Swiss Health Minister and Federal Councilman Alain Berset's Wireless Pollution Hypocrisy

Swiss Health Minister and Federal Councilman Alain Berset's Wireless Pollution Hypocrisy

Swiss Federal Council sold 5G licenses to the wireless industry to the tune of $380 million dollars. Alain Berset was a part of the Federal Council at the time (and still is - in 2022). The Federal Council knew perfectly well the negative health impacts of pulsed microwave radiation (radio/high frequency electromagnetic radiation). It was informed by many activists and associations, and was or should have been aware of call of many scientists about risks of exposure. Nevertheless, it decided to ignore the biological impact, and side with industry's rhetoric and outdated standards which only protect the public against being burned by cell phones, cell towers, wifi routers, bluetooth devices, etc,

Now we learn that the Swiss Health Minister -- who was and still is part of the nations governing council which is at the very top of the executive branch -- doesn't want cell towers in his own village. So it's not good for him but good for population! Fantastic.

The news was a bombshell and some Swiss media and government mouthpieces quickly engaged in damage control and making sure the Swiss population remains brainwashed about health impacts of pulsed RF radiation.

Meanwhile social media had a ball and celebrated the revelation of this scandal. I'm calling it a scandal because if the Federal Council thinks RF generating cell masts are safe, why does a Federal Council member not want it in his own village?

The justification they brought was that it was for other reasons than health. SURE! Here's a direct, verbatim quote from the letter that Alain Berset signed. It says everything we need to know:

"Electromagnetic waves of technological origin, especially those emanating from mobile phone technology, have harmful effects on humans and animals"

Mr. Berset has apparently tried to fudge the issue by using the good old excuse of "standards" that it's ok as long as it's within standards. Let alone the fact that standards were set almost 30 years ago, are thermally based, and entirely exclude biological effect. But people who sign these letters and cite harmful effects never mean thermal effects -- they always mean biological effects -- and so did Mr. Berset apparently -- perhaps thinking the letter will never go public. "Humans and animals", precisely, and add to it all living nature, trees, bees, birds, and even bacteria. So the antenna was opposed citing health concerns, but when it comes to general population, hypocrisy kicks in.

And mind you, Swisscom which is on record for misinforming people about health risks,, and its CEO was caught making dishonest remarks about safety studies, pulled their application to build the cell tower in Monsieur Berset's village -- something that's rarely, if ever, done. In almost every case, against ordinary citizens who are not powerful politicians with big budgets, Swisscom litigates to force itself into people's villages even when there's stern opposition by the community.

Other Swiss mobile carriers operate the same way: bully their way into communities, using court power if there's legal opposition. I know people who are on verge of becoming homeless because they don't want to live near a cell tower or are too sensitive to bear it. Over 70 studies show increased risk of cancer and other diseases from living near a cell tower. They're all ignored by the industry, government regulators, and the Federal Council including Mr. Berset -- when it comes to the public! When it comes to their own lives and families, they may have a different sentiment!

The number of living areas in Switzerland that's not constantly bombarded by genotoxic pulsed microwave is swiftly reducing as the industry has been deploying more and more cell masts, and upgrading 4G to 5G (though their harms are similar as they're both the same class of radiation, except that in 4G, if the tower is far enough, you don't get biologically effected, unless your device connects to it -- which is somewhat convenient, because you can have internet in a remote area, for a minute, download/upload messages, etc., and go offline so you're back in "zero radiation" zone.

People who want to exercize their right to live without being microwaved have increasingly little chance in Switzerland, and some have moved away from Switzerland for that reason. The country is small, and financially rich, so there's a lot of money to upgrade and build more antennas; and, the governance lacks the wisdom to consider the impacts of this dense deployment on the population, biologically and psychologically
(the brain and nervous system are physical, and electromagnetic PubMed: Quantum Physics Perspective on Electromagnetic and Quantum Fields Inside the Brain). According to a Caltech study Each gram of brain cell has 5 million magnetic antennas in it.

There are rarely any places left in Switzerland where one can find living accommodation that doesn't have what Alain Berset doesn't want.



Martin Widmer’s Pro-industry Trolling On A Group That Is Critical Of Wireless Industry

I don’t spend much time on Facebook and haven’t for a long time, but as a manager in this group, I came across a fishy, pro-industry, submitted post; which I obviously rejected because this group doesn’t allow industry propaganda.

It was posted by a “visitor” not a “member” with the screen name “Martin Widmer-Phutadon (Nidnoi)” He posted a link to a pro-industry article. The article in my opinion is for purpose of “damage control” after Alain Berset’s apparent hypocrisy became public (the industry apparently panicked and got its media outlets to engage with damage control to keep the populous brainwashed. Funny enough the article even mentioned Alain Berset at the end, to make sure the audience who’s being fed a bunch of garbage doesn’t forget to link it with the Alain Berset topic. These are not coincidences. It’s damage control, in my view.

Regarding the content of the article being garbage, when and if I find time I will write to the person featured, who is the head of an organization which is primarily funded by industry. And there’s no mention of that in the article, because that would defy the purpose of the article! It seems the panicked industry drummed up an article that talks to the head of a unit the industry funds! How convenient.

Then I noticed that Widmer had blocked me. How funny. I don’t know him. The only reason he blocked me is apparently so that I can’t see his profile, and I can’t block him. But that would be a stupid conclusion because we have others as part of the management team, and they took care of suspending him. Facebook doesn’t have the block-from-group feature, so best you can do is to suspend someone for 28 days maximum. But we’ll make sure he’ll never be able to post again because he’s not welcomed to our group.

There is a link on Widmer’s FB page to a Paypal account which states his name as Martin Widmer, from Männedorf (ZH) and has a picture of him.

Google images linked that name and city to a Linkedin profile which has the same picture as the Paypal profile for Martin Widmer, Software Engineer @ Proreda GmbH, Männedorf, Zurich, Switzerland

Widmer’s activities on this group started on 26 August 2022. Just about the same time Alain Berset’s hypocrisy was getting a lot of attention. He posted the pro-industry article link as a comment on a post (together with some pro-industry verbiage), and he Liked his own comment.

Widmer’s other activity on this group was to react with a laugher emoji, making fun of a serious post by Mario Ladalardo who wrote warning people about radiation level in children play grounds – a very serious and real problem, but Widmer laughed it off. Now he’s suspended.


Picture of Alain Berset courtesy Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)


Hans Gwerder: A few months ago, a person who lives near a 5G antenna asked him if these rays were not harmful to health. Perset replied to him: No, not at all. Question; why doesn't he want a antenna near him ???


So Alain Berset, Swiss Minister of Health, and member of the Swiss Federal Council, which sold hundreds of millions of dollars of 5G licenses to the industry, doesn't want 5G in his village !! How convenient! It's ok for the population and not for him !! Classy !! In the letter he signed he cited: risks for humans and animals. SWISS HEALTH MINISTER SAYS 5G HAS RISKS FOR HUMANS AND ANIMALS. Why in the world then you guys sold the licenses to the industry?!?