A Flight From Los Angeles To Norway

A Flight From Los Angeles To Norway

By Reza Ganjavi

I was waiting to board but didn't enter the gate b/c others were lined up - instead I sat on a nice couch waiting. From the elevator 2 Customs officers descended. He asked: “Is he boarding?” The airport agent said the gate is full so I'm waiting. The officer said ok, that's fine. Then the two agents stood there and kind of looked funny because they had shown up too later after everyone had gone on board -- so he said, let me search your bags (LOL). I said sure, go for it.

We had a friendly chat as the two of them went through my bags - I had to sign a paper telling them how much money I had - no name or ID or anything was asked - just sign (in case you lie they have you) -- at the end, obviously, everything was fine, and he said, there was nobody else so we searched you. I said, "You were nice about it - no stress" - and we chatted more -- at the end I said, "Thank you for your service... Have a good night."

The flight is full -- not fully full but no 2-seater anywhere. My row and the one behind it were 3-seater -- as usual I try to board last so I can land on the free space.

Took the back row - a man took the front 3-seater - then they moved him back to his seat to give it to 2 other people and he came wanting to sit in this row. I was sitting in the middle seat - he brought the hostess. She asked, “What's your seat?” I said, “Here”. He asked: “Don't you want to have a window?” I said no :) (who wants a window seat on a night trans-Atlantic flight?). He said, “Ok move your stuff I'll sit on the aisle seat next to you” - I said, “Fine” and started moving the stuff -- and I told the hostess, “This whole plane and he wants to sit here!” He changed his mind (obviously b/c having someone to his side here was no better than his own row). So triple seats is a blessing for such a tired body... several nights of short sleep...

It was great to see Amber - she had studied Tolle and is still confused - no wonder b/c Tolle hasn't deleted the self from his teachings (for commercial reasons or more likely for lack of understanding of it or both - so it confuses the student) -- gave her 2 K books which she embraced.

The beef they’re eating smells disgusting.

Cabin chief came and asked: what kind of work do you do? 2 laptops, a lot is going on here…I said … He said you look like you’re a very important person…

Later hostess came and we had good chat.

And a few days ago met a Byron Katie follower – she was soooooooooooooo firkin complicated!!