What’s Wrong?

What’s Wrong?

By Reza Ganjavi

It was an incredibly beautiful walk - along a quiet pond which was connected to a river - with overhanging trees. Suddenly heard the smell of reefer. A few steps later saw a young man sitting there with a joint in his hands slumping on the bench.

- You don't need that - you can get high naturally. You sit here to smoke and that kills your motivation to go out and do anything to improve your life.

- "I am homeless."

Upon further inquiry it turned out he is not homeless. He lives with his mother here in the village.

- You're lucky you're not in Los Angeles or Chicago... Do not forsake what you have, or else life may take it away from you... Ask yourself 'What is my problem?'...

- "My problem is that I never finish anything. I always want to do everything. I never go deep into anything."

- You're still young - last year you were a kid - you're just starting to turn into a full human - like a flower that's about to open. Not completing things is a human weakness but don't judge yourself based on the past - swim forward...

A 17-year-old, he's a student at a public art school.

- Do you know what art means? What it means to be an artist? ... It's the way you live. When the body is healthy, you'll feel good... exercise it - don't eat meat, etc... Do you exercise?

- "No..."

- Come on, let's go.

So we went for a long walk. Longer than he'd imagine.

- This is how you get high naturally. Look at your body - how you're hunching and you're 17 - this is how would you look like when you're 80 (on the ground)?

Upon returning, before goodbyes, showed him some yoga. He was excited: these will help me - I am going to go home and practice these - I never thought I'd had a night like this.

He smokes 2 joints a day - after school - and only buys cigs so he can use them for smoking pot. He played classical guitar for 6 years or so but he quit.

(That night dreamed of my first yoga teacher Dhruva.)