2000 Listener Comments about Réza Ganjavi's CDs "In Friendship", "Dancing Hands"

Almost 2000 Authentic Comments on Reza Ganjavi's CDs “In Friendship” and “Dancing Hands”

1. I've been spending many mornings relying on some of your music like track 4 of In Friendship...~Cy

2. Mr. Christopher Parkening has listened to your CD. He says that it is excellent. ~Sharon

3. The first one was excellent. i 'm salivating over the next one. ~Bruce Weimer

4. I heard your CD today. I hear it from time to time. It's really nice. It makes good feeling. ~Michael (German speaking bus driver)

5. I absolutely love the CD and will be listening to it for a long time to come. ~Yayha

6. I enjoyed the music very much, it's very helpfull to cool down after a very strenuous workday.

7. Thank you and I wish you a lot of success with your new album. Best regards. ~Rosmarie

8. Thanks for the e-mail, and congratulations on your second CD. I'll confess that I played your first CD shortly after you sent it, and enjoyed it, but didn't absorb it deeply. But recently I returned to it, played it, studied it along with the text, and was amazed. You are truly a world class quitarist, on a par with Segovia, or better. That was clear as soon as I listened very carefully to your crystal-clear notes. Forgotten Songs is exquisite; I've played them over and over; playing with guest artists was a stroke of genius. All the pieces are superb, though I especially enjoyed the Nocturne, Waltz, Star of the East, and your Reprise. ~J. Christian

9. Too many students who are technically quite far advanced do not properly interpret the technically less difficult pieces they play, because they regard them as beneath serious consideration. This is a fundamental error in musical taste and judgment. ~Leopold Auer

10.  Extraordinary CD ... enjoyed very much listening to 'Dancing Hands'. ~Mr. Pereira

11.  BTW, your CD "Reza and Friends" has been in my car CD player for many months. I really enjoy it. ~Bruce B.

12.  We were enchanted by Dancing Hands! Such an inspired selection of Guitar Music, so masterfully presented! We thank you for both the CD and the thought. It reminds of you and Philip, as of 25 years ago. Again, many thanks. ~S.M. (Professor Emeritus, Department of Policy Analysis and Management, Cornell University)

13.  You sent me your CDs several months ago, and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy them. Dancing Hands is one of my all-time favorite guitar CDs. Beautiful job. ~Tim B.

14.  Reza has some beautiful arrangements on his Dancing Hands CD; although we certainly don't play at that level, that's the goal (for example, his Italiana arrangement). ~Tim B.

15.  Keep up the good work.  With the world's sorrows all around us, there are isolated islands of joy; I think yours is one of them. Kindest regards, ~Bob B.

16.  I got your CD "dancing hands". It is an enjoyable work of art... the music is very, very nice. ~Mauricio

17.  the music is good. we have been listening to your music. it's very nice music. ~H.R. Perreten

18.  I like it so much I listened to it a 1000 times. ~Jahangeer M.

19.  It’s relaxing – I’ll listen to it in the sauna - with some music you get excited and is not good for sauna – this one is very good. ~Marianne L. (who heard and bought it on the train)

20.  She had 50 francs for food till end of month but gave me 20 of it on april 17 - "I have parents" ~Sarah

21.  Thank you so much for this up-lifting music! ~Victoria

22.  We´ve already enjoyed your CD, great Music, great booklett!! Graetings! ~Andy and Antonella

23.  I listened to it several times this week and found it really good. ~Olivia B.

24.  Thank you so much for your Wonderful CD’s. I just got them and haven’t listen to them yet and I’m sure they are great. Nice photo’s and great information. ~ Agha

25.  Just wanted to let you know that I got the CDs. Thank you so much. As expected they were great. Thank you again. Cheers; ~Chakameh

26.  Your music and that of your small ensemble of friends, despite the abuse you get from certain CGers, is something I enjoy and would think many others would enjoy equally. It's on my iPod alongside many other sources of music and I'm frequently pleased to hear a track come up - I don't skip them! ~David K.

27.  Thank you so much for your marvellous CD! I like it deeply! ~Christa-Maria

28.  I listened to your CD. It was ssssooooo great, i loved it.  Thanks for selling it to me. Everyone at home is going to listen to it too. I think they will love it because they, too, are great music lovers. I will tell you what they think of it. Best of luck to you.Thanks for signing me

29.  an autogragh. My friends think it's really cool coz you must be like a celebrity. Love. Debra.

30.  Very beautiful. ~Timothy (OGS)

31.  Do you know where the cd normally lives? in the cd changer – I listen to it a lot. ~Fran J.

32.  Well, I listened to your 'In Friendship' and it seems we both have the same out outlook on music - your favourite quotes were beautiful, and really touched me.  The whole feel of your style of playing was really refreshing,... ~Sarah

33.  We are appreciating very much this beautiful CD. Thanks. ~Ursula F.

34.  The music is pure and simple Beauty. I thank you that you made this CD - I will enjoy to hear your next record. Our meeting with your mother was like a Easter present, even if you don't look like a chocolate Rabbit..... with all my best thoughts PS - I appreciate that you understood my English speaking. ~Marie-Claude

35.  Thank you very much for your CD. I love it! It was very interesting to see people's reaction when they heard you playing in the train. First they look strange and then everybody got a smile on their face and sometimes later, they started to speak together and to think about music. One woman said, that she will start to play the guitar again...it was really great. ~Iris M.

36.  I heard it several times and I still enjoy it. ~Hildegard

37.  We listened to your CD with guitar and variations and like it very much. Bravo, you play very well! ~Luce

38.  I just wanted to drop you a note saying how much my wife and I are enjoying your CD. I met you on the train ... last Thursday night and you showed me the way to the ... Hotel. Your music reminds us of our trips to Italy and Spain and all the great memories we have of our time we lived in Europe. Thank you and good luck! ~Doug H.

39.  I love the CD. I still have'nt had a quite time with it but will have it soon. Take care. ~Roy A.

40.  Last week we received your CD. Marvelous! We all liked it very much. In our minds we went back to the special moment that we met in the train to Gstaad. ~Robert M.

41.  Your music is wonderful. ~Angela

42.  We really enjoyed it. ~Reza A.

43.  Your CD is beautiful. I am enjoying listening to it. ~Maria Teresa

44.  You played and recorded superbly! What a talent you have! ~Flo H.

45.  We very much enjoyed your CD. Very lovely. ~Fr. Bach (Vaud)

46.  Just returned from a short holiday in france. Thank you very much for the CD. It sounds great, lovely playing! I know Franziska Hegi by the way, she's a great vocalist. ~Thomas

47.  I called to thank her after a year since she got my CD. "It's impossible! It's impossible!" she remarked in total surprise. About 1/4 of an hour ago we spoke of you. A friend of mine is here. We were listening to youe CD and we both said it's such a good thing - such a wonderful music. My friend asked how she can order it ... and I gave her your address... ~Beatrice Z.

48.  I heard your CD. This woman singing Romance. It's a very good idea. It's beautiful. You made this very nice. Very nice to hear. ~Pepe T.

49.  Thank you very much for your CD. I like the kind of music and, also very important, a good job! Thank you and your fellow musicians. I am anxious to hear about your next plans. ~Robert M.

50.  I shure love your CD I bought on the train yesterday - and I also love the texts and sayings you stand for. There's a theory, that every human being is part of my mind - and I can accept the humans I meet as a part of my mind. Sometimes I like it, sometimes not, that's my decision, in judging them, I judge myself. If I don't like it, I can make a decision and heal it by forgiveness and love - if I like it, I can accept and love it as a part of myself... I shure like the part of my mind you represent - thank you for your music and thank you for being you. Does that sound strange -well, you'll understand. Ways never cross meaningless. See you sometimes again. ~Agnes

51.  BTW, I greatly enjoy listening to your music.  The sound is relaxing and moving. I hope your trip is successful, and your journey, rewarding. ~Gil Yehuda

52.  Hello Reza, We are just listening your music, it is relaxing. I enjoy this music and the kids are happy to hear an other kind of music. Thank you for your offer. ~Vera F.

53.  I was listening to your CD last night. I always listen to it. I am in love with it. ~Neda N.

54.  "In friendship", i like very much.Can yopu mail me a second one of this for a friend of mine? ~Christa R.

55.  You are very very good ~woman in Stawberry Fields

56.   Really enjoying your music.:-) ~J.Hess

57.  This music is very nice. Very very nice. ~Annette K.

58.  I like verry much your CD, especially Giuliani. ~Gabi I.

59.  What I mentioned about your webside was not to flatter you.. it IS very interesting and in some kind makes me feel goooooood, too :-)

60.  PS: fantastic cd to relax, the music motivates to feel deep into yourself and I strangely I appreciate the silence in between  the songs, too..it keeps you in a kind of tension..

61.  It was very interesting to read through your homepage. ( sometimes it left me immersed in my thoughts mixed with yours =  headache, nice headache though) You're a man with lots of experience. I will purpously not tell you my identity 'cause I was kind of sad not having received a message of you since we met ( do not ask me why). Anyway, I hope sometime, I will have the opportunity to listen to you playing live. Take care, xxx ~S. Schmid

62.  I hope you are well.  I really liked the CD; you are a very talented musician.  I am very glad that I had the chance to meet you.  Once again, thanks for entertaining us with music in the train trip from New York. ~Alexander  (M)

63.  He said mary c. was going on and on saying how nice the cd was – and how even the neighbours were asking what it was… I love your CD’s by the way. ~Christian

64.  We were promted to get out the musical disk we bought from you in Ojai and play it again.  It was very good. ~Isabel

65.  Many thanks for your messages and especially for sending the CD so quickly. It is both great listening music as well as working music - it enhances concentration and brings the thoughts into harmonious rhythm. ... Please let us know as soon as you have a new CD out!  ... Our very best regards, ~Steve, Tülay and Tara

66.  I really enjoyed your cd. ~Jean Barnes

67.  It's nice and relaxing. ~Dustin Barnes (18)

68.  Your guitar is relaxing. ~Michael Barnes (15)

Thank you so much for the CD. Since you gave it to me I listen to it all the time, and my wife and kids love it too.

69.  I still like your disc. Do you give a concert before long ? Kind Regards ~Sibylle C.

70.  The stuff I heard was fantastic. it sounded beautiful.

71.  Just wanted to let you know that the CD is very good. Excellent guitar work, good work by the wind instruments, great overall feel. I wish you a safe, happy, and prosperous entrance into the 21st century! ~Terrence D. Brewer [Jazz Guitarist & Songwrite]

72.  Just wanted to let you know that I've been enjoying your CD very much. It's so nice to listen to in the evenings. I am looking forward to your next one. I especially like the solo guitar stuff from track 10 onwards. Very lovely. Well done Reza - I think you will be recognized soon. ~Jackie Z.

73.  I thoroughly enjoyed the CD.  I am really interested in the Spanish style guitar technique in the songs towards the end of the CD, they have a very colorful energy. ~Brett R.

74.  I listened to your samples- they are beautiful! Would love to have you perform here. ~Shareen

75.  I like the songs and my parents also.~Rahel L.

76.  Did I ever tell you that Pam and I used your CD at our wedding reception Cocktail Hour?  Pam still listens to it in her office.  It's awesome! ~David :)

77.  Listened to you CD with pleasure, very well known pieces, good recording quality, and fine instrumentalist. ~Florian R.

78.  I would like to send your excellent CD `in friendship` to a colleague in Turkey... ~Steve

79.  Today, I had a very lovely start into the day; My musician teacher put on your CD and let the class listen to the spanish romanza. Was very nice, especially my feelings which are conected with and started by the music. ~ Mittwoch, 20. Dezember 2000

80.  I enjoyed your music. It is certainly one of those musical collections that I hope to enjoy over the next few years... take care and keep sharing your art with us, the humble "commoners" of today's world. ~Mauricio M.

81.  Thank you for the mail! I have left the cd in Uganda! (I was on my was to uganda when I met you) My friend liked it so much so I gave it to her. I still have your card and I will sent you the money, I am sorry I have not done that yet. I do not want to harm your trust in people. I think that is a very good thing! All the best ~Josie

82.  I got your CDs yesterday and have already listened to both of them. Wonderful! Your music sounds really very beautiful to me. Let me know in case you are near Münster or Berlin for a concert some time. ~Thomas L.

83.  Wow! the CD really sounds very good and is quite realistic in it's portrayal of instrument sounds and the space around them. The playing is very nice too.

84.  Just want to thank you again for a most inspirational recording and liner notes! ~BK

85.  In the last time i listened your music and it's wonderful. i wish you a nice day. ~Hanna

86.  I would also like to say thank you for the music. I really like it.. ~Andreas


88.  Joubin called inviting one to Nice - they heard my CD at dinner "what a feeling ... we loved it". LG

89.  I did indeed receive the CDs. Thank you - Great music, fine and crisp playing... Will be awaiting future works... ~Ara G.

90.  I also loved the samples from your CDs I could listen to. ~Thomas L.

91.  We still listen to your CD and my kids loved it too! Nice job, you did!  ~Kory

92.  When i was pregnant i used to play it and meditate

93.  Wonderful cd’s. ~Thomas L

94.  In our dormitory we are hearing it while cooking. It's very good to relax. ~Rusbe

95.  Wonderful guitar music I listen to often which I really really enjoy. ~Dr. James Christian

96.  Hello reza, very nice cd. ~Anja G.

97.  The loved your 2 CD's! ~Ulrich

98.  If your new CD is'nt ready yet, please send the 5 "old" CDs immediately,

99.  because I want to use them as Christmas gifts. I like them very much!~X

100.            I enjoyed your cd. ~Dr. K.

101.            I want to thank you for your CD. when my baby was born my wife was fed up with it and gave it to me – I was going through a very difficult time and went for walks around the pond listening to it and it gave me peace and calmness…[he later told his son, this is Reza, whose CD we listen to] ~X

102.            I heard your cd,it was a new sound for me but really beautiful! ~Melodie P.

103.            I am lisening to your music, we love it best regards ~Emilia

104.            Reza, met you on the arirplane. Your CD is great. Keep up the effort... ~Jeff D.

105.            I love your cd and i always relax to it.  If i sent you $x would you please send me another cd of yours.  I have worn your old one out, it has scratches all over it because i play it so much.  talk to ya later. ~Kelly M. "the surferchick"

106.            I played your music for her and she liked it very much.  She said that it reminded her of the music she listened to in Denmark when whe was young. ~Larry H.

107.            Congratulations on a nice recording. ~David Russell

108.            I got your cd over the weekend. it is very good. quality of recording ok, but musically excellent. best of luck to you and i will send out a check to your l.a. address thanks again. ~Pogo

109.            PS: My son Razmin enjoys your CD, I'm playing it for him in the car. That is

110.              wonderful

111.            I wish to thank you very much for the record you gave me as a gift this summer after I gave you a ride to Gstaad. I have been enjoying your music so much.  I have shared it with friends and they have enjoyed it as well.  So I would like to order four CDs "In friendship".  Could you please mail them to:... ~Ester D.

112.            I LIKE IT very much. well done. ~Barbara V.

113.            I have since returned to Australia and have been listening to your CD.  I just want to tell you how much pleasure I get out of your CD.  It really is something to be proud of. ~Louise S.

114.            I listened to your first one again yesterday and enjoyed it. Fondest good wishes to you, ~Steve S.

115.            I would be happy to purchase "Dancing Hands" if possible.  I thoroughly enjoy "In Friendship". ~Dr. Joe. B.

116.            Thanks reza for the tracks i really enjoy it..you are very talented may god bless you. ~Jesse

117.            Congratulations on your CD’s. We both like them. Daniel doesn’t like classical music that much but he still likes your CD’s. ~Aunt Ruth

118.            Your CD's are great.I enjoy listening to them while driving. ~Moji

119.            Thank you for the lovely cd's...beautifully done..they take one away to field of lilies and green valleys...congratulations and many blessings... ~Mitra

120.            I've always enjoyed your CDs and admire your musicianship on the classical guitar. ~X

121.            Moji received your CD's a few weeks ago.  He said it was great and mentioned how talented you were. ~X

122.            I heard your wonderfull music when I visited a friend. Now I want to order 3 CDs from that music. Thank you verry much. I wish you a lot of good ideas to make so fine and soft music! ~Juliane

123.            You are a great talent, and I often take refuge in your work. Keep up the good work, and well done on a thoroughly inspiring website! Best wishes, and kind regards. ~P.Nugent

124.            Hi! I have bought Rezas' CD and I have to say that I am delighted. I only bought it because I had seen Reza twice in Baden but I have to say I am surprised in a positive way!!! I like the music very much and when I am sad I listen to these melodies and I feel better. He should keep on playing because with this music he brings joy to the world. Regards ~S.Pasquot

125.            Hey! Ich habe die CD von Reza gekauft und ich muss sagen ich bin begeistert. Ich kaufte sie eigentlich nur, weil ich Reza zweimal in Baden gesehen habe, aber ich bin positiv überrascht!!! Die Musik gefällt mir einfach super und wenn ich traurig bin, dann höre ich diese Melodie und es geht mir wieder gut! Es soll weiter so spielen, denn mit dieser Musik bringt er Freude in die Welt!!! Gruss ~S. Pasquot

126.            Thank you so much for the copy of your cd.  after the flight home from zurich on sun. it was very relaxing to listen to in my apartment.  i really enjoyed the different variations of the russian song.  i especially was drawn to the cello version. ~Sayrah G.

127.            I wanna tell you many kind regards from my musician teacher at school, who was glad about hearing your CD, and that he bought one of them. He considers your music as realy beautiful. All the best, ~Sonja

128.            One more thing, I love driving with your music, it feels as if the car runs on its own !! magic  wish you a good week, a deep sleep and sweet dreams ~Didi

129.            I have enjoyed your CD so much., and I hope many other people have also. ~Marie P.

130.            PS: I listened to you CD yesterday evening ....super ! ~Karin S.

131.            The music is wonderful, and everyone who shares the music agrees. Some have downloaded using the I-phone programs. It was a pleasure to have met you, and to be able to enjoy your talent. Keep me posted when you issue new CD's. ~X

132.            Will be nice to have your second record. I must tell you I was listening your first cd a few times last week. It makes me sentimental, but some time is good to find out the nice remembrances. I like your music a lot and my kids love sound of your guitar too. ~A.K.

133.            I was listening to your CD last night and thought that I really like it. ~Terry S.

134.            I listened to your CD and it was gorgeous, I mean I really like that, it is so relaxing and the way you play the guitar is great. Thank you so much again. ~Gabriela M.

135.            I didn't already listen all the cd, but until now i think it's very nice! ~Karin L.


137.            I listened to it in the bath {as I do with all music}and felt much cleaner for the experience! ~J. Hobbs

138.            Would love to hear your new CD.  I enjoyed the last one alot. ~Tara H.

139.            I just started listening to your CD. I forgot that I had it somewhere in my bag till I unpacked it. I keep forgeting the thing, non? Anyway - till now I quite enjoyed it. Take care, ~Roland

140.            A friend of those few whom we cannot refuse anything (he is not a musician) came here tonight, listened to your CD and liked it so much that I felt obliged to gift it to him... ~A.G.

141.            I love the CD you gave us for our wedding. You are very talented and so are your friends. ~Holly H.

142.            Your CD is wonderful. My father loves it too - he wants one. ~Renate B.

143.            Thanks for the mail. It should be me to thank you for the wonderful piece of work. I find the music so soothing to my thoughts, especially when I am too tired, or stressed as when the science in the lab does not want to obey my wishes! Best regards, ~Enock

144.            Hope all is well and we really enjoyed your CD. Best of luck. ~R. Lempert

145.            I enjoyed your music very much and I hope you are well! ~Romana

146.            "quite incredible - you play very well." ~Mark K.

147.            I listen to it from time to time - in fact I listened to it the other day - it's pretty damn good. ~Jo B. (producer)

148.            DANKE BERUHIGENDE MUSIK ~Susanne V.

149.            I listened to your disk - it’s very good. ~D. Moroni

150.            Hey Reza: Cool CD. I enjoyed it alot. Thanks, ~Nader R.

151.            Congratulations! I just read your e-mail and I am glad to hear about the results of your hard work. I have your first CD at work and it is now in my computer and usually listen to it specially when I need to raise my spirit at office. ~Fariba K.

152.            Congratulations on your new CD and thank you for informing us on that. I am looking forward to heart it,I am sure I'll enjoy it as much as the first one. ~Parnak

153.            We met in the train in direction of Lucerne once quite shortly. You gave me a CD (Reza in friendship) and I you a FraRa - bath small tubes. I liked this short meeting well and I love your music! ~Françoise R

154.            If your 2nd CD is as greta as the first one that it is worth the load of work.   best wishes and hope to see you soon ~Gihan

155.            Love the sound ~Peter I.

156.            She liked it a lot and I liked it too………. soft, smooth ~Sibylle F.

157.            My wife likes both of your CD’s. Make another one before she gets tired of these two. ~Fred Douglas

158.            I was listening to your music cd 'friendship' yesterday... very good. Warm regards, ~Shekhar

159.            I like the music a lot. ~Paul F.

160.            Thank you very much...very pleasing music, I am enjoying.  Thanks again, ~Billy

161.            She was very glad to hear your music. ~Manuela B.

162.            Speaking of good music, your CD is beautiful. I played classical guitar for about 3 years in college and I know the difficulty and complexity of that art form on our instrument. The different textures with the other instruments creates a very nice sound that doesn't get stale. ~Terrence D. Brewer

163.            Your music was a delightful addition to the most romantic evening. We will carry the story for many years. ~Jane L.

164.            I like your music a lot, its beautiful! Love ~Elisabe

165.            I like your first cd a lot. after a few times of listening I started to pay attention to the variations : subtle variations - it was just fantastic. ~Bruce

166.            We love your CD. When we first heard it we felt : this guy must be really nice... [we are now good friends!] Anyway I wish to thank you and congratulate you for the C.D... I have enjoyed listening to it and was quite struck by the very special and original idea you employed with the"Spanish Romanza". I hope you have had good success with this recording and will continue to do so for a long time. ~Patrick Z.

167.            It's very beautiful, thank you. ~Mitra TF

168.            I also just heard the examples of your record . They are fine playing congratulations !! ~Chris E. (NL)

169.            We play it in the office...(Sheila) when I want to do a root canal I play that :-) ~Amir

170.            This is really a wonderful CD - I'm not just telling you - it is spectacular. ~Scarlet

171.            It is very nice. ~Sheila A.

172.            We are really enjoying the CD. ~Betsy L.

173.            I just love your CD. ~Brandi.

174.            After offering Salam, and hopes for health and "head-liftedness" of you and your dear and respected family, I offer this unworthy check for the effort, and beautiful artistic creation and artistic performance. ~Fariborz F. (sep 1, 2000) (translated from Persian).

175.            She (celebrity) loves your CD - she listens to it every day. ~Sara M.

176.            We very much enjoyed your CD. Thank you. ~Afsaneh

177.            I love your cd's - oh man - they're really terrific - just beautiful - it's well worth it - the best classical guitarist - i haven't heard anything better than that. the selection is fabulous  -- gene - grand haven ~X

178.            I loved your first cd which I have now sent to my grandson near Chicago – an aspiring Spanish guitarist. I remember how I met you at the airport while you were softly playing while waiting for your flight. My ear told me I was listening to a real artist…. ~Marylou M.

179.            I was surprised and very happy that you were able to publish it. It was wonderful - it was really wonderful. ~Regula Hilti

180.            I remember you from lenk im sibenthal - reza - I bought your cd - I still have it - I like it. ~Simon w (on train)

181.            I hope you are well. I gave your CD to my father and he really enjoys it. He always loved to play guitar and never could achieve the sounds that you are able to create. ~John C.

182.            I really enjoyed your last CD and would be honored to receive your new one. ~Terry S.

183.            Thank you for your CD! It's very nice and relaxing music! Great to listen to after a strenous day at the hospital... ~Sibylle R.

184.            Your CD has many fans in this house including our 2 month old - and my wife listens to it in the car. I have one in the office. ~Shahram E.

185.            It's very nice. ~Andreas S.

186.            Very impressive. best wishes for continued brilliance in music making. ~Azadeh H.

187.            Your CD arrived today. It's playing as I write this. You are very talented indeed. I'm sure we'll listen to it often. My kids love it too! ..love, ~Betsy

188.            I got your voice mail. Thanks for following up. I already have received your wonderful CD. It was my fault to make a very late payment :( You don't need to send me your CD unless you have a new one :) Keep up the good work. A very moteaseb fan of yours, :) ghorbAnat ~Hamid T.


190.            Congratulation on finishing your second CD and I am sure is as wonderful as the first one if it is not better! Take care and be in touch. Love, ~Laleh

191.            Your CD is really nice, I listen to it during my long afternoons in the laboratory! ~Caterina M.

192.            Your CD is  very good. ~Martin H.

193.            It’s beautiful. We play it in parties. ~M. Mehrkhast

194.            Performed at the party and got lots of complements - including from neighbors who over-heard us. The best part of the whole September. Norouz. How many other players played? It sounds like multiple guitars! ~Neda N.

195.            By the way, I love your CD. Baba loves your CD too. ~Scarlet.

196.            Thank you for the CD – it sounds good – it sounds great. ~Ardeshir Farah

197.            It's a wonderfulwork of art. We love it....  Gaye K. i like your cd. ~Ramona

198.            Your CD is really beautiful. Congratulations! ~M. Keshavarz

199.            It was a king-work (shahkar) - I enjoyed it very much - thanks very much. ~Zarrin Z.

200.            I love your music. We listen to it all the time. ~Dr. Daneshvar

201.            We love the first one – we play it all the time…. We so much love the first one that I’m sure we’ll love the second one. ~M. Lee

202.            Your CD is wonderful! ~Bernadette A.

203.            You're really good. You're an artist. ~former head of A&R for Polygram

204.            Thank you for your love. Farid & I listen to the CD in the car. It's very beautiful. ~Emilia

205.            Have been listening to your CD.  Very nice...I need to use headphones and just take it all in with no distractions so I may do that as we fly home.  Ronda will have more to say I am sure. ~X

206.            Your CD is very beautiful. Very well played. ~Faith M.

207.            This is a great CD. ~A. Hassass

208.            We like your CD very much. ~Dr. Bobillier

209.            Reza - Wonderful CD! Keep doing what you do, it shows. Go change the world! Love, ~Stephanie W.

210.            I really enjoyed the CD, and am very happy to see you are still playing! ~Ken T.

211.            We received the CD and enjoyed it a lot. ~F. Farhan

212.            I thank you very much for the cd. i liked it a lot. ~Martina D

213.            I listened to your CD. It's cool - I like it - it's nice for learning (studying). ~R. G.

214.            Earnie was playing it everytime I came home - he loved it. ~Linda F.

215.            It's really beautiful. ~Alisa G.

216.            Your CD is very good - very beautiful. ~Gloria A.

217.            Thanks for your wonderful romance. ~Ali F.

218.            Soft, beautiful, lovely, great. ~Luis P.

219.            Two of my patients have loved your first CD and would like to order it. ~Gihan

220.            It's very beautiful. ~Perry A.

221.            It's really nice - i like it very much.. It’s very good ~Eli Feta

222.            We just loved your CD. Our fried kept asking for it - and we gave it to him - now we need another one. ~Gaye K.

223.            It's beautiful. It's his favorite. Whenever he wants to get in the mood he'll put the CD on. (talking about handicapped brother). ~X

224.            It is very nice. I put on headphones at work and listen to it. Other people like it too - they borrow it... ~Avi M.

225.            Thank you for your CD. I received it today. They are beautifully played. ~Helen (UK).

226.            Hey, I heard the cd and thought it was great. ~W. Dahlem

227.            It is very beautiful. ~Dr. Dorin G.

228.            I love the cd - you started with my favorite song. ~X

229.            We love your CD. We listen to it all the tim. We always knew you had  something spectacular... ~Suzie A.

230.            Loved your CD. ~Gihan

231.            Very very very nice ~S. Shahroozi

232.            Had a personal letter thanking for my CD ~a VERY important man.

233.            I really enjoyed this CD. I hope you continue with your excellent music recordings. ~B Ahrari.

234.            Bless you for this. Bless you for remembering us - & for continuing to make beautiful music. Love you. Love to you - bless the love in you & may love be with you always. ~Verna

235.            P.S.  I've been listening to your cd -- it is quite good. ~Joubin

236.            Thank you for the wonderful CD's. I have enjoyed it tremendously. I hope you continue playing and recording. I apologize for the delay. You are always in my thoughts. ~Avizeh M.

237.            Congratulations on your CD. And thank you for sharing it with me. My favorite in number 11. And I'm listening to it every night before bed. It is very relaxing.... ~Fran J.

238.            Sounds great. ~Andrea A.

239.            I liked your cd. job well done. congrat. ~N. Salehi

240.            It's really good. You're so good... ~S. Kennedy

241.            I enjoyed the CD a lot. ~E. Gonzales.

242.            We liked the first CD In Friendship so much ~K. Kerby

243.            Thank you very much for the CD. We have listened to it in the lab and think it is a wonderful piece of work. I will gladly pay for it today!!  Best regards, ~Enock

244.            Very soothing music. ~M. Calvert

245.            I listened to it when I got back home and I totally loved it,it was wonderful. I will keep playing the gutair, you keep up the good work as well. ~Kelly M

246.            It's great to hear your music. I shared it with my co-workers, everyone feels that you are talented...Keep up all the good spirit and the good work. ~Deborah L.

247.            Thanks for remembering me and sending me your great CD. I like it very much and have been enjoying it a lot. ~Saeed B.

248.            Thanks for the CD. I have listened to it and I really enjoyed the music. Keep up the music produciton. ~Neetu S.

249.            I like the songs very much... ~Raya A.

250.            "I listen to it every other day - I love it - really love it … please send me 2 more". ~Farid H.

251.            Excellent work on the CD! Thank you, ~Ruth B.

252.            My secretary brought your CD to work. It is good office music. ~Michele G.

253.            Thanks for the gift of "Friendship" and the gift of music. ~Babette M.

254.            Yes, I did and am enjoying the CD.  Hope your performance went well (I'm sure it did).  Take care... Yours, ~Becca

255.            Congratulations on the CD... it is beautiful. ~J.R. (professor)

256.            Thank you for thinking of me and taking the initiative to locate me.... thank you for sharing the beatiful music. I am enjoying it tremendously. in love, ~Rebecca B.  (also:  thanks, it was very thoughtful of you).

257.            Thanks for the CD. It's great. Congratulations. ~L. Perez

258.            Thanks for the CD. I enjoy listening to your music. ~Mo. S.

259.            Ciao Reza, listened to your music very nice complimenti!!! Very relaxing. Are you spanish? Hope to hear from you. ~Caterina

260.            Thank you for the CD. I enjoyed listening to it. Best luck with your musical career. ~A.V. (professor)

261.            Thanks for the wonderful CD. It is the most enjoyable music to listen to while we eat dinner together every night. We are very proud of you... ~Issam & Rawa

262.            Glad to get the recording. Clean job! ~Rick K (Recording Studio owner).

263.            Thank you very much for the CD. It is a wonderful addition to my music library! ~E.B. (Film Producer, Scholar).

264.            He absolutely loved the work. He's an architect as well who used to be a studio musician in California - quite a guy and a nice compliment of appreciation to you and your music. ~Verna D.

265.            Such a surprise that my sister,Amitis, was listening to one of your music ,friendship CD, the other day and talking to my dad about you, she really is impressed by your music. ~X

266.            Nice CD ~Sabine (Baden)

267.            It is very good! ~Hilda Anne and Jack

268.            How nice to hear from you! I actually have a CD of yours sitting by my bed - a gift from Karen H - that I listen to sometimes when I just want to be quiet and float on the music. ~Becky L.

269.            Hallo Dear Reza, you remember our short meeting on Zurich's airport when you gave me your wonderful CD which I really enjoyed very much! ~L. Beck

270.            Wonderful music - I was so impressed. ~Peggy R.

271.            Congratulations on your desire to fulfill your creative musical ability and your tenacity for making the CD you sent me. I wish you all the best and hope that you enjoy the time away from the computers and enjoy your life to the fullest in any way you plan to continue it. Keep in touch. Best Regards, ~Bob P.

272.            Great CD - Thanks ~Debbie & Kiko

273.            Congratulations! ~Alain.

274.            Congratulations - it's super. ~Nahal S.

275.            I just checked out the web site - love the music samples. ~P.Emami

276.            That record is beautiful. I love it. L loves it too - he plays it often. ~E.D. Fuente

277.            I am very busy those days and could listen to your cd only for one time until now. your music is really touching and needs a special mood to listen to - i like it very much. ~A.F.

278.            Good CD ~Tanja Peskar

279.            It is a beautiful accomplishment. ~Suzie A.

280.            I listened to the CD last night. The Canzone Dimenticate are so beautiful... I love each and every one of them. Please tell this to Mº Gilardino, since I've lost his address. They are so lovely I almost cried of pure joy. I listened to them over and over.... With regards to the other pieces, the selection is a very good one, and the overall feeling I've got is one of peace and comfort. It helped me to start my practice with a lot of energy.  Music is so great! Thank you very much. ~Diosnel

281.            It is relaxing, romantic, calming. I love it. It is easy to listen to without being easy-listening music. Each piece is different enough - I really enjoyed it. ~Linda T.

282.            It's excellent - ~Shahrzad Z.

283.            I really like your cd’s. ~Bill T.

284.            I love your CD’s. They’re so nice. I listen to them often. I specially like to play them when someone come along – as background music – but for someone who would appreciate them. ~Layla T.

285.            - Very good. Very nice. Such a hidden talent. Good player. ~Lorenzo P.

286.            "I wanted to write to you to tell you about your -- wonderful CD. You have a lot of talent and I am so glaad you pursued that. I appreciated and respected the fact that you took the time and the chance to do it. It must have taken courage - to put yourself out like that. The CD is wonderful. I played it over and over again. I also played it for my other friends and they enjoyed it too. This is from my personal heart. how much I appreciate someone taking the time and following a dream - it's taken me a long time to do that." ~L. Taylor

287.            Like it. It's relaxing. ~S. Hedjazi

288.            I would buy your new production in a hearbeat, your first one was wonderful! "surferchick" Did you start your second CD? I hope you could overcome to all probable problems as usual and we could have your second CD as well. Your First CD is still one of my favorits.... ~Fariba K.

289.            We still enjoy your CD 'Friendship' very much. Thanks. We wish you all the best!!! ~Peter and MarieOdiel

290.            Great job!!! Your CD is terrific. My family thoroughly enjoyed it. Wishing you much success. ~J. Pierantoni & Family.

291.            I enjoy your CD. ~R. Sequoia

292.            Your cd is fine. If you have a new one come and sell it to me – I like to get it. ~Doctor wife

293.            We play your CD...beautiful music ~L. Sennhauser

294.            Bravo! And the obbligatos were so imaginatively sequenced and lyrical. With very good wish, (professor) ~Allan Anderson

295.            Hopefully we can see each other...also, I love your CD.  It is really good and you should be really proud of yourself. Take care ~Vesta

296.            Beautiful. I am really impressed - a lot of work went into it - it's really professional. ~Donna G.

297.            Later that day we met, I worked in a bar and listened to your cd (by the way, thanx a lot again). It's a very, very beautiful cd but a little to quiet for a bar :) I hope everything is fine? ~Michelle

298.            I heard you play at the bus station, it sounded very complicated. But it was very beautiful. I know all the pieces from Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Beatles and so on, my friends played them up and down, but I never heard anyone play the guitar like you did. ~Michelle (Lara)

299.            I like your music ~Judith bern

300.            I like the music very much! ~Paul A.

301.            Impressive! ~Pari's daughter

302.            I was back in Ithaca when your CD arrived. It's really beautiful music Reza - you should be proud. Take Care. Crystal. (on phone she said: "we LOVE your CD". ~X

303.            Sorry I didn't answer your question about how Ted liked your CD.  I asked him and he said he would send you an e-mail but I don't think he ever did. He really is as busy now as when he was running the Company. Anyway, it took some prodding, several times, from me to get him to listen to the CD, but finally he did. When I asked him how he liked it he said "it was wonderful!" ~Janet

304.            "I am sorry it has taken me so long to send this check. My memory stinks. I love your CD. Thanks. ~Becky (L).

305.            "Your CD is wonderfull, I like it verry much..." ~Geraldine B.

306.            It is an awesome CD - it's great! ~C. Hood.

307.            As I enjoyed your first CD so much I would very much like to buy your second one as well. ... I look forward to further information on "How? When? Where?" Kind regards ~Kathryn

308.            I like it very much ~C. Palmer

309.            Thank you for your CD. I enjoyed it. ~S. Smith

310.            My husband and I enjoyed your CD. Well done + good luck to you. ~Janet T.

311.            Presentated "In friendship" to Karim. You know what he said to me? -"Sonja, I like his music very much but gotta tell you that I'm a bit jealous"... Maybe my eyes where to bright when I talked about you and your music? ~Cu Sonja

312.            Your beautiful cd is in my car – I listen to it every day and I don’t get tired of it. ~Afagh

313.            I put your song from the cd as a background for my answering machine. It’s very beautiful it goes well with my reiki practice, zen. ~Gihan

314.            Listening to this amazing, skillfully and soulfully played cd i just got in the mail.  i'm loving it and am imagining your fingers moving on the guitar as i listen to albeniz's Leyenda. thank you........ fell asleep to the cd last night..... read the booklet....beautifully laid out content and eloquently written. you really write well.   loved your dedications and thanks to parents and shadi (i got tearful with your descriptions of them).  the love and energy you put in the project, shines through and through..... p.s the picture of you (semi-dark sillouette) on the last page is pretty marv.........elous too! thanks for the music that perfumes the air in my room tonite...... ~Niloo

315.            I am doing well, I have not head from you since your last CD, which I bought and think is very good. ~A.Nourzad

316.            Remember me? On the train to Baden I listened to your music and got your CD. It is very good I must say. ~Francois G.

317.            This is great to listen to. ~Michele G.

318.            In Zurich station, a lady (Roberta D.) jumped: "Hi Reza, I got your CD. Thanks. It's really nice. You are great!! I've been away - I'll pay for it... " and introduced me to her Italian mother who was wondering what's in my gutar case. ~Napolitan warmth all the way.

319.            I really have enjoyed your CD and great playing. You did a wonderful job and the concept is really interesting...must have been fun making it. I get a very good and warm feeling from it...I think that the title is most appropriate because even though we have never met, I feel I've made a new friend in you.  Perhaps our paths will cross one day...I look forward to it.

320.            All The Best, ~R. Rathor (professional musician)

321.            He likes to listen to your music. He says "he looks like reza" - I say, but he is Reza. ~Lucia about Lin 6 years old.

322.            Everyone I've given your CD to has loved it. My son who's a professional musician said 'wow, listen to the way he plays that. ~Gabi.

323.            Very nice, and very well recorded. ~Maurice S.

324.            At this very moment I am listening to your beautiful CD. I think it may turn out to be one of my favorites! Thanks for the email. It was fun meeting you at the hotel recently, and also getting an unexpected impromptu concert. I hope you got something out of your class in Bedford, and I wish you well in finding the next "niche"! All the best, ~Mary

325.            I will play one of your cd's for my mom and Stepfather eventually..and let them hear your music..I am sure they will enjoy it.. In Light, Love and Peace, ~Uma

326.            Your cd is still one of my daughter’s favorites. ~Gautama

327.            Beautiful records ~Hossein S.

328.            We listened to one of your CDs and enjoyed your beautiful playing this morning. Best regards ~Homan Y.

329.            I was happy in my car while playing your cd's on the way back from Switserland. ~Isabelle

330.            The CDs are beautiful. ~Alexis

331.            I’m enjoying it quite a bit. ~Khoi

332.            They’re great! ~W. Angelos

333.            Back to Italy I am listening to your CDs and I want to thank you, very good music!

334.            The "listener is very happy to listen the listened". Ciao! ~Olga

335.            And...i listened to some of your music on the web. good job! ~Hannah S.

336.            Thanks again for the cd you gave me at brockwood . i play it quite a lot.fantastic. hope you do more cds.also do you do recitals etc. all the best ~Enrique.

337.            Congratulations. They’re beautiful. ~Samieian

338.            Your cds are really good beautiful music full of colour and light fantastic. ~Henry uk

339.            First of all I enjoy a lot your c.d. ,thank you for the nice moments they gave to me .I will enjoyed to recived the mails ,thank you in advance .With my best wishes ~Janine B.

340.            your cd's are excellent -- really excellent man – the quality…. ~Larry D

341.            I listen to your cd's regularly - such nice music - soothing and relaxing ~Dr. Bobillier

342.            Your music is beautiful and comforting to the soul. ~Jayne

343.            I like it...your work seems very soulful to me. Nice! ... good luck and a lot of positive energy. ~Kirsten P.

344.            It is so good I listen to it all the time. Everyone says where did you get it from. ~Mahdis

345.            Thank you so much for your cd! It introduced me to a genre which I had never before taken interest in. I really enjoyed your guitar playing and the duets with the Russian Spanish Romanza. I am glad I met you and would like to stay in touch. Take care, ~Brandon

346.            I loved your CD -- it is magnificent!!!  Thank you so much.  I would enjoy a copy of Dancing Hands, so please do let me know when you have it available. ~Jennie F.

347.            Iit was to your "reza in friendship" that i was listening to. it was dark and another world opened up! for a while we were taken to another world. amazing! ~S. Reddy

348.            Beautiful CD ~Mzandi

349.            I’ve listened to it so many times… it’s on my laptop and my ipod and it shows up on my “most listened” list. It’s very very good. I also like listening to it while swimming – not leisurely swim, neither competitive, but energetic, and it’s perfect music for it. ~Maryam A.

350.            The CD came yesterday, but I came home late last night.  I am listening to it now and I have to say I am thoroughly enjoying it.  I am not familiar with the composers, but I believe some of Segovia's recordings may have included them. ~MATT L.

351.            You are welcome for the $! Sorry it wasn't much, I am a poor college student right now trying to get by.  But I do love your music. Talk to ya latter. ~Kelly

352.            Thank you for your cd, i like it. ~Annina Z.

353.            We like the CD we bought from you - do you have another one? ~Claude B.

354.            She said she listens to Merenge and Batchata music but heard my CD and bought it. ~Bern C.H.

355.            We listened to your CD yesterday. It's very nice. Thank you. ~Andreas L.

356.            I like your CD - my favorite is the voice track. ~Y Ross.

357.            I listen to it and like it. ~Sahel

358.            I listened to your CD - it’s great. It’s quiet and you can study with it. It makes your mind quiet and help you focus…other types of music makes you tired. ~Ana (Albania)

359.            Yes, thanks for your nice CD! I enjoyed it very much. ~Matthias G.

360.            I like your CD. I like the songs on it and it gives me peace while I`m listening to it. Thank you. You should continue in this way. ~Nicole G.

361.            I love your music cd, and i think u have done a fantastic job, worthy of all your challenges, in case krishnamurti allows any challenges at all. ~Furouz R.

362.            Thanks you for the CD. We enjoyed it. ~Heidi P. (the mountain girl)

363.            After long long time I would like to thank you for your very nice CD - I really like it - and send you hot greetings & best wishes. ~Ania K.

364.            We met you at the Grand Canyon in 1998.  We received your CD a few weeks ago, and we've been enjoying it very much.  Thanks for sending it.  All the best in your future musical endeavors. ~W. Boyd.

365.            Very beautiful! ~Rosalba

366.            Thank you for the awesome CD.  We are really enjoying it!  So when are we going to see you in this part fo the world?  Take care and keep it up. ~Luis

367.            I like it. ~Ando

368.            it was very nice, the CD ~Peter VF

369.            Thank you for the gift of your music. It is quite beautiful. Keep up the good work. I apologize for the delay in sending this gesture of support. I hope it "messes up your books" in a good way ! :-) May god bless you and bring you happiness daily. Enjoy the day and everything in it! ~X

370.            Really nice Cd I wanted to pay more but I have no job for the moment but thank you. ~Freddy

371.            But continue with your wonderful talent in music and make sure that I'm on your guest list. Keep in touch. Ciao, ~Jay

372.            Although I like traditional music, I really liked your CD - it is soft like your soul. ~S. Hesami

373.            Extraordinary very very beautiful - "kingwork".   You play beautiful. (2 comments inTehran) ~X

374.            I have enjoyed your CD so much, particularly the "Forgotten Songs". ~Marie Pooler - Music Teacher, Composer

375.            Awesome CD ... keep up the good work. Your music is very inspirational. ~Kelly Miller.

376.            Your music is well played and knowing it was you doing the ' pickin and a pluckin ' made it special. I enjoyed listening to it... Keep doing those amazing things and it's always good to see a guy like you doing well! Soon we'll be calling you the ' big cheese ', no make that the " big swiss cheese " as you take over Europe. ~Sam R.

377.            It was a very nice susprise to hear from you and to receive your excellent CD. I would certainly like to keep the copy you sent, also at least one of my pupils (who was also at John Williams' concert) would like a copy. ... I like the Forgotten Songs very much - especially the 'cello and vocal.  My 13 year old plays the 'cello and we were wondering if the music is widely available?  It would be very nice for us to be able to play together.  It is great to hear the Sor, Carcassi and Giuliani pieces.  I teach all these pieces very often, particularly the grade pieces, and it is very rare for someone to record them, so I thank you! ~John F.

378.            I truely love yours! Wonder-ful(l). Really ~Kristin S.

379.            I really enjoy those two CDs you produced. Sometimes I play them when I'm cooking or working… it makes it goes so much easier. They're really beautiful. ~Someone at OGS may 5, 2007

380.            I just love your CD's - more and more. ~Angela J.

381.            I have very much enjoyed listening to your music. ~T. Rynkiewicz

382.            I listened to your CD tonight. It’s nice to listen to in the evenings - it’s calming and relaxing. ~D.Schnell

383.            Received your CD a short while ago.  It is really very nice music... .  It's not typical of our taste, but I can see enjoying it every once in a while.  It sounds like you really enjoy making music and I hope you can be successful in making it a large part of your life..... ~Jeff W.

384.            I really enjoyed your CD. ~Tish Whitney.

385.            I hope all is well.  When I'm done with this e-mail, I'll send a check for $x to the address given below.  The first $x is for the CD you sent me, the second x is for S's copy and the 3rd $x is for one other person that has not paid you yet.... ~X

386.            The music is great and I encourage you to continue forward with your wonderful music talent.  Make sure that you keep me in your mailing list for the latest CDs that you produce. Keep in touch! Ciao and God bless, ~Jay H.

387.            Thank you for the CD.  I enjoy it much.  I can tell how well I like any of my CD's by how much I play them.  I play yours often.  Yours is a beautiful, faithful, yet simple production.  The out front guitar with the sparse accompaniment sounds terrific.  To me though, there is a lifting quality to inspired music that is difficult for me to put into words.  Your music projects that quality. PS: "Think on These Things" by J. Krishnamurty is again a permanent fixture in my bathroom.  Not a glamorous location, but a useful one. Your friend, ~John B.

388.            What a wonderful CD.  I have really enjoyed listening to your music. ~Randy L.

389.            It's great. ~Katy (Brentwood)

390.            Very Beautiful ~Mrs. Azad.

391.            Thanks for the wonderful gift! you & the rest of the musicians really did a very fine job! ~F. Hoskins

392.            Thanks again for the CD. It's very nice music. ~Jarek.

393.            Maryam has been listening to it constantly and has already identified her favorite tracks. ~Peyman A.

394.            I'm listening to your enjoyable music as I write this. Someday when you're famous, I'll say that I have your first CD. ~Susan K.

395.            Your cd arrived Friday.  What a delightful way to start Sunday morning--a cup of coffee and Romanza three times in a row followed by the rest of your cd. ~Sarah W.

396.            You are very talented. Very very nice. ~Tara H.

397.            I liked your CD. Thanks. ~Jack M.

398.            It is fantastic to make my office-work and listening to your CDs ! THANK YOU SO MUCH ! It is really very very good ! ~Elisabeth L.

399.            Ok, I'll take both CD's, they are equally nice, it's too difficult to choose. ~Sonia R.

400.            I enjoy listening to the sample of your music on the net. ~G. Massiha

401.            I did get your CD and we have played it many times. It is lovely indeed. Thank you. ~Mark L.

402.            It is a nice CD ~S. Talmoud

403.            I enjoyed your music. ~Deb S.

404.            I like the music and wish i could play that well. ~Steve W.

405.            I like your CD :-) ~Mo S.

406.            It's very nice. It's beautiful. ~Lucas D.

407.            I really like your record. ~Ester D

408.            I want to also thank you for the CD. It was a very thoughtful token of appreciation. ~Judy M.

409.            What a CD! It's first clas - I listened to it all day. ~Reza Farhadi

410.            Hi R....never received your cd....really liked the samples on your web site! Regards, ~Sgt. Pepper

411.            Anyway, I received your CD and listened to it. I enjoyed it especially the first few songs. ~Feri C.

412.            Your music is beautiful ~Ester D.

413.            Yesterday I presented your CD to my girlfriend Margaret. She was ravished about the fine music. We were dreaming. We had to listen to it again and again. I hope it won' t be your only one. I have to tell you this, because I am shure you have won a new fan. Margaret is just starting to play the guitar. By the way, I just visited your homepage. It will take me hours and day to read everything ... Love and best regards ~Christoph

414.            Thanks for the lovely music. ~Dr. Williams

415.            "I really like the CD. I listen to it in the car…". ~Reza AP

416.            We love the CD. Thank you so much for making it and thinking to share it with  us. I do hope all is well with you, it was great reading up on what you have been up to, please take care. grace & peace to you, ~Rebecca

417.            The CD is excellent. Many thanks......... Once again, well done my friend. You must be very proud. ~A. Green


419.            Lovely! ~C. Carter.

420.            It is really beautiful. ~Mahnaz.

421.            It's very relaxing. ~Dental secretary

422.            I got your fantastic CD. ~Soli

423.            Sorry for answering you mail only now, I don't check my emails everyday. I often listen to you cd, it's rrally nice... ~Olivia

424.            I really loved your CD. ~Julian O.

425.            I am happy that i find time to listen to your cd. the song lagrima i love so much... ~A. F.

426.            It is very beautiful. It's the only thing that gives calmness - it is very relaxing. It makes you listen - makes you pay attention. ~mom's friend

427.            It's very beautiful music. It transported me to a different place. ~Ambassador's wife

428.            Excellent, really excellent ~Dr., Mrs. Bahadori

429.            I loved your CD, the musik is so calm and relaxing. ~Aleks (Norway)

430.            I do like it a lot. I didn't expect it because I am not that much into classical music. ~Karin M.

431.            Reza, your CD was wonderful, you really are talented. I sent the $x in the mail today. thanks ~Shonda.

432.            I'm just listening to your CD "in friendship" for the second time tonight - while writing my e-mails ... ~X


434.            One cousin excitedly told me: we’ve been listening to it over and over since last night. It is so relaxing. It is beyond excellent – and asked for another kiss. ~X

435.            It sounds cool. Quite a production. The more I listen the more I appreciate its depth. ~Phil Maynes

436.            Good music. ~Res

437.            enjoyed your CD last night while unpacking.. ~D.B.

438.            “Reza is a virtuoso and a truly rare breed, not only among guitarists but all musicians…. Reza is to the guitar what Glenn Gould was to the piano and then some. I don't think any of the finest violinists could come close to moving a listener the way Reza does. This is the event of the century and this CD deserves a sixth star." ~David R.

439.            On sunday we were listening your CD again. We are enjoing guitar music very much. We hope you can sell your CD with the result that you are a famous man. Affectionate regards ~Esther und Heinz

440.            Very nice guitar playing! ~X

441.            Awesome,,,,very nice....thank you ~X

442.            I like the CDs ~X

443.            We enjoyed listening to your classical music too! ~X

444.            I love your music very much and will go to your website to order your CDs for Christmas gifts. ~X

445.            Your CDs are in my player in the office and I listen to it regularly. It's one of my favorites. ~Matt.

446.            We have two Cds from Reza and they both reflect the same message of friendship. I highly recommend both CDs. I've listened to it many times and never got tired of it. People always ask me about his music and how they can get it. Much love, ~Farzane

447.            Listend to a sampling of your music...loved it. ~P.Strauss

448.            WOW - that' is so beautifully done! TALENTED for sure!!! Thanks for sharing that. I am completely amazed!!!! ~X

449.            I like your cd a lot. very good... ~Ute

450.            I loved the cd. Xoxo. ~N.

451.            I was listening to your CD-Samples and really liked it. Thank you so much for the wonderful music, what a joy!! you really got magic hands dancing on the cords. I love the first piece a lot of Jeux interdit and its variation. So sure, I won' t send them back. So let me know what I owe you. Love ~Didi

452.            I didn't thik that you send me an E-mail!!! How are you ?! I heard your CD and it's very nice! Maybe we meet near the Gare... ~Kiss

453.            I had listened to some of the samples on your web site, and I was quite impressed. ~Amy C.

454.            Your record is the one they listen to the most. Phil M.

455.            Feels wonderful everytime i hear it ~Samatha

456.            It’s a beautiful day it’s more b w/ your music ~David G.

457.            Great meeting you too, reza and enjoying your recording too! ~Sean

458.            Me and farzane listened to both of your CD and we surely enjoyed your performance and selection of songs. ~R.F.

459.            Yes I did (like the CD). It was great. ~Elisa R.

460.            2 fine cd’s. they’ll be collector’s items. We play them all the time. ~M.L.

461.            Thank you for the cds. we'll treasure your music. very, very nice sound.  you inspire me to continue practicing since I'm learning to play the piano! sincerely, ~Lesly (Delfina's daughter)

462.            I'll be listening to these cd's a lot in the future. ~David G.

463.            I used both your cd's in my workshops - need music to make mind in certain state either to work or emotions. ~Malek

464.            I have finally gotten around to listening to your CD.  It is beautiful. There is no wonder as to why you left the world of computer software and selling to pursue your music.... Wishing you all the best and continued success and self-satisfaction through your music. I wish for you only complete success as you travel your path, occasionally letting the rest of us peak into the world of an artist. Will you create another CD? ~Chuck G.

465.            I still listen to the CD. I like it very much. ~Heidi P.

466.            What an excellent work - it’s really beautiful. ~Mrs. Razaii

467.            Btw: i did appreciate your sending me your cd, and i think the quality of your music is

468.            very good........ good luck and a lot of success! ~J. Hurter

469.            We met on the train for 10 minutes once. I was playing Lauro and she enjoyed it. I got her address. She was one of the first people who bought the CD at a nice price. She ordered 7 more. She said that the CD's "had such great success with my friends. They really loved them. Some said they even cried - it is really beautiful music - very spiritual music." She never married and used to be a social worker. She's close to nature and has many interests such as meditation. "I have very beautiful friends, not many but very good friends". ~X

470.            I listened to your CD and also read some of your writings in the net.  You are very talented and full of life. ~Sassan

471.            Your CD's having lots of success here in x Th guy at the record shop really liked your record too and he's going to order quite a few. ~Fernanda M.

472.            We all listened and enjoyed it very much. You were full of talent since childhood and always successful and advanced in whatever you did. We admire you for your perseverence and efforts. ~Mr. K.

473.            We really like your CD - it's wonderful. ~Maureen H.

474.            Your first one is really very nice and it is relaxing to listen to it! ~X

475.            I like your CD. It's my favorite kind of music. It's a type of music I like to listen to when I am studying. ~Dr. A. Kamyar

476.            Everyone, I play it to, loves it strait away ~Regi

477.            I enjoyed listening to your CD. ~Eva H.

478.            I love what you did on the Malats ~Payam L.

479.            I'll get your postal $ order in the mail today, too.  Sorry -- I've been carrying it around for a couple of weeks and just forgot about it.  Second CD is great! ~Lisita

480.            All beautiful. ~Anoosh

481.            She is shy and she never expresses herself but at the end she said i have to tell you something… she really loves your cd ~X

482.            Frau Vogler said at the end of our conversation: "Frau < , I have to tell you something. 3 years ago you gave me a CD of your boyfriend. I listen to it many times. After a workday when I can't hear anything else, i always enjoy listen to this music." ~X

483.            It is very relaxing and that is what I need right now with all this going on. ~X

484.            Thank you thank you I have your cds all in a clear space to hear them again will bring an awesomeness close.. ~Yvonne

485.            Really nice listenig to these recordings - just the right kind of music I was looking for! ~Kaspar

486.            I play your CD at night at times and love it .... ~Zarrin

487.            She said she regularly listens to your CDs and said they’re so soothing. ~X

488.            Thanks for the beautiful music, Reza! It took me to a wonderful place. Also, the recording quality was excellent! ~Andy

489.            Hey, man, you're pretty darn good. Just listened to the intros from Friendship and Hands - very nice. Are you Iranian? You're a good-lookin' kid. I received the CD's today and have enjoyed them so much!  I love them so much! ~X

490.            We received your CD long time ago. Sorry for our late answer, but as my parents dosen´t speak english, it took some time to find out the sense of your kind letter. But apart from all language problems, we all like your CD very much. I never heard such amazing guitar music before! Of course, we want to keep it, and so my parents sent some money to the mentionned bank. For the future, please inform us about your activities such as concerts or a new CD, because we are really interested in your work. I also want to tell you that it´s a great idea to distribute your CD on this way. Best regards ~Nicole E.

491.            What beautiful music. I love it. Do you have more CD"s. What are some of your favorite music? Take Care ~Shahrzad Z.

492.            I listen to your music often and marvel over how talented you are. ~Maryam R.

493.            It's really nice. ~C. Wellen

494.            You should be proud of yourself for making such a production come to fruition. ~Johan Ga.

495.            I did enjoyed of the CD very much that we will talk about it later on. ~Dr. Sarir

496.            Thancks about your wonderfull cd - it was great and i hope your concert in swiss will be great too. ~R. Afshar

497.            It was so thoughtful of you to send me a CD of your beautiful music. I knew your were a very good guitarist but I did not realize you were at the highest of levels. My wife especially enjoys it and listens to the CD three or four times a week in the car. She says it really soothes her in the rush hour traffic. Thanks again and I wish you the best of luck with your music and the best out of life. Your Friend, ~Tom G

498.            Speaking of hearing things, I did listen to your CD. I must confess not to all of it. It has something refreshing and honest about it. Funny those pieces by Angelo! ~Ioana G.

499.            I've been meaning to write and to send a contribution for the gorgeous CD that you made.  Jack and I have listened to it many times.  There is a deeply peaceful quality that emanates from the music that moves me more than I expected!  I will look back into the CD notes for the info, and/or go to your website to do justice to your gift of friendship.  Pardon me for being so caught up in my own whilrwind that I did not take the time to honor you for your beautiful music and writing. Best, ~Babette

500.            Mr Reza, I received your cd which was really nice thank you. ~Freddy

501.            I enjoyed the cd – it’s so relaxing – I listened to it before I go to bed. It was soft - very smooth – classical like - really enjoyed that. ~Chris S.

502.            We’re loving your cd’s. when I do gigs I play your cd during the break. Someone asked about it – maybe they even loved your cd more than me…and asked how they can get it… ~Raj R.

503.            I have just listend to the music samples on your website and they were a good thing to listen to at night. Really appeasing melodious sounds. ~Marianne.

504.            We’re listening to your CD’s and like them very much ~Huibert & Isabell (paraphrased from a lost email)]

505.            I received the CDs.  Thanks!!  You are a very talented musician.  I usually listen to music during the workday and your music is perfect.  I have the Reza in Friendship CD in my player right now.  Please do add me to your mailing list so that I can receive information about upcoming albums. ~Amy C.

506.            Thanks Reza. God has bless you with many talents your music is soothing to the soul it relaxes me see you soon. ~C.S.

507.            I listen to both Cd's all the time and my friends Love it as well !!!! ~C.S.

508.            Thanks a million for your kindness.  I am downloading them.  I love your music..:-) Best wishes, ~Rassamee

509.            Reza jan salam, THANK YOU for the cd's.I listen to them all the time. Bravo. ~Mojgan

510.            I like the sound very much of your cd – your music is wonderful – beautiful – fine music. ~X

511.            I liked your music – wonderful, fine fine music. I can use them for massage. I like it. ~Manuela B.

512.            We were listening to your first CD and a neighbor was passing by and he said I'm very moved by it. what is that? So we got him a copy. ~Mary C.

513.            Your cd is extremely beautiful. ~Saba M.

514.            Thank you for the music. i had track 8 on loop for 1 hour in oakland as I sat contemplating the blue of her eyes. Brie. An actor that just shredded my heart. love, ~bcb

515.            CD received and am listening to it right now - love both of them.  You are a great musician and love all the wonderful background artists. ~Elinor

516.            Me and farzane listened to both of your CD and we surely enjoyed your performance and selection of songs. ~Reza F.

517.            No wonder your cd’s are so powerful. It’s embedded with this stuff. That’s what the world likes. .. ~Chinese phd

518.            I really enjoyed your cd’s. ~Roumi

519.            This music is beautiful, it makes you want to cry… this is very brilliant stuff… ~David G.

520.            I was playing the music on my way home through the hills, somehow i felt timelessness. Thank you Reza; ~Herminia

521.            It sounds good! ~J. Sanders.

522.            I love it -- i listened to it a 1000 times. ~Jahangeer M.

523.            I just received your new CD. Congratulation!!! It is truly very beautiful music, and I appreciated the gesture very much, but you must let me pay for it. ~Tarun

524.            Im listening to your cd and you play so beautifully!  the music is so soothing... i love sometimes when music isn't distracting, when you don't consciously realize its there but it reaches you on a deeper soul level... bravo to you!  you might not be getting your cds back any time soon!  just kidding i will pay for them... anyway hope you are well, im so lucky to have met such a nice person at such a perfect time... ~T.N.

525.            I'm okay on your E-Mail-List. Your CD is very beautiful. Congratulations. ~Katharina V.

526.            Before all, I love your music.  It is so calm and beautiful.  I still need to send you the check for $x.  I also want to buy another copy just in case you want to send it to another friend. ~Jay H.

527.            That's excellent. Very nice. ~Dr. Ghoreishi

528.            By the way, your CD is excellent.  We listen to it all the time.  It's nice to know an artist. ~Kayvan

529.            I've been enjoying your CD and playing it during my study hall.  The kids seem to like it, though of course, they'd hesitate to admit this, and it has a calming effect on the room.  The Gilardino material is my favorite. ~Jim E.

530.            Ho sentito il tuo CD a casa di Elio ,mi è piaciuto molto.Complimenti!Mi fa piacere ascoltare i tuoi consigli e spero di trovare una tua e-mail nella mia posta... ~Mimmo

531.            Recently you sent us your first CD, which we enjoyed very much. I hope it has been a success and you will bring out another some time! ~Dieter I.

532.            Reza - thanks for the CD - we're really enjoying! ~Amy H.

533.            While I was in London, I got a chance to listen to half of your CD and I'll be listening to the other half tomorrow or the next day when I've fully unpacked. What I've heard so far is lovely, and I especially liked the piece that was written for voice and guitar. It was very, very nice. ~Kathleen Q.

534.            Thank you very much for your Cd. I really like it. Specially all the pieces with the guitar and the cello. I wanted to give you my thanks in person but I looked for you but you were gone already. I wish you luck with this new adventure-path-musical flow or however you want to called and hope you can go futher with it. I am also about to make a big change in my life soon, at the end of this term and I migh go also towards something musical(teaching dancing). SO good luck again and keep in touch. ~Jordi

535.            I liked it very much ~Maren Borchers, EMI Classics

536.            I'm enjoing to listen to your music. I bought your CD in the train to ~Geneva.

537.            Keep the good times rolling. ~Christoph

538.            It's excellent. I play it over and over. ~Susan Z.

539.            Thanks for the cassette - it's delightful. Here's a cheque to cover costs. Perhaps we'll meet again in Saanen where I'm going the last two weeks and hope to dance to your delightful music. You're so versatile and seem to know instinctively what it requires. Warmest greetings and affection. ~86 years old lady

540.            "it's beautiful. We've been dancing to it" ~X

541.            "Liebe Reza, Das Misik ist sehr schon. Ich wunsche Dir alles gut und viel erfolg. Mit Liebe, ~Rosalba

542.            I listened to most of your sample mp3s from both CDs this morning.  Nice sound all around, pleasant selection, the natural acoustics really worked, brother.  Good luck with the CD.  What kind of guitar are you using or do you have a few working?  Curious about the strings you used also.  Type of mics, recording setup, etc. would be nice to know too.  Thx for taking the time. ~Richard S.

543.            Hi Reza: great cd's - I am enjoying it. Best. ~Farhad A.

544.            I LOVE the CD's - thanks! Your music is beautiful! ~Laurie D.

545.            I know I was genuinely jealous of your CD's - they are just what I would have liked to record myself ! ~Peter I.

546.            We love the cd's ~Elina

547.            We hope you are fine. Remember us? We are the Swiss – Dutch couple for whose wedding in 1998 you played your beautiful guitar music.  We enjoyed your first and second CD very much and hope there is a third one soon! ~Corrine S.

548.            Many thanks for the wonderful compact disks. ~fRITZ S.

549.            Reza, I received them last week.  Both my wife and myself love the music ~JJUAN

550.            Many thanks for your lovely CDs, which arrived two days ago. ~Pedro Paris

551.            Dear Reza we met us: march 2000, Grossmünster Zurich, concert……. I left the Grossmünster with your first CD (do you remember?) and enjoyed very much the music (the new one to!!). May be we meet us - years later - when your third CD will be born! ~X

552.            J hope and wish you - in the time between - a lot of success with your wonderful music! ~Ursula

553.            I'am listening your CDs, your interpretation betrays your origines, you are so patient. It is a compliment ! ~E. L.

554.            Listen to his CDs. They are actually very professional popularisations - and that is not a criticism - with a clean melodic, song-like sensibility to their approach. Reza would have been well appreciated 200 years ago and if you ever care to study the self-promotion of musicians of that era, you will find he is in a long tradition of confidence and ebullient evangelism of his own. Music - for which no-one should ever be criticised. ~David K.

555.            Your have a rare talent and a gift of expressing yourself through your music. We were impressed with the purity and natural sound of your recordings, free of the artificial electronic reverb that most other recordings contain. Thank you for thinking of us and know that we truly appreciate your gift. Best wishes, ~Rick and Linda H.

556.            They're great, fantastic. I gave 2  to my children Really great, very calming. dont forget to inform us if u make a 3rd one. ~LIZZY

557.            Thanks for your mail as for the wonderful music cd's, I like them a lot and will send you an invoice, you are a gifted musician, congratulation. ~Helena

558.            Your production has always been excellent… really nice. ~L. Deack

559.            Regarding your CD's, they are great, nice job. Very enjoyable and smooth. ~Aryan S.

560.            We put your music in the clinic. We all listen to it. It's healing. ~Dr. Paco

561.            I really enjoy your samples!  its all very wonderful music. Joseph ~Paris

562.            I  went on your website and listened to some of your music – it was very beautiful. ~Paul.

563.            I listened to youe cd’s all  weekend. I really love them you’re so talented , they’re beautiful (nurse at c.h.) ~C.S.: we love your cd’s

564.            Thank you so much for the CD's. I received them on Saturday, and listend to them over and over. I must admit it was worth every penny of it. They are so beautiful, and you did a fantastic job. Although we live in a world of materials, but please remember there is no price or materlialistic value for things we do with love and passion, and it comes from the bottom of our hearts. Your work has the voice of love and passion. I wish you the best, and good luck with the rest of your journey in life. Hope to see you on the national TV one day. ~Ashoob

565.            Thank you for the CD,that was great. ~Nazanin

566.            Your music is beautiful! ~N. Tuskey

567.            It is beautiful music. Best,~Aesook

568.            It's amazing ~Maryam B.

569.            I listened to a couple of your recording samples.  Excellent.  You are a very accomplished young man.  When Bernanke ever raises interest rates, I'll try to remember to order your CDs. ~Russ

570.            I have received your email of 28 feb, and regret the delay in response. Thank you very much for sending me the CD's which were delivered to me on my last trip to the US, last fall. I take pride in your talents as an Iranian - your musical skills are absolutely  delightful and I wish you every success. ~X

571.            "Your CD is very good. I listen all the time. I pay you the CD. It's really good" ~Jenny from Zurich (met in train)

572.            I love your CD. listen to it often in the car. ~S. King

573.            Salam, How are you? I got your (my) CD today (Thursday), and it is playing now, just the vocal portion. I could feel why did I miss it so much. I had told you that I love "Tar" and when I listen to it I feel my heart vibrates with every tap on the strings. I do have the same feeling with some certain moments of your CD. I really love it. It penetrates deep down the soul ... Thanks again for sending the CD, and thanks for your friendship. Kind Regards ~Fariba

574.            In March, I meet you one evening in Geneva in the bus leading to the Victoria Hall where you were performing. You offered me you CD "Reza in friendship" for litle money (because I had not gone to the bank) and you talked to me about yor music. Reza: I had such much pleasure when I listened to your music...and was overwhelmed by the wonderful sounds. Thanks for these great moments you give me! Pls contact me next time you come to Geneva for a concert. Best regards, ~Karin

575.            I really enjoy your CD.  We call the first song on your CD Jeux Interdits. That was the first song that I have ever learned and whenever I have played something more difficult like Mozart's Varations to my friends they always want me to go back and play that sweet little song.  I have not heard it with so many variations before myself.  Very interesting indeed. ~Lucienne

576.            Thank you for the CD. It's great. ~C. Prince

577.            I've been enjoying your CD, a nice piece of work. ~John D.

578.            It's very nice - i enjoyed that. I forgot! ~X

579.            It was good to see you the other day and then what a surprise! all those cd's. plus jeff and i have been enjoying it ever since.  beautiful, heaavenly!  thank you so very much. I am distributig them to the staff who are leaving this year plus to several other folks who have helped with many time consuming projects so it was perfect timing to receive these fromyou.  thanks again, best wishes on your travels, ~Karen

580.            Was nice to meet you too and the cd is really good. ~Sasha K.

581.            Hope you enjoy mine as muh as I am enjoying yours. ~Chuala

582.            Enjoying your music! ~X

583.            Hope you enjoyed the rest of your travels in Portugal.  We loved it and hope to go back again one day. We wanted to let you know we're really enjoying your CD's and they sounded especially good when we got them home and listened on our home sound system.  It really sounds like our living room is a church with fulled with brilliant musicians.  Everytime we play them, it reminds us of our holiday too! Regards, ~Jason and Louise (The Aussie Canucks you met in Vila de Milfonte!)

584.            It’s very good !! ~Pharmacist

585.            Very nice - very relaxing. ~Carolyn S.

586.            Your CD sounds great. I listen to it while I study all the time. ~Josh S.

587.            I just visited Lily and she gave me your CD, "In Friendship" to listen to. I played it thru twice last evening and enjoyed it very much. ~Sarah W.

588.             Listened to your CD which you had given Shahram.  It was great! ~S. Beigi

589.            PS: your cd is fantastic!!! ~Olivia P.

590.            Congratulations - it's very nice playing - many good songs on it. ~Bob J

591.            We recieved your most beautiful in every way c.d. It is such a wonderful work, that is getting a lot of play in the A. household. We all love it so much. Thank you for making it for the world to enjoy. Congratulations on you accomplishment. You really did a fine job. Love, ~Susie

592.            I listen to your CD often. Your CD is very nice. It is relaxing. ~D. Frei

593.            Bravo pour la musique. Bonne route! ~Catherine P

594.            Keep up the good job ~Alan A.

595.            WE REALLY ENJOYED IT ~Yadi S.

596.            Finding your music was a happy coincidence. ....Searches on Yahoo on keywords like Music, Persian, Iranian, Instrumental, Samples, led me to your site. I am a fan of good guitar music and after listening to your samples I knew this is one CD I wanted to have in my collection. As I said, finding your music was a happy coincidence.  :) Best wishes, ~Yahya

597.            It's great playing. ~Alice de D.

598.            In the meantime, what is the best place for me to send you another $x for another CD.  I was playing it at work, and a friend said he'd like a copy and gave me $x ~Verna D.

599.            I gave 'In Friendship' to my mother and she was delighted. She was very impressed by you.  My mother lives in south Florida near my sister Laura, and complains that her daughter plays perfectly dreadful pop music CDs. My mother is made to listen and suffer in silence; therfore she wants wants me to give Laura your CDs so she can listen to something good. ~Carol.

600.            A girl (13 years old) in my homeec.class was listening to  "friendship- CD and to the new one ". Said they are great. ~Sonja H.

601.            Reza Ganjavi, I dub thee -- PRINCE OF THE ROMANCE! ~Anonymo

602.            All kidding aside thank you for your wonderful music. It was a pleasant surprise to see your picture and listen to your music. I hope this is the start of a long and joyful journey for you. I have to let you know that my wife is pregnant and your CD is her favorite when she does her exercises. That is why for my baby's sake I hope you have a new album out pretty quick because I think he is already addicted to your music. and I want him to know what an artist amoe he got and we are all proud of you. Reza keep the good work up and thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us. ~Kambiz

603.            I much appreciate your letters, and communiques from Krishnamurti, etc., and especially your CD and your music. You are very talented artist, a very human talented artists; and it's good to see you are actualizing your talent. Do stay in touch. Your friendship means much to me, even I'm derelict. ~Love, Jim.

604.            It's great. Many thanks. ~Lizzy G.

605.            “That CD is really wonderful. I really like it”. ~S. Conti

606.            Thank you so much for the CD. In fact, I appreciated it so much (particulary your version of Leyenda and the Hungarian take on Romanza) I will send you -- for it. God bless you, and I hope you can benefit from recording your work and arrangements.... I think your technique is fabulous, and the recording quite eloquent. It is clear you take the tradition of the classical guitar seriously, which is a credit to you. Good luck! Yours truly, ~V. McLaughlin

607.            It's a good CD for good time - it is good music - it's perfect. ~D. Meier

608.            I play both your cd’s for my massage clients ~Karen H

609.            I recieved your cd, it is beautiful no i'm sorry it is beyond beautiful it is so good i dont have a word for how excellent your album is and thank you so so so so much for sending it to me, unfortunately i dont have an album yet but from time to time i record my music on to my cd-recorder here , but you are a tough act to follow, if I see that i have anything as nice as the pieces on your album i will send you my music one of these days(i promise), i gotta run i am at work, but i will write you later, thanks a million again peace and lots of love to you , wish you the best. your friend always ~Bijan E.

610.            I love your CD.  I especially like the 3 and 7th duos and tracks 11 and 13. I'd like to make a contribution for the CD but, don't know where to send it. ~Tony T.

611.            I received your CD last night and have been listening to it all day.  I LOVE IT...  I am sure I will be buying more as gifts as loved ones and friends birthdays come up, it would make a lovely gift. I am extremely impressed by the music and the layout of your CD.  Will you remember your old buds when you become rich and famous? Best of luck to you and be sure to stay in touch! Sincerely, ~Susan M.

612.            We go to Portugal every year and we take a set of our favorite CD's, and yours is one of them. ~Dr. Peter VS

613.            We loved the way you played. Wonderful sound. It is not a complement - we really enjoyed it. It is musical. Guitar can be boring but this is not. It can also be an easy sentimental thing. This has a wonderful flavor and sound. We played it at night when we were not really sleeping so we listened to it. Next morning we played it again and enjoyed it even more. We enjoyed your record. Great sensitivity. I want to send it to my grandson who’s learning the guitar so he sees the possibilities. ~J.M. Marojer

614.            Its quite a long time that I haven't given you any sign of life, I was working a lot etc.! I Just wanted to tell you two little anecdotes that migt be pleasant for you. The first: my little daughter who is, as you might remember , only two years old came to me on a Sunday morning an said: play Reza - she meant your beautiful CD!  She likes your music very much!

615.            The other story is a little bit, well, ehm, but I have to tell it...(I have read your biography on your homepage, perhabs thats why i think that you will find this funny) In the womans room of the Zentralbibliothek in Zürich there is the following inscription in english. "Reza ist the most sexiest man alive on earth now". I dont know which Reza might be meant, but it seems to me that there are not dozens running around in zurich!.... sincerely yours, have a nice Sunday. ~Bettina

616.            Hope all is well! I love your CD!!!!!!! ~C. Hood

617.            I tried ur samples at rezamusic.com. They r fabulous man. All of them are beautiful. The first 2 seemed to be piano and flute respectively but the rest of them seemed to have guitar. I think I'll buy one of ur CDs. I just listened to it again and now I can see that it is guitar. But I must tell u the sound is really beautiful. The resonance really sounds piano strings. In the first sample there is a lead tune and a sort of a BGM (background music) with the guitar. Did u play both simultaneously or are they diff tracks? ~Roy A.

618.            "I listened to your CD last night. We listen to it quite a lot. It's very nice." ~Claudia B.

619.            I am pleased with the CDs and the approach you have taken to the music, ~David K.

620.            I recived the 2 cds that you had send to me and i send you in the next days  money. the music is most wonderful an i like it very mutch!!!!!!!!!!!! I think you are a great artist. ~Petra (m)

621.            But I do enjoy music---I listened to some of you samples and they are very good.) ~X

622.            I listened to your sample music and it's very beautiful, so will order a cd. ~Malusak

623.            I listened to the sound track and I liked it a lot... very fine! ~Noa K.

624.            I really enjoyed your CD (IF) ~Amanda L.

625.            It is absolutely beautiful. ~Robin

626.            This morning i had the pleasure of receiving your new CD! Itis wonderful, to say the least. Utter professionalism, i must say. I do not mean that in a patronising way either. I was most impressed. I can not wait for the new one. This, however, will provide me with many many hours of relaxing, soothing music. My Aunt, with whom i am staying at present, is a music 'guru' she has many thousands of CD's ranging from pop to classical, and she thought it was wonderful too! We both read the insert, and on the back page we noticed that you do private performances... On the 15 July this year - we are having a family millenium 'ball', and we have contacted our family throughout the globe and we are all getting together in Liverpool and Chester for a big weekend!. Now my aunt has made many collections of music - to act as the DJ - for the Saturday of that weekend at the evening function, and we were wondering what it would cost to have you come over to liverpool and possibly play a selection of your favorite pieces for entertainment, during a segment of the evening - not for the whole evening as that would not be fair on you??? We may be able to provide accomodation for you, i have been told, but i just thought i would throw the idea at you, and find out the possibilities... nothing definate but i would like to hear your response! Be in touch soon, and i hope all has gone to plan for you so far Reza Best wishes, ~Paul

627.            P.S.  how much is the CD - i will try to get money to you as soon as is possible!!! Thank you again. Wow, it'd be an honor to play in my favorite city of Liverpool......

628.            Congratulations! Received your new CD today and just finished listening to it. You did a great job, nice playing, nice music selection, nice sound quality and very nice album design. I wish you great success with it. Check is in the mail...I am retired now so I chose the "budget" plan..Thanks again. ~Sam C.

629.            Congratulations. They’re beautiful. You’re a very very talented musician. ~F. Bolster

630.            The cd's are great by the way ~Joe R.

631.            Both of those disks are so wonderful. I really enjoy those. ~HildaAnne

632.            Such fine music. ~HA Holm

633.            Sorry I have been out of touch.  I got the CD!  It is great!  Thank you very much!  Caroline and I have been enjoying it very much!  Give our best to your brother. ~X

634.            Hope all is well.  I got your CD yesterday and it made my day.   It's beautifull. You have done a great job and should be very proud of it cause we are of it and you. ~Farid H.

635.            It's Gaya's favorite. If she had her way she'd play it all the time. We took the machine away because she was obsessing! ~Mark L.

636.            Hope u r doing well. Finally, the result of a vision... a CD!!  I am so happy for u.  The CD is brilliant especially the cello duo.  Am glad things are going well for u.  May see u at Saanen this summer.  Not certain yet. Best Wishes and warm regards, ~Amir H.

637.            Looking forward to the new CD... I enjoyed the first one. It's neat to show my friends a CD with the name 'Ganjavi' on it! ~Hooman

638.            I lost you so bad I know it, every day life is getting more tuff than getting easier but anyway nice to hear something's from you something's like that, your CD is wonderful I'm listening to it while I'm writing to you how long you are in market here or Switzerland let me know , be in touch with me I missed you very much . I'm very proud of you. ~Mina K

639.            I got the CD- it is awesome and I know that it took a lot to make it, so I will be sending you a gift of thanks... keep up the good work! ~Suzanne

640.            I enjoyed your CD that's why I sent your CD as a gift to a friend of mine who enjoys classical music and appreciates your effort. I also read about you and your life on your web site .. you have accomplished quit a lot and have an impressive background.  Hope more success for you in future. best of luck and keep in touch ~Payam S.

641.            "It's nice music" ~man from Congo

642.            I like your CD very much. ~BERNARD R. (train conductor)

643.            I like it! ~Lucy (Silvana's mother)

644.            You sound really good. It's a joy listening to you ~Terri V.

645.            In the meantime I got the CD and had time to listen it. Nice and peaceful music. Hope you will continue and for this I wish you all the best and thank you very much. ~Elsbeth K.

646.            The CD is great. He played so well. You can't believe it's him standing there. ~Dr. AH

647.            We got the tape just two days ago.  What i've heard so far is lovely.  Thank you for my favorite

648.            piece played so many beautiful ways!! How brave of you to do this enormous project.  i'm very proud of you.  Will keep listening.  Miss you.  Love. ~T. (as in Tara)

649.            "We heard your CD and enjoyed it very much" ~Calif

650.            Your CD is really nice. I’ve probably listened to it 50 times. ~Maryam H.

651.            Hey Reza, I listened to the samples and liked what I heard ~D. Schaffner

652.            It is fabulous ~Mehrdad A.

653.            Congratulations. You made us very happy and your CD is first class and it brought tears to my eyes. ~Shafuli

654.            It's beautiful .... you send me your 2nd CD, don't forget ~Ileana

655.            It's good music - it was pleasure for me to buy it. ~Roger (Jazz Drummer)

656.            We very much enjoyed it. It’s beautiful. ~Shahram E.

657.            She said she listened to the CD many times and “everytime I heard it I wanted to run to Victoria Secret and buy some panties”. “This morning it was just you (the CD), me, and my panties....It’s really good”. ~Joanne.

658.            We listened to your last one, and a couple of its tunes accompanied me all day in my head. ~Florian R.

659.            Enjoyed your CD very much, it was very relaxing music. ~H. Rezaii

660.            We're still enjoying your CD ~P. Schmid

661.            We enjoyed your CD and you realy have talent. ~D.Haji

662.            I realy like "Forgotten Songs," the duos with the other instruments. I don't know if this seems strange, but I wish the pieces were longer - you and the other musicians were on a roll! I lent the CD to a guy at work and he liked it a lot also. Regards. ~Sandy

663.            Your CD is great. All the people who have listened to it really did love it. Congratulations. Love, ~Fernanda M.

664.            I would like to order 4 more of your wonderful CD accomplishments. ~Gabi B.

665.            The first CD was really LOVEd here in the san francisco conservatory of music.If you like the recollection songs to be performed by other groups, just send us a copy , there are many flute guitar ensembles or voice guitar ensembles who love to put it in their concert repertoire in school here and they will introduce you and your website on the music program too.i have the cello &guitar section and played it many times with some cellists and said few words about the story of the song and you and Angelo Gilardino .People love to hear the rest.looking forward to hearing from you. ~Babak

666.            After a long, hard day and night at work I returned home to find your cd waiting for me. What a joy! I popped it into the cd player and the weariness of the work day disappeared. Wonderful work Reza, you have created something  to be proud of! I look forward to your next release. ~Paul K.

667.            Thank you so much for your CD which I could only just now listen to. What a wonderful surprise to see how much you have grown into this new producer of music and web site, and what a great way to present yourself to all the world.  I truly liked it immensely, and can only wish you keep on with your music as much as possible... Best of luck with everything life has for you, and hoping to connect soon, IN LIGHT & LOVE, ~Gabriele

668.            I listen to your CD regularly. We play it in our kids room before they go to sleep. It makes a peaceful atmosphere. ~G. Yehuda

669.            Awesome!  I have thoroughly enjoyed the music you and your friends produced.  Your guitar artistry is impressive, and the combination with other instruments is beautiful.  There's a lot of talent on this CD.  On top of that you've done a sensitive and professional job on your accompanying notes, which greatly enhance the depth of the musical experience.  Well done! ~Chuck F

670.            Thank you again for the cds. i gave them to many of our high school band students and other guitar players in the junior high and some staff who are avid players.  i love the cd. jeff and i both enjoy listening to it on our new cd player which the parents gave to us as a good bye gift.  it was so generous of you to give us so many to distribute. thanks again and good luck with your music. ~Karen

671.            I thank you very much for your beautiful CDs. Well played, very good arrangements (Sanz, Greensleeves, Negri)! The forgotten songs are fantastic. Compliments to the composer. ~M. Erni

672.            Your cd is beautiful. such nice music. congratulations! ~Nini

673.            I am enjoying my CD. I have practically played it for everyone I know & everybody is extremely complementary. ~Mahroo

674.            Lucas really really likes your CD - he plays it often. ~EDF

675.            The sound samples were beautiful and i'd like to know how to place an order for "friendship".  thanx. ~Susan

676.            Let me know when your CD is released.We enjoyed the first one a lot. ~Sheila A.

677.            Some good music. ~Andreas M.

678.            I was listening to your CD last night and the night before. It is extraordinary. May you have long life. May your mother's milk be kosher on you (shire-madaret halalet). ~Jahangier

679.            I like your CD ~Sonja E.

680.            I like your CD very much ~D. Paul

681.            So I decided to get your CD, and know after listening to it I am glad I did it. I wish you continued success in all endeavors of your life. ~Mehrdad

682.            Thank you for the CD!! I heard it. I like the guitar!!! I gave it to hear some friends and they remembered you! So, go on like this! Thank you!!! God bless you, friendly regards. ~Evelyn P.

683.            Your CD is wonderful! ~A. SALZGEBER

684.            The music is really great. The more I listen the more I like it. You should preare yourself for a lot of demand. There will be a big interest with everything that comes from Iran. The cover, etc., show a 'life-is-beautiful' image which people like to see. Simple ideas that feel good - your childhood photo, standing on your head, etc. - it takes you back in time. People are interested in the whole package: It's beautiful... it's simplicity... it's very nice - it's the kind of life people dream about... maybe not want to live it thmselves but like dreaming about it. Your music is really fantastic. ~Dr. Horri

685.            We love your CD. it 's very nice - my son [2 year old] was listening to it today. ~Greg N.

686.            I listened to your CD again all day. It's very beautiful ~Laleh H.

687.            It is lovely.. ~Lloyd W.

688.            I enjoyed it. ~Amin

689.            Thank you for your mail and especially for your very beautiful CD. I like it very much to hear your music to relax after a tiring day at school. ~S. Christen

690.            We’re still enjoying your CDs, your guitar work is so exquiset, that it’s uncanny in its beauty.  Aside from your solos, my favorite is Anonymous Italiana; I can’t get the melody or the rhythm out of my head.  Take care of yourself, and stay in touch, wherever you are. ~Jim.

691.            It is very nice. ~Ambassador's wife

692.            It's wonderful, it's relaxing. Thank GOD, I was nervous before, now I am relaxed. ~Efi E.

693.            Beyond compare! Congratulations. It's extraordinary. I am proud of you. ~Niki M.

694.            Good work. Keep it going. ~Alan E.

695.            He ordered 2 more CD's "you are quite known in Montreux" ~X

696.            Congratulation for your real succes.... ~Helen

697.            We've enjoyed listening to it and will continue to do so. ~The Stewarts

698.            Thank you for your mails and your lovely music. I saw Georges name in the book and I specially love "Lagrima". You know I still miss him - I played your CD to my schoolboys and girls, just to make them quiet and listen to the music! They liked it really. Normaly classical music isn't my style. Up to date if I was studiing or reading I didn't listen music but now I always listen yours and that's perfect. Greatings ~Cornelia (the girl at the station)

699.            My record's been a hit here. The CD played all night last night while she was preparing for the party and during the party it is playing non-stop - over and over - they said so many complements: - "it's so beautiful", "seriously, it's fantastic...." ~X

700.            I received your beautiful records and gave them as presents to frieds... ~Ester DLF

701.            It was a pleasure to meet you, for me too. And many thanks for the CD - I like it very much -

702.            especially the Duos - really amazing what you can do with one and the same piece of music! ~K. Muhr

703.            We are still playing your CDs enjoying the music. ~Cornelia (sealbeach)

704.            Yesterday my englishteacher was telling me that in his physical therapy in Baden, the woman was playing your music. She told him that you once had been there as well and that you had given her a CD as a present. Your music seems to go from one man to the other hey.... I met you in Googoosh concert in Oakland, and you gave me your great CD, remember?(in the parking lot). ~Mahyar

705.            I'd like to order your beautiful guitar music. ~Helen (UK)

706.            I have heard yours , and this is very good work you do, maestro! I might want to discuss some of it in more detail after i listen to it a little closer... ~S. Dill

707.            It's very nice! I listened to it and like it. ~Gabi B.

708.            It's wonderful, well-done, imaginative. I shall enjoy it for the rest of my life. Congratulations on a fine selection and performance of good music. ~Mrs. Marie Pooler (composer, pedagogue, musicologist).

709.            I loved your CD. It is so unique - it grows on you. I really really really like it. I think you'll do really well. ~Maryam H.

710.            It's very nice...it's nice, nice guitar, very nice. ~Mr. Bavaud

711.            I have listened to it today and must say, its a very good product - well recorded and a good mood in all titles.... You can tell the players are playing with heart... I am a specialist. I only get interested in products that are made with the heart.... ~Mr. Günter M.

712.            It is wonderful! ~Selina

713.            It's very nice ~Stefano L.

714.            He: "your CD is magnificant. It's very excellent. It's fantastic....I was in awe with your playing, it's so incredible. I was telling Scarlet last night - you're gonnon be world-famous. You really played excellent. Magnificant. I am very fond of you. It's an honor to know you." ~Dr. AH

715.            You'll be honored to know that when my wife was having a baby she was listening to your music!" ~J.S.

716.            I really enjoyed it. ~Arman A.

717.            We really enjoyed the CD. It reminded us of the thr ride we took together when we were in Zurich. You played many of th esongs with the guitar. Neda's plants are happier too because of the CD playing all day. Many of our friends and clients enjoyed it too. So, i think we will be buying more of them through your web site. ~R.N.

718.            Got your CD. it is wonderful. you play great. I cannot get over how well you have played on the cd. i am indeed proud. best wishes ~Dr. M.A.

719.            It was great.....the guitar playing's good....... good to listen to. ~Al. R.

720.            I love your music very very much ~R. Volkart

721.            It's excellent. I gotto make a complemet. It's worth a million! ~Marco G.

722.            Thumbs Up! ~Lorenzo P.

723.            It's a beautiful one. ~B. Sommer

724.            It's really good. We like it a lot. ~Leslie A.

725.            Thanks a lot for your email, you know i believe if you encourage Angelo to write you some more like what he did for your first CD, you will be much more successful,can you imagine when I play your CD for some friends here form conservatory of music or from work or guitar society they are usually so surprised to listen to those beautiful versions of Romance and to learn that they are written for you,please use this opportunity and talk to Angelo about it... ~Babak Falsafi

726.            Your CD is very beautiful, thanks and good luck. ~Jeanette V.

727.            I have been enjoying your CD, for which also many thanks. It makes a delightful package with the Romance variations - congratulations on your achievment! ~Mr. Frederick M. Noad

728.            It is very nice to know you since yesterday, or is it longer? I am listening to your music and my heart seems to know you since long. The titel is well chosen: Reza in friendship. ~X

729.            P.S. I brought your CD to Costa Rica and listened to it with my girlfriend while we were at thge beach. She enjoyed it very much. ~Mauricio

730.            You did a fine job....it's a nice CD (music and packaging). ~Geoffrey M.

731.            I really like your CD, especially the Gilardino, I have become a big Gilardino fan, now that I am playing his guitar music. Your story of meeting people on trains is inspiring. I like traveling by train, maybe I should take my guitar along more often. ~Klaus H.

732.            "I received your CD and listen him so many times. I like the music, especially the variation of Jeux Interdite but also all the others are played with feeling and joy. I like so much that I ask you to send me an other CD for a friend of mine. Thanks!" ~Lotti B.

733.            I really love it. I was surprised - first I thought it'd be just you then I saw that you worked with so many great musicians - and a big program... ~Claudine K.

734.            I love your CD’s – they’re mellow. Every night I put on both – call my lady friend. ~C. Sawyer

735.            They’re addictive and hypnotic. ~Mark Lee

736.            I am enjoying the cd's very much, especially "In Friendship". ~Angelee

737.            I like and listen to your cd’s – when I actually want to write I put your music on. ~Patty.

738.            Regarding the CD’s, ML said: “it’s addictive and it’s hypnotic. I listen to it all the time”.~Mark Lee

739.            “They’re really great” ~Carol.

740.            You play beautifully. ~Jelena

741.            I enjoyed both your CD’s immensely. The [italiana] is my favorite. I love the rhythme. Your guitar work is just impeccable. Very elegant. ~Dr. C.

742.            I guess your recordings are independent productions but the sound quality is very professional. ~Troll

743.            Thank you very much, your music is beautiful! ~Marcela F.

744.            I've been listening to your CD's every day. It goes very well with the landscape around here. ~AF

745.            Your music is great. I like it very much. I am listening to them often. They are lying right next to my stereo. Now, every time I see them ( that is at least three times a week) I am thinking, that I still owe you money, and that you have been very nice, and I am very lazy.... So, thanks for sending a mail and helping me, detoxing my conscience and putting this burden off my shoulders. ~Othmar N.

746.            What about the second album? I still enjoy your first one very much. Guitar is a great solo instrument. ~Jackie G.

747.            It's beautiful music. ~Mojtaba

748.            IT WAS WONDERFUL I LOVED IT. ~Eaman S.

749.            "I enjoy your CD!" ~J. von Streng

750.            It's such nice music. I listened many times... Now I have it in my car... ~Dr. A. Vogt

751.            It is fantastic. Really nice. I listen to it often. ~B. Kaufmann

752.            It is very interesting! ~Rita E.

753.            I listened to it and, yes, enjoyed it! ~Pascal B.

754.            Thanks a lot for your nice CD!!! Actually war has broken out, because everyone wants to have it.... you can be pround of yourself it is a wounderfull CD!!! ~Arlette

755.            Pretty impressive ~Phil Maynes

756.            I listened to your cd - it's great. ~Anurag

757.            Track 12 was so beautiful I went and bought the music ~X

758.            Thanks for the C.D.- almost as good as having you in the back of the car!. Cheers for now, ~Trevor.

759.            Thank you for remembering us here at FileNET. I will be purchasing the CD and one of my co-workers at by the name of ..  is interested on it too.  We both like the Music CD and we will give our checks to Terry. By the way, could you please include Mai in your future email msgs - her email address is ... Take care...wishing you "big success" in your music career! Pls keep in touch.... ~TP

760.            I just got a copy of you CD from T - beautiful.  I can visualize you playing as I listen....  Best regards from your long distance FileNET friend, ~JC

761.            I also enjoyed your CD alot Reza, and thank you... ~D. White

762.            It was wonderful to see you again...and yes... Deb and I love both of your CD's...each has its special musical charms...both CD's are lovely additions to our musical delights...

763.            Both nicely recorded as well...I love close miked recordings...where the textural qualities of the instrument/s are allowed to take flight from the organic warp and weave of the all-over musical space... Lovely work... ~Richard w

764.            I am enjoying the two discs of your classical guitar.  Thank you very much. ……. Thank you very much for the beautiful music on the CDs.  I am enjoying listening to them on my CD/Radio in the kitchen  (where I am most of the time when I am at home) while preparing food and eating. ~V. Ellington

765.            Nurse upstairs was talking about your CD – Patience love it. She plays it all the time. I told you it’s very soothing. ~Chris S.

766.            Thank you so much for your Wonderful CD’s. I just got them and haven’t listen to them yet and I’m sure they are great. Nice photo’s and great information. ~Agha

767.            Just wanted to let you know that I got the CDs. Thank you so much. As expected they were great. Thank you again. Cheers; ~Chakameh

768.            It’s mellow and nice. ~Ghila

769.            Thank you also for the CD – I’ve enjoyed listening to it. ~Tania S.


771.            Wow........the music on your website took me to such a feelingful place within myself,.....I am having a hard time typing. ~X


773.            You are a beautiful being. Your music touches me. ~ANGELEE F

774.            Just listened to them.  They're great! I especially liked the Romance / Vocal duet! ~S.Mortazavi

775.            thank you Reza for your nice Cd I wish you good continuence! ~Martine

776.            X recently shared a copy of your new CD with me, because we share a love of plucked string music.  Your recording is a delightful work, which I've enjoyed listening to many times.  I recently began to study guitar again after a long pause, and I especially enjoy your rendition of Lagrima, which I'm attempting to learn once again. I wish you success on your new recording and good fortune in your career. ~J.B., Los Angeles

777.            Unfortunately I didn`t receive it, but listened to it as I`ve been with Christian. I really liked it! ~A. Mingels

778.            Thanks a lot for the CDs.  I love them...You are great. Best Regards, ~Parisa

779.            Congratulations on the birth of such a happy, healthy, baby. As father of this bright and beautiful new CD you must be, should be, shining with pride. Bouncing. Nice job all round. Nice playing. I particularily enjoy those sporadic huffs, those syncopated delays you install here and there. GASP! Control of tone control is Ferrari smooth. Makes me feel about my own playing like a dump-truck unloading gravel into steel pool.

780.            These gasps lend a certain sense of surprise or urgency or perhaps a confession of faltering mortality that wouldn't be there had they been smooth glossy ritardandos. I'm also enamoured of whatever arrangement of the Albeniz it is you play here. I'd like to get a copy of that. I have all the other music, apart from the Gilardino stuff, which by the way, was like fields of flowers young lovers breezed through. The romance Angelo has painted with gentle sensitivities and pale pastels.  You are truly fortunate to have premiered this work(s). Also the B section of Adelita, or was that the Lagrima, I've never heard before. What is that?  Very lovely. I was impressed by your patience in rendering a slow version of the Carcassi op.60. I think your influence has persuaded me to play it this way, your way, slow down that, my dump-truck. The sound was nothing to apologize about. Most excellent sound! The acoustics really do smell real! Taste too. Or was that my wine tonight? Regards ~Rib

781.            -

782.            We really enjoyed your CD. ~Mrs. Khodaiifard

783.            I did receive the CDs and listen to them and enjoyed them. ~O. Ganjavi

784.            I really enjoyed your CD, it was well done and the music is beautiful....  Thanks for sending it...... ~MRT

785.            I listen to it often - it is very beautiful, very calm. ~Mrs. Ziaii

786.            Thanks Reza - first class playing! great cd's... I do appreciate those cd's and hope that you come up with some more. ~Dr. Gene W.

787.            Having been listening to it for over a year ~Alan G.

788.             I'm really enjoying your CD....So when is your next CD coming out? ~Avi M.

789.            I really enjoyed your CD and I sent you something for it recently.  Thanks so much and good luck!  Keep in touch... ~ALINA

790.            Just take the CD for what it is: a ascending stair of musical divinity (semi), where flanks of banners snap breezes with a swish, with a swishing panache! And the sky has a crimson tone. Regards, ~Rib

791.            -

792.            Anyhoo, it looks great! I didn't rush to listen to it, but instead my wife and I decided to let you entertain us at dinner time tonight. Wine, candles, good food...and Reza. Hey, watch it, don't steal my wife you cad! ~Rib

793.            -

794.            Anyway, I think you'll enjoy Reza's CD. The playing is bloody phenomenonal! ~Rib

795.            It was so nice to view your web pg.  This took a lot of work, but it was definitely worth it.  I feel like I know you well now that we have read your life stories. You are quite a musician, and M and I would like to purchase your love making CD... ~Scarlett

796.            Just  received your CD.  Great work, I will send a payment soon.  On Sunday, my Uncle came over and saw your picture on the cover of the CD.  Apparently he knows you. My cousin, KK also knows you since you have exchanged a few emails. Small world. ~Farhad O

797.            Today, I received my (your) CD, with your picture in the air:-) Thanks. It is playing non-stop from this afternoon... I loved it. It is something that I was looking for it for a while, but it was hard for me to choose among all kind of CDs. I love it.... It is so calming and smooth. I don't know about the playing techinques, but I can feel it. Some of the pieces are familier specially the "Russian Spanish Romanza" which I liked very much and the peices with voice (lovely) and violin. How about a video? Picturing all the moments you spend with people talking and playing for them, or when you grab the hat of the young boy who spit over the crowed?!  I think it would be nice with your music on all the scenes. It could be another version of your website:-)) I don't know how satisfied you are yourself, but you did a wonderful job. Wishing you success, I wait for your second CD:-D ~Fariba K.

798.            Congratulation on your new CD. ( I just borrow from T and listen to it right now)

799.            It feels so good to listen to this kind of music. Your play is so beautiful. I can listen all day long without changing to another cds. Absolutely I will order this cd for myself, and if you have any other cd release in the future, please let me know. Or if you have concert in Orange county, also let me know, for sure I will be there. Again, thanks to keep in touch and wish you a lot of luck in your bright future. Hope to see you soon. ~TD (FN)

800.            Perhaps it`s good describable with the sentece you wrote on the cover of your CD: .... that I could cry from joy. ~X

801.            I`m glad to got to know you, but I`m not sure if your caracter touched me to much or if I should just enjoy that I got to know the most nice man I ever met. ~X

802.            Reza, both me and my wife listen to your CD all the time and we love it. Thanks. ~Arman

803.            The best seller of guitar records in the world ~AG 24 JUNE 2001

804.            You’re a genius - incredible! That’s incredible reza - you’re a genius for that. I don’t know any other guitarist who sold that many cd’s. ~L.B.

805.            I just got your CD in the mail, and I love it!  The second half is especially good.  It's great to see that you were able to put out a CD with excelent recordings of some of the standard repetiore....Leyenda sound great.  I have yet to tackle this one myself. I like the middle section of Lagrima.  That's not included on most of the recordings and is not in the transcription that I have.  It sounds nice. Your Adelita has a lot of emotion.  A lot better than my version! How did you decide on the tempo for the Carcassi A minor?  I haven't purchased another copy of this yet, so I don't know how other guitarists play it.  I thought it was supposed to be faster?  Yours sounds great, though. Call me crazy, but I think your Sor B minor sounds better than Segovia's!  As I remember he tried to put too much rubato into every measure.  Your's is really nice. I'm also really impressed with the quality of the physical CD.  It must have cost a fortune to have them printed up with the full color packaging and the full color on the CD label.  Very impressive.... ~Jon S.

806.            You are very very talented.  Bravo. ~Tara H.

807.            Hope you're doing fine! I just received your CD a couple of weeks ago (sorry, haven't found the time yet to transfer the money ... but it's still on my task list *g*) Anyway, I'm not an expert but I really love this music (in my eyes a kind of "candle-light" music: a good meal, some good wine, a beautiful woman and some good music...) and we're enjoying it very much. I hope you will be very successful with this kind of music and I'm sure a lot of people love this music as I do. (probably - or hopefully? - they are more experts than I am in order to "judge" about the artistic level *g*) Hope to see you sometime again either in Zurich or at any other place around the world.... Take care & best wishes, ~Andreas

808.            Thank U very much for the CD you sent me. I was very surprised to get it after such a long time. I really like it and I'm sorry that it took me such a long time to send you the money. best wishes for your futur projects (if there are any...:-) ~Rebekka

809.            Just a note, we heard your CD being played on our local public radio several months ago - you're getting exposure - congratulations. ~X

810.            I have already listened to your CD a lot of times.I really like it.I thought it was interesting what you did with the "Romanza". I would love to see the guitar being more often combined with other classical instruments,because it sounds wonderful. ~X

811.            Reza, got the cd’s – I love the music. I hated the election outcome! Your music helped me relax and get over it! Thanks again for the apple in Toledo! ~Mike V.

812.            I love the music. ~Gina M.

813.            We have been enjoying listening to them. ~Christine Z.

814.            Thank you very much indeed for your CD's. i like the music very much and i almost can't believe that you did record  the music in our church. How cold you find those silent moments in our noisy village? I wish you all the best for your future and if you happen to come to x once again, please stop here to drink a cup of tea or coffee with us. Thanks again ~Elsbeth K.

815.            It's wonderful - I used it for personal integration on Saturday. ~C. Dill.

816.            Beautiful songs ~Zari

817.            We have received today the CD you sent to Mehrnaz. Thank you very much, it is really nice and you are very talented. ~X

818.            I listen to it when I work… ~Bea

819.            Thank you very much for the CD, I have received it friday and don't stop listen to it... I want the cd. It’s great. I’m really impressed. ……… I like it a lot – it’s great.~Arielle

820.            I enjoyed the music very much. ~Seraina

821.            we listen to your CD all the time. ~Randy W.

822.            I don't check my mail everyday so I don't know how long the CD had been in my mail box.  I checked the mail yesterday, and -immediately- listened to the CD.  I very much enjoyed the CD.  I think you play very musical.  Your playing was an inspiration to me in my -own- playing to balance some of the new and obscure literature I am focusing on with some of the best known and loved pieces that everyone could appreciate.  I believe you have accomplished one of the most difficult tasks with such music; you put something -fresh- into that music.  I can't wait until you have another release and/ or are performing in the area.

823.            Please keep in touch.  Please keep up the good work; you are an inspiration. best wishes. ~Todd T.

824.            I'm Vito Colangelo, your bisceglie's touristic guide. Do you remember me ? I have listened your cd. you are a wonderful musician. Bravo. Ciao. ~Vito

825.            Love your music."dancing hands" is very good,but "reza in freindship" is absolutely amazing! i listen to it while preparing food,and sharing it with my son.and it quiet mooves me.infact,wanted to call you over the phone to let you know,how very much i appreciate your music,and you sending me,"Reza in frienship" very beautiful.oh,yes,lovely pictures! ~Sam

826.            BTW, I just wanted to let you know, I thoughly enjoyed your CD, thank you for trading. ~Doug W.

827.            She sent a chocolate and a lovely letter: "Dearest Reza... Thank you so muchnfor your letter & the lovely CD. I like it quiet well. But excuse me: I can't buy it 'cause I have to save. I have no money. I'm living by my parents & have no job now. I';m waiting for summer, going to the alp. I'm so sorry...hope you aren't angry... thanks a lot & wish you all the best - PS - quite everything is going wrong now. [I sent the CD back and took the chocolate as the payment...told her to take care, etc...] ~X

828.            It's more than one month ago since I received your first CD. Sorry that I had not give earlier a reply. I was so surprised because it's long time ago we met on train. So I'm very thankful that you remember me. How do you feel? I hope you're well too and that your first CD will bring you a lot of success. I was ill when I listened for the first time to thr CD. It's really good. I like the music to relax, to dream... After that I took the decision to give the CD to friends. Reason? just to make you a gift and of course to my friends too like you made a gift to me... and now 4 persons would like to buy one. Could you please send me the CD's and the necessary bank forms for the settlement? I go to pay my cd in the next ten days. And now I wish you good luck and only the best. Don't lose faith in difficult moments, believe in your visions... I will be really pleased about an invitation for a possible concert... Best Regards ~M. Caruso.

829.            I was very happy to receive your CD. I love these peices.... your version is very interesting. I really enjoy listening to your CD very much....... Thank you very much. We enjoy listening to it. And more importantly that you contacted us. We really appreciate it. ~ShuShu

830.            Thank you for the CD. It's very well. ~A. Stettler

831.            I love looking at and listening to it. It is very very beautiful. ~Jaz

832.            "I must say, you play very well". ~Fred (on train)

833.            I liked your first cd very much. ~Jackie (baden)


835.            It sounds very nice. ~Alan R.

836.            You've got a nice webcite and I listened to samples of your music. They're great. I love guitar. All the best. ~Farzad S

837.            It's really nice ~Bill Taylor

838.            Sometimes when she is here on Sundays we play your CD - she likes it a lot. Feri says don't think it's easy - it's very difficult to play guitar like that. ~Zarrin

839.            Your CD is very good - congratulations. ~Sapan P.

840.            It's very good - you're very good. ~Manuel (Jersey)

841.            Your cd is good. ~Rahel C.

842.            An old friend from Canada was so emotional when he got the CD that he called at 3 a.m. - woke me up to tell me "I cried when I received the CD - it 's the most beautiful CD". ~M.P.

843.            The execution of the piece of gilardino is very elegant  and  sober. Very nice. ~Christiano P.

844.            "...still love to listen to your CD!!!" ~R. Gautschi

845.            Very beautiful! Grand Maestro! A big accomplishment. It must have taken many hours, days, months and years. ~Mrs. Hasler

846.            Thanks again for your CD, as I said, it could easily take over from T. as a reference for how to play the Carcasii and Sor studies. ~J. Lewis

847.            I burned a copy (hope you don't mind) and gave it to a friend and he really enjoyed it. ~John D.

848.            I enjoy the album - have listed to it while I was driving home from the office.  Plan to enjoy it with the family this weekend. I like the title and also the pictures.  Sounds like you have many talents! ~Cyrus

849.            I listened to your interpretation of Asturiaz, not playing the arpeggio's. It is exactly following the pianoscore. Did you know that Turibio Santos and even Manuel Barrueco made records with the same way of playing this piece? ~Chris

850.            Your CD is beautiful and we all  like it. ~Firouz

851.            DANKE FUR DIE GUTE CD ~Gabi B.

852.            Congratulations! it's wonderful! We listened to it several times. ~Uncle Joe

853.            "Thank you very much for the CD - compliments! I really like it. All the stress you had with this CD-production was worth it. Take it easy. Kind regards, ~Silvia K.

854.            "GREAT CD THANK YOU FOR MUSIC" ~E. Dredge

855.            I really have to say I like the way you play the guitar ~T. Reichenbach

856.            Thanks very much for the nice CD, we really like it. You did a wonderful job! ~P&C Struijs

857.            It's delightful.... hope to dance to your delightful music. you're so versitle and seem to know instinctively what it requires. warmest greetings and affection. ~Elsie (ca. 90 year old).

858.            What you have done is very nice. ~A. Renard

859.            Very Beautiful! ~Katharina S.

860.            It's really beautiful ~x2 Persian ladies

861.            Congratulations on your CD as well, beautiful stuff Reza, the fruit of your labor.  Blessings ~Jaz

862.            Very nice, very nice - when i listened to your tracks I had a vision of Steve Haw ~Remo

863.            Thanks for the CD I like the arrangement and the recording. ~C. Laubscher

864.            I really like it. ~Hanna the great.

865.            Congratulations on the CD - it's great - very nice sound... ! ~B. Riedo

866.            Well, just wanted to say that I still really like your cd. ~Kyrre G.

867.            I like your CD very much. Tanja listened to it and she likes it very much too. ~S. Butler

868.            Thank you so much for your beautiful CD! We are surprised about the good quality and we enjoy and love hearing your music. Our friends also listened your CD and would be happy if you would send them one.... "Really, I was so, have so pleasure with your music - its different pieces - all the pieces are very good I find another friend heard the music and he went to his son in zurich to show him - I think he'll also command a record". ~Fr. M. Moser.

869.            We thank you a thousand times… you have put lovely songs on it; many of them we like very much…. Learning to play the guitar is very hard, but it has brought a new wayof life to me: As if the door to heaven has opened… ~A. Schawalder

870.            I've been listening to it & it's really good. ~G. Botton.

871.            Very beautiful. It's extraordinary. I play your disk all the time. Clean and beautiful. ~Sophie M.

872.            We loved the CD. We really love the music. ~Ivey K.

873.            Thank you for the CD. It is very nice....you're a big star - ~Dr. & Mrs. Kulstrunk

874.            I got your CD and I like it very much. Looking forward to the next one.

875.            I'm impressed that you actually kept track of our meeting, which I remember quite well. Good work. ~S. Metzeler

876.            Thanks for your CD, it is very lovely. I have sent you a small contribution to

877.            your resources. ~Rainer + Brigitte

878.            The CD is very nice. We listen to it all the time in the store! ~Omar

879.            We passed the whole new year celebration with your CD.

880.            PS It's beautiful. I enjoy it. It's nice for me and also for my clients. They like it. ~C. Sinniger

881.            Today I came back from the US and found your CD. I am just listening to your music and I admit: I like it ;-) ~Andreas H.

882.            I really like your CD ~Rachel (IHS)

883.            Beautiful playing! ~Christoph Denoth

884.            I have received your CD and listened to it. Thank you. I'm sure you are very good at what you do. ~Daniela K.

885.            I have it on right now and truly enjoying it getting more of the details.  I

886.            just forwarded an email to be forwarded to hundreds, hopefully you will get

887.            a good respond. ~ShE

888.            For those of you that enjoy classical music a young Iranian artist Reza Ganjavi has made a new CD with songs from Italy and Spain playing his guitar.  Excellent arrangements and orchestration, great listening music or email me back to reserve one for you. You can also visit his site at www.rezamusic.com.  It would be great to support this very talented young artist. ~X

889.            Got the CD's, many thanks, sold two yesterday and had the great pleasure of listening to it last night while I was working on the computer.  I love it, wondefully arranged and I really like the pieces that you have chosen to play. ~X

890.            I left Lausanne on July 3rd and came back only last week. You called on July 4th... sorry ! Anyhow, I was happy to hear your thanking words for your CD that I bought previously. I appreciated your music and used it as a support in my workshops. During seminars, I teach a combination of things. Exercises drawn from Yoga and psychotherapy, for a personnal growth.~X

891.            I am still enjoying your music. ~Shahrzad.

892.            Well, CONGRATULATIONS, you have made an inspiring performance, you have a beautiful guitar, you use it to its maximum, I love your tone, and the interpretation... From now on your versions of the Carcassi and Sor pieces are now the standard reference. I was a bit surprised by the Lagrima, where did you get that extra movement, I always play an AABBA version, where did you get the "C" from, and do you have the music notation in computer form ? I found your performance inspiring, and sets the performance standard for these etudes. I will listen many more times with a view to improving my own playing of these pieces. ~Julian

893.             Hi Reza;  I recieved your CD yesterday, nice work! ~J. Graham

894.            [translated from Persian]: It's perfect, all your efforts paid off, may you not be tired. Maryam.

895.            [translated from Persian]: Congratulations. It's extraordinary, seriously. All the effort you put into it shows. All your efforts paid off. I liked it so much that I listened to it 5 or 6 times, and told a couple of people at work: if you want CD, this is it! The variety is very interesting. It'll sell millions - as background music for top restaurants, etc. ~Farid L.

896.            It was really a nice surprise. I listened to it. It was so beautiful - really beautiful. My kids like he Romance. Luke, my 8 year old has decided to learn the flute and his favourite is number 4. My favourites are number 14, 16, 17. I went to Musikhug and bought the sheets for 14 and 17. ~P. Schmid

897.            Your homepage is attractiv and the music sounds good! ... I have seen that you are playing with Duilio Galfetti - We have done together so many nice concerts.... ~Maurice S.

898.            Thanks for the nice CD. I like it very much. ~Dr. Gerhardt (Frankfurt)

899.            We have enjoyed listening to your CD.  It is indeed very nice.  I am sure it will be successful. All the best, ~Yaghout

900.            "It's great - we listen to it at home - Randy has it in Taiwan." ~R.L.

901.            I like it - it's a special one - growing music - something special - it's really good. ~Y. Ross

902.            I received your CD on Friday.  Of course I had to play it right away.  It's really good.  My husband came out of his work room and asked what it was so I explained to him that it came from you.  His comment was "Man he can really play guitar". He also finds it really good. Thanks a lot once again. Keep in touch, then till next time ~Ellen

903.            I enjoyed it very much – may your hand not be tired and be more successful every day. ~Sudabeh K.

904.            I listened to your cd and I liked it because it spreads a kind of harmony, don`t you think? - ~Nicole G.

905.            I was astonished to receive your CD. It is very nice. I didn't expect that you're such a great guitarist. I just got back from Spain - from Aeanjuez - and it was in the right mood - I put it on. It is really very nice. I want to buy it..... go on, go on. ~Antoinette (Geneve).

906.            I received 3 weeks ago your CD, It was very fine. ~Bamdad

907.            I wanted to thank you for your nice CD. It's really wonderful. ~Claudia

908.            I am just listening to your record. It's amazing. It's beautiful. I knew it would be. It's lovely. Real nice.... my parents love it too.   - ~R Gautschi

909.            Thank you for your CD. It's great - I like it. - ~Anouk

910.            I call you because I wish 2 other CD's of your music because I like it very much and my friends like it very much too... ~Silvana

911.            My mother heard your music and she was like: WOW! She liked it very much. I gave her your CD as a birthday gift. BRAVO - ~Jean-Luc B.

912.            I like the romanza variations - it's thoughtful, meditative. You have spots of small deliberate delays which I like. ~B. Ashley.

913.            Thanks for the CD, it is Great! ~C. Staehli

914.            It's very nice - ~Hamid M.

915.            Everybody liked it! ~Maryam M.

916.            Your wonderful CD. Thank you. ~Mr. Dzialoszynski

917.            - "It sounds very nice" - ~Jenny B.

918.            It's great. It's really great. I often listen to it. Fernanda M. - ~Montreux

919.            Thanks for keeping in touch and for your nice cd. I enjoy listening to it - ~Marcus S.

920.            I am so delighted by your disk. It is fabulous. Everyone around me adores it. Already one of the secretaries in the hospital ordered 3 disks. That's really great. Congratulations. It must be a big success. I have it in my car and listen to it non-stop. Can I order 4 more? I am really delighted. I am going on holiday on Friday and would like to take the disks for my friends. Will you come down one day and we can arrange a boat-trip... ~Dr. Claudia H., Switzerland  (a "ship-friend")

921.            I am very pleased about your CD. It isn’t only good, it is ingenious, fantastic. The quality is very good. Your playing is with much feeling and expression. I met you on the train and heard the sound of the guitar and sat where I could see the guitarist who touched my ear. A wonderful, beautiful man with a gift that can mesmerize (magic) people and kidnap them to far-away worlds and let them imagine pictures with many colors…… I've been from a non-musical family. I now understand the value of music and the money required to make a CD. This is why I give you x francs that I think you can use….. [I’ll check my community church for a concert for you… please send me 2 more] I wish you force and courage for your inner ear and for your future work……… ~Monika Z.

922.            Thanks for sending me your CD - I listened to it and I liked it a lot! - ~Bettina K.

923.            It is very interesting. We like it very much. ~Yadi

924.            You play the guitar very nicely with a lot of feeling. ~Mrs. Ariza

925.            I am very happy - you make a very good atmosphere with the guitar  - ~Duilio

926.            It's beautiful - it's just beautiful - it's just wonderful - I had to leave my work aside and listen to it. ~Shadi.

927.            What a good surprise to receive your Brand New CD. I am very happy tou made it, and for me it is an example. If you have an idea you have to  work on it and fulfill it. I already listened to it and I liked it. ~Alexandra S.

928.            I had the great pleasure to listen to your first CD this morning at my office (you sent it to Mrs...working as a doctor at the Hopital........ in Vevey). Could you please send me 3 CD's......... I wish you all the best for your future activities in Switzerland! With my best regards, your sincerely, ~Laurence T.

929.            Thanks for your wonderful CD. It's a masterpiece.......it's great to have support in such painful times. ~sent from 1860 Aigle

930.            It's good. My pregnant wife is listening to it over and over. ~Jonathan S.

931.            I thank you for sending me a copy of your work! You are a real gentlemen! I hope you will not stop there and continue planning your career and develop even more from there as a great musician. ~Alain R.

932.            Thank you for the music - you play beautiful........ ~Helen R.

933.            I m the joung man you met in the train last week. I listened to your cd and I like it. It's not the musik I listen to but I will keep your cd and send you xx fr. My favorite musik is Romantik. I didn't go to your site but I will soon when I will have less works to do. Bye Bye. ~Sébastien

934.            Very clear sound. That’s good. ~Gerard (NL)

935.            Did like your music - light - relaxing - international. Thank you. ~Ronald T Anderson

936.            Beautiful cd’s – ~James Paul

937.            We love your guitar CD and play it all the time. ~M&A

938.            [re their retarded daughter:] she gets excited, claps, moves from side to side.

939.            They’re wonderful. ~James P.

940.            I'm helping my friend out in her restaurant here in knanb, utah.  i played your cd and she liked it so much that she wanted to play it in the restaurant.  is that ok with you. ~Eve

941.            Your songs are very beautiful. ~Mee

942.            I have received the CD's last Friday and am enjoying to listen them, thanks. Regards, ~Mahmoud

943.            You're really good - really good - my girlfriend was very fond of the music too and said who is this? I said my neighbour. ~Paul K

944.            I gave your cd’s to some friends and they said they would not give it back because they like it so much.  One plays them at her restaurant and likes them a lot. ~Troy.

945.            My parents think it's very beautiful and I think it is very beautiful - ~Mirjam L.

946.            I listened to your CD. Well done. It was interesting meeting you although time was quite short. As you wrote on the CD-booklet, you felt immediately at home when you came to Switzerland. I made a similar experience when I traveled through Iran last year. I felt "at home" in a very fascinating way; not with the political system of course, but with the Iranian people, the language, the Iranian (or better Persian) culture, the history of arts and thinking. That people of Europe, Iran and India have the same roots and speak in the same family of languages is quite fascinating - and many Europeans do not know! So I was really amused as I heard "mersi" in Iran (a word we use everyday in Switzerland) an I am very interested in Farsi. To think about the links between Iranian (Persian) and European culture for instance is quite a good way to understand how things are connected and how one develops from the other.~X

947.            I like it. ~M. Balmer

948.            Good CD! ~Valeria K.

949.            You've brought out a very nice CD. It's very interesting! Ingeborg Hi Reza, I liked the CD very much, can you send me another two? Just give me your bank information and tell me how much it costs. I especially liked the booklet of the CD with all the quotes. I will give the CD I bought to a close friend of mine as a present - I believe he shares pretty much your life philosophy, maybe you will meet some day!

950.            Hope to hear from you soon, ~Michael

951.            It is very beautiful - ~Sara S.

952.            You play very beautiful.... I hope that the sound of your heart is heard by many. ~Helen R.

953.            I think you CD is a great achievement... ~G. Collins.

954.            The music is well played. ~Martin L.

955.            Dear Friend. Thank you very much for your kind present. You made me happy for the 2nd time. Because for the first time it was in Baden in the park where you played for me - I still remember it - it was a lovely moment, I am very thankful for it. Such small moments makes the life beautiful. Thank you. I am again in Baden - my leg is not quite OK but I walk without crutches and I am looking forward to listen to your music... Be happy, be OK and stay so kind as you are - ~Zuzana.

956.            Thank you very much for your CD and your very kind and friendly letter. The CD is indeed beautiful. Your interpret that delicate music with all your heart and sensitivity. I wish you much success with it, success in worldly but also human terms. I decided to share that lovely music and the nice experience of having met you in the train with a few friends of mine. Therefore I would like to distribute your CD as a gift to them and want to order 7 copies of it from you. By now you may know the price. So, all the very best to you and kind regards, ~Myriam H.

957.            We think of you so much.  Just a couple days ago we heard a rendition of Romance d'Amour and commented that we liked your version much better. ~Tara S.

958.            It's nice music. I listen to it with headphones late night when my kids are sleeping - it's meditative. ~Mr. Beyeler.

959.            I got the CD's. Thank you! They look very nice: good cover, good booklet!! I also like the music on it (although I'm not very proud of my own playing, my pitch is often too high....)! I'm sure it was a lot of work! I offered the CD's as a gift to my parents, my sister and my girl-friend. They liked it very much, too!

960.            I write this e-mail on my new labtop. I bought a iBook and I'm very happy

961.            with it!

962.            Have a nice time and thank you (once more) for the CD's!!! Greetings ~Tiger

963.            Your music is very nice. ~Oliver W

964.            I love this music....your copyshop friend - ~Silvana.

965.            "It's decent, meditative music - it goes inside and lets you fly away a bit" - ~Joni B.

966.            Sehr Schone Musik - ~Mr. Buchser

967.            Reza, your CD is great! ~Rita the redhair

968.            I listened to your CD and I really love it. Anytime I need a heart  "smoother" it does good. Great you did the team work with all these other people! Congratulations...... Hallo again... thanks for beautiful CD. ~EvaMaria J

969.            I well have very pleasure (Rita E ist a friend of me, she gaves me your CD to lissen it, if we speaked about music, wow, I like it). ~Beatrice

970.            I think you should be glad with this debut in the recording field and I am sure it will be a successful entreprise. - ~A.G.

971.            My 78 year old friend called at 8 a.m. on Saturday: "Mr. Reza Ganjavi - Last night I listened to it - it's very nice" ~Mr. Herman

972.            It's very beautiful - ~Kathleen G.

973.            I received your CD a few days ago and thank you very much. I heard it and I liked it. I should have more time to relax and enjoy good music, may be in the future, as I will be retired in about too month. I hope you will have succes with your first CD and the next ones. Let me know if you are so far. ~Daniel Z.

974.            Great CD with lovely photos! Can you please send (us) another 10. ~Cathy H.

975.            It's very nice - ~Susan V

976.            It's a pleasure to hear it - ~Marianne H.

977.            CD IS BEAUTIFUL - CIAO - ~ENNIO

978.            We met on a train from Luzern once - you sent me a CD - Your CD is very nice. You play very well. - big thanks that you thought of me. ~Mr. D.- Zurich

979.            It's a very good CD. ~P. Reinhard.

980.            It's good music. very calm, melodic, nice to hear it. ~Greg F.

981.            The CD is just wonderful. It's superb.What makes it special is the personal touch it has. The acoustics is great. The music is astonishing. I am so happy. It's super. It's fantastic. - ~Dr. Alkis

982.            Thanks for thinking of us and sending your CD. We've listened to it and enjoyed it. I've taken it to work and repeatedly play it and enjoy it. ~Lida M.

983.            Many thanks and wholehearted congratulations for your first CD. We have been listening to your guitar sound for hours already and strongly believe that this is just the appetizer of more to follow. We very much encourage you to continue and are convinced that you will have tremendous success. Design, content, presentation of your CD are excellent and we all enjoy your dedication, professionalism and way to convey your art to the audience. Please send us another 5 copies of your CD which we would use as gifts for friends. ~Mr. Hans-Ulrich

984.            As I told yesterday... a great day! A big BRAVO! Thank you...take care... ~Annette

985.            It's a happy day today that I received your CD.~X

986.            It's a very nice production, Reza. Congratulations. You and the other players provide an elegant entertainment for us. I fully understand the need to record Gilardino's complete Romanza set, and the individual tracks are really lovely, but to my ear the piece itself doesn't hold up to that many consecutive repetitions. My solution is to play the CD in random order with others in the machine. In this way, the CD has found a home in my 5-CD player. Keep up the good work! ~Spencer

987.            Reza, I have recieved your cd and enjoy it very much.... ~Byron

988.            Very nice. very relaxing - ~Denise B.

989.            It was very nice to find your present in my postbox on tuesday! Things leave the nicest impression, when you don’t expect them to happen, isn’t it?! That day I just returned from a short trip to finland, where I had a real good time, I didn’t really feel like working and because of the windy weather in helsinki I had caught a flu and so on and so on.....and your cd just brightened up my day, how nice of you! Are you going to give any concerts in the near future, here in the area of zürich? ~Larissa

990.            I listened to your sample songs - they're beautiful!  Good luck with your musical endeavors! ~Peg S.

991.            Thank you so much for the cd. It's really great! ~Lukas F.

992.            - I slept with your CD last night. My father heard it to and said that's excellent. ~Veronique P.

993.            Thank you for the CD. It is such beautiful music. I've been listening to it over and over again. It is so fantastic. It is so beautiful. It is so interesting with the different instruments. It is really beautiful music. It's very relaxing, it gives you really really good mood. ~Vera M.

994.            I quite like it. ~Hr. Hoch

995.            It is very beautiful - ~Dr. Bahadori

996.            I have enjoyed your CD. ~Dave R.

997.            "Thank you very much for your CD. We like it!" - ~Viola (Germany)

998.            Reza's CD is exuberant. ~A. Yusefi

999.            Thank you for the CD. I very much aooreciate it. It's great. Congratulations. ~Madam Gisele

1000.         It's great, thanks. ~Christopher

1001.         Thanks a lot for sending your CD. Its a nice record!!! ~Ms. Hauser

1002.         He told me,that you also sent him your CD,which he likes. ~Dr. Eckart W.

1003.         You are really good at what you do.... ~Stephanie W.

1004.         Congratulations. My husband who is an artist has been listening to it non stop in his atalie.... ~Mrs. Dashti

1005.         I can personally reccomend his CD, i have heard it and it is very good. - ~Kyrre

1006.         GREAT CD - ~Dr. Graham K

1007.         I like it very much and I wanted to congratulate you. It's a very good record and I'll keep it - ~Dr. Doris Stucki – Geneve

1008.         The CD is very nice - it came at the right time - I was ill in bed for 2 weeks - I could not listen to any music but this was good music to listen to. ~Yvonne R

1009.         What a great pleasure receiving your CD last week - it is already our favourite music, we have listened to it a lot this week- end. There is a lot of peacefulness and friendship  in it..... The photographs on the cover are very well chosen, the Trees are so strong, majestic and beautiful -they are very special friends of the humans...but surely I dont have to tell you that! Thanks a lot, with kindest regards - ~Dr. Bettina - Zurich

1010.         I really love your cd, your tone is very beautiful...  I really love your version of Giuliani opus 15 allegro, MUCH better than the other version I have (x). You also play the Tarrega pieces nicely, though my favourite version of Adelita is still Pepe`s : ) Anyway, your cd is great : ) ~Kyrre - Norway

1011.         "Beautiful" - ~Bruno G.

1012.         I got the CD and listened to it. Nice mellow music. Good luck! ~S.Khorsandi

1013.         A Reza damet Garm Buddy! I wish you all the best and more success in the future! ~Asghar

1014.         Your music is fantastic - I listened to it 20 times - you play so super - make so fine music - it is like you're sitting behind the piano - it's so exact - I enjoyed it - I am very proud of you. ~Laura H.

1015.         Guess what, my friend walked in today and had your CD in his hand and asked if I knew you and I said Yes - what a small world! He thought it was great - congratulations... last time you left here to go do that" - ~Fernanda M.

1016.         Great music - ~Johanan B.

1017.         It's a very quiet and peaceful music. ~Daniela Sun

1018.         "The tracks are well chosen and well-played" ~Mr. Karl M.


1020.         I enjoyed very much to listen to your new CD ! ~Dr. H. - Zurich

1021.         I got it today, only heard the Oboe version of Romanza, sounded REALLY great : ) ~Kyyre

1022.         You can always listen to this CD. ~Jubin

1023.         Am often listening to your lovely meditative music..... ~Claude

1024.         It sounds very beautiful. ~Dominic W.

1025.         I heard your record - congratulations - it's very well done - I really like it. ~Judit

1026.         I can't say anything - I don't find the right words about it. ~Elkis

1027.         Very professional - ~Judit

1028.         Thank you for the super CD - I listen to it every day - ~S. Zimmermann

1029.         I love your guitar playing - ~Annonym

1030.         Quite nice - it is very good - ~Beat H.

1031.         You make another CD? You have my address! ~Mr. Imhof (conductor).

1032.         I like it - my visitors liked it as well. I feel honored to have received one already.~X

1033.         I like your record very much - it's very nice. ~Dr. Doris S.

1034.         It's great - my mom really likes it too! ~Sybille

1035.         Dear Reza, I like the CD, the music is beautiful... ~Sonja B

1036.         Mom: the important thing for load to have arrived at home (accomplishment) - it could not be better - may your hand not be tired.

1037.         Rob: "well done - most people would thrown-in the towel and given up but you accomplished it".

1038.         I think you gave a lot of work and energy into your CD, I reminds me of your concert at Saanen school. I wish you the very best and good luck with the new "baby". Love ~Edith

1039.         VP called - very rare for her to just call .... she'd met D who knows me "she really loves your CD and she really loves you ....~X

1040.         It's nice - ~C. Reuteler

1041.         It's very nice - fine music - ~Willi D.

1042.         I listened. It was great. ~Terry M.

1043.         It's a very good CD - ~Katja R.

1044.         I really like your CD. I must say, I was very impressed. ~Sarah

1045.         We enjoy listening to it. ~Sima M.

1046.         How excellent - beyond compare - very beautiful - very very beautiful - calming - ~Shahrooz A.

1047.         It is very very nice - ~Houshang K.

1048.         I like the music - ~Sandra P.

1049.         I like it very much. I really like it. very very very much. ~Ester D.

1050.         Maestro! ~Hans-Jurg

1051.         Very beautiful - congratulations - ~Maryam S.

1052.         Sybille got our CD and she really likes it too. We've been listening to it.... ~Denise B.

1053.         Thanks for the CD!!! ~Philippe C.

1054.         I've listened to your cd now, it's a nice one. ~Brigit N.

1055.         Thanks for the CD, hope we stay in contact! ~Sanja

1056.         The CD's very nice. ~Raymond (reformhaus)

1057.         It's beautiful. I like your playing. ~Silla

1058.         Maestro! ~Hr. Beyeler

1059.         Schone Musik. Foto ~Peter lady.

1060.         Ordered your cd this morning.  Looking forward to hearing it again. ~Sarah

1061.         I like it. ~Sandra B.

1062.         "CONGRATULATIONS". ~Regula B.H.

1063.         You played fantastic on the CD. I love your music. Many beautiful songs! ~Zubin

1064.         I listened to the CD last night. Beautiful music. And the photos are very powerful - you get a special feeling when you look at them. - ~Nasrin

1065.         Gotto start the morning with Reza's music! ~Mehrdad Z.

1066.         Good luck and best regards - ~Dieter&Claudia

1067.         I enjoyed the CD - it's really nice - ~Dr. Youngstein

1068.         Hi Reza, Just spoken to Friedrich. We would like to order 3 more CD's because we have already distributed the others. ~X

1069.         Antoinette said it's really good - ~Vero

1070.         It's nice! - ~S. Dieschi

1071.         "GOOD MUSIC. ALL THE BEST" - ~S. SPECHT

1072.         "CD MERCI!" - ~Silla V.

1073.         It's good! ~Henrike S.

1074.         It's nice! - ~B. Heller

1075.         We listened to your CD and enjoyed it - you're good…  - ~Dr. Nadimi

1076.         Reza -- keep it up bro! ~Chris H.

1077.         It was very fine - a pleasure meeting you. Whenever you have another CD let me know. ~Anonym

1078.         It's a beautiful CD! ~R. Zimmermann

1079.         Thank you for the beautiful record - ~Houshang K.

1080.         How wonderful to hear from you, and in how creative a way! ~Verna D.


1082.         Everyone really liked it. ~Tom H.

1083.         We enjoyed your CD. ~Julie S.

1084.         I recieved your CD and I am very injoy that I have it. I show it to my freinds and all family and litsened more and more.I love your music&play&love,love you. ~M.P.G.

1085.         Look forward to hearing from you again, and await news, whenever, about any new CDs! ~Steve K.

1086.         I'm Still enjoying your CD. ~Lloyd W.

1087.         Remoance has arrived, very impressed, six of the pieces I've learnt, and to hear someone else play them is a great help and inspiration. Thanks again. ~Andrew Williams

1088.         Manuela on train paid more than I asked for and wished good luck. ~X

1089.         That is wonderful, add my name to the list for the second CD:o) Will you sing in this one, any video... I am sure it will be another memorable job. Good Luck. ~Fariba.

1090.         Hoy me ha visitado la secretaria de tu amigo, Pedro Lopez Anadon y me ha entregado tu CD, de tu ultimo trabajo y dedicado para mi, muchas gracias.

1091.         Es para mi un placer el haber recibido tu Cd, grabado con una de mis gitarras, en estos momentos le estoy ecuchando y me he acordado de ti y de tu visita a mi taller, es muy bonito y relajante y espero que sigas grabando muchos mas.

1092.         Quiero aprovechar ya para darte la direccion de mi pagina web, que esta terminando de construir mi hijo Felix Jr., espero que te guste.

1093.         Esta es  www.guitarrasmanzanero.com   y si deseas ponerte en contacto conmigo alguna vez no dudes de escribirme a info@guitarrasmanzanero.com  estare encantado de intercambiar informacion y saludos. Esperando sigas adelante con tus exitos musicales, un abrazo. ~Felix Manzanero

1094.         Having picked up a few er um vibes about these works here, I bought 'em.

1095.         I like them. It's entertainment. It is listenable, and folk with no special interest in CG would buy them happily. If Reza was to accidentally drop in to an Edinburgh pub and find a flute player and fiddle player, he'd probably oblige them to reveal a few classical pieces as well as the usual O'Carolan and trad.anon - and be very well received.

1096.         It's unusual to find a guitarist who is willing to let the instrument play all its roles - as an understated accompaniment, allowing other musicians front of stage, as well as a solo performance. I have particular empathy with that as I really enjoy providing accompaniment to other musicians (nothing really puts as big a grin on my face as hearing something well played and thinking I am not wrecking it!).

1097.         Quite superbly produced and very professional, if you overlook the photo

1098.         gallery aspect :-)

1099.         And Angelo Gilardino's pieces which Reza has performed are ABSOLUTELY in the tradition. Their connection to the variations, structures and underlying motifs of European music from 300-100 years ago is amazingly clear, and it's almost as if a couple of centuries of composers for drawing-rooms and salons from Ireland to Hungary have found voices again.  As it's past 1.00am I am probably writing nonsense. working too late. ~David K.

1100.         Actually, though Reza's CD's *are* pleasant to listen to. He plays very musical... he does deliver good music. In fact, it is a refreshing foil to my listening. ~SW

1101.         Look, there are many people who would buy Reza's CD and just love it, yet be bored with a CP CD.  Different strokes for different folks.  He and his group joined efforts and produced something that took their individual talents and elevated it, which is still nothing to sneeze at..  A lot of players who (perhaps) play a lot better have done a lot less.  I hope that made and continue to make a bundle.  If he just got $1 from every person who might enjoy it, he could retire.  You just have to find them when they have that dollar handy.

1102.         Nylon Cheers! ~John

1103.         I'll say again, I like the Cd's. I think we could all learn from them. The Cd's are what they are and aren't what they're not. A little bit of this can go a long way in a performance and can provide relief to a demanding (either on the player or listener's part) program. After hearing a big monster Sor piece that doesn't get played enough, some large and obscure sonata published this year, and (you fill in the blank) it is nice to hear in the second half at least a little bit of Tarrega, Malats or whatever else. Itzhak Perlman is one I've seen do this type of program well. It simply works. We need variation. I'm afraid so many are concerned with finding unknown gems, that music like this doesn't get a little bit of attention. In music like this, you can't hide. And Reza does a pretty good job with it, and is more musical than many world class players I will respectfully not name. ~SW

1104.         He: Both Lena and I enjoy your cd’s very much

1105.         I liked your CDs very much. Everytime I come home stressed out from university I listen to them to calm down and regain my power. I also loved all the different quotations. Best wishes ~Amelie

1106.         I hear you CDs from your site and on TV. They are wonderful. ~X