Roger Federer Playing Puppet of Industry


Another Letter To Roger Federer Who's Pushing The Dirty 5G Technology

July 2020 [originally written Dec 2019]

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· Postal address: Roger Federer, Postfach, 4103 Bottmingen


Mr. Roger Federer:

Shame on you Roger for still being a tool of Sunrise to push a DNA-damaging, cancerous radiation onto people. Very bad Karma for you. You’re abusing your celebrity status to make extra money in a very dirty ugly nasty immoral cause. The verdict from the scientific community is very clear. It’s just your Sunrise buddies who probably lie to you and feed you the same bullshit and lies that they feed Swiss public through their shills and bought “scientists”.

There is nothing ambiguous about this topic. You can come upon it yourself if you bothered to do a bit of research (which I doubt you did) and not fall for Sunrise’s lies about safety. 5G like the rest of RF-EMF class is untested, unsafe, and unnecessary. Only a stupid person would want faster download at cost of significantly increased cancer risk.

Look at ‘s scientist page and WAKE THE FLOCK UP and STOP SUPPORTING THIS EXTREMELY EVIL, UNETHICAL, IMMORAL CAUSE. Ask your Sunrise buddies to show you ONE study not funded by the industry’s bankroll, that shows long term exposure to 5G or even 4G or WiFi is safe. They can’t show you even ONE study because it doesn’t exist – so you’re pushing an untested technology! Add to that thousands of studies that show biological impact which the standards are not even considering.

WAKE UP ROGER! You’re supporting a massive, fat, ruthless lie.


Reza Ganjavi -- A fellow Swiss citizen who used to admire you as a hero.

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May 2019 -- Letter to Roger Federer from Reza Ganjavi

Dear Roger Federer

Your intentional or ignorant contribution to the organized deception of public by the wireless industry (Sunrise Communications in Switzerland), about what a great professor calls "5G is the stupidest things in the history of humanity" has reached a new level of destructiveness. Due to your global celebrity status, which many Swiss people like me used to applaud you for (before you engage in the dirty topic of 5G), your video about 5G is helping deceive people globally about this dirty, unsafe, untested, unnecessary technology.

You hopping on your 5-star hotel room with virtual reality goggles powered by RF-EMF is deceptive because that video says nothing about its harms. Think about drug advertising. First off, drug companies are obliged to conduct years of research, showing that not only their drug works (efficacy) but that it is safe.

The industry you're a puppet of has NOT done that. They know perfectly well that RF-EMF is unhealthy. If you had done a bit of research on the topic, before getting blinded by the Swiss Franc figures on the contract, you would have quickly found how dirty this technology is. Look at these 3 sources. These are by independent scientists, professors, doctors, from around the world who are NOT in the pocket of Big Wireless. They're crying for humanity -- whom you're helping to deceive. That's a fact whether you are doing so intentionally or not. But you've been well informed recently by a number of people. So it's time to do the right thing Roger.

Every contract in the world is negotiable. Cough up some cash and get out of the SUnrise contract. Your children and grandchildren and history will applaud you for that. And that will help send the right message in favor of health, wellbeing, goodness, love, and what's right. That will help a little bit to contain the collateral damage you've done against the call of those great scientists, doctors, professors, and those of us who've dedicated our lives, for the benefit of humanity, to educate our fellow human beings, and expose this rotten, dishonest industry.

As a Persian proverb goes, whenever you catch a fish, it's fresh. It's never too late. I don't catch fish since I'm a vegetarian and want to minimize killing and hurting lives -- but you've been engaged in promoting a very harmful technology which hurts lives. Have a look at this document which shows Swisscom lies to people about safety and it admits that RF-EMF causes an array of biological damages including DNA damage, at a sub-thermal level. Current standards are all thermal based and only protect people against being burnt.

The links above explain this better to you. Take the time and understand the serious implication of what you're doing and the gravity of the situation, and why it's extremely urgent that you retract your stupid video, and get out of promoting 5G. Have you noticed that the video's comment section has been turned off? Because Sunrise doesn't want truth to get out. Surprise?!! Truth in this case is contrary to money. There's more to life than money Roger. Don't you have enough!! For God's safe, wake up!


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Letter to Roger Federer to stop being a puppet of Sunrise in promoting the dirty 5G technology to Swiss people -- by Reza Ganjavi


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· Postal address: Roger Federer, Postfach, 4103 Bottmingen


ROGER SHAME ON YOU !!!!!!!! FOR SUPPORTING 5G !!!!!! Have you not done any research on your own and just followed blindly the lies you were told about safety? You're a sportsman -- sports means health. By endorsing this toxic carcinogenic dirty technology you've voted for cancer, for numerous illnesses, for autism, for thinning of the blood brain barrier. Even our wonderful Swisscom is on record for lying to people about safety of RF-EMF. Did you even bother googling the health issues?

I used to be your fan. Now I'm ashamed of our tennis star because he endorsed 5G and was BOUGHT, CAPTURED by big money that is against our health, our well being. Their excuse is "standards" which completely ignore biology and biological damage. PLEASE get yourself educated -- refund Sunrise's money -- you have more than enough money to live a good life -- you don't need to pump this disaster for Sunrise and help them brainwash people that a dirty tech is safe, that a totally unnecessary tech is needed.

Do YOU need faster downloads? Are you stupid enough to go inside a driverless car which is zapped at mega Volts per meter of RF-EMF? Do you want them to have data on how many toilette papers you use ? That's "internet of things" which nobody needs. This entire "need" is a creation of big business, big corporate pigs who want more and more. And you're their tool Roger. WAKE UP. You used to be a national hero -- don't let Big Money use you as a puppet to push their dirty cancerous unsafe tech down Swiss people's throats. Have a look at the scientist video page of -- look at the -- look at -- and call me if you have any questions.

Yours Sincerely

Reza Ganjavi




Letter (in French) to Roger Federer by Mélanie Brugger

Motif : déploiement de la 5G

Cher Monsieur Roger Federer,

Depuis longtemps déjà, je vous suis et vous soutiens dans votre carrière sportive que je trouve exceptionnelle.

Mais depuis hier, un événement est venu assombrir l’image que je me faisais de vous :

Un spot publicitaire en faveur de Sunrise et de la couverture 5G, avec votre personnage comme « accroche » principale… Cela me déçoit tellement de vous…

Comment un sportif de haut niveau de votre échelle peut encourager une entreprise aussi meurtrière que l’implantation de la 5G ? Je me demande… Avez-vous seulement étudié les méfaits d’une telle installation avant d’en vanter le déploiement par Sunrise ?

Quel non-sens… L’entraînement auquel vous vous astreignez doit être intensif, votre vie est certainement très saine, cependant, vous encouragez quelque chose d’aussi délétère pour la santé que la 5G ? Mais tout n’est donc qu’une simple histoire d’argent sur cette planète ? Combien le groupe Sunrise vous a payé pour que vous prêtiez votre image de chouchou Suisse à soutenir une telle entreprise ? Quel montant avez-vous touché pour que vous préfériez ternir votre image au lieu de défendre la vie ? Excusez-moi de la question, mais ne gagnez-vous pas suffisamment votre vie pour vous travestir en soutenant une marque, sans prendre en compte des répercutions que cela va avoir sur la planète ?!

Monsieur Roger Federer, depuis hier soir vous avez perdu une admiratrice. Et sûrement plus d’une/un à mon avis. Malgré tout le respect que j’ai pour le sportif que vous êtes, votre apparition dans une pub pour un asservissement humain de plus me révolte. Je dois avouer que ce n’est pas un très bon coup de pub ça…

En vous remerciant de m’avoir lue, je vous adresse, Monsieur, les salutations d’une ex-admiratrice extrêmement déçue et en colère.

Mélanie Brugger