Swiss Activist Andreas Gross Embarrassing Anti-5G Movement

Swiss Activist Andreas Gross Embarrassing Anti-5G Movement

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Swiss Activist Andreas Gross Embarrassing Anti-5G Movement

Letters by Sylvia Tobias & Réza Ganjavi

Here's the news of the police raid of Andreas Gross's residence:

Translated from German: How embarrassing for the anti-5G movement in Switzerland. I can't believe someone would do this!! Andreas Gross did it!!

The former Scientology follower, who today calls himself a Reiki master and propagates esoteric life energy concepts, advertises with the people that he comfortably sends them their mask certificate home by post... The website has been known to the Zug health department for a few days, as a spokesman told the newspaper. So the certificates have no basis "because the exhibitor has no medical qualifications," the spokesman continued.


Response 1 of Reza Ganjavi to Andreas Gross

Dear Andreas

I don't have time for a detailed discussion - and the discussion is not around whether you've done positive things or not, at all. A cow can give a bucket of milk then kick it down. The news article about you prompting people against masks was a punch in the face of the Swiss anti-5G movement. It enraged people (except a few woowoo people who still think, stupidly so, that Covid-19 is not a virus, or that we're not in a pandemic, or that some delusional THEY have it all planned out.

It was a big blow which enabled the industry and their cronies in the media to make fun of this serious movement as by a bunch of esoteric woowoo out-of-touch-with-reality people.

Of course you're free to do what you want. It's a free country. But it helps to think big. And be critical of mediocre ideologies that are not rooted in truth. These ideologies are extremely weak. The very same people like you who are against masks, go out and help spread the very virus that makes the very pandemic worse which forces the governments to take restrictive measures. How smart is that?

The woowoo theorists you follow, like David Icke etc. have BIG holes in their arguments. It's good entertainment but worthless, in my opinion.

For example, the stupid idea that Covid-19 was devised to help kill people by wireless industry so we have more 5G and less population, and such schizophrenic ideas promoted by someone. This is a 100% garbage idea. If there's less people, there's less subscribers to the wireless service.

And so on.

Kind Regards


Response 2 of Reza Ganjavi to Andreas Gross

Dear Andreas:

You asked if I'm a paid agent!! LoL. No I'm not! Who would waste their money, any way, to pay someone to send you an email saying your connecting your stupid anti-mask ideas with anti-5G is a big blow to the movement? Maybe it's THEM -- the same woowoo forces some woowoo people believe in, who are purportedly trying to kill all humanity with Covid-19 (NOT).

Your question makes me wonder if you've been watching too much of these woowoo David Icke etc.  videos -- or perhaps smoking some "good stuff"?

I am a pragmatist/realist Swiss citizen who cares a lot about the anti-5G movement, and don't like to see it turn into a circus comedy by your type of actions. But hey, it's a free country and acting unwisely is not against the law. But I believe promoting anti-mask ideas is ethically wrong because it defies science. If you want to say science doesn't count and Scientology has all the answers, you're also wrong. You're free to believe stupid ideas like masks should not be worn in a pandemic when we know that they can reduce chances of infection.

I told you, I do not have time to argue with you. Both Sylvia and I have told you what needs to be said already.

Best wishes


Selected Last Responses of Reza Ganjavi to Andreas Gross

·  My friend, if you like to believe that the pandemic we're in is not real, I have nothing more to say to you. Best wishes

·  Look up the word: Reality. Realität.

·  Try telling those people who are in hospital suffering. Those who lost loved ones. Those healthcare workers who are putting their lives on the line. That the pandemic is not real. I'm not sure if they'll laugh at you but they probably will think you're crazy.

·  Bundesrat will laugh its ass off when industry puts the 20min article on their table to discredit hardworking activists whose efforts are now turned into a joke because of your woowoo ideas on masks and mixing it with anti-5G. Even you calling the pandemic a "plandemic" shows your woowoo ideas. I have news for you: WE ARE IN A REAL PANDEMIC.

·  Sorry as I told you I don't have the time and energy for you (that includes reading anything past your last foolish argument that the pandemic is not real). You can go try to debate your woowoo ideas (e.g. that we're not in a pandemic) with someone else. Best Wishes

·  Insult and defamatory statements are against Swiss criminal code. I protect my rights fiercely. It's a good idea to consult a lawyer in case you're not familiar with those articles of law, so as to stay out of legal troubles.


Letter from Sylvia Tobias to Reza Ganjavi

Hi Réza

Here‘s the answer I‘ve got from Andreas Gross. It‘s a pity, that they go this way. I suppose, that they need more members and find them in people who believe in this conspiracy theories. For me, I will unsubscribe from their mailing list.

Réza: we are not many people who separate the 5G-Subject from Covid-19. It’s getting more and more frustrating to discuss with these people. I have no power left to discuss with them. If you find something to answer him, it’s ok, I can send it, but I think, it‘s wasted energy. Btw: Do you know the position of SvS to this? Could we get a statement from them maybe?

Have a good day!



Reza Ganjavi commenting on Email from Andreas Gross to Sylvia Tobias / ä

Sylvia's email was in response to an email response she received from Andreas Gross basically babbling about unfounded mediocre theories [along the lines of David Icke and some schizophrenic other person who has found a market / following in spreading false unfounded theories about some imaginary world leaders who had this all planned out blah blah -- and other stupid ideas that go in the direction that THEY (but these people can never pin point who THEY are because THEY don't exist except in their imagination -- ya, the name Rothschilds is always the buzzword but there's no evidence that the Rothschilds were behind making and spreading of Covid-19 etc).

This is a time to pull together and beat this pandemic, and not make it worse, by the kinds of mentality / actions Andreas Gross is supporting, i.e., being against masks. It's been proven that masks do protect people against getting Covid-19 - not in every situation but in many situations and it's irresponsible and wrong to influence people to NOT wear masks.

The problem is RESULT and some people can't see that effort is not the same as results. And such backing of the stupid ANTI-mask idea HURTS the Swiss anti-5G movement because it makes it look like esoteric clowns.


Email from Reza Ganjavi to Andreas Gross

Dear Andreas

Your prompting people to NOT wear masks is a big disservice to the anti-5G movement in Switzerland because it makes it look like esoteric woowoo clowns, which is exactly the image the wicked industry wants to portray.

It helps to think big.

Kind Regards



Email from Reza Ganjavi.   Subject: Another small-mindedness blow to the Swiss-anti-5G efforts

Sylvia who's in Zug researched it and linked it to an Admin of -- a website that cites Schutz vor Strahlung, Gigaherz, etc. but is a train-wreck: Stupid Corona non-scientific theories, David Icke bullshit, etc.

And now they're giving mask exemption if you join them. Do these people think beyond the end of their nose?

Part of the problem may be lack of national coordination / guidance. The bigger part is small-mindedness. And industry loves this and their cronies jump on it.

This news items got wide spread attention in almost every household in Switzerland and it was a bad punch in the face of this movement.

We don't know who the Admin is but the site is registered to: Telse Gross Andreas Gross Althusweg 12 CH-6315 Morgarten


Email from Reza Ganjavi 


It's more than ever urgent that Swiss main associations pull together (implicit / behind-the-scenes is not enough).

link1 - 20min

link2 - Blick

My letter to Wicki-Hess which at least doesn't let them get too comfortable with their own wicked, comfortable position (see file FDP).

They've got the masses duped -- now surveying duped masses to help them manipulate Bundesrat. And they're doing this very professionally, with no trace of passivity, shyness, being reserved, counting on people to get a hint. They're as direct and vicious as can be -- not very Swiss -- but they know how to fight truth.




Sylvia Tobias's Email to Andreas Gross

[Auto English version]

Grüezi Mr Gross

Are you the admin of this group?

Today an article appeared in the newspapers that you can get a mask exemption certificate from someone (admin) of the group. In return, one is supposed to join the group.

Do you really think this makes sense?

Denying Corona and refusing to wear masks damages the serious Stop 5G movement in Switzerland!

With such actions you contribute SIGNIFICANTLY to the ridicule of our cause and we are no longer taken seriously by anyone!

I ask you to stop this action immediately.

With best regards