Gap Clothes Made in Child-labor Sweatshop

Gap Clothes Made in Child-labor Sweatshop

By Reza Ganjavi

A UK newspaper reported that some of GAP's clothing are made by child labors in India who are sold to the vendors by their parents, some who work 16 hour days are not paid due to being trainees, those who don't perform are beaten, and the children are like slaves and have to work there till the money paid to their parents is compensated.

In response GAP made a statement condemning the practice -- too little too late as far as I'm concerned. They should have looked into this practice BEFORE they were busted. And they would probably have carried on business as usual if they were not caught and they probably never bothered to investigate how their clothing is made other than writing up some policies and procedures and hoping that they are enforced.

This is outrageous.

  • A British newspaper reported Sunday that it found children as young as 10 making clothes in a sweatshop in New Delhi, India, that the Gap Inc. fashion chain planned to sell in the West.

  • The Observer quoted one boy identified only as Jivaj as saying that child employees who cried or did not work hard enough were hit with a rubber pipe or had oily cloths stuffed into their mouths.

  • Derelict industrial unit in New Delhi was smeared in filth, the corridors flowing with excrement from a flooded toilet.