Anti-Nuclear March

Anti-Nuclear March

By Reza Ganjavi

Took the bike late night to the festival -- it was a lot of uphill riding but Switzerland is so small and cute that you can ride from one village to another in a matter of minutes -- this took like 30+ minutes over the rolling hills on a quiet late moonlit night.

Around the fire, one drugged, drunk guy sitting next to a friend I was talking with said, “Where are you from?” He went on to say he LOVES Googoosh. "I found out about her a week ago -- she's a badass singer. Great music."

A band was playing a new genre (genres are born all the time) and I kept waiting for the music to start but it turned out that was the music! :) It was a nice peaceful easy lovely time and riding home again was wonderful.

In the morning went to a peace march against nuclear power plants here which are old and dangerous. Thousands of people participated. I was with Patrick West and his angels from ChokiKhueche band and the entire time I played guitar and we sang and people loved it, sang along at times, and our group singing and harmonizing gave me so much energy. The music by itself is massively energizing, let alone when it's combined with harmonious singing.

The adventure continued on the train and eventually made it to the theater I was invited to while multi-tasking...

Energies have been going outward -- together with a synergy that includes the inner world -- in and out arise from each other -- but now as the sun is setting the chakras are folding in and rejuvenation is at bay.