Being Anchored in the "Other"

Being Anchored in the "Other"

a short letter by Reza Ganjavi

Friedrich, Tom, Gisele, Mark, Steve:

"Are you anchored in the other? If not, you'll fall to pieces.... Am I anchored in the other? The "I" cannot be anchored because it does not have true existence - its existence is fictitious like a bubble made out of the soap of memory. So, this question in itself might be invalid because the questionnaire may itself be "un-anchorable" - and its being is the negation of any anchors. Like in maths & geometry where the same theorems can be proven in different ways, these "things" too can be arrived at from many different angles. Here's a different angle: An anchor into the otherness is of the present. The "I" is a thing of a past - so the two are incompatible.

But aside from this micro-level "I" discussion, this question has been very much alive. Sometimes the answer is clearly "yes" - but still one has to be careful as any trace of pride destroys the anchor. But these days, upon the turmoil of life it was not so clear - but thanks to K - that question was burning. Last night, in strange hours of a peaceful night, felt very comfortable. Felt there is some sort of an anchor, protection - felt a certain safety which cannot be gained by will. Like a ship that remains still in turbulent wind and waters. Nevertheless, no conclusions can be drawn - there is no certainty - an anchor is very fragile and any claims of the "I" endanger it.

It can also be implied in K's teachings that the very thought of oneself as a separate entity - i.e. an unanchored entity - is an illusion which actually creates separation. Separation is un-anchored-ness!

I guess one way to approach this question would be through negation: what is it to not be anchored in the other - or perhaps what is being anchored in "this", "non-other"? I guess K suggests if you're anchored in - if you find your source of happiness in - another person, in riches, wine, or fame, for example, you're inviting trouble. Intellectually this is easy to see, but to live it is the important thing... Isn't life fun?!

Just wondering if you had any insights into this question of being anchored in the other as K puts it.

Thank you!