Back To Mountains

Back To Mountains

By Reza Ganjavi

Going back to mountains today and will be alone in friend's big chalet in 2000 meters -- absolutely gorgeous area. If anybody wants to swing by let me know.

Alone there is never lonely. It's surrounded by tall trees, rivers, mountains, and heavens above. Immaculate nature with which there's a deep relationships -- and oneness. Anyway, loneliness, which is a "disease" or rather a disorder, is often not there as John Lennon says, sometimes but not often,

"You know life can be long

You've got to be so strong

And the world she is tough

Sometimes I feel I've had enough"

In another song, which Bill Clinton called the best song in history, The Beatles, Eleanor Rigby, with that wonderful string arrangement by George Martin, the concept of "all the lonely people" is highlighted. There's a lot of loneliness in this world. One can be with others and be lonely or be alone and not lonely. "Alone" is "all-one" and there when there is no fragmentation and division.

I suppose Eleanor Rigby is mainly a McCartney work but still in that era him and John Lennon collaborated.

Coming back to John Lennon's quote about from the melancholic song "How" from his solo career, yes life can be tough and outer and inner being one and the same movement, that can lead to division and therefore loneliness. It's quite a rare experience in my life but being a human I'm not immune from it. The key is how well one saves oneself, how well one can be a light to oneself.