the fact that the industry and government have been lying to you about the safety of the antenna they want to expose you to. This realization by itself will give you the necessary energy to stand up for your rights and start demanding your local government to do its job and fight for your rights. That’s why you elected them. You didn’t elect them to be puppets of the industry and act robotically as per a scandalous, rigged setup, against your well-being.

- Every professional project manager knows that effort is different than result. Many people are satisfied with just making effort. But your effort needs to be geared towards achieving the intended results. It’s critical for you to win this fight: your DNA integrity is at stake, your children’s long-term health is at stake. And so much more.

- Always act civilly and within framework of law and ethics. Never violate another party’s rights or do something uncivil or vulgar.

- Key to change is seeing what-is. Most people (with exception) in this culture are conditioned to be passive and not act and not complain. So, a little action seems like a lot. But this fight takes big action, which can come from collective forces, but that requires coordination and actively educating and engaging others, which requires reaching out – which is very unnatural in this culture (with exception), as it is generally an introvert, low-key culture. Also, many miss sight of the bigger picture, so they act small. So, seeing all this, will give you energy to think big, think creatively, and be more active – far more than may feel “natural”.

- Talking about conditioning -- be aware of any inclination to be inflexible, obstinate, hard-headed. I’ve seen groups fail because of this. You can’t run a Mission Impossible project unless you’re very flexible, agile, willing to adjust to changes and new information.

- The attitude of “we’ll just follow the process and see what happens” is the wrong attitude. You need to be actively engaged in the art of influencing the outcome of the process beyond just litigation – as explained herein.

- Join a local association or form one. But do not rely on any association to do your job for you. Having joined an association is absolutely not enough. I’ve known too many lazy useless associations around this topic. Get involved. Roll up your sleeve and donate your time. It’s well worth it. For your help, and for your conscience, for having fought for what’s right. And your fight helps others and slows down the desecration of our beautiful country. Contact "Schutz vor Strahlung" for guidance. One of the great local associations is – you may want to tap into their experience. Also contact Kathrin Luginbühl for advice ( She’s a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field and is a very caring and good human. She has fought even in the Supreme Court. She’s on top of the latest scientific and legal developments. Like me, she’s spent vast amounts of her own time and money for this cause / charitable purposes to help people. “It’s good that you do this – it’s important”, was her feedback about this letter.

- Connect with political parties. Beware of the fake use of the word green like in the Green Liberal Party which is a pathetically non-green party. GLP and FDP are very pro-industry and have propagated ridiculo­­usly stupid arguments to support their ignorant stance. SP is a mixed bag. In Kanton Zug they’re very against 5G. Here’s the SP Thurgau representative, Edith Graf Litscher who is very cozy with the industry, and has been acting like an industry lobbyist:



- Connect with environmental groups if the cell antenna you’re fighting is in the forest. An association in Männedorf totally dropped the ball on this (among other things) while fighting an important Kanton Zurich Forest antenna. This fight is so crucial, critical, important, and rigged, that you must utilize all your options and powers to win it. Playing by the rules dictated by the causes of the scandal, is not enough.

- Know your enemy. That’s “Art of War 101”. Aside from the industry and government regulators which have failed to protect you, by giving free rein to the industry – your enemies include your own passivity, ignorance of the public, “can’t do” attitude. And implicitly the property owner who has rented his roof to the industry. So, you need to address these factors in your strategy.

- Divisive thinking is your enemy. Tribal thinking is common in these rich, thought-dominated societies. I’ve seen efforts fail because they’re operated like a tribe, in a capsule, in a shell – even within the same antenna project which effects a wide area, there was this attitude of “my street” vs. “your street” and the next house which is in front of the antenna but on another street was left out. A major national initiative fell on its face because it was run like an esoteric secret order – tribal mentality – and divisive attitude which is in the very nature of thought because it’s limited and image making, identification, etc. give continuity to discrete psychological sense-of-self. This over-dominance of thought beyond the practical areas (where thought is important) has serious psychological consequences in such societies (Off topic). Your focus should be to fight the antenna using all the resources you can mobilize and not just your little corner. Reach out, open up to “strangers”. Get together as ONE UNIT. There’s far more power in cooperation than little parties fighting little battles, especially when you’re up against a dishonest big monster, in a rigged fight.

- You need a stream to do fundraising. Again, get someone who knows the topic or is talented in it, to help you. Going outright with the first flyer and telling people if they object, they have to pay for the lawyer etc., and not educated them about the topic is the wrong approach. You want people who are not financially strong also on your team. I know one group who did it so amateurish that non wealthy people just sat out – people who could be helping with other things were left out!! That’s amateur management of an effort. Also, you should devise a flexible approach towards financing. When some neighbors make several million francs a year, they may want to pay more than someone who is living on AHV, for example. The coordinator should facilitate. These flexibilities increase your effectiveness. Also people who may not want to, or cannot afford to contribute financially -- should be included not excluded because they can contribute in other ways. In summary, flexible, creative thinking increases the chances of success far more than a linear, rigid approach.

- Recruit volunteers and utilize them effectively. Most people who would do something to help need encouragement to do so – and won’t take a step on their own – but if you motivate them, they will. That’s the importance of leadership which is often missing in these groups. Also, nationally this movement has suffered because many activists didn’t understand the importance of effective coordination and management talent.

- Use valid grounds for fighting the antenna. Appealing to the landlord or Gemeinde due to “psychological fear” is not a valid ground. They don’t care about your fears. In fact, one of the falsehoods the industry promote is people have unfounded fear. No. People have legitimate concern because thousands of studies show serious risks from exposure to pulsed RF-EMF. One group in Zurich used “fear” as a plea to property owner, because they did not do a good job of research. And of course, they failed. Instead, they should have educated the property owner, appealed to their morals (if any), etc. and pressured them legally as discussed here.

- Measurements: Aside from health impacts, you can shatter government’s position for the antennas by using the fact that there’s no reliable way of measuring the adaptive 5G antennas’ radiation levels. Their way of going about it is just as scandalous as selling 5G licenses to industry without even one long-term safety study, relying on 25+ year old inadequate standards, etc. – in terms of measuring, and the “power lock feature”, the government is relying on measurement data provided by the industry!! That’s the fox guarding the hen house. And we have evidence that the industry has engaged in dishonest conduct. So, I would not trust information provided by the wireless industry for a moment, especially information that could be used to control itself, and effect its bottom line (financial gains). Even if the government measures on its own once or twice a day, that is absolutely no adequate when an adaptive antenna is allowed to go multiple times (biologically unsafe) thermal limits. Your local community needs to be held responsible for ensuring they can adequately measure and control the radiation levels, which they cannot! Another scandalous aspect of measurements is that reflections of the 5G antennas are not even considered (and only direct signal is considered).

- I would strongly urge anyone to get an “Acousticom 2” EMF measuring device so you can “see” the radiation level. I find this very handy and use mine all the time. It’s best-in-class and highly accurate and made in the UK. Right now, your community is very “clean”. After the antenna comes it will be a genotoxic radiation “hell hole” as they say in English. I don’t do this for money but to make this device available at the lowest cost in Switzerland, you can order it directly through me: – info on the device:


Your biggest enemy is not a wicked, dishonest industry – or morally corrupt government. It is the sheer passivity of people around you who are all in their own shells and are not inclined to do much. Lack of action is hallmark of passivity, and passive gets what passive deserves. And they’re often brainwashed by propaganda by industry, government, media. See:

· (EN)

· (DE)

Politically, if you can wake them up, you’ll have tremendous power. But as long as majority are duped, sleeping, blindly believing what they hear on media, you have an uphill battle. One way to get them educated is a good powerful flyer. I’ve seen several disastrous flyers by various groups / associations which was so utterly passive, it was equivalent to doing nothing. In your area a flyer circulated recently which told people they can object but said NOTHING – ZERO about why!! Amateur and passive communications are simply not effective and fail this important objective. Imagine if more people were woken up to the facts and decided they will NOT tolerate getting lied to by authorities, industry, media.


The Gemeinde is being professionally influenced by your enemy. They’re fed all kinds of disinformation, half-truths, and like most people, they’re also conditioned to believe what they’re told by the government – so industry puts statements in front of them by BAFU (which is again on record multiple times for lying to people), and they believe it.

Your job is to apply the art of persuasion, the art of influencing, and to do effectively, it helps if you have a combination of empathy, sales skills, and understanding of politics of power. Most people don’t, but don’t worry, your words count.

It is imperative that you write a letter and send it to each member of the Gemeinderat. To make sure it’s been received (for accountability purposes), send it with registered mail, or email it, and then call and make sure it had arrived (or request a confirmation via email).

Put yourself in their shoes. Even if they are totally “clean”, like most people they’re probably brainwashed by the falsehoods propagated by industry and upper government. So, your job is first, to educate them. You can use some of the facts from the many letters I’ve sent to various governments, or from other source (for example, websites of Swiss associations listed herein). Given you are probably a minority – since most people in Switzerland are too passive and misinformed and uninformed about the topic to take action – and those who want to act have generally fallen short of “waking” up others – the Gemeinderat looks at the signed opposition forms as from a minority, and as a formality which it can easily discard – it’s easier to act robotically than to stand up for truth, for what’s right. The mayor of one Swiss town said his job is to approve antennas!! See my correspondence with him here:


· German version:

But, when you write to them, that’s much more difficult to ignore. Suddenly they’re dealing with one of their constituents – who took time to write – and not just a form (psychologically, there’s a big difference). People elect the members of local government and pay their salaries via taxes. Many of you are millionaires. Trust me, you have clout. Even the non-millionaires do. When you as a human, a teacher, farmer, professor, musician, doctor, plumber, engineer, lawyer, etc. write to the Gemeinderat and demand that the cell mast is voted down, it can make a difference.

You should demand that they act according to the noble responsibility of their job, which you’ve elected them to do, as your representatives. Swisscom didn’t vote for your Gemeinderat members, you did. Swisscom is imposing itself on your community, based on a set of lies, fake demands, and totally mismanaged landscape surrounding this topic (lack of public education, standards not considering biological effect, etc.) at the highest levels of the government. So, this is an imposition on your basic rights, and the Gemeinderat will likely not fight to protect it, unless you demand them to do so.

If the Gemeinderat turns down the antenna application, as it has happened in a few communities in Switzerland, they will then have to fight against Swisscom as Plaintiff, which relieves you of that legal fight (which you should absolutely fight if there’s no other choice). The risk is corruption, where they turn the antenna down, and then easily settle with Swisscom at early stages of litigation, but for now let’s assume they’re not corrupt.

I had a recent exchange with a Gemeinde’s building department and wrote this spontaneous message:

The ethical burden of approving the genotoxic Swisscom antenna

Dear Mr. X.

Many thanks. Please tell your boss if she approves the antenna, she will have an ethical burden when some of those children grow up and get cancer, and when people's overall well-being is negatively impacted, and their DNA integrity is compromised. That's how serious this is. Please tell her to watch this video and think hard if she wants to accept this scandal and go along with it, or if she will think for herself and put science and her ethical values ahead of what the rigged dictates are (rigged because the entire justification is based on outdated standards that completely ignore biological damage and only ensure thermal safety, and Swisscom and BAFU... are all on record for lying to people about the safety. Large majority of people do NOT want this genotoxic antenna in our neighborhood; and that includes the silent majority who are misinformed or are too passive to complain.

And the same goes for the Gemeinderat.

Have a nice day.

Reza Ganjavi, MBA

I have written many other letters to various Gemeinden, in helping various friends:


· (DE)

Your letter should be more like: Some background, what you do, cite some scientific facts, and demand that the antenna is rejected. Appeal to their morality.


As a matter of principle litigation should be avoided if at all, possible. One should not view litigation as first or second choice, but the last choice. That was a key message from my father who had a stellar career in law, including being a Supreme Court Justice, and Judge of Judges.

Therefore, I get disappointed when I see some passive groups who are so focused on “rules” and are not thinking outside the box say things like: we just fill out the form, and if the antenna is approved, we go to court. That’s a very limited, small way of thinking because there’s a lot you can and should do, before even the Gemeinderat decision, to influence their decision, to influence the property owner, to educate the public in your area, etc.

One group I had to deal with had such an ineffective, useless management with a “can’t do” attitude from the onset. Their president was hooked on a cell phone and couldn’t go offline for even 20 minutes. Part of that attitude was him saying litigation can cost 100,000 Francs. The sky can also fall tomorrow!! By the same token, they took their eyes off the ball and for 6 months did nothing of substance... I know several cases that have gone to Bundesgericht and none have cost even a fraction of that. If you have a good lawyer who knows the topic, and has good ethics, you should not be worried about the cost at all – it will not be that much – and you’re one of the richest people in the world, so what’s a better way to spend your money than for a good night sleep, for your DNA integrity, for the future of your kids!

Never hire a “can’t do” lawyer. I highly recommend Michael Fretz since he’s fought in the Supreme Court and is in touch with the top activist like Kathrin and Rebekka. The law and science are changing all the time. You need to learn from other legal cases, read the decisions, and strategize around it. Knowledge is power. If you hired another lawyer, still I recommend getting Michael to give you advice at least (even if you’ve hired another lawyer). Most of you are quite wealthy. It’s well-worth spending money on this critical topic. Also, manage your lawyer. Be active and help them.

· lic. iur. Michael Fretz 062 550 01 55

In dealing with lawyers, you should always manage your lawyer. Actively be engaged in what they do, the decisions, etc., and always request that the shortest path to goal is taken. This does not apply to highly ethical lawyers like Michael Fretz, but unfortunately some lawyers give continuity to a case/conflict, to prolong their engagement.


The name of the property owner who’s rented his rental building’s roof to Swisscom is

· Alexander Kotas, 044 923 05 02, Bünishoferstrasse 200, 8706 Meilen ZH

Write a letter to the landlord, requesting that he revokes the contract with Swisscom. Do NOT listen to people who tell you this can’t be done unless the contract has been carefully reviewed by an independent lawyer. Based on what I have seen, these contracts are highly manipulated since the property owner is often lied to, so that any concern for tenants’ well-being are alleviated by those falsehoods. A contract based on manipulation and falsehoods can often be revoked unilaterally.

- Educate him/her – many property owners are totally ignorant and have blindly accepted industry lies.

- Appeal to the owner’s morale. Make sure the owner understands the ethical implications, e.g., if you or your children get cancer, or otherwise suffer because of this antenna, the property owner will have an ethical responsibility, and karma, as some may call it.

- Review the contract. If it was signed based on lies and deception by industry, it could be challenged and revoked. That’s basic contract law.

- Even offer the landlord money. Most landlords of these big buildings are quite wealthy, and it could be enough to educate them and appeal to their morale. Worst case, collect money and pay him off, and help him get his contract revoked. This may be the shortest path to success. You could even afford the 10,000 a year Swisscom is paying him. If you rally enough people, as you should, the cost per household will be nominal, especially for all these millionaires. One lady for example already pledged 1000 francs a year. 38 people have sent in the objection. That’s 20 francs a month per person to get the landlord to not sell your DNA integrity to the big bad industry. I hear there are at least 100 more people who don’t want the antenna in your area, who have not sent in the objection because they were not educated / informed enough by those of you who sent it around. See FLYER section. Add them to the list and you’re talking under 10 francs per month to buy the landlord.

o Another advantage of this option for the landlord is that he gets his money immediately, while the Swisscom way pay be stalled for 3+ years in litigation so no antenna will come for that long, and no money for him until the antenna comes.

- The risk of building next door doing the same thing is reduced by your efforts to have educated everyone in that vicinity. When people are awake, they can’t be fooled into an irresponsible, highly unethical contract. We know of some property owners who refused to sign the contract and just said NO to the industry.


There’s a lot you can do if you didn’t fill out the objection form, for example, writing to the Gemeinde, helping distribute flyers, etc., or even going on hunger strike ;-) !! Or since there’s probably effective leadership lacking in your area, step up and help lead this effort…


If you are a renter in the building where the proposed antenna is being built, you can absolutely oppose the antenna and you must. Some people have been falsely advised by incompetent parties that you can only oppose the antenna if you’re a house owner. FALSE. Even renters in the vicinity of the antenna can oppose it. But if you live in that building you have special rights under Swiss law.

The process is simple. File a form at your local arbitration board (Schlichtungsbehörde). It costs nothing. The ground for your complaint is that the building is being significantly changed since you rented it. You rented an apartment that was not a microwave hell. Now it’s becoming one. You can put it in more formal language. Level of RF-EMF radiation is far above biological safe limit of 20 milli-Volts/meter. That antenna will be radiating at levels more than 6000 milli-Volts/meter (over 6V/meter). The landlord is obliged to come to the hearing. He will hate going there! “How did Swisscom put me in this mess”!

Best he can argue is that the radiation is within the limits (the rigged game – see standards discussion above). Your ­­­­­-argument is that no it is not: a) standards do not protect you biologically – you can site the scientific report on biological limits on: b) there is no reliable way to measure these adaptive 5G antennas. See Measurement section above.

A report recently in Switzerland found vast levels above even the government’s limit all over the country. Voila! Go to trial if you must. There’s no way the landlord will want to go to trial. To be strategic, coordinate this with the stream which is working on the Gemeinde and on persuading the landlord. “Cornering” the landlord from different sides, legally, and ethically, may result in him cancelling the contract.

Talk to your local coordinator. I’m afraid most groups like you do not have an effective leader. Many so-called leaders I’ve seen are extremely passive and think “inside the box” and linearly (e.g., objection then lawsuit – but a multi-prong approach increases your chance of success). If you don’t have a good leader, become one! Step in to help the existing leader(s).

Also coordinate with others in the same building so they also file a complaint under renter’s law.

A note to the leaders: work with the renters. They can be instrumental in this fight. And they may need some coaching and encouragement.

Renters: You can NOT be evicted because of complaining. That’s against the law.

You can also read my case: (EN, DE)


I endorse the following associations in Switzerland whom I know well, we’ve collaborated in the past and we’ve helped each other. My main criticism of most activists in Switzerland is that they have mostly neglected public education and awakening as discussed above. I truly believe with a well-coordinated active campaign, the disinformation and brainwashing by the industry, government and their media would not have been as effective.

· "Schutz vor Strahlung" Rebekka Meier (SO), and Jerome Meier (ZH) (they’re not related), two of the key directors of SvS have worked very hard for this cause for a long time, have helped a lot people, and deserve a lot of respect. You should join SvS if you’re not already a member.

· “Gigaherz” is led by a great man, Hansueli Jakob (BE) who’s been fighting against this scandal for many years. You should join Gigaherz if you’re not already a member.

“Bürgerwelle Schweiz” is not as active as the above. I have great respect for their leader, Peter Schlegel (ZH), who’s been active in educating and helping people, and taking on the falsehoods coming from government and industry, for a very long time. Peter wrote a letter to my ex-landlord which convinced him to move the WiFi router, but the landlord’s daughter who was the new owner, played hard-ball, but hardheadedness and obstinacy cost her a lot of money. Here’s the full story: (EN, DE)

There are many other associations and some at local levels. “Diagnose-Funk” has done a lot of good work. Also, there are several individuals who have been instrumental for this cause. My good friends Kathrin Luginbühl (ZH), and Marcel Hoffman (BE), Burgi Geisenberger (BL), and Olivier Bodenmann (VD) have been fighting against this scandal for many years. Kathrin has been in this fight since 1999! There are many others who’ve worked hard for this cause; just to name a few friends who are top activists: Maggie Speiser (SO), Sylvia Tobias (ZG), Hansueli Stettler (SG), Susanne Spitznagel (AG), Nicolas Pernet (VD), Olivier Pahud (GE), and others, who have been most helpful in this fight.

“Frequencia” I do not endorse because for a long time it was led by some “woowoo” people. They were nice persons but naïve about effective fight against this scandal, so they mishandled a number of things. An initial idea of one of their founders was that esoteric powers, “light workers” would somehow stop this scandal, and that “loving Swisscom” would make it change. Swisscom loved them back by covering 90% of the country in 5G antennas. The woowoo attitude and obstinate mindset wasted so much of our energy. And the woowoo management didn’t circulate the most important “Hardell Letter” because they felt it was too harsh!!! (a letter that exposes the conflict of interest and misrepresentation of science by the pro-industry parties the government relies on). Sorry, I don’t trust Frequencia and what I have heard from the insiders doesn’t give me comfort.

Another example of ineffective action which is not rooted in understanding “the art of war” was a well-intentioned Swiss man who started a petition to Swisscom’s CEO. Like he cares! It was signed by some 80,000 people, and one day, Bill Gates backed which you should never trust, deleted his petition (which wouldn’t have made a difference anyway since Swisscom CEO would just shred it.

Counter-Productive Actions

And then there were some strange people in this sphere. One Swiss man (Andreas Gross) who had an association, was exchanging mask exemptions for membership in his association – a completely lunatic and irresponsible thing to do. The police went after him. Here’s my correspondence with him:

Another case was a Swiss man (Christian Oesch) who lived in the USA for a long time, selling an unapproved, unscientific purported treatment for cancer and other diseases (which was shut down by FDA’s criminal investigations unit), he started umpteen “companies” around “tax strategies”, and he was a figure in a Ponzi scheme which was also shut down by the US government. He came back to Switzerland and got engaged in anti-5G activism and lied about his background saying he spent the last 20 years in EMF / health research – and promoted an unscientific “feel good” gadget. He called himself a “biotech executive” which he wasn’t. His education was an apprenticeship as a cook. He promoted a paid self-promotion as reference. He claimed to have worked with Knights of Malta which turned out to be a fake claim. And he boasted about having sued the US government when his lawsuit was to “punish” a judge (for about $30 TRILLION) who ordered forfeiture of about $50,000 of his assets in the Ponzi scheme, and so on. He interjected himself in a critical project I was running and undermined it, and so on and on. Since he made several false public claims, I researched him, uncovered the truth, and published it here which is very interesting reading – a free E-book (in English, German, etc.).

· (EN)

· (DE)öffentlichen-falschbehauptungen-lügen-bx-protocol-etc

· (IT)

· (FR)

There are several websites of non-Swiss organizations which are a goldmine of credible references, e.g.












Here’s UC Berkley’s Professor Joel Moskowitz’s response to Swisscom CEO’s cold-blooded lies:

The reply from Mr. Schaeppi of Swisscom is replete with disinformation. For evidence of health effects from exposure to low-intensity radio frequency radiation see the following links:

· "Radio Frequency Radiation Health Risks: Implications for 5G" (Grand Rounds presentation, UC San Francisco, video, slides, 2020)

· "We Have No Reason to Believe 5G is Safe" (Scientific American)

· International Perspective on Health Effects of Low Intensity Non-Ionizing Radiation

· New review study finds that heavier cell phone use increases tumor risk

· Key Cell Phone Radiation Research Studies

Scientific Evidence of Harm from Cell Phone Radiation: Two Years of Research

· PowerWatch: 1,670 Scientific Papers on EMF (1979 - 2018)

· Effects of Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (studies published from 1990 - 2020)

· NTP Cell Phone Radiation Study: Final Reports

· NTP: Not the First Govt. Study to Find Wireless Radiation Can Cause Cancer in Lab Rats

Ramazzini Institute Cell Phone Radiation Study Replicates NTP Study

· ICNIRP’s Exposure Guidelines for Radio Frequency Fields

· International EMF Scientist Appeal


I am a computer scientist, program manager, business analyst, philosopher, writer, musician, and have also studied and practiced law. Professionally I have run several Mission Impossible projects to success for world-class organizations, including top Swiss banks. I know a few things about achieving results.

· My resume is here:

· References (Professional, Personal, Activism)

I have been an activist against RF-EMF pollution since 2016 when I litigated against my landlord who installed a WiFi router next to my unit (and got what I wanted, despite a biased court – see link below). I had many adverse effects, and researched and found out that, against my hope, pulsed microwave radiation is biologically damaging. It was clear that I am sensitive to it because I’m a sensitive person and live a lifestyle that allows for sensitivity which is a good thing! (Vegetarian, bio, no alcohol or drugs…). Top professors/researchers indicate, even those who do not feel the radiation are hurt by it, so it hurts everyone, in subtle ways, e.g., the nervous system, oxidative stress, sped-up aging, etc. etc.

Our biology is an electro-chemical process. Our heart-heat is electric. Every gram of brain cell has 5 million magnetic antennas (source: CALTECH, top 5 university in the world). And our natural vibration is far slower than these mega high frequency waves emitted from these devices. The exposure can be very risky over the long term (no safety data exists for long term exposure). The Havana Syndrome that has been in the news is due to exposure to high levels of RF-EMF used as weapons against political adversaries. Pioneers of microwave technology contend humans should not be exposed to any microwave radiation.

The lawsuit against my landlord took a long time but I got what I wanted. And I spent 500 francs, and I believe she spent more than 15,000 francs, and I was up against bias and racism at every step of the way, including the judge himself who tried to falsify a legal document (but we compelled him to state the truth). At the end, I succeeded in getting the landlord to move the router. Details are here: (EN, DE) Since then,

· I’ve helped many individuals and groups in their wars for their health and well-being, against a reckless, irresponsible, and dishonest industry and their government backers. I run the biggest Swiss anti-EMF Facebook group which I urge you to join (search FB for STOP5G Schweiz). I also co-manage the largest global Stop5G group with tens of thousands of members.

· I also focused on debunking and documenting the dishonest conduct of the industry and government via numerous letters and exchanges with parties including Swisscom and Salt CEOs, debunking their lies, time and again. Most of this correspondence can be found on (global) and its Swiss sub-menu (direct link:

Correspondence with Salt CEO:

· I ran a major project with the world’s foremost oncologist specializing in cancerous radiation, which produced a letter to the Bundesrat signed by a group of top EMF specialist doctors and scientists, exposing the conflict of interest and misrepresentation of science in Swiss government. German and English versions are PDF versions:

o (EN)

o (DE)

· I produced a documentary for Bundesrat which I urge you to watch since it’s eye opening and educational. It’s what SRF and the cartel doesn’t want you to see. They prefer you to believe their lies (SRF is currently sued criminally and at UBI for lying to Swiss public). The video is here: (

· I researched and documented the lies and disinformation by a couple of so-called activists whose stupid actions or dishonest conduct was counterproductive. Here’s a major documentary about one of them in EN, DE, FR, IT:

· Here’s a spontaneous talk I gave in Hadlikon (Hinwil, Zurich): Much more can be found on

As you can see, I’ve spent a lot of time and energy without pay, for charity purposes, to help educate people and call out dishonest conduct of the government and industry. I am in touch and have engaged in mutual support with some top scientists and top activists globally and have received acknowledgements in highly respectable publications.

In the process of this activism in Switzerland, I’ve suffered various attacks by industry shills, racists, one so-called activist mentioned above, and another so-called activist who ended up getting a criminal conviction for attacking me. That’s not to mention a couple of racists and a crazy many who also attacked me. I got two people criminally convicted. Getting a native-Swiss convicted in a Swiss court, against a non-native Plaintiff is a gigantic task! I discovered a lot of interesting things about our justice system. That’s an upcoming book. Make sure you subscribe to my private email list by messaging me off the contact page: - if you found this document helpful, please consider donating.

Kind Regards

Reza Ganjavi