Alcoholic African Moslem

Alcoholic African Moslem

By Reza Ganjavi

He had a picture of an old, white-bearded African man around his neck. Who is he? "He's my saint... he protects me... I'm Moslem from Senegal". He had a tall beer at hand. How many beers do you drink in a week? It took him some time to add up the beers. "14 tall beers.”

You know the latest research on alcohol's effects on the brain... how it shrinks the brain... and if you have to drink, 2 maximum a week? He was not too interested. He said you need to believe in God and have a good heart and do good. Yes. But you should also do good to yourself, which includes taking care of your brain.

"I have a good brain" he said. "How else do you think I ended up in Babylon, Switzerland?" Good. Even a good brain needs to be cared for... By the way, if you're a Moslem, drinking alcohol is forbidden. He said he also smokes marijuana every day. He said, "But you have a good point. I will consider it", as he crushed the empty beer can and put it in the trash.

Also, two tall beers a day makes you become dependent on alcohol. Your happiness depends on it. Then he started mumbling about how much he loves alcohol. "But you have a good point."

Well in this case, he seemed appreciative -- what a stranger did was to echo parts of him which he's been quashing. Also, the stranger balanced out the promotions of society which helped get him to where he is anyway (which is a decadent state).

"It has nothing to do with religion which is why Rasta."

In this case he is a Moslem. I think you're saying he's also a Rasta b/c of his looks and lifestyle. But he didn't refer to Jah but recited Arabic verses in praise of God in a way Moslems do.

"You are NOT an addict if you drink two beers a day."

Sorry, I have to disagree with you on that. If you drink 2 beers a day for a week on the 8th day you feel something is missing. Definition of "addict" is debatable but alcohol is very addictive as a central nervous system depressant.

In this example, the Big Tobacco criminal drug pushers are out to brain wash kids that smoking is good life. A little balance, in form of questioning and awareness can go a long way.

- Do you like smoking? How many do u smoke? Do you like every cig? etc.

And a conversation to raise awareness about psychological and physiological dependence and trap of time is selfish (LOL).

Well my friend, you're entitled to your opinion and thanks for sharing it. But it's wrong. What motivates me is something entirely different...

About the book: I looked it up - looks to be a science fiction novel that has to do with the Chinese -- looks very interesting -- but as of now I know nothing about it... if you have time please tell us the gist of it (if possible). Thanks.

As for plants not being understood, a friend's dad who's a professor at Cornell was telling me the same -- that take anything -- like Spinach -- and there's so much in it that we have no idea about. Our understanding is very limited.

About asking, I totally agree and that's where I often start... do you like smoking? It's fascinating because most responders say yes -- but a few questions later they come to realize they don't. (LOL)

June 17 at 12:40am

As for "Do you like smoking?" it is very different than "Do you like being fat?". Think about approaching a smoker and a fat person and the consequence of those two questions. The first is a reaction of a smile and opening of a friendly conversation (I've done it 100's of times). The second is probably getting smacked in the face by that fat person.

Not all action has to be from a center, from a "me".

I've never walked to a drunk and asked do you like being drunk? (LOL) That's be a waste of time to say the least!

"After I sent you a link that explained how the Beatles" -- that's funny. First I don't remember you posting that here -- maybe it was another forum -- second, SO WHAT? There are also other lists of famous people who used LSD. SO WHAT? I can bring a whole lot of examples of crimes committed by people on drugs. We're not having a discussion on whether marijuana is right or wrong. Read my original post. There was no judgment about pot. We can start a new thread on marijuana but that's not the topic here.

"Because that's what works for them."

The real good musicians I know wouldn't be able to get where they got if they were drug users. No doubt drugs can enhance creativity but they also damage the system – the same with alcohol -- and you see some of those people after some decades and I don't envy them. Does heroin work for a heroin addict? Your line of argument is, yes, because he uses it then it works (LOL).

The medical facts we have against alcohol for example can be ignored but ignorance is not bliss.

People who "get high" on drugs "damage" the nervous system or if you want to get fancier, their chakras, contain/channel that extraordinary energy which they're trying to get to through drugs.

"Alcohol has been a social lubricant."

Yes, part of the reason why alcohol is worshiped is because it helps drop inhibitions and fears. But it's superficial and TEMPORARY. You get off it, not only you live with the side effects and dependence but the inhibitions are back because they're not dealt with because alcohol is an ESCAPE. A person can be free from those naturally and save a lot of money too (LOL).

“Drunks” -- another false accusation Baba! Read my article. I'm not calling him a drunk, but, I should have because he WAS a drunk (LOL) -- it would have been a perfectly accurate label. You can put lipstick on it but it is what it is.

"Live a longer and healthier life" -- around this subject I think the quality is important. A shrunk brain due to alcohol use leads to more agitation which happens with older men anyway because brain shrinks with age anyway. And I don't call 14 tall beers a week moderate drinking. 2 max per week is the most credible science I've come across. You don't have to agree with it. I know it's hard for most drinkers and drug users to hear arguments against drugs and alcohol.

As for the appearance remark, it's interesting that you made a conclusion that I only focus on appearance because I mentioned beauty. Do you think it's possible that outer and inner beauty are related? I find many top-notch models who are egotistic and unattractive. Beauty is holistic. Like Angelo says one note reflects your whole life. So does every move... every gesture...

The context was about talking to people randomly - or talking to "strangers" -- not in a setting like a train or bus but on a platform where it's far less contained. The rest is explained above.

As for the "drunk" (and I didn't call him that but he was indeed drunk), I surely don't claim to have saved him. Alcohol is a very tough habit to break. But I might have put a piece of ginger in his mind vs. the decadence of society which says drinking is cool.

1) Assuming seeing a person who's drunk as being a drunk as an external image. No dear Larry. There was no image-making there. He would not pass the sobriety test. 

2) Indeed he could have been a talented poet. I don't know that. That was not the subject. The subject of the discussion was alcohol and its health impacts.

I see you just made another image "you seem to think", in other words, "my image of your image of yourself"... well my friend, it's not so. I do in fact know a lot about drugs and but by no means everything and even those who know everything about anything don't know more than what they know!

I'm not feeding any corporate line -- what corporate line? I haven't quoted any corporates in this thread.

Again you're putting words in my mouth. I didn't call anybody a slacker or a drunk but fact is the ONE person I talked about was drunk. And I wasn't talking about any groups. You're putting words in my mouth again. And this guy was no Rasta or Jah worshipper, as I explained already. Not everybody from Africa is Rasta... The important thing here in this exchange is perhaps to see how many images and conclusions and abstractions are made. They exhibit the habits of thought.

Not true dear Maryam. Nicotine is very addictive and tobacco contains Nicotine. I found this out on my own and then read a doctor saying the same thing that nicotine is both a depressant and stimulant so works as a double edged sword against both those categories of drugs, which makes it extra vicious.

Also, I don't need to wait till 2025. I've known enough potheads to know all about damages of long term use of pot as a recreational drug.

Too bad because binge drinking among youngsters has been shown to cause permanent brain damage.