A spontaneous email in reply to a friend...

A spontaneous email in reply to a friend...

By Reza Ganjavi

Hi dear,

Awareness of habits brings a lot of freedom. I had an interesting insight into this topic last night.

The very attraction to females is a habit, a program, and its purpose is reproduction -- it's at the animalistic level. As humans, we can transcend that. In your case, there's a very well-documented habit of females wanting the "prince" as you put it. Of course, the prince usually wants to conquer you as other women he's won or "downed" (just speaking generally). Marriage is related to that too -- the ceremony -- the girl becomes the princess of the village... (and it's downhill from there). 

Generally speaking, women like men of high positions or key positions -- the "prince" -- for a number of reasons, most of which are dictated biologically. a man of high position was a fighter in the old days who could provide food for the woman's kids. And he had good genes to reach that level so that means her kids would have good genes... All these affect what we call desire... Interesting topic at least.

As humans we’re more than animals – so part of growth as humans is to be free from dictates of animalistic conditioning and transform and utilize them creatively.