Trigger Of Understanding

Trigger Of Understanding

By Reza Ganjavi

He said his daughter has broken up with her partner and she is depressed and doesn't understand why it happened and she's stuck on it. She's not moving on.

This is a familiar story that happens to many people. The movement of attachments, dependence, devastation. He will send her the link to my writings page. I also offered to speak with her. He much welcomed it and said sometimes a trigger helps. Exactly, and that's the trigger of understanding. When we understand what we are, what is happening, why we feel the way we do, and the ingredients of the pain, then missing, the pity, the regrets, and understand the totality of our being, including the physical, the emotional, energetic, mental, our being as whole, and not move away from it, then it’s a natural law that some change comes about. Some release can come about. 

Our educational systems generally fail to teach us about the world inside us and how to deal with it. Sometimes some teachers who are insightful do talk about it, like my 10th-grade teacher who got us started writing our daily journal which was huge door opener as writing became my best friend, most powerful tool, and the golden key to opening treasures of understanding because as you empty yourself as the mind empties its own content by talking to a good friend, for example, or by writing about it, the process of emptying shows another side of subject and helps the subject flourish, open up, reveal its ingredients. 

In this whole process of emptying -- which allows mind space so it can see more flourishing revelation is the process of understanding what is that is what – is. And that is magical, powerful trigger for change. And change comes out of that process naturally because understanding, intelligence, holistic, grasping of a subject at its depth allows for the new to be. It’s like opening the window so the breeze can come. Before that the windows was closed and the breeze had no chance to enter the room. This is a magnificent, stunning phenomena and this is what should be taught in schools beside all the attention to the subjects which primarily deal with the outer world. This allows a person to be empowered to bravely, confidently, openly move forward in life and face everything. There is no challenge that is too great for a person who approaches it holistically. 


"Thanks for every optimistic and with look in future word you intended to her. :)"

My pleasure - I already told her things like I'm very optimistic for her - she's young - nerve damage can repair itself - today is first day of rest of her life - most negative situations we can learn from and transform into a positive situation and benefit from it - but I didn't go too deep - like idea that fact she poked at the trauma may be good opportunity...but mentioned importance of emptying etc.

She trusted the lady who was not a professional and reckless and bad at what she did -- and the subject of psyche is very delicate and you can't just go poking if you don't know what you're doing (and many psychologists don't know either but there are intelligent ways to go about that)...

Thanks. I'm very optimistic for her -- just needs a trigger of understanding, which is the title of the article I wrote tonight based on our talk. :-)

“She’s stuck in one position and she couldn’t go forward and every day repeated what she did wrong… thanx for your words to her!”