Another Day In The Life

Another Day In The Life

By Reza Ganjavi

Long phone meetings. Guitar in the evening to the town. Played for Marla -- she's about 4 weeks old. She was hanging in mom's arms and didn't respond much to language. But when the guitar played she immediately responded and became alert and started listening. She stayed alert throughout the entire Tarrega's Adelita as her mom swung her with the music. She has tiny hands, arms and legs. So incredibly cute. Blue eyes photocopy of mom and her dad who's unfortunately still smoking.

There are so many new babies around -- all over town there are people with newborn babies :) -- seems one of the easiest things in life is to make babies. Hey, even cockroaches can do it! Of course, the art is raising good, loving, responsible, intelligent humans.

Found a bag of newly bought dress. What to do with it? Decided to take it to the shop where it was bought from in case the owner thinks of going there since the bag is from there... they were impressed: "wow".

A great talk with a friend who's found one's advice very helpful. Synergy and understanding are monumental human experiences.

At night walked to the festival with two neighbor friends. A fest that I never like but have walked through it many times over the years. It's always the same: inaudible noise as bundle of multiple stands blasting mostly nonsense. Drunks and smokers. Gotta repair the aura before sleep!

The two had drunk alcohol unfortunately. Both are very nice and friendly. Took the guitar along. One really insisted on knowing my age and kept asking. It's a secret :) -- one is 21 and the other 30. Walking back home wrote song fragment on the topic. He even promised to stop smoking for 3 months if I tell him my age "It'd be a good deed".

Earlier a guy said hello and remembered in a concert he gave me the guitar pick that had fallen down. He wants to come to more concerts but I'm not organizing anything right now.

Walking home with the guitar a car pulled over. The lady on the passenger side gave me a 10 franc note (more than $10) saying thank you for the guitar - it's wonderful. They have heard me play before. It wasn't the money that mattered but the love that was so meaningful.