By Reza Ganjavi 

”Please don’t make this place into a resort - something you come to for 10 days and make a - you know, all the rest of it. Please don’t do it. There are other places where you can have much better time.” K at Brockwood.

I find this quote interesting as it relates to Saanen - it is just interesting that Saanen is a mixture of many things to many people - and there’s nothing wrong with that. It is a fact that some people come there for holidays only - take some Brockwood staff for example - and it does not mean they’re not serious.

It is perhaps impossible to judge anyway if someone is serious or not. If someone spends the whole day in front of the television maybe we can say he’s not serious - but then again he might be! So that judgment is out. Is it out? Do I not judge others as not being serious? In technical areas yes - I could tell when someone is not a serious student of the guitar. But psychologically, it is difficult. It’s not my business anyway.

Can I similarly say someone is not a serious student of K or life? K perhaps, life, not. K perhaps, only in technical terms. He himself would get uneasy when people had not gone into what he had already covered. He covered a lot. In a discussion it becomes apparent if the certain ground has not been covered by a party – basic subjects such as attention vs. concentration, observer & observed, etc. If they had already covered that ground it was easier to travel further. I’ve run into it sometimes. I once met a lady who had been around the K world for decades. She said she had no clue what this whole business of the observer & observed was and had concluded that K had talked nonsense! Is she serious? Not!

...words can only arrive at the frontier of the indescribable.