Alcohol Shrinks The Brain

Alcohol Shrinks The Brain

by Reza Ganjavi

Folks, especially friends in the UK, please note this charity (Alcohol Concern UK) which helps raise awareness on the important issue of drinking alcohol which is a big part of the UK’s modern culture as well as several other countries. I just donated to it in the fund-raising attempt of my cousin-in-law Kari.

According to Dr. Amen, a foremost brain researcher, alcohol is harmful period. He says, "People who drink every day have smaller brains." And that if you really want to drink, "One or two normal glasses a week maximum". I avoid it period because it makes me tired and I've always known it's harmful to the brain. Also, feel free to participate in Kari's fundraising by making a donation...

Dr. Ruben Feldman Gonzalez: Alcoholic beverages are poison.

Reza Ganjavi: Thanks for your comment, Doctor Ruben Feldman Gonzalez. Isn't it odd that poison as you put it has become such a central part of our world today? In some cultures drinking alcohol has become so prevalent and dominant and associated with happiness -- yet underneath it is destruction, shrinking of the brain, etc.

Ruben Feldman Gonzalez (in response to someone): a BIG GLASS OF WATER A.M. DOES THAT BETTER.

Reza Ganjavi: Nazanine, I'm not a fanatic. I don't like to drink alcohol but it's each person's choice. Research shows that ALCOHOL IS BAD FOR THE BRAIN PERIOD. I do take organic resveratrol supplements. There are many things that are good for one thing and not so good for other things. The research around alcohol being healthy is kind of outdated. The newest research shows overall it's NOT healthy. Dr. Amen who's looked at almost 100,000 brain scans says if you really must drink then 2 a week max. If a person drinks alcohol every day, no matter what the excuse or reason, the brain shrinks. It's a choice each person makes -- but unfortunately decadent societies comprised of suffering people have promoted alcohol as a means of happiness, which is so stupid.

Whatever works for you... I won't drink wine even if I know it may help my heart because it is not good for my brain and I'll spend the extra money (or maybe it's actually cheaper) to buy some organic resveratrol supplements which I take regularly.