Banana Cures Crying!

Banana Cures Crying!

By Reza Ganjavi

Some close friends and family know I LOVE bananas. Once as a kid I was sick and we went to the kind doctor across the street (Dr. Amir Najmabadi) and mom brought me home and went to get the medicine. We had a party that night and on such occasions we'd buy a carton of bananas, like God knows, 10 kilos... I had one and it was so nice, and one led to two and three and four and more... LOL...

When mom returned I asked if bananas are bad for fever... When I grew up I read that it's not good to have too many bananas -- so I restrict it to like one or two or three a day... but love every bite... ORGANIC of course. Never buy non-organic bananas – they often have pesticides or synthetic fertilizers and sprayed with chemicals preservatives.

Anyway, today bought a bunch of bananas. Two went to two musician buskers from Hungry who were playing sweet violin + guitar. And at the bus stop sat next to this 3rd grader who was crying. What's wrong? I affectionately asked her... "nothing". Why are you crying?... are you sad? "no", I cry sometimes too, from love and beauty... Do you want a banana? "yes" -- boy that boosted her blood sugar and before you know it she was happy and joyous. She spoke very good English despite having studied it only for 1.5 years. Her mom was there too -- with a French accent -- they were of African origin.

I am reminded of Barcelona, once a lady was crying on the street side. I played guitar and she started smiling :) and stopped crying...