Edith Graf Litscher's Wireless Industry Lobbying


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Is Edith Graf-Litscher a National Councilor or a mobile phone industry lobbyist? Why she should resign from the National Council & the SP; or resign from the ASUT and stop repeating lies of the mobile phone industry


26 JUL 2020


To: Edith Graf-Litscher, Oberer Moosweg 11, 8500 Frauenfeld; edith.graf-litscher@parl.ch

IMPORTANT -- Response to Edith Graf-Litscher's false statements; Call for her to resign as Nationalrat member and SP party -- or -- resign from ASUT and stop acting like a Mobile Phone Industry Lobbyist who repeats industry's lies.

Edith Graf, Oberer Moosweg 11, 8500 Frauenfeld; edith.graf-litscher@parl.ch


· Herr Christian Levrat

· Frau Isabelle Moret

· Frau Simonetta Sommaruga

· Herr Alain Berset

· Frau Nour Hamadache

· SP Schweiz

· SP Thurgau

Good day Edith Graf-Litscher

To be clear, when I refer to the wireless industry as “your industry”, I mean that because you are on the Board of Directors of ASUT, which acts as a special interest group for the wireless industry. No matter how that is sugar coated, it is what it is – the pro-industry lies on ASUT’s website – and the lies ASUT tells people in their public events.

It was painful to read your email of 18 June 2020, because it was so full of lies, misinformation, falsehoods, manipulative lines of the industry. Did you write the email yourself, or did your Wireless Industry friends at ASUT (e.g. Christian Grasser), industry friends at Swisscom, Sunrise, Salt, or Martin Röösli of ICNIRP / BERENIS whom the industry loves, or BAFU’s Paul Steffen write it for you?

The reason for this question is that your email is full of the same lies which the wicked industry tells people. You would make a perfect spokesperson for the Wireless Industry. Therefore, you being on ASUT Board is not at all surprising. Therefore, I believe you should resign from the SP party because SP party is for people and not for Big Money and their wicked, dishonest ways. SP party’s charter is to represent the interests and well-being of people. In my opinion, you are on the wrong side.

The word “Facts” carries a certain weight, respect and dignity – you can’t refer to a lie, a falsehood that is stated by someone, as a fact just because they said it -- and use that as a reference to truth. That is a fundamentally deceptive, false, illogical approach, and anybody who buys it is stupid. I think your industry is counting on Swiss people being stupid to buy such lies as “facts”. Swisscom CEO, URS Schaeppi (as well as other entities in the same circle, e.g. the new 5GChange cartel that your industry assembled), use irrational, logically flawed, deceptive arguments.

I have no reason to believe the twisted logic you and your industry use arise out of ignorance. In my opinion the misinformation campaign is intentional and professionally devised. If you’re so naïve (like Roger Federer) that they have you fooled into believing their lies, you shouldn’t be (pretending) to be representing people because Swiss people are not stupid. They can see through your industry’s lies. And that’s perhaps why, your industry, ASUT, etc., has engaged in manipulating public opinion with lies, to push an unnecessary, unhealthy, biologically damaging radiation onto people, and making people believe they need it too!

I am sure you’re well aware that these lies and manipulative practices have one aim only, and that is, profits for the industry, MONEY. The society is absolutely is NOT set to benefit from being immersed and ruined in DNA-damaging radiation. And the “usecases” of faster download and your toilette paper dispenser being connected to WiFi, and driverless cars are all FAKE needs promoted by your industry in the most dishonest way.

I don’t believe you’re pushing 5G for the benefit of people of Switzerland – in my opinion, you’re doing so to help the industry as a de-fecto lobbyist while wearing the cloak of being for people -- in my opinion, your behavior does not exhibit that you care for people. “You cannot have your cake, and eat it too”. A congressional representative who has benefit of people in mind would never go around and do what you’ve been doing – the kind of thing you do is usually done, or influenced by, lobbyists (e.g., your trying to make people of Switzerland spend money to educate people to NOT be afraid of 5G – a direct gift to the industry – while people should be very concerned about 5G and 4G and their WiFi router and cell phone and Bluetooth devices because they all emit RF-EMF which has NOT been shown to be biologically safe in long term – and have been shown to be biologically damaging.

Your industry dishonestly says that there are 30,000 studies that don’t show harm. That is a lie. You cannot name even one study that shows long-term exposure to microwave radiation is safe. When the cartel is challenged, they go into hiding – from 5Gchange people, to your industry friends, and even BAG and BAFU they have ALL FAILED to name even one study that even indicates (forget proof) that such exposure is safe. Therefore, you are all lying when you tell people it’s safe.

Perfect example is Swisscom that even admits to biological damage at sub-thermal level (see emfcrisis.com) yet it tells people it is safe. You’re a lawmaker. Do you see the legal problem with such dishonesty about matters of public health? Instead of helping the industry, you should do your job and enact laws that protect people from such dishonest conduct!

The entire line of reasoning promoted by your industry is faulty. Safety is something that needs to be directly established, and not deducted - deduced. We’re not looking for ‘proof’. Indication is enough. Neither you, nor any of your industry buddies can show ANY studies which even indicate safety, from long term exposure to RF-EMF. And on the other hand, there is a large body of studies that clearly shows biological damage from exposure to RF-EMF.

Have you even understood Edith Graf, when your industry buddies, or BAFU or BAG say the exposure levels of safe, that safety is based on standards that completely ignore biological effect. In other words, that safety only means you will not get burned (thermal effect) while even Swisscom admits that biological damage can happen at sub-thermal levels which your industry, and our government regulators completely ignore. How does that fit into SP party’s agenda? Expose people to untested unsafe radiation, and call it people’s party?! That is fundamental contradiction. Therefore, you resign from the SP party.

“Because integrative medicine and the health of the people in our country is an important concern for me” If health of people is important to you, you should immediately resign from ASUT, and immediately introduce several desperately needed laws to tie up the hands of the very industry you’re helping today.

In my opinion, your actions today are contrary to the belief you state. The industry you’re helping (e.g. the 5M CHF proposal against 5G fears), is putting our health at a great risk. 2 hours in the motorway yesterday, and today, I feel like I was in a smoky bar for 8 hours! I assume you are well aware of thousands of studies that debunk ASUT’s claim that current standards are protective of our health.

As a lawmaker you should know that your member companies and BAFU’s idea of “precautionary principle” is NOTHING but “lip service” in light of the fact that

1. The standards are not considering biological effect

2. Hundreds of scientists who specialize in this field, have called on governments (including Switzerland) to STOP this madness.

As a lawmaker you should know that the we, the people of Switzerland, are theoretically entitled to basic human rights – which means your industry should NOT have the right to enter our house without out consent, and expose us to radiation which has a high risk of being biologically damaging – without our consent.

And other treaties and laws which protect us against experimentation on us without our consent. Bundesrat selling the licenses, and your industry pushing forward with madly deploying this unneeded, unwanted, unsafe technology, without proper safety studies, is a direct attack on the integrity of our DNA, wellbeing, and quality of life.

I use the word “unwanted” because throughout Switzerland, our good people are saying NO to this madness. But your industry is shoving itself down our throats.

Last week I had correspondence with Salt’s CEO, who is imposing themselves onto people of Hadlikon (Hinwil, Zurich). There are people there who would go homeless, or have to run away into nowhere-land, if the cell tower is built. The response I got was mind-blowing. Salt claims there are no scientific studies that show cell towers are harmful to healt. Yet another big fat lie from your industry. My response to Salt is on emfcrisis.com

There are at least 70 studies that show adverse health effect from exposure to radiation from cell towers. Here's one good source on the website of a group of medical doctors: https://mdsafetech.org/cell-tower-health-effects/

You see, dishonesty is rampant in your industry.

You to say that ASUT is above all, is committed to the interest of the users – I say NO WAY. I say that’s a FALSE statement. I say that’s “lip service”. I say that’s a deceptive statement. I have seen the spokesperson for ASUT more than once, and there is ZERO evidence that ASUT cares about people and our health. ZERO.

Christian Grasser makes statements such as: what do you prefer, many smaller cell towers, or less big cell towers. HELLO! We prefer NO cell towers! Or have them FAR AWAY from residential areas. And instead of wasting your 5M CHF brainwashing people to NOT be afraid of 5G, you should spend that money EDUCATING people on how to safely and correctly use the technology, so they don’t overload the networks, so they use wired internet, so they minimize their exposure to DNA-damaging radiation. Get my point?

So as a country we’re going about this the wrong way. And you’re part of that problem, in my opinion. Instead of helping to STOP this madness, you’re helping to promote it (e.g. you 5M CHF idea).

You talk about growing use of data. That happens when people are deceived by your industry in believing the radiation is safe. And they receive ZERO education about it (see above). The answer is NOT to deploy more DNA-damaging infrastructure. That is the stupid way of going about it. Think of our national interest. And how future generations will look at us.

Your entire argument (fear mongering of ITU, WHO, IARC, ICNIRP, BAFU, etc – all part of the same cartel that ignored biological effect) is without merit. I repeat, we are going the wrong way about it.

You, as a Swiss lawmaker, cannot just repeat those lines like a parrott. You need to think for yourself. You need to think big. You need to think out-of-the-box. That’s what we expect from our lawmakers. Because we Swiss people don’t like to be followers like sheep. We do not give our destiny into the hands of stupid greedy organizations, be it the UN, or ASUT.

I’m perfectly happy with mobile traffic not going through. Because I do not use Mobile communication. I’m my life is just great. Because I have a very good fiber-optic network in my home. I have fast reliable secure safe healthy Internet. And my mobile phone is On flight mode 99% of time.

So, don’t try to scare us about wireless traffic issues. If you do your job as a lawmaker, you put in place laws which will require our educational system to educate people about the topic, just as they provide education about safe sex, and drugs. A microwave radiation expert says anybody who puts Wi-Fi in schools should be locked up for the rest of the life.

Protection and education should be your focus, and not helping the industry push this toxic technology on us; and singing the industry’s song. Your approach is very myopic and small-minded, in my opinion. And I’m sure the industry loves your approach.

Look at how we look at Nazi Gold, and the Slave Children dark chapters of our Swiss history.

Don’t fool yourself and others into the one of the big, fat lies of 5G. That 5G is safe because it’s at the same level of 4G. I have news for you. 4G is NOT safe either! You cannot name ONE study that shows long term exposure to 4G is safe. And there are many studies that show it’s not (see above for some examples). Here are the rest of the Big Fat Lies your industry and BAFU and ASUT tell people (see big 5G lies on www.emfcrisis.com).

Regarding deployments, your industry has “upgraded” many “cancer sticks” (also known as “death towers”) – cell towers – to 5G WITHOUT permission from us the people. That is BAD, WRONG, UNETHICAL.

Digitization and Internet of Things may sound sexy to the laymen and people who blindly believe ASUT, SRF, etc. propaganda, but in reality, IoT is just a business model of a greedy industry. If people receive honest info about health risks, they would NEVER enter a driverless car – and they get rid of all wireless internet from their home, and go with Wired Internet.

Erith Graf, I cannot believe you say there are no studies that show adverse health effects below the limits. That’s an outright LIE. There are countless studies that show RF-EMF exposure cause adverse health effects – the list of diseases associated with it is countless – from thinning of blood brain barrier to autism. How dare you repeat such a blunt industry lie?!

And that’s a backward way to go about it – it’s logically fallacious. A drug company cannot tell Swissmedic, show me a study that shows my drug is unsafe! You get my point?! So that entire deceptive, dishonest line of argument is a fabrication of the industry you’re supporting. Congratulations!

Swisscom even admits it! Duh! (see emfcrisis.com)

How dare you quote Trump morally corrupt FDA’s fake science -- same falsehood used by the Swiss 5G cartel (ASUT, 5Gchange, etc.). Here are some of the credible scientists who’ve called on FDA to remove the lie you’re quoting from their website:

· Letter calling for a retraction signed by several scientists.

· Ronald Melnick PhD’s letter to the FDA on the National Toxicology Program study

· Albert Manville PhD, retired Senior Wildlife Biologist, Division of Migratory Bird Management, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Wash. DC HQ Office (17 years); Senior Lecturer, Johns Hopkins University

· Prof. Tom Butler of the University College in Cork, Ireland’s letter to the FDA

· Igor Belyaev, PhD, Dr. Sc. Head, Department of Radiobiology of the Cancer Research Institute, Biomedical Research Center of the Slovak Academy of Science letter to the FDA

· Paul Heroux PhD, McGill University

· Alfonso Balmori, BSc statement to the FDA

Here’s an enlightening piece for you: Expert Physicians, Surgeons and Scientists Call for FDA to Retract “Biased” Anonymous Report of Cancer Impacts of Cell Phones . Now you know. Now you should NEVER repeat that lie. But you should have known this, given you’re on the Board of ASUT!

The false, twisted comments of ICNIRP about the NTP study have also been debunked. Here’s a top toxicologist who is not in the pocket of your industry commenting on why the NTP study shows clear evidence of carcinogenicity: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/30243215/ . Read more about it here: https://mdsafetech.org/ntp-study-2016/

Have you seen Professor Hardell et al.’s letter to the Swiss government (see emfcrisis.com)? You received a copy. Here’s a new, elaborated version which exposes ICNIRP cartel’s conflict of interest and misrepresentation of science: https://www.spandidos-publications.com/10.3892/ol.2020.11876/download.

Lastly, yes we live in a democratic society but the pillars of democracy are a truthful government; and government regulators who protect people against industry abuses; and lawmakers who don’t act like industry lobbyists. It’s never too late to wake up Edith Graf. People who vote for you expect you to fight for their health and not for your industry’s profits.

Therefore, we ask you to either:

· Resign from the SP party, resign from the National Council, and take on a full time job as the lobbyist for your favorite industry.


· Resign from ASUT's Board. Stop repeating industry lies. Stop helping the wireless industry. Join us to fight for people's health, well-being, science, truth.


Réza Ganjavi & Team

12 JUNE 2020

SP party ties with the wireless industry

To: Edith Graf-Litscher


· Herr Christian Levrat

· Frau Isabelle Moret

· Frau Simonetta Sommaruga

· Herr Alain Berset

· Frau Nour Hamadache

· SP Schweiz

· SP Thurgau

Good Day Mrs. Edith Graf-Litscher

Do you receive money from ASUT for attending board meeting?

Why are you on the Board of ASUT?

Why do you want to spend millions of public funds to try to persuade people that 5G is not harmful, while not even one single study shows that it's safe -- and thousands of studies show that RF-EMF (incl. 5G) is biologically harmful -- and the standards totally ignore biological damage. Being on the Board of ASUT I assume you already know all this. If so, then why are you pushing a pro-industry agenda? Representing the SP party, your constituents expect you to be for people and not against people. For health and not against health. But your actions do not meet those expectations.

Unless you have a good explanation, you should consider resigning from your role as a member of the Parliament -- and work for the wireless industry full time. I'm sure they will pay high salaries for those who help them brainwash the public into falsely believing that a DNA-damaging technology is safe.

Please answer this email within 10 days of receipt. Many thanks.

Kind Regards

Réza Ganjavi, MBA

(Schweizer Bürger)



24 APRIL 2020

Letter to Edith Graf-Litscher

Ms. Graf-Litscher, I retract the use of "ignorant" in this letter: https://emfcrisis.yolasite.com/swiss-parliament-myopia.php after I learned tonight that you're a part of ASUT. So you know EXACTLY what you're doing and I do *NOT* approve of it. I can't believe you're part of the SP party and yet so careless about the society when it comes to health impacts of 5G and other forms of RF-EMF.

The industry you support has ruined our country, has lied to us, has deceived us about health impacts, and has admitted itself to DNA damage and cancer linked to RF-EMF and YOU have the nerve to want to spend our money to further deceive people to NOT be afraid of DNA-damaging, cancerous radiation! UNBELIEVABLE.

As a Swiss citizen I request that you immediately resign from your position as a member of parliament, and stop your association with ASUT.


Réza Ganjavi


Guess where Edith Graf-Litscher shows up:


She's on the Board of ASUT, the association of a wicked telecom industry which is on record for lying to people about safety of exposure to RF-EMF (5G 4G WiFi Bluetooth etc.).

Now it all makes sense (see letters below).

23 SEP 2019

Letter to Member of Swiss Parliament, Edith Graf-Litscher


· To: Frau Edith Graf-Litscher, Member of Swiss Parliament

· Copy: Tages Anzeiger CEO, Mr. Christoph Tonini (Teamedia); Tim Wirth volunteer writer, Tages Anzeiger

Dear Frau Edith Graf-Litscher

I am a Swiss Citizen. I trust as a member of the Swiss Parliament you can read English which is much easier to write than grammatically correct High German which majority of Swiss people cannot write in.


I am sure you're a fine person with good intentions. But as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions -- in other words, intention is not enough, when it is not informed.

I am very angry after reading the stupid, misleading article in Tages Anzeiger which features your picture and words. We cannot have expectations from newspapers, although, balanced reporting should be their ethos. Money seems to talk. And I thought Tages Anzeiger is more liberal and fair than some other newspapers that are Big Money mouthpieces.

Frau Graf-Litscher: Your well intentioned article particularly hurts. It is so off -- it is 180 degrees off from where it ought to be -- especially it coming from a member of the SP party, which is supposed to care for people, to have compassion, have common sense, and think with intelligence and goodness rather than Swiss Francs.

Frau Graf-Litscher, what you should be promoting is EDUCATING THE PUBLIC ABOUT THE HARMS OF WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY and *NOT* trying to educate them that their fears are unfounded. If you knew ANYTHING about this topic, you'd know that people's fears are ABSOLUTELY FOUNDED.

I am not talking about apocalypse, weapons of mass destruction, mind control and other horrible things which 5G is capable of. Forget about that for the moment.

Frau Graf-Litscher, did you know being at the same frequency of 4G, temporarily, is NOT a guarantee of safety?

Did you know that the irresponsible wireless industry, and ignorant lawmakers who back them, and malicious entities in the government who think with Swiss Franc and don't give a damn about people's health, have ruined our cities ALREADY. People are ALREADY in great danger from exposure to high frequency electromagnetic smog.

Did you know that all those who lie to us, whom you seem to blindly believe, refer to standards that were devised decades ago and COMPLETELY IGNORE BIOLOGICAL DAMAGE?

Did you know since then there are 1000's of peer-reviewed research that show High Frequency EMF smog (5G, 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.) CAUSE BIOLOGICAL DAMAGE?

Did you know that our own industry KNOWS that but they LIE to us. Yes that includes the company that we as a nation own 51% of its' shares: SWISSCOM. They're on record for lying to people. In their patent filing they admit that RF-EMF causes biological damage, DNA damage, Cancer, at sub-thermal levels.

Did you know that our government regulators are misinforming and lying to public about the REAL RISK OF BIOLOGICAL DAMAGE. Like the industry, they tell people RF-EMF is safe.

These lies are very UN-SWISS Frau Graf-Litscher. We're supposed to be an honest nations!!

Did you know that Swiss children, and adults, and parents, and educators get ZERO education about harms of this radiation?

And you want to spend millions telling people the lies and irrational logic of the industry that because this is at 4G level (temporarily) therefore it must be safe. This is BAD, WRONG, STUPID IDEA, excuse me -- I can't find better words.

Instead, you need to DEMAND that not only the government but the industry spend money educating people about the REAL DANGERS which the industry knows about but is hiding it from the public. You need to demand a moratorium, and NOT to help the wicked industry brainwash people to not be concerned of this untested, unsafe, problematic, unnecessary technology.

People need education and not further myopic, manipulative, malicious, or at best, ignorant, misinformation. Perhaps the money you're proposing should be used to give a REFUND to industry plus damages and say TIMEOUT! That way they can control their lust for our money and hold their horses in the race to make our beautiful Switzerland a toxic pool of cancerous and DNA-damaging radiation.

This is a long painful story. I think you get the gist of my message. Please read www.emfcrisis.com -- see the scientist-videos page, and there's a page on Switzerland which has a list of demands and gives you an idea how this wicked industry has ruined our beautiful country by turning it into a microwave oven which is gradually destroying our DNA, our intelligence (as per solid research this radiation not only causes all kinds of biological damage, it reduces cognitive function).

Graf-Litscher, if you care for this country and our future generations, which I believe you do, you need to take on the wicked industry and DEMAND that they show us one single study that even hints at safety from long term exposure. They can't. They'll twist the logic as part of their wicked misinformation, public deception, and brainwashing campaign that the burden of proof is not on them.

THINK about it. If a new medicine is proposed, Swissmedic demands that the industry show proof, or at least indication that it is safe (and efficacious). In the case of 4G, 5G, WiFi, Bluetooth THIS HAS NEVER BEEN DONE. This is violation of the Nuremberg Code, and a violation of the Precautionary Principle, to say the least, and a violation of basic human decency.

IoT (Internet of Things) is a flop. We already have a strong economy. We don't need to turn our people into robots who are so zapped with carcinogenic radiation 24x7 that they are no longer able to have quality of life because their DNA is damaged -- this is not some "fake news" -- even Swisscom admits it, deeply hidden in a document the public should have never seen.

Nobody in their right mind would go into one of those driverless vehicles (microwave ovens) which fast track you to cancer.

Nobody in reality needs faster download. Do you?! Can you not wait 10 extra seconds for a stupid movie to download? By the way, phones were never meant to be movie theaters anyway. Streaming movies on the train etc. is so incredibly polluting (and burdens the network load). Instead of educating the public on the right use of technology, you seem to want to spend money, effectively brainwashing them further that this madness is safe. The industry must love you. And you're in SP !!

There's not a single good "usecase" for 5G. It's insane that the Swiss government sold 380m Francs worth of something that has NOT BEEN TESTED FOR SAFETY. What are you all thinking? We are NOT your industry's Guinea pigs. We like our health. We like our DNA. We like all the aspects of our being, including spirituality, and parts of our being that allows us to have spiritual perception / connection -- which this radiation damages. We like our immune system. We don't like the increasing rate of autism.

We don't want our kids to have thinned out blood-brain-barrier which is extremely dangerous and makes the kids prone to a lifelong of health issues. And so on and so on. The industry IGNORED this and the long list of biological issues that are observed in INDEPENDENT STUDIES (not like the ones being done at ETH's FSM and funded by Swisscom, Sunrise, etc.).

While you're at it, please ask your fellow SP member Frau Sommaruga to remove Martin Röösli from BERENIS. He should NOT be in that committee let alone leading it because of his spreading of uncertainty in favor of industry, and his ties with ICNIRP which has consistently ignored highly respectable, academic, peer-reviewed research, and so on.

These are things Swiss people are afraid of, so they take the time to go shout in the street, and you and Tages Anzeiger pour cold water on them with the utmost ignorant comments and small-minded ideas that TOTALLY MISSES THE POINT.

Since Tages Anzeiger mentions Sunrise CEO's stupid comment about fake news, check out this list of 50 questions we sent to Sunrise CEO: https://emfcrisis.yolasite.com/fakenewsolaf.php He's failed to answer even one single one. Tages Anzeiger should print this list as a counter-balance to their promoting his nonsense that these concerns are fake news. They are not, and are absolutely legitimate.

I am at your disposal if you like to discuss. I also strongly advise that you buy one of these EMF meters -- it's the best one in its class -- most accurate and very convenient to use. I can arrange to get you one at the lowest price in Switzerland. It's a must-have because then you can SEE the radiation and then you'll NEVER call it fake news.

Also, you're welcome to join our Stop5G Swiss-German Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/358542968210641/

We have over 3000 Swiss members who are highly intelligent and can tell the difference between the reality of getting their DNA damaged 24x7 and industry & government & legislatures' fake news.

Kind Regards

Reza Ganjavi -- A very concerned Swiss citizen


<phone> (I also use Whatsapp with wired internet).

Reza Ganjavi, MBA, BSCS, BA Phil, Magna Cum Laude, Phi Kappa Phi

Email: reza--at--rezamusic--dot--com




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