France (Africa) Football

France (Africa) Football

By Reza Ganjavi

I wrote the following on my cousin's post who predicted a Germany win. France beat Germany 2-0 in European Cup. I thought France would win because they've shown incredible mastery of the field, clearly due to the large number of black team members who have extraordinary physical capability.


I'm not a die-hard fan of any team in the World Cup (except that I hoped the team with the noisiest audience to lose so we can have a quiet peaceful night -- a few countries when they win the game they pour into the streets and un-artistically honk their horns. There's an artistic way of doing it -- like in Iran, they do it rhythmically: / //-/ //-/ // and sing to it -- but some people around here they put their hand on the car horn and just keep it pressed down -- just to obnoxiously say "I AM". A couple of towns around here were shut down after a certain team won a match a couple of weeks ago. They got eliminated later.

Anyway, seeing some of France's last game, I was astounded. It seems like most of France's players are of African origin and those bodies are magical!! I saw the most miraculous moves of any soccer (football) player! It's more than a football match. It's a cultural competition. I don't really like the whole spirit of these competitions and abhor the tribalism and hooliganism that goes along with it. Though I've been watching most of the end of the games -- and the spirit was good. The losers lost with the honor of sportsmanship.