Being Single

Being Single

By Reza Ganjavi

The world likes to portray being single as a problem. But being single can be awesome... alone is not lonely... alone is all-one... happy by yourself... then you can also be with someone (which can also be very nice) and won't have to depend on her or him, and don't have to give up your freedom which is priceless in order to be OWNED by someone -- if s/he wants to own you, s/he's not free, s/he's not happy, and s/he wants to depend on you for his or her happiness, which is a denial of your freedom ....

Relating to freedom is exploring the art of relating creatively as humans which can be very enriching -- and not necessarily by the dictates of tradition, which has not had a good track record (look at marriage statistics).

The same problematic traditional thinking also says you have to be married to be happy. Wrong!

Or that friendship is disposable -- that if you want to love someone else you have to throw away the other "love" like an old shoe. These are simply conditioned by a trivial pursuit of psychological security, animalistic conditioning, and a tradition whose only goal is reproduction.

Reproduction, family, etc., and holy and respectable too. But there are other valid good creative ways of relating as well.

(Inspired by this article: Why Are So Many Smart, Gorgeous Women Single? It’s Almost An Epidemic