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By Reza Ganjavi


Réza Ganjavi


Magna Cum Laude, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Gamma Sigma, Dean’s Honors

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Dear Ms. Sommaruga

Please think for yourself. Don’t pass the buck to BAFU. Don't bend to the manipulation of the wireless industry and their money worshiping cronies. Listen to real, impartial science. Cell towers don't belong in our neighborhoods. They damage our DNA. Bundesrat should have never sold the 5G licenses.

Instead of regulating the industry, you've let them loose: even 4G cell towers don't belong in our inner cities. They can serve the same purpose from far away and expose us to much less DNA-damaging radiation (inverse-square law in physics).

Now you want to loosen the limits which are already hundreds of times above biologically safe levels.

You've been shown the facts, by none less than Professor Hardell and over 20 top scientists.

Loosening the limits will be the worse things you've ever done in your lifetime and should be forever ashamed of it if it happens. It will be to sell out our DNA integrity, to the industry for the sole purpose of financial interest of the industry and government. That's putting money ahead of our health. That would be FAILING in the job we the Swiss people put you in charge of.

Switzerland as we knew it, the land of beauty and honesty is not longer the same and we're on a dangerous path of having all our citizens and nature microwaved at rates astronomically higher than our natural frequency. The link to cancer and other diseases has been well established.

The wicked industry that is brainwashing you into loosening the limits has ruined almost every corner of our beautiful country with microwave radiation. That's your's and Bundesrat's fault.

Do the right thing Mrs. Sommaruga and stop letting the industry manipulate you and think for you. If you can't, then quit, and go back to playing the piano. Swiss President should be able to think for herself, independently. If you had, you would not have sold the licenses. If you had, you wouldn't even think about loosening the limits which will be a catastrophe for Swiss people's health, holistic peace, well-being, DNA integrity. We are not sheep to follow other countries. Just say NO to the industry. Even consider refunding the 380M fee and pull back the licenses.

Lastly, this catastrophe is not happening for the benefit of the people and the country. We as a country will do perfectly well without turning our country into a microwave oven.


Our economy will do just fine without 5G. We will be a happier country. And nobody needs faster download. The industry's use-cases are completely frivolous. Internet of Things is a kiss of death to our DNA integrity, totally unneeded, untested, unsafe. If you go the industry's way, despite thousands of studies showing biological damage, cancer, DNA damage, weaker immune system, blood brain barrier thinning, oxidative stress, autism, etc etc etc -- you will bear the responsibility, liability, karma.

Have a look at at the “lies” and “letters” page to see what a dishonest operation we’re running in Switzerland within the wireless industry sphere, which includes lies government regulators tell people under the guise of “standards”. Let’s get back to being honest, truthful. Those are noble values we used to cherish in Switzerland – now people are fed lies, left and right, by the industry and government, about matter of public health. How bad is that?! Do you feel the responsibility as Head of State to restore honesty in our country, and that starts at the top.

Kind Regards

Reza Ganjavi

Swiss Citizen


22 September 2020

URGENT: Bezüglich Frau Sommarugas Treffen mit Sunrise | URGENT: Regarding Ms. Sommaruga's Meeting With Sunrise

Dear Ms. Sommaruga

I am a Swiss citizen (sorry, as with majority of Swiss people, writing in 100% correct German grammar is too difficult for me but a German auto-translation is attached). Years ago when I went to obtain a Swiss visa in Los Angeles, the Swiss embassy told me that "we are very honest in Switzerland, you don't have to worry about taxi drivers and others cheating you".

In reality, not only I was short-changed by taxi driver, shop owner, etc., here, and not to mention the incredible systemic moral corruption / bias (with exception) in the justice system (I was a victim of two racist attacks), there's concrete evidence of dishonesty (moral corruption) in the Federal Government, the legislature, and the judiciary. By that I mean intentionally stating material falsehoods as facts. We the Swiss are better than that. As our president you should take concrete steps to bring back honesty to our country.

For example, Ms. Karin Keller-Sutter needs to clean up the dishonesty, bias, moral corruption from the justice system. If Starbucks can do it, you can do it: require that every member of her department to undergo training for racism/unconscious-bias; require that every prosecutor to have legal education (currently 25 do not); establish independent oversight bodies, etc. (this is off topic for the moment).

Ms. Sommaruga, I respectfully request that the "cleaning up" starts with the Bundesrat and its agencies. BAFU for example has been most dishonest. It keeps repeating the same lies, under the guise of the Standards. You should know this topic very well, that the current standards COMPLETELY IGNORE BIOLOGICAL EFFECT of RF wireless radiation while 1000'S OF STUDIES SHOW BIOLOGICAL DAMAGE. And NOT EVEN ONE LONG-TERM STUDY SHOWS SAFETY. So you're playing Russian Roulette with our health.

Bundesrat committed a terrible act by selling the 5G licenses, especially knowing all along that it would loosen the limits -- we have proof of this!

Now the industry is begging you to loosen the limits. It would be tragedy, a catastrophy, a treason, a betrayal of Swiss people's health, basic human rights, DNA integrity. YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO US. And why? Do you see the stupidity of this. The "usecases" are utterly frivolous. Damage people's DNA (and even more if the limits are loosened) so that people can have what they already have ?!?! NOBODY NEEDS FASTER DOWNLOADS! Driverless cars that microwave and damage your DNA should be outlawed from the onset. Internet of Things is a business plan of the industry. We already have a strong economy. We need stronger health and ability to utilize our entire human faculties (including the 5 million magnetic antennas found in every gram of our brain cells {Source: Caltech], etc. etc.), have a strong immune system, not be artificially stimulated / microwaved against our will, not have our blood-brain-barrier thinned out, etc. etc.

BUNDESRAT CANNOT IGNORE SCIENCE. Real science, not science manipulated, twisted for industry's benefit, by ICNIRP/BAFU, etc.

And it doesn't matter if the rest of the world is jumping in a well. We the Swiss need to think and stand on our own. YOU CANNOT SELL OUT OUR HEALTH AND DNA INTEGRITY FOR THE BENEFIT OF A DISHONEST INDUSTRY.

Lastly, the industry's lies are on record, from Swisscom's admittance that RF-EMF causes DNA damage at sub-thermal level (current standards are all thermal based). But the industry is lying to people that cell towers are safe. THERE ARE AT LEAST SEVENTY (70) STUDIES THAT SHOW CELL TOWERS CAUSE HEALTH DAMAGE.

So please tell Sunrise's CEO to get lost. And seriously consider TIGHTENING THE LIMITS and not loosening them. Latest study from Germany shows that RF-EMF also kills insects. You're ruining our country already by the current level of radiation -- in most part of Switzerland, even the mountains, people are exposed to hundreds of times the REAL SAFE LIMIT (See Bioinitiative report). PLEASE USE YOUR CONSCIENCE, MORALITY, ETHICS. Consider refunding the 300 million and telling the industry to take a back seat, AND EDUCATE PEOPLE ABOUT SAFE USE OF TECHNOLOGY. If people are educated they don't overload the networks and they are safer (e.g., use of wired internet at home which is far safer, faster, secure).

Kind Regards

Réza Ganjavi, MBA, BSCS, BA Phil, Magna Cum Laude, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Gamma Sigma


Copy of letter to your SP colleague who’s on wireless industry’s team and repeats the industry and BAFU lies.





by Reza Ganjavi

Dear Mr. Steffen, Ms. Sommaruga

First, I can't believe that Simonetta Somaruga has "passed the buck" to BAFU. I guess her training as a Pianist doesn't give her the proper background to understand this issue, just as her handling of the Ministry of Justice was terrible -- for example she never addressed the issue of wide spread, crippling bias that's in the very fabric of the Swiss justice system.

Dear Ms. Sommaruga

You need to call for an IMMEDIATE MORATORIUM ON 5G. You cannot sell licenses and have the industry cover our cities with toxic antennas and misleading advertising to brainwash people that they need 5G -- and then conduct a study LATER -- in a few months our country will be far more polluted than it is now by carcinogenic radiation. What part of this do you not get? 4G is already bad enough and it's just there because Switzerland has sheepishly followed Europe and the US into adopting outdated, inapplicable, totally defunct standards that put public health in danger.

You also need to issue an IMMEDIATE BAN ON 5G ADVERTISING. Sorry to Roger Federrer and Sunrise -- they'd have to put on hold their promotion of this toxic radiation to Swiss people.

NOBODY needs 5G, and in case you didn't know, it is NOT TESTED FOR SAFETY, and thousands of studies show RF-EMF leads to serious biological damage which today's 30-year old standards that are based on Physics do not cover. Look at the scientist statements here in case you like to open your eyes and stop believing your partners, the industry:

A few questions:

1) What is the composition of the group which is reviewing 5G impacts? Are there industry representatives in the group? Are there any truly independent entities (not referring to the industry shills at the group funded by industry at ETH who are actively engaged in deceiving the public about this dirty unsafe untested unhealthy technology).

2) Are there any details about their scope of work / agenda? What areas of 5G are they assessing? Does it include the health impact?

3) In your form letter you mention a dispute over how the expansion should be done. You didn't mention that there's a huge voice that says it should not be done at all until it is tested for safety. The industry shills, including parties within the government, have people fooled into believing the burden of proof is on unsafety rather than safety. This is backwards, illogical, deceptive. A new drug that goes in the market should be tested for safety. This is very simple concept, which has been twisted around by some immoral, unethical entities in the industry, backed by an irresponsible Federal Council which should have NOT sold the licenses but it was drooling over the 380m CHF income I suppose.

The ONLY solution here is a MORATORIUM on this catastrophe which the Federal Government has initiated by the sale of the licenses. This may have to involved refunding the industry the 380m (easier said than done but I don't see any other option -- you can't sell ice-cream and then tell the buyer don't eat it).

This is a catastrophe in the making which your organization among others have turned a blind eye to with the excuse of "standards" -- the current limits are absolutely unacceptable -- you (The Federal Government) is cooking the Swiss population -- you're allowing a massive experiment on Swiss population without their consent. Your policies today have led to children and youngsters and adults being exposed to several Volts per meter of toxic radiation while you all have totally ignored the unequivocal call of scientists.

You have your own few scientists and there are industry shills who all refer to standards. Have you seen the EMF Scientist appeal to the United Nations?

Have you called our Swisscom or even considered suing them for lying to public? Oh excuse me, could we say you're in bed with Swisscom when 51% is owned by the Swiss government? This is capitalism at its worst in history of mankind -- where the Federal Government owns the majority of an industry which it is helping to push an untested, unsafe, unhealthy, toxic, and, unneeded 5G and 4G technology on people, and it's brainwashing people to believe it is safe, and brainwashing people to believe they really need faster downloads. Faster download, faster cooking/microwaving of Swiss people, faster cancer. Classy !

Please answer at least the first 2 questions. I don't think you have anything else to say on the rest. If you have any conscience you would pull the plug on this catastrophe immediate and ISSUE A MORATORIUM ON 5G AND ITS ADVERTISING.


Reza Ganjavi

MBA, BSCS, BA Phil, magna cum laude · Phi Kappa Phi