Exposing Salt's Lies


SALT’s shameless lies about health impacts of cell towers.

This document contains 2 letters: LETTER 1 , LETTER 2


Response to Salt's Extremely Dishonest Response

By Reza Ganjavi


To: Mr. Pascal Grieder, CEO, Salt Mobile SA (Matterhorn Telecom S.A.), Rue du Caudray 4, 1020 Renens

Copy: Mr. Franck Bernard, CFO, Antoine Caffin, CMO, Lars Keller, CSO, Stefano Orlando, CCOO, Eric Wolff, CTO

Dear Mr. Grieder

Thanks for your email, and the email sent from Frau Elvira Bruggmann of Media Service on 16 July 2020.

You wrote: "At Salt, we take health issues and the protection of our environment seriously and we fully understand the concerns of the Swiss population in this regard."

That's wonderful to hear, but your actions are contradictory to your words. Your actions show utter disrespect for the wishes of Swiss people to have a healthy life. Remember, health and well-being is a wider topic. If your DNA is getting gradually damaged, you may not be officially sick today, but that damage is gradual, and reduces your full capacities as a human to experience life fully.

Caltech, which is the world's 5th most important university, has shown that every gram of brain cell contains 5 million magnetic antennas (which get disrupted by exposure to the extreme levels of RF-EMF that average is person is exposed to. "Extreme" is absolutely the correct word, even within Swiss limits which consider 300-times biologically safe limit to be safe. 0.02 V/m is the safe limit. Average Swiss person is exposed to 6V/m on a regular basis.

What you call safe has NOT been shown to be safe. So you telling people exposure to your cell towers is safe is untrue. In fact it is a lie because being industry insiders you should know very well that that safety has NOT been established (or even indicated), therefore, you are telling people something you say is true, but in reality you know it is false. That's a classic definition of lying. It doesn't matter what the standards are when the scientific community is crying and pounding on the tables that current standards are useless, defunct, because they don't consider biological effect.

So your quoting of ICNIRP and ASUT and other such industry shills, just shows how you're dogmatically hanging on to a lie.

Have a look at this latest article in the prestigious ONCOLOGY LETTERS on conflict of interest (which is rampant within ICNIRP, BAFU, etc. -- Martin Röösli is also named:

· Health risks from radiofrequency radiation, including 5G, should be assessed by experts with no conflicts of interest https://www.spandidos-publications.com/10.3892/ol.2020.11876/download

ASUT is NOT a reliable source of information, neither is FSM, because they're both funded by you and your colleagues at Swisscom etc. Your reference to FDA is comic because FDA is playing along with the FCC and industry cartel. It's like you referring to BAG for reference to health impacts while BAG itself is conveniently and wrongfully is parroting the defunct standards. Plus, FDA's own NTP commissioned study further showed the biological risk from RF-EMF exposure, which the standards do NOT even consider. But

By the way, Swisscom already admits to biological damage happening under thermal limits: https://www.rezamusic.com/health/emf/swiss-emf-deception/swisscoms-proven-lies

And you know that very well. So PLEASE don't tell people you care about people's health -- that's just "lip service". If you cared about people's health, you would pull your application in Hadlikon. Not only those people do NOT want to be subject to your DNA-damaging radiation, they have explicitly said to you GO AWAY, WE DON'T WANT YOU. But you did NOT respect that, and are even fighting them in court because you want to impose yourself on them: Push yourselves in their village AND put their DNA integrity at risk. That's a hard fact. You cannot prove (or even show or indicate) that your radiation does not damage their DNA, and there's plenty of evidence that RF-EMF can cause DNA-damage, cancer, etc.

Let's be clear: You're hanging your hat on a loose, shaky branch which is simply NOT supported by science. The science you pay to get the results you want does not count.

I'm surprised you didn't refer to other reliable sources, like thousands of studies not commissioned by your industry that show biological impacts of RF-EMF. The position of qualified medical doctors and biologists who are not in the pocked of your industry is very clear. I'm sure you know the EMF Scientist appeal, and the EU 5G Appeal. So these facts should be things that keep you up at night, if you have conscience. You should not pad yourself in the bag and fool yourself into believing you care about people's health.

You wrote: "there is no scientific evidence of health-damaging effects of mobile phone antennas."

That is an outright LIE. How could you lie like that? You see, false big lies like that -- such gross dishonesty -- in my opinion is the foundation of your business practices which are under question here.

· What about the observance of Cognitive Decline in Students near cell tower in the 2018? “Mobile Phone Base Station Tower Settings Adjacent to School Buildings: Impact on Students’ Cognitive Health. Mao SA et al. American Journal of Men’s Health. December 7, 2018.

· What about blood cell abnormalities? The Zothansiama et al (2017) found significant increase blood cell damage in those living within 80 meters of a cell tower versus those living greater than 300 meters from a cell tower. The author concluded “The present study demonstrated that staying near the mobile base stations and continuous use of mobile phones damage the DNA, and it may have an adverse effect in the long run. The persistence of DNA unrepaired damage leads to genomic instability which may lead to several health disorders including the induction of cancer.”

· What about Wolf and Wolf study which found the rate of cancer incidence was 129 cases per 10,000 persons per year in those living within 350 meters of a cell tower versus a rate of 16-31/10,000 in those living greater than 350 meters from the cell tower.

· What about the Eger study which found an increase in the development of new cancer cases within a 10 year period if residents lived within 400 meters of a cell tower. Their results revealed that within 5 years of operation of a transmitting station the relative risk of cancer development tripled in residents near the cell towers compared to residents outside the area.

· What about the Dode study which found a highly significant increase in cancers in those living within 500 meters of the cell tower.

· What about the Ghandi 2015 study which used comet assays to determine genetic damage in those living in the vicinity of mobile base stations. Genetic damage was elevated in the sample group.

There are at least 70 other references which prove you wrong. Here's one good source on the website of a group of medical doctors: https://mdsafetech.org/cell-tower-health-effects/

HOW DARE YOU LIE TO PUBLIC THAT "there is no scientific evidence of health-damaging effects of mobile phone antennas."

SHAME ON YOU FOR SUCH DISHONESTY. HOW CAN YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT WHEN YOU LIE TO PEOPLE LIKE THAT. You should all quit your jobs and get a more respectable job that doesn't put people's at risk, and lie to them

Kind Regards

Reza Ganjavi, MBA

Swiss citizen


Request to Salt to withdraw its application for cell tower in Hadlikon

By Réza Ganjavi


Subject: Letter to Salt CEO, Mr. Pascal Grieder, regarding the Hadlikon cell tower application

To: Pascal.Grieder@salt.ch, Franck.Bernard@salt.ch, Antoine.Caffin@salt.ch, Lars.Keller@salt.ch, Stefano.Orlando@salt.ch, Eric.Wolff@salt.ch

To: Mr. Pascal Grieder, CEO, Salt Mobile SA (Matterhorn Telecom S.A.), Rue du Caudray 4, 1020 Renens

Copy: Mr. Franck Bernard, CFO, Antoine Caffin, CMO, Lars Keller, CSO, Stefano Orlando, CCOO, Eric Wolff, CTO

Dear Mr. Grieder

People of Hadlikon (Hinwill, Zurich) are hardworking, honest, peaceful people, who’ve lived there for generations, going about their own business, not bothering other people, living their lives.

A few years ago, Salt decided to build a cell mast antenna there. People of Hadlikon unequivocally have said NO. They don’t want you there. They don’t need your connectivity. They don’t need the DNA-damaging radiation of your cell tower.

Salt has ignored their plea, and has decided to waste stockholder money in a lengthy legal fight in order to impose itself on people of Hadlikon, despite them saying in no uncertain terms they do NOT want your cell masts in their village.

Would you go to a party which you’re: a) not invited b) you’re told NOT to come! I don’t think so. It’s a basic rule of respect and dignity. Salt doesn’t have enough dignity and respect for people of Hadlikon.

You all know, being in this business, that RF-EMF is extremely unhealthy. If you can cite one single study that even indicates (forget proof) that long-term exposure is safe, please let me know. It doesn’t exist. So not only you’re imposing yourselves on a community that does NOT want you, you’re intending to expose them to harmful, risky, DNA-damaging, cancerous radiation, 24x7.

As a result some of these people who do not want to be subjected to this attack on their health, will become homeless.

Would you for God’s sake, if you believe in God – or Goodness, or love or money or whatever you worship, leave these people alone and withdraw your application and END this tragedy. There’s more to life than money. I know these people. I know their situation. I know the financial pressure on them with the money they don’t have, to fight you, a giant with lots of money – because you want more and more.

Please do the right thing and withdraw your application. Be humans, apply your humanity. Your fight to impose yourselves on these people, with DNA-damaging radiation, is very bad karma – history will NOT look at you favorably, and you will be held responsible for your actions. The universe is not just about money. Think morality. Think well-being of people. Think health.

I’m sure none of you want a cell tower next to your house because being in this industry you are aware that the safety standards are completely inadequate as they ignore biological effect which has been shown through many credible studies to be harmful. BAFU repeating the same useless standards doesn’t make them right. These people who don’t want you have researched the matter and are well aware. Their decision is not emotional but based on credible science which your industry, ICNIRP, et al. are ignoring.

Knowing these people, I thought I’d write this please. Perhaps a bit of humanity and decency is left in you, and you will withdraw the Hadlikon application. Thanks in advance. Make their day. Make your children and the future generations be proud of you.

Kind Regards

Reza Ganjavi, MBA

Swiss citizen