Cows & Music

Cows & Music

By Reza Ganjavi

Cows reacted to the music. Yesterday did a 10 minute concert for the cows. Today it was a different group. They immediately came near. One female cow seemed mesmerized. As I played Asturias it was moving its head in a hypnotized way. Once in India bats came spinning around the outdoor stage when I played the same mesmerizing tune. As I walked up the hill she followed me. At some point she lifted one ear (to listen more closely?)

A man was walking his dog up the hill. When it heard the guitar, it stopped. As the guitar approached it listened intently, and it followed the guitarist up the hill, interested in the music.

It was a wild evening with the wind performing an overture for the rain that would soon arrive, dancing in dusk.


I have so many stories on animals and music. Recently, I was playing a sensitive piece on the guitar for a cow. A tear started rolling from her eye.