Alcohol Shrinking the Brain

Alcohol Shrinking the Brain

By Reza Ganjavi 

Is this a library event, a philosophical dialogue, or a booze party? Alcohol is worshiped these days because it's the ultimate escape (and because of heavy promotion of the manufacturers). But it has severe health consequences, primarily to the brain. It shrinks the brain and should be avoided -- and if someone really wants to drink, should be minimized to 2 a week (this is according to a top expert in the field based on empirical evidence). People don't need alcohol to be happy. If there's anything to escape from, it needs to be dealt with and resolved. If there's tension, it can be resolved naturally. Nature is the way... HEALTHY GO HAPPY GO LUCKY ;)

> It's a game! Like poker, but with gin!

A very expensive party!! Not on the pockets but on the brain. Be careful my friend. A good brain is most important and it needs to be cared for. Question the decadent ways of society including worship of alcohol. Alcohol is not a friend, it's not a joke. One doesn't need alcohol to be happy or to have a good time or to celebrate. Try organic fruit juices instead of even better, green smoothies!!

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