About Ojai Hotsprings

About Ojai Hotsprings

By Reza Ganjavi

People came from faraway places, as far south as Mexico, to meet here at the healing waters.

There are four types of crowds in the valley: one, like that guy who is smoking, if these are still alive; then there are the noble ones whose numbers are few, who are interested in K, not as followers, the artists, and intellectuals. Another group are the rednecks. Another big demographical category are family people who are here for the school.

The hippies come to the healing waters smoking and drinking. I smelled them and I left.

He saw Krishnamurti many times. The last time Krishnamurti waved his hand to some people saying I have told you not to follow me, you've been following me for 50 years, you haven't changed.

His friend lived with Kay and said in the mornings when he woke up Kay was so infatuated with nature and he would just go walking forgetting his shoes on his caretaker with follow him to get him his shoes.

Satyam said it is much better to rent, in terms of price appreciation it is very risky, and maintenance is a huge headache, and so is property tax. He also said there are many upscale restaurants being built and they like guitarists.

Even if I rent blue iguana at $1600 a month he said I could make up that money working in the restaurant.

I'm getting to an age where planning and preparation is enough I want to live fully. God willing investment will pay off that cloud will be removed. Or maybe I should sell out now? This week with the crazy time to sell.

I want to compose. I want to perform. I want to educate. I want to spread happiness. I want to help heal the mind, the wounded mind of human cut up by the arrogance and dominance of misplaced thought.