By Reza Ganjavi

Today is the horrible anniversary of the Armenian genocide. A friend posted about it. I wrote the following:

Last night I was talking with a friend about Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, all of which I've visited, and how juvenile and stupid it is to be neighbors but not be able to cross the land due to some ideological difference. Or even worse, to kill another, and even worse to commit genocide to people who are just like you. They may speak a different language or believe in something slightly different than what you were born to believe, but they have the same emotions, same heart, same anxieties, same love, they eat and sleep, and have 2 legs and 2 arms. They are you, yet you (the criminal that is) kills them as though they're so different than you. To kill another is to kill oneself, if only a person's head is not stuck in the sand of ignorance, fanaticism, and a dirty heart corrupted by divisive thinking and polluted with hatred.

I loved Armenia by the way -- Yerevan is fantastic -- so beautifully situated on hills and valleys -- and a soil which is fertile with incredible talent and artistry.

Iranian Armenians have always been tops of tops in the music word with characters like Varujhan, a genius arranger who's done the best of classic pop songs of Googoosh and others -- my first guitar teacher Armik, who was the defacto standard in studio and live work with Googosh and others -- even today they say in Iran's studios: "Play Armiki" (like Armik), and so many other great Armenian artists -- e.g. Mary Apick, the great actress, and Vigen, the king of Iranian classic pop, many others. Armik has been on Billboard New Age chart for many years. This week he's again, Number 1 on Billboard.

I have no idea where that incredible talent for music and arts comes from.

Anyway, lots of love to you and the family. Let me know next time you're in CH -- would be great to meet you. Take care. Reza

PS -- here's our bus from Yerevan to Georgia