Another Trip To Iran

Another Trip To Iran

By Reza Ganjavi (FB)

Tehran is like a deadly gas chamber -- the air pollution is *extremely* disturbing and unhealthy. Such a pity as it is such a lovely city.

- Iranians are extremely lovely, loving, hospitable, friendly. It constantly amazes me - whether you're in a bakery or at a bank, you see it in people's interactions, smiles, and eyes, despite difficult economic and social conditions.

Taxi driver: they advised on the radio to not even do exercise because in this air its harm is more than its good.

I have written a detailed diary of some very interesting meetings, etc. Which will come here when I get time to review it once.

Back in Switzerland I am very happy. [logged] The right to breathe clean air is a basic right of every human. Inadequate, improper, irresponsible, incompetent, mismanaged handling of environmental issues denies people of this basic right.

On the train from Geneva with far cousin, met many folks, sent group email, lots of fun, and there was something holy there in the contact, in the link.

In Zurich, it was a delight to say hello to the Main Station's lady in wheelchair (see Blue Angel article) who likes to go to Iran one day; a lovely cellist with a lovely cello case waiting for tram; the friendly shopkeeper who delighted at Iranian Saffron. Singing is back in full force because the body can breathe again. Not to mention the bio-Suisse food which the body immediately began replenishing.

I love Iran but have to seriously look into spending time in another city. Cousin said Eid, Tehran is great because everyone goes away for holidays and the bloody pollution causing buses, motorcycles and so on give the poor environment a massive break.

Cousin's brother at the Tehran airport said buses are a major cause of the pollution but the government has given up on trying to convert them to gas-fuel and there are buses which are operating without a license plate. Right or wrong, whatever the cause, people of Tehran have a major problem at hand and the problem seems to be out of hands of any authority.