Curse Of Caffeine

Curse Of Caffeine

by Reza Ganjavi

I hate Caffeine! I love chocolate but never used to eat it. Today I had it, out of desperation, because I have to finish writing something I don't want to work on, and it's been lingering for a long time, and I'm fed up, so decided to caffeinate my body/brain (with some yummy 70% cocoa organic chocolate) to get the sucker done -- it's a rare exception -- I don't drink coffee either. But I know why I never take caffeine -- b/c it wires me up and I hate it. It takes away the peace -- and causes stress. But I better go back to work before it wears off. ;)

PS – actually it doesn't help because while it increases intensity chemically, it constricts the blood flow to the brain. And it's a curse because it takes away the peace and tranquility of the body and brain.

PPS – a few years later, these days, sometimes when I’m in a very EMF-polluted area I take some dark chocolate (90% to 100%) just for anti-oxidant effect, but still hate the chemical rush. But I don’t eat day 2 days in a row – sometimes I don’t eat it for a week so it’s not a habit.


Reza Ganjavi’s Comments:

Fred, I hate caffeine. I used to drink coffee in college but quit it after I realized it was addictive. It shakes my ground -- it takes away peace -- it rushes my system -- it obviously stimulates the metabolism -- rush for no reason... I don't need it.

Even when I drank it, it was the same - but yes you're right - but it'd be sad to "get used" to this... if someone is "used to" this state of being, there's gotta be some stress and insensitivity involved.

True, on a minority of people caffeine has a reverse effect -- on most it's a stimulant -- and I don't care what health benefits it may have -- it's a poison to repel animals that come to the coffee bean plant -- and it takes away peace -- it creates stress. NO THANKS -- There are far better ways of getting anti-oxidants...

I'm not vegan Olena - but I agree, I love eggs and also digging raw milk - raw organic vegetarian-rennet cheese sometimes -- still experimenting. But I definitely don't eat any dead animals. (YUYKS)!

Dr. Amen says if you must drink, then max 2 a week -- since alcohol shrinks the brain.

There are many studies about this subject. When I look at all of them one thing stands out: QUALITY. Loving shorter with a sharp holistic brain is much better than living longer with a vegetable for a brain. Dr. Amen who's studied like 100,000 brain scans says if you have to drink, 2 per week is the max -- even that, alcohol shrinks the brain -- caffeine and nicotine constrict blood flow to the brain.

Thanks for sharing the story. I don't get the point about dogma -- what were you referring to? Who made a dogmatic statement?

True, each person decides how to live and what to do. I don't drink alcohol in general because it makes me tired and it's unhealthy for the brain. I'm not fanatic and might try it if offered but the last many times I didn't like the taste except once in Italy where the wine was tasty and it was organic and I had like half a glass. I would never drink alcohol regularly. Half a glass for a year was enough (LOL). The 100,000 or whatever cases of brain scans tell scientists something that's important. If we observe that alcohol shrinks the brain, we can deny it but I don't. I pay attention to science although science is sometimes dogmatic itself.

I hardly ever take caffeine -- but if and when I do the body gets all hyper and chemically stimulated (like by the chocolate I had yesterday) -- but there's always pay up time. Today I was extremely tired -- which makes sense as the body was extremely hyper yesterday due to the caffeine. So I like my normal modus operandi of stable blood sugar and peace of being on ground zero with no uppers that cause down time going through the day with a level blood sugar and energy.

I'm just listening to the body.

Also I don't like the down which comes after the up after even a bit of chocolate (which I hardly ever eat). Typical scene is on train - 2 girls eating a lot of chocolate -- all happy and buzzed -- 30 minutes later they're dragging -- d o w n -- tired -- suddenly quiet.... that's how I feel after this recent, rare sojourn into wonderful bar of organic dark chocolate.

Dark or light chocolate - has sugar and caffeine and as such creates stress and fluctuation of blood sugar and energy level... my main objection...